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Hello from rainy dreary New York….well finally at long last my knee is starting to feel better, slow going but there is light at the end of the tunnel. I started having? a serious case of cabin fever and though I was able to be very productive this week via? my computer, being inside so? much during the summer and being so immobile was starting to really get to me. We are invited to a dinner party and I am on the fence about attempting it and to a BBQ tomorrow… will be my first time if I go, maybe as long as my trusty crutch is nearby:)

Thanks so much for voting and giving me your input/insight with my logo. My you are a savvy ?bunch but then I knew that! What great ideas you had……… I was not totally done tweaking it and a few suggestions ironically were things we were already thinking about, but it was reassuring to know that great minds? think alike:)? I am down now to three contenders and love all three so you will be soon be seeing the finalist….. stay tuned:)

A bunch of random thoughts this weekend, let’s begin shall we…..


NEW MANTLES. VERY excited to have finally,? after waiting 9 long months,? received our mantles for our living and? dining rooms! It was almost a 2 week process to get them installed, very labor intensive as they are extremely heavy and had to be carefully assembled but? they were worth the wait. I am very very pleased. And now finally after almost three years, these rooms are at long last complete. Now, we can being the finishing touch of adding the chinoiserie paper to the dining room and I will be done….oh and window treatments:)? Here’s a look…….


First the living room (pay no attention to “the styling”, these items were placed back there just temporarily)

DSC_0676 DSC_0677 DSC_0678


unna zmed


And? then the dining room in progress….

DSC_0692 DSC_0691 DSC_0685 DSC_0684


And ready to see it done??? Here we go……..

unsdsanamed unnadasffmed AAunnamed



BEAUTIFUL ART. I had spoken of how I had hired talented Jeanne from I Dream Of to do the ?art for the beautiful topiary I dreamed up ?for my logo,? and true to her talent she delivered. I was so excited to see the actual art arrive last week! It is large enough to frame which I will be doing soon and it will grace my office wall (my next project).

On top of that she sent me the prettiest gift enclosure tags of my topiary logo, they are so pretty!!! I wrapped up a friends gift and put one to use right away. Thank you Jeanne once again for being so incredibly talented. Click here if you want to visit or contact Jeanne.

undsfasdfnamed unnam44ed unnam4342ed unnaadsafamed


A NEW FAVORITE DRINK. Let’s just say this is a perk of being homebound for a week, you are home, aren’t driving and feel entitled to your afternoon cocktail! I have a new favorite drink. I have dubbed it the “Tinatini” and have made my husband a believer:)? And don’t look at your watch wondering if it’s OK to pour a drink because? it’s 5:00 somewhere! OK here is what you need…..




A splash of Grey Goose or your favorite Vodka

A can of your favorite flavor of San Pellegrino (I am addicted to this stuff)

A tall glass filled to the top with ice

A wedge of lime

A dash of Pellegrino or Perrier (I like it with Perrier grapefruit)

I first add the ice, then the vodka, then fill about 3/4 with the San Pellegrino and top it with the Perrier and squeeze the lime and voila…you have yourself one refreshing cocktail….cheers! It is soooooooo good.


MOVIES. Yet another perk of being in this much is the amount of serious movie watching I have done. I will not go over the movies I have watched too many times to count. I will not bore you with how they still make me laugh or cry like? a hyena no instead I will tell you all about some really interesting NEW documentaries and foreign flicks, that if these are your will LOVE!

If you are like me and enjoy foreign flicks, you must check these out I enjoyed them immensely!!


Little White Lies (very well done excellent cast and hey it takes place in France!)

A Royal Affair (Beautiful story and gorgeous cinematography)

Renoir (Amazing and soooo beautiful, reminds me once again how I was absolutely? born in the wrong era)

Happy People:? A year in the Taiga (I thought I would watch this for 10 minutes and switch it off but I was utterly captivated, it is pretty fascinating)


And documentaries, well these are all over the map, but they were all so ?fascinating, I would watch them all over again and probably will!

Three Stars follows the lives and tribulations of nine Michelin chefs on three continents and was incredibly fascinating and got me dreaming about a trip around the world visiting each and every one!

The Short Game? was unbelievable…it follows the months leading up to the world championship for 8 golf pros under 8 years old. You have to see this! I cannot recommend ?this enough, even had my mother raving about it!

And then I watched Linsanity I know I? know..all over the map but you know what, I have to say I really give this guy credit. Inspiring to say the least and if you watch it you will be too, I promise!


The Short Game 11166664_800?sq_linsanity-2


MY NEW TOLE. I think this has to be the most exciting thing for me in a long time. I can’t stop staring at it:) ?I cannot tell you how much I am in love with the line. ?Best part are the prices. They are literally A FOURTH of my competitors prices for handpainted tole. Just exquisite!!

