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Hi there. Still on the mend, getting there slowly but surely. Thanks for all your well wishes. Boy few things can smack a little humility into you like not being able to walk! I am down to relying on one crutch which is big progress but I am taking it painfully slow to avoid a relapse. Do not think I have ever watched so many movies within a 72 hour period, and I remain firm that documentaries and foreign flicks are still the best films out there! I will share a few faves later on in the week. The down time also gave me a chance to catch up on some reading, some serious pinning action and of course plenty of blogging……

It also gave me some time to work on a few new posts. I had been thinking of this subject for a while as I glanced around my own home. I realized I love seeing blue and white together (no surprise there) but when accented with black it’s really amazing, it somewhat elevates it to another level. So thought this could make? an interesting design post to first see if this is a combination you might? have noticed, used yourself or like? Would love as always to know your thoughts. And now some pictures that best exemplify this beautiful trio in action….



My own kitchen features a large black island, black range and plenty of blue and white accents


I adore this powder room by Ann Norton, not a thing I would change!


Talk about eye catching and seriously dramatic! Arch Digest


Windsor Smith sure knocked it out of the park with this amazing kitchen that most of us know and love, those glossy walls get me every time!


Ashely Whittaker created this lovely vignette with the beautiful trio of colors



John Jacob Interiors created this exquisite and super elegant bathroom, love it!



Christina Murphy designed this beautiful powder room with this blue, white and black dramatic paper



And how chic is this laundry room that belongs to Beth of Chinoiserie Chic? Amazing!



This is a great kids space using the three colors beautifully


I love this space from Williams Sonoma, it is dramatic yet peaceful and so elegant


Of course blue and white always works in the outdoors! The black cushions ground the space while the blue and white ginger jars lift and lighten, Decorpad



The drama factor is undeniable, Pinterest


Kerrisdale Design created this inviting and elegant living room, really like the vibe here, it feels current yet elegant


This was one of the fabulous Polyvore finalists from my Hamptons Beach House contest on Polyvore…sensational!


Haskell at Home shows us how simple black countertops can be livened up with a touch of blue and white


Very dramatic and striking hallway with its gorgeous glossy blue walls…this has the total wow factor, Evaru


A? black hall console? features blue and white ginger jars, and black framed French prints above,? my home


Another all time favorite, the combination of colors/elements here is truly breathtaking! Kellie Griffin Interiors


Collins Interiors proves here that even in? more modern spaces this combination of colors is rich and dramatic


Love the crisp fresh appeal here, with just a subtle touch of black, House and Home


Just even touches of black like a bed post or picture frame can add a subtle dose of drama, John Jacob


The combination works beautifully even in more transitional spaces, Mocca and Me


Jonathan Adler went bold in this dining room, and it worked!


One of my all time favorite dining rooms, the black chairs in this gorgeous dining room by Cathy Kincaid are the perfect finishing touch


Elegant space, the black and white zebra rug adds much drama to this room,? Chic Coles


My coffee table in my living room is a? beautiful black Chippendale style and features a gorgeous blue and white scalloped planter


Mel of Georgica Pond clearly knows how well this works, one look at how she put it together in her own home proves its a perfect combination



Blue and white gingers jars are really striking atop a black piece of furniture such as this French console, my own home


Love this beautiful small foyer by Suzanne Dimma, so well done, just love a glossy black front door!


This pretty foyer just used a touch of black in the chandelier and rug for a little extra drama, Decorpad


The light feeling blue and white trellis rug accented with the more dramatic black pieces compliments each other beautifully, John Jacob



I do love seeing blue and white porcelain on top of a black island such as I have done in my own kitchen



This is like the poster child for using the three colors together to perfection….so very pretty. John Jacob once again!


Well has this post made you a believer? Admittedly when I first started doing my “investigative research” I wasn’t really sure how easy it would be to find enough pictures to support my cause but boy, was I ever surprised! Or maybe you already were well aware of how great these colors are togehter and in fact have used this color combination in your own home?

