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Good evening everyone! Did you enjoy “our” trip to Italy” I sure did……hope you got to see that post, it was such a fun virtual getaway. I have told you about how my site is being worked on (yes again) to make it even bigger and better. I promise you that you will love it! We are nearing the finishing stages, things will not be vastly different but it will be much more comprehensive and everything will be one site, including my shop. So you can access my shop right on my blog and vice versa. Things will be easier to navigate as well.? You have no idea how many times people write me asking how to get to my shop site.

We are tweaking the design ever so slightly but make no mistake my blue and white theme will be ever present! I had enlisted the help of uber talented Jeanne of I Dream Of to design? topiary artwork I had dreamed up in my head as part of my logo and boy did she deliver! I had shared with you the beautiful result some time back.

So now I am finally putting the finishing touches on my logo with my web designer and having a heck of a time narrowing it down. This is when my OCD kicks in! Really it comes? down to the silliest things…like one scroll or two, long scrolls or short scrolls, should they be green or blue?? I know, I know but to someone like me who gets hung up on the details, this is? major! Hey, I have been cooped up inside for 7 loooong days,? even little things like this feels like a bid deal:) But all joking aside, I love all of these and that, my friends is where the problem lies.

So since you all have wonderful taste and I always value your opinions, I thought I would throw this out there and see which you like. The differences are quite subtle as you can tell, some have blue scrolls, others are green, some have one and others two, some are long while others are short. Just go with whatever grabs you!? But please choose your very favorite, you might need a pencil and paper. Many thanks for weighing in!

Here are the contenders……you can only choose one:)









theEnchantedHomefinal4CHOICE 4

































Can you see now why I am having such a hard time? They are all so very pretty, I am leaning towards a few and it will make my life so much easier if you all happen to like those same few so I am really curious to see which come out on top. Thank you so much for coming by and weighing in. I really do appreciate the brain power it takes to ponder such decisions!

Hope you are well and have a wonderful evening. The tole ls so FABULOUS. I cannot wait to share it with you hopefully by next week sometime!? Thanks for all your well wishes, went to the dr. yesterday, the good news is that there is no tear and I will start physical therapy tomorrow and hope to be back on my feet by next week….literally and figuratively!!

Until? next time…….




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I chose #2. Actually, the green text is a little hard to read, so with the embellishment on each side of the text, it’s a little easier to read. Love it! Great job!

I chose # 6. The full line across the page is distracting from what you want everyone to read. . Also I feel that the little squiggly shape is more appealing than any of the straight line motifs. Been a watercolorist for 30 years and you learn to see what is important. Went back repeatedly and still chose the same one!!!

I like #3 because the items below The Enchanted Home are a different color and do not take away from the strong blue of The Enchanted Home. The soft green/gray is an excellent choice for the 2nd line and the dividing/framing lines w/ flourishes.
Good luck!

I like No. 2 the best with the blue. One comment I would make is that you have a period after every one of the words in the second line except the last word. Either put dashes or another symbol like a scroll in between the words or put a period after “Petals.” (My OCD on display here!) But seriously – they are all beautiful!

#1 is elegant and very pretty Tina. Love the artwork too, very “you”! All so pretty.

This was hard! The green font and green scroll makes it hard to read. The wording doesn’t stand out. Voted for #8, but also like #1, 6, 7 and 13. Of course, I could look at them again tomorrow and would probably pick different choices. LOL! Sorry, I’m no help. πŸ™‚

1, 6, 7 and 13 did it for me. Love the colors and feeling. Very very pretty and “enchanting”! I cannot wait to see your new blog and look and love how you are always looking to get better and better (if possible)!

They are all so pretty, but my first thought was that the tag line, or green words were VERY difficult to read. You may want to pull from the darker green in the trees for it no matter what you go with. Can’t wait to see the new site!

Since you asked …. I’m a graphic designer and was always taught that fonts with serifs should never be used in all caps! Thay are very hard to read and one letter blends with the next. Just my 2 cents!

