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Hello…..this is a post I had started quite a while ago and like many that sit in my draft box, they get put aside until the mood strikes again.? I do love a beautiful foyer table, for so many reasons. They are the perfect place to display a beautiful arrangement on, a collection of treasured photographs, beautiful pieces that you might have accumulated that you want to display….a foyer table allows you to make an exceptional first impression as people enter your home.

They are also very utilitarian… a place to put your keys or any thing you need as you walk out of the door or back in. And I love the idea of changing up the vignettes with the seasons, adding a little evergreen and a few pinecones for the winter, maybe a bowl of shells in the summer, a pretty vase of spring flowers in the spring and maybe a pretty bowl of fall leaves and acorns for the fall. Add a small favorite scented candle and you have indeed created a wonderful first impression!

How about you? Do you like them as much as I do? Even for small foyers, you can opt for a smaller round table or if space is really tight, go for a side console. A foyer table to me, is a must. So lets take a look at 24 gorgeous foyer tables that exemplify my argument that every foyer should have one……




What a beautiful first impression this makes! Love everything about it…House Beautiful

a5b95b281b0a75bf554f082510f67c19This is fabulous! I love the elegant console table with the perched mirror and large scale chairs flanking it….sublime indeed! Sublime Decor


A great example of how even in small spaces/foyers a small scaled table/console works beautifully. Totally charming if you ask me! Country Living


1-Pulliam-Morris-Interiors.This-color-is-from-Farrow-Ball-?-Lime-White.Even if space only allows for a small table, the effect can still be quite beautiful such as this lovely table tucked under the staircase with a small chair next to it, Pullman Morris

f4d6a20b311a876b7457e5546ceec233Even in more transitional spaces, a center hall table is always a good idea, New England Home

SA0309150e_1_yAnd sometimes they are pushed more towards the staircase if the space does not allow for it to be dead center, which is also very beautiful, Southern Accents

interiordesign_main_15_123Do love this look, a large jar filled with a huge spray of flowers or branches, and an assortment of coffee table books, it always works! Bunny Wiliams

0f99ce8e09c0Great example as to how to treat a narrow foyer that has no room for a center table, one or even a pair of narrow consoles gives an equally elegant and dramatic effect, Evelyn Gluck Interiors

a0728cf08d1bA center hall table can? become a focal point such as in this space, it is so interesting it draws you in and invites you to take a seat.? Kate Jackson Design

febbe5828b49This has such a great and elegant rustic vibe, Jeffrey Alan Marks

3471fbe12b41Love this look by Alexa Hampton, it is simple, clean and classically beautiful

75081e1bb71fHow about adding four benches underneath? Really like this idea a lot, Tobi Fairley

3f43f74e371225326d4bf95a325c2a75You won’t be surprised to hear I love this, it is so easy to do. A few oversized chunky ginger jars and voila, instant elegance! Cathy Kincaid

dae544b9aa73cbe789cb33ed65826c11A foyer table is a perfect place to display? favorite collectibles or collections of things, Popsugar

bb33140060fcSometimes instead of a table, a chest is used which is equally lovely and elegant and affords an extra bonus of storage!

? 527aea964d8f0f4a9c75d69421afecceA dramatic foyer with a beautiful play of black and white allows elements like the sculptures, over sized urns and dramatic lighting to take center stage,? by John Jacob Interiors

6deaf9d2bb6fOnce again the “recipe” of flowers and books works so beautifully! Ashley Whittaker

b6653f740193This is also a “sure thing” that always works, a side chest or console with a bench on either side, beautiful! Brian Watford Interiors

113c6c7d81e2This is a more casual look but oh so pretty! I love the big oversized mirror and the array of rustic but elegant baskets, it makes the space feel so inviting. Pottery Barn

elegant-foyer-interior-designA center hall table sometimes needs very little, it is a perfect and spectacular in this case, place to display a massive orchid plant….this is a beauty.

aa02f57460e466168673ec7c26e2f17cMary McDonald is no stranger to magnificent foyers, love this one!

cd95371538d3c31ae50c2475dc1c5147Love this, a side console table has a dramatic arrangement with branches, love the logs underneath, elegantly rustic, OpalDC

a4a26a1ee1e21a593550231c65b4cc94This is a foyer table in the most dramatic sense…showstopping! A huge rectangular table was used to beautiful effect here to showcase an assortment of beautiful collectibles, Timothy Corrigan

ginger_jar_blue_and_white_porcelain 3And you know I love this, a foyer table piled high with blue and white…heaven! Burnham Design


So…what do you think after seeing these? Are you too a fan of a table or console being a must have in the foyer? Do you have a favorite way to style them? Tell me about it…hope you enjoyed the post.

I? know I certainly enjoyed putting it together as it motivated me to go and get busy with styling my own foyer table! Thank you for stopping in, until next time……


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Good morning Tina! I caught your post before I left for work. OHHHHHHH this is good! I have a foyer, but not large enough for a table. However, we do have a large antique mirror in there with a small marble shelf that sits under the mirror. For being a tiny foyer, that HUGE mirror gives that space such a grand presence. Interesting what you can do with even a tiny space.