I know I have and will certainly continue to! Would love to know your thoughts. The irony here is I am finding out that few colors don’t look good with blue and white, it is just that black happens to look exceptionally good! Your turn to talk……

Thanks for stopping in. Have a few people opening up the tole today, woo hoo! Hope to have pictures soon and will try to get it up online ASAP. Until next time..enjoy your day!


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I think every room should have a touch of black. You are right it is fabulous with blue and white. Recover quickly.
Linda Robertson.

Tina so happy to hear you are getting better, baby steps remember! Your kitchen takes my breath away every time and your home is the best example of how well this works. Beautiful. You have me now thinking of adding a little black..see always learning something here!

I love the Ann Norton powder room and especially the black wall shelf. Any ideas of where I can purchase one similar. I have looked on internet numerous times but no luck. We live in a very small town so ordering would be best. Thanks so much!

Your never fails to entertain! Suggestion, while recovering from surgery, I used a walker and found it SO much easier than a crutch. Also check out Sundance Films. So many of them are great and a bit outside of the norm. GET BETTER SOON!

Hi! LOVE the addition of black .. always a classic and timeless. I had a black island/white kitchen cabinets in my last home and we are doing it again in the new house. I also did a mix of black granite and white marble on the counters and in this house I’m doing ALL marble ~ including bathrooms. The black furniture pieces look gorgeous against all the white.

We are knee deep in all the construction and with my work, blogging is taking a back seat. I don’t think one can fully prepare you for this. It’s been crazy and I will be glad when it’s over. I DO hope it all looks as I’ve envisioned it.

Enjoy your week Tina. We are heading out of town and I’m just answering a few emails before leaving.

Wow thus ranks as one of my favorite posts of all time Tina and that’s saying something because I have many many favorite posts of yours!
I need to get a little black to add to my blue and white , love how you stylized your kitchen- have gotten many good ideas from you Tina and this post is a jackpot!
Hope you feel better soon rest is the best medicine. Can’t wait to see the tole.

Agree w/another poster, I have black in just about every room. As you do, I used it in my kitchen and dining room with blue & white, but also in my family room with greens. And in my guest room with Dijon mustard and blue & white. Fresh and sophisticated. Get well and feel better, Tina! I look forward to your list of movies.

Oh no! Sorry to hear you aren’t feeling well. Did you break a leg? I hope not. I am loving all these photos but especially love the slipcovered chair in the kitchen – so cozy. xo

Tina, happy to hear that you are on the mend! Although it is a pain I am sure it is nice to have a little forced down time.

I love these photos! Blue and white and black is a stunning combination!! My favorite is the small black kitchen with the blue and white clustered over the range.

I hope you have a great day.

Tina I have been thinking of you so much lately and hoping you are on the mend. Black adds that touch of elegance and sophistication a any room, love it!

The Arts by Karena


Your kitchen is beautiful! What color are your cabinets and what kind of floors do you have?

P.S. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

Pretty, Tina. You know I’m a sucker for blue and white, too, and I do like it combined with black – it grounds the combo somehow. We don’t have a lot of it in our home – black just doesn’t seem right in most of our spaces. But we do have one little spot – a nook off the hall between the powder room and the closet where a heirloom portrait of my husband’s great grandfather hangs. It is mostly black and is in a big, black, old frame. I found a vintage black painted chest to place under it and some blue and white vases to place on top. They all get along beautifully and add a lot of interest to a small space.

Love to see how you’ve explored this combination here.

Take care of yourself, friend! Hope the knee is better soon! XOXO

What a spectacular post. Prettiest I have seen in a long while. My favorite of course being of those in your home, the kitchen and consoles with the blue and whites are just heavenly. You have inspired me to change things up around here and even my kids who never notice took notice!

I do love also the powder room on top with the blue and white wallpaper and black chair, so lovely. I really hope you feel better Tina. It is so hard to be under the weather in any way during the summer, and I know you are a ball of energy ready to fire away, but do take your time you don’t want another round of having to be on crutches! Rest up and keep watching those movies.