To me the simpler, the better. The double lines/embellishments in many of them are just too much.
It seems that number 1 & 8 are quite similar and those are my choices.

I am used to looking at details in wording because that is what I do on a regular basis for my custom calligraphy business. Even so, I was having a hard time narrowing it down to just one, so I will give you my top 3 choices- I like #1, #7 and #14. Hope you figure out your favorite! πŸ™‚

All are beautiful but with my graphic arts background I have to go with #1 for its elegant simplicity. I would only add a period after the last word to keep it consistent. Maybe make the green a tinge darker. Other that looks like a home run to me, Tina. LOVE YOUR BLOG.

I like the green scrolls… any of the green would work….the blue takes your eye away from the writing….its a little distracting…she did a great job on them…

I do like #6, too. One other thought-this may not be what you want, but what if you used the same blue from the pots for the blue lettering.

could you make the spot on the pots big enough to put your logo on it! just a thought!

Tina what a pretty design. I love it. Very hard choice but for me I tend to go with simple and elegant, some feel too busy and while the green is pretty I think the blue has more punch. So I voted for 1 but 6 would be a close runner up. I look forward to your new and improved site, think its smart to integrate your shop onto your blog. Sounds good, hope your knee is feeling better.

I vote #2 – darker green with lower case letters. It seems more “complete” than any other the other. I wouldn’t go emerald green a tad darker than the value you are already using!

Wow – they are all so very close! I can see where you could drive yourself bonkers trying to choose. I say put them away for a bit – out of sight, then come back and take a fresh look. Usually the one your eye is immediately drawn to is the one you really like.

Hard choices – they are all nice. I like the single line between the title and the descriptions. It is less cluttered and elegant.
Have you considered other descriptions – LIFE. BEAUTY. EVENTS. DECOR. BLOOMS. ??

I chose #1. It should be simple and let the words stand out. And perhaps the green printing could be darker as it is now difficult to read.

I loved #2, but 12 ran a close second, I also think the bullet points might look better if they were centered, and if you could enlarge the monogram in the planters a little also, I think you have beautiful taste and whatever you choose will look great. I loved the black with the blue series , my favorite was the 1st powder room, I also loved the trip to Italy, I couldn’t choose a favorite, I loved them all! Sounds like you’re knee is better, I pray so! Thanks for sharing all things beautiful, look forward to your next post, especially the rest of your tole line ! Take care of yourself, Debbie πŸ™‚

Having done graphic & advertising artwork, I was taught that simplicity is best.
I like 6 for that reason, but wish the line were green like in 14….this would help
reading the words below…
Also THE ENCHANTED HOME would pop…not distracted or overpowered by the
blue underline.

Tina there are many I like. I worked in digital communications for 9 years so consider myself a bit of an expert. I would say that the ones with one long line look best and “cleaner”, the blue looks stronger and crisper whereas the green is softer. I might try to enhance the green in the wording just a shade or two darker but love the tag line as it encompasses all you do and are good at.

Lovely logo….things just get better and better over here. Can’t wait to see and want to see the tole! Feel better.

GOod morning Tina! I made my choice and how exciting for you! It’s always fun to make changes and I really like the font you have chosen. Now it’s just the little details and you’re set! HAVE FUN and feel well, Anita

1 or 7 for me hands down. Both are elegant and not too much. I think the ones with the two bars are a bit too busy. The ones with one is just right. I also like the bar with the navy as I think of blue when I think of The Enchanted Home and the green is a very pretty accent color. Love the way it is coming out.

Im not a graphics expert Tina ( so probably not much help) I always get experts in

…but I would say one bar in blue ( I love the bars) and actually fewer words on the lower line

The topiary paintings are heavenly,well done Jeanne…. they are similar to the flower laden topiary trees that we made for the wedding a couple of weeks ago, I think you would have loved.
It will be gorgeous!