I am working as fast as I can to get things sorted, priced, photographed and unpacked and then added to the new shop site. With luck this will make its debut in about a week. Here is a tiny sneak peek for your eyes only. Remember for now this is exclusively only at The Enchanted Home Shop…..

DSC_0686 DSC_0695

DSC_0727 DSC_0755



?So that is about it over here. Slowly trying to get back in the saddle and resume my every day schedule. I am very busy with my design projoect in the city, and its coming along beautifully, ?I will be sure to share with you pictures as it starts coming together (late Aug. into early Sept hopefully) it is very exciting!

Hope whatever you have in store for the weekend is fun, enjoyable and hopefully relaxing. My son and I will be heading out on Monday to do his official college dorm shopping, definitely very bittersweet. Bracing myself. Hoping everyone has a fabulous weekend. Until next time??.

Last thing announced the arrival of a small batch of more Staffordshire goodies yersterday under my Current Promotion, they are so wonderful and it is so sad that the factory has closed. Click here for the details…


Until next time??.


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So glad to hear that your knee is better. Mine is getting there, too. I am totally in love with your mantels. You need to tell us more about them because they are truly works of art.

I will be watching your shop for one of the green trays.

You are so much fun to follow and to know, Tina. Congratulations on whittling down your choices for your logo/banner! I love all the ideas you brought to the table, and asked us to help. You are super.

OK, now let us proceed…..


Your dining room, good glory, Tina, this is perfect. May you have memorable family gatherings, stylish dinner parties and faithful friends grace your home. What a perfect finishing touch. These are quality mantels that do take time to carve to perfection, and you finally got them. Bravo!

You got the rain storms we had just yesterday, but they’ll pass. Go out to the BBQ and enjoy yourself. Getting out will help.I had a sensational three days of childhood-type play with friends and I’ll never forget it. We went out to parks, photographed gorgeous mansions, played music, I danced, it was magic. Do what you love and have a fabulous weekend! XOXOXO Anita

Tina, the mantles, the artwork, the tole?it’s all unbelievable beautiful. Wow those were very much worth the long wait. May you enjoy them and have many wonderful celebrations in those rooms!

Thank you for the movie recommendations. I love foreign moveis too, they have a way of capturing the human spirit in a way that most American filmmakers do not which is a shame. I also enjoy documentaries and since my husband and I are both avid golfers we would love to see one about the young golf pros.

Glad to hear you are feeling a little better, pace yourself but also do something good for yourself too.

Good morning Tina,
Glad to hear your feeling better. Your tole line is to die for!!!!! Use everything in your home with good health!!! Just so magnificent…. wish you can come to New Jersey, in the midst of redoing a dining room… help!!!!!

Great news that your knee is doing a little better, take it slow though. Tina, the tole is AMAZING. And so are those mantles. I would love to know more about them where you got them, are they old are new, etc?.

This post is why I love your blog, you share so much, movies, decor, fashion, food, going to try that drink recipe, if it wasn’t 10am I would try it now haha I like Sanpellegrino too and we always have it on hand. Thanks for this fun post, I got my monogrammed tray yesterday and I LOVE IT. Thank you so much! Feel well Tina.

Tina, The mantles are fabulous and I love that you did the herringbone brick inserts, my favorite!
Loving the black and white Staffordshire dogs and lastly The movie recommendations which I always am thrilled to get from my friends!

The Arts by Karena

Your mantel is gorgeous Tina and I appreciate all of the details as we’ve been looking at fire place options for the house. It’s not easy to narrow these things down and make decisions. Your new Toile is so pretty and Jeanne has done an incredible job on your logo! I’m always looking movie ideas so I’ll be looking into some you’ve suggested here. Hopefully you were able to get out last night .. so sorry your knee has been acting up.

I’m traveling with my family and will be back in a couple of days. The break has been wonderful and much needed. I’m NOT looking forward to the construction chaos and my busy work week upon our return……

Funny how the most admired and “wish I had that!” treasure you spoke of today is ……………..your rain!!! Thanks for the list of movies. I love an artsy film!

Hello dear Tina… Your dining room looks gorgeous!!! Would love to have a fireplace in my DR. So elegant yet cozy. Your tole line is to.die.for. Thx for all the recommendation on documentaries. I will definitely look for them. Glad your knee is getting better – hope it is 100% soon! Xo

Beautiful FP mantels/surrounds! Do you have before pics? Love the Italian look (I’m half Italian). You can bet I’ve loved your virtual trips to Italy! Never been there, but 50 years ago my parents went with my Italian Grandpa. I wrote down all the foreign films and documentaries you recommended. I agree – they are so much richer/deeper than the American films. I’ll be checking my county and city libraries for them. The tole platters – one of them had the start of a monogram CT something. I was startled thinking, “What if they are all my 3 initials?” Too funny! Hope you heal quickly and enjoy your weekend activities.