Dearest Tina,

My wish for you today is to get healed soon. It has to be so difficult to whiz around (as I imagine you doing!) and take care of homestead and business! We love ya, and your shares today are sensational. LOVE! Anita

Tina so sorry to hear of your knee. As someone who had to have a ACL surgery last year I feel your pain in all ways possible, hope yours does not result in a surgery but in my case it gave me a new lease on life and at 46 I was way too young to throw in the towel!
Rest up and ice, ice ice.
Love this post. Wow, you have me as a believer. I love the added touch of black and have to admit never gave it much thought but do think I need to add a touch of black in my home.
Rest up!

There isn’t much that doesn’t go with blue and white, Tina! I agree!
These images are gorgeous, and had to pin a few.
Happy Monday, and I hope that you are well soon.

Whilst I love the combination of blue, white and black, I think that where the major colour, walls, carpet etc, are light, bright and pale colours, the accents of blue, white and black work particularly well. Living in the Uk where the natural light is not always so good, dark accents with pastel and pale significant areas usually work the best.

LOVE this post. Saving it as we are building and your kitchen is my dream kitchen but I also got a bunch of other great ideas here. If it weren’t for my husband I could easily do my entire house in this color way!

So excited about to see your tole line, Tina but first you need to feel better.I hope soon!

oh my, that navy kitchen makes me want to cry, it is so gorgeous! I have serious envy for the Chinoise laundry room, serious! I read once that every room should have something black in the decor, and I have found it to be true, somehow the black piece “grounds” everything, this is especially true here. Thanks for demonstrating! xoxox

You definitely included some of my very favorite spaces in this grouping!! I little black is always a great thing especially paired with blue and white! You kitchen is still a fave!!

I could very easily make myself at home in a tiny corner of your kitchen. So lovely! Take care and get back to 100% soon.

I do not see any phone systems in any of these rooms. Are phone systems no longer used in homes of your size.

Wow oh wow. I am so in love with every single one especially the ones of your home. Your kitchen would have me cooking all hours of the day and night. I love the combination and agree a touch of black works like magic. My mother a designer always uses a little black here and there so I guess it was instilled early on. Feel better and rest that knee, Tina, only rest and ice will get it better.

Tina, I so agree with you! It has been my opinion for years, that every room deserves a “little black accent.” Black can ground a room, such as the case of your black island in the kitchen. It can also provide that one little suttle accent that makes a room sparkle, without you even realizing it! You have done a fabulous job in your own home by is all the right places! Hope you are on the mend and will be well soon:-)

“Black and blue” certainly do pack a punch! I love seeing all you share, but agree with Loi, I would never tire of seeing your enchanted home. Glad you are taking it slow. Recovery sure is easier in a beautiful space.
Happy I scored a pair of black linen shades last week! Time to add some blue to my life.

Hello dear Tina , I do hope you are a little better today.

I love your post, my favourite kind with all the photos….and our passion for blue and white, it is a dream when accented with black. I have used to great effect in my hallways, I think John Jacob is superb.

Im having a lovely nostalgic moment seeing your console with the architectural prints.This was one of the first photos I saw of your enchanted home all those months ago. How much happiness you have shared and given since then….

just stunning + especially pictures of your home + always add a black lampshade when I can + love your images of black,blue & white.

I don’t agree that EVERY room should have black (how about a soft pink nursery for example? I wouldn’t put black in that!), BUT I do love black in a lot of rooms, including with blue and white. Feel better soon!

I’m sold! What a stunning combination. The blue and white is so fresh, but the black as an accent gives it gravitas. Beautiful and bold!!!!

Hope you are feeling better!!
xoxo Elizabeth

blue and white are like the olsen twins. they look good together in anything. they’re best friends. but add black and now the twins are grown up and sexy with edge.

hope the healing gets a move on so you can fully rule the world again, hopalong.


All these designs are wonderful! Love the enormous kitchen island, I’ve always wanted something like this but haven’t enough space at home 🙁
The peacock feathers wallpaper is so cute, looks awesome.
The chalkboard in nursery room is a great idea!

I was already thinking months ago about re-doing my kitchen and family room with blue, white and black. This is excellent. It lets me know I am on the right track. I hope you feel better soon!

Love that blue and white trellis rug. Do you by chance have any information on where to get it?

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