I’d like to see #1 or #8 with a green line (as if there were not enough lovely choices already)! Someone else commented that the tag line might look better in lower case, and I tend to agree with that. I also work in graphic design/visual display, though that doesn’t make it any easier to choose between some of these beautiful designs!

Tina I do this for a living and have for 13 years, and do not agree about the lower case. Much more impact with the all upper case. I say keep it as is. Only thing I might suggest is to make the trees just a little larger to see the design in the middle of the planter? I like the pronouncement of the navy single bar. I like 1 and 7 best. Simple and clean.
This is a very pretty look. I like the tag line, all the things that describe you and your passions. I am looking forward to the new look and sure hope your knee is doing better and you are feeling better.

Tina, many years ago, I was a corporate Id designer and Art Director. I write this with the best intentions. Please don’t worry about the little things as much as the big picture. Have you reduced the logo down to biz. card size to see how it will read? Will a person who’s eyesight is not 20/20 be able to read the green type? Keep it elegant, as that is part of your business. Less can be more, I say that with regard to the horizontal bars. Have you also looked at this in black and white? A good logo should always work in black and white as well as color for a number of reasons. The Logo has a lot of beautiful things going for it. It’s has high identity and gives a great feel of your work. Hope this was of help. I couldn’t help but put my two cents in.


So many wonderful choices! I love them all! But I voted for my favorite. I cannot wait to see which you finally settle on. Whichever it is I am sure the blog is going to look beautiful!

I hope that you are feeling better!

Have w great weekend,

The are all gorgeous, but I chose #2, which seems to be the fan favorite. Whatever you choose, I know it will be absolutely beautiful. I hope your knee is feeling better today! Have a wonderful weekend, Tina! xoxo

I liked #1 or #8 but I too am a little OCD and would change the placement of the periods. I would center them between the words similar to the placement of a dash. Good Luck!

1 for me I love it, it is elegant and not too busy. The ones with 2 lines are too busy in my humble opinion. They are all very pretty though.

I like #1 the best – clean and simple. But talk about OCD!! Is is just my eyes, or is there an extra space between “Party.” and “Decor.”???
I LOVE your blog!! I save it until I have plenty of time to enjoy it…… Thank you!!!!

I chose #2, with the same comment someone made above, put a period after petals, or use a different symbol between the words (but I think there’s enough going on here without additional symbols). All the choices are lovely.

I served as an in house Advertising Agency for many years where I developed logos on a regular basis. My favorite of all of your wonderful choices is #1. The color combination and the simplicity of it make it elegant and inviting. I like many of the logos with a single motif. To me, somehow the logos with the double motif are a little busy.

I am trying to choose a logo for my new business as well. It is very hard and you are so smart to get the opinions of so many. Everyone sees things in a different way.

Good luck and I look forward to the new site.

One Tina….it is so pretty. And just stands out above the rest. Love it. Feel better!

I like # 14 I think you need a design under the text, as well as above, otherwise it looks like the text is hanging. The top and bottom line also helps the green text to show up. Good luck with whatever you decide.

As a graphic designer, my choice is #1. However, I would move the period between “Life. Beauty….”etc. to the center of each word, rather than looking like the end of a sentence. I think it reads better. I would also make the dot (between the copy), the same color you are using for “The Enchanted Home”. And, remember…. the green you are using will appear lighter on pieces that you have printed. Love your blog!

Hi Tina,
They all look so beautiful! My favorite is #2, but I would tweak it just a little.
The green letters are a bit difficult to read…so perhaps darken them a tad, adjust the spacing, and put a period at the end for consistency.
The blue lines help to make the writing pop better, but I would lighten the blue tone of the lines a tiny bit…and bring the lines closer to the words.
Oh, and just make ‘The Enchanted Home’ letters a teeny bit bigger! Ok, now I’m done! Lol πŸ™‚
Whatever you decide will be beautiful!

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