Tina visiting your site is such a treat. I love it. Thanks for the movie recommendations. I am home nursing my husband after having foot surgery so those movie recommendations are perfect!

The mantles are incredible. Are they new or old? They look like they are meant for your home. I love your new tole line also, I cannot wait until its for sale. I must indulge in a few pieces. And your topiary artwork is so lovely and so “you”. I am glad to hear you are feeling good enough to hopefully venture out for a little bit, it’s important to do things for yourself, so have a nice time and take it easy.

Tina, so glad that your knee is on the mend! Thank you for sharing the pictures of your beautiful mantels. They give me insipiration and hope as my guest bath is currently being remodeled and is in a state of total disarray. I do not deal well messes and cannot wait until the project is completed. Thanks also for your recommendations for some new movies to watch.!

Tina, Hope you are getting better and better with each passing day. Thanks for the list of films. We are staying pretty close to home as well since Hubby’s heart surgery 4 weeks ago. I will have to check some of these films out,Thanks!

Great news on the knee–and adore the mantels and design. But alas! watched Little White Lies today on Netflix, and despite the setting and especially the Atlantic coast on Les Landes which is a fave spot of ours, thought the film endless negativity and navel gazing–went far too long for a semi-imitation of The Big Chill –but nowhere near the charm. I’ll try the others–lover of France, French prof, and often lover of French films–but not this one.

Love your gorgeous mantles! They were worth the long wait. The dining room is so beautiful. You have a great chandelier. Perfect logo too. Enjoy your new redecorated rooms.

Hi Tina! Your mantel looks beautiful! You really have a gift in design and decorating and you need to write a book! Love your new store items as well! So many pretty things! Hope you feel well enough to go to the BBQ today! I’m praying for you! XO

So glad your knee is better Tina, keep resting it ( but dont miss any parties :))

Im loving all your updates as ever…..Divine mantlepieces and especially your ‘Tinatini’ its fabulous like you..we only have SanP and perrier here as sparkling water. I shall have to look in the european supermarkets for them..only a few days to go now!! I am so happy for holiday time ( not so thrilled about sleeping on the boat..)

Take care of yourself and enjoy all the movies, sending love

the mantels! only the most gorgeous carved lovelies EVERRRR. dude. they look awesome. and i must try this tinatini. i’ll sip the tinatini while listening to tina turner, oui? and nibble on teeny chocolate truffles? so happy to hear the pain is subsiding and healing is happening. prayers being sent up for more relief.

love to you.

So glad to hear that you are finally on the mend!! Those fireplaces my dear are to die for!! I feel like I am back in Ireland at the manor home when I look at them..stunning! Cant wait to see the logo,!get better quick, Karolyn

Hellooooo!!! I had to laugh because it IS 5pm and I’m thinking a Tinatini is just what this mom needs on a Monday, all alone. We had older son fly to Dallas and flew to NC with younger son to deposit him at his first sleep away camp, then turned around to come home. Sweet Molly is boarded b/c she sleeps with older son and will give me a few days of complete freedom. Have to laugh that today’s fun was cleaning out the fridge (every nook and cranny) and doing load after load of laundry. Meeting the Mr for dinner, which seems quite decadent for a Monday night. Woo hop!

LOVE your mantles. I just think of “artisan” and “craftsmanship” when I see the level of detail you have brought to your beautiful home. The dining room is a stunner!!

How much do we love Jeanne and her work?! SO MUCH! That painting will look beautiful in your office and love the coordinating gift cards. She is just the best!!

Hope the dorm shopping went well. I realize I’ll blink and be there. I know you can understand I fought back tears as I left little guy so far away. But, I’ll be picking him up on Friday, so better enjoy my short stint of freedom.

Hope you are continuing to heal and feel better!!!
xoxoxo Elizabeth

Tina, happy to hear that you are feeling better. I hope that means you either went to the BBQ, or made yourself a drink and relaxed a little.

Your new line is fabulous! I love the trays!

The movie list looks great, I have seen one or town but now have your suggestions added to my list.

Have a great week!

Hi Tina, How lovely to come back from a long weekend and see a bit of my work in such good company on this fun post. Thank you so much for the shout out, you know I love working with you. And I’m so proud to be part of your lovely site and logo!

Your mantels are just incredibly beautiful. They are works of art in themselves. Congratulations!

And sadly, that Tinatini is looking like just the ticket on this hot Monday evening…. but I have to go downtown to pick up Mr. H in just a few minutes…and after all of our weekend revelry I feel like I should dry out a bit. Maybe later this week – like tomorrow! 😉

Glad to hear the knee is getting better. Take good care of yourself and have a beautiful week! XOXOX

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