All of these photos are inspiring as the lightness of the white walls and contrasting furniture make for breathtaking beauty. You know how to pick ’em!

I hope you are not freezing as we are out here in Minneapolis. It is SO COLD and there were over 400 car accidents on Monday due to the snow storm. Stay safe! Anita

Thanks Tina, I didn’t realize what I was missing in my foyer until I looked at all your pictures and then it hit me. I need a chair. Perfection as always, you never disappoint. Loved this post!

Great collection of foyers, Tina! They always intrigue — and yet puzzle me. I understand one has to do something to fill up the space, but do people actually sit in the foyer and read the books arrayed there? I really like your second from the last shot by Timothy Corrigan — very interesting, and enticing one to step further inside.

Those are the most gorgeous foyers I have ever seen. Loved seeing them as I am looking for a new console and bench for my Fla. foyer. Just painted the walls in 3 different color stripes but horizontal and it looks amazing. Now I need to complete the picture. Thanks for the ideas. Nancy

Beautiful photos … Each space is more lovely than the last! Thanks for the ideas.

Foyer fantasies!! No foyer in my log cabin…but…I’ve placed an antique chair with a strawberry pot full of fresh herbs by the front door so when you walk in…that’s what you sense… *sigh* franki

Foyer vignettes are the welcome mat when you enter the front door. No matter how tight the space is you can great some sort of vignette there.
These are lovely.

There is nothing more gorgeous to me than an enchanting foyer, you know there are more good things to come!

The Arts by Karena

Hi Tina, Couldn’t agree more – a foyer table or console is a must! My keys would always be missing were it not for ours (which has a little drawer to tuck them neatly into). Ours is actually a “placeholder” which has been there for years – it came home from Red Ticking with a beautiful vintage mirror, which was a Christmas present from my husband. The mirror was of such a scale that it required a table of a lower height than the piece we originally had there. The plan was to switch it out once I found something I liked… fast forward a few years and it’s still there! Still looking for perfect.

It looks okay, though, with a vintage urn which gets refreshed with flowers and plants depending on the season. And looks after my keys quite well!

Happy Wednesday! XOXO

I’ve had the Ashley Whittaker foyer torn out and save in my inspiration binder for years. It’s an all-time favorite of mine!

Our rental has an awkward split-level entry layout, with no real “foyer”. We’re in the midst of trying to determine where to carve out a little landing strip so we can have a table for keys, mail, etc., all of which now accumulate on our kitchen table/bar and make for very frustrating clutter.

One of these days we’ll figure it out!

What a timely post for me as I am currently working on my foyer. I just purchased an octagonal table and will need to cover it with a table skirt, so your first photo was spot on! Next, I’ll be sourcing four to five rugs to complete the entry, front hall and ajoining dining room. One of these days it will all be finished, but for now I am having a ball! Thanks for the inspiration this morning

Hi Tina,

25 promo and/or blog-type e-mails in my in-box every morning and yours is always the first I open! I love your blog. Your taste aligns so perfectly with mine that perhaps I feel it is an affirmation of my own. (Who doesn’t love being affirmed?)

Thanks for the beautiful pictures. I adore an entry hall table, especially a round one. (Although it’s not what I currently have, a girl can dream, right?)

Have a super day,

Yes! I agree Tina. The foyer is the first thing our guests see .. it’s important! a round table with blue and white porcelain filled with flowers or a console (or two!) is so pretty. When we officially “move in” I’ll take a look at the space and decide which will work better for the space. I had a console in my last home and it was so much fun to change it seasonally.

Thanks for posting this! I am renting a small townhouse, but I really wanted a foyer table. It just seems to be something I come back to as an essential piece of furniture…lovely ideas

My favorite is always a round foyer table if the space is appropriate?.love the Alexa Hampton image, in fact, I love everything she does!! Happy Wednesday, Tina!

I couldn’t agree more! I love the look of a round table in a large foyer. Since my apartment is small, I have a table similar to the more casual photo w/ the wicker baskets. Keys go onto the decoupage tray and the dog’s leach goes on top of a pile of decor books on the bottom shelf of the table. No more excuses to not find keys! I love displaying flowers there too because they are welcoming and look lovely reflected in the mirror. xoxo

Thank you for curating a fabulous collection focused on the single detail of the foyer table. I can go home and edit my own with new eyes.

Tina you are just right, a hall table is a must have piece

My console is narrow, in keeping with the hallway. I always dress it as nicely as possible, and have fresh flowers, or a large display of philaenopsis …. I feel like they bring love into the house.

Jolly cold over here..brrr…I have fires lit in the upstairs fireplaces 🙂

I absolutely love a beautiful entry way table. It immediatly makes the place more welcoming. A set of flowers, some candles maybe a nice lamp to leave on for the late visitor. It makes the space warm.
One of my favorite is the elegant example of a foyer with checker board floor, the combination of the two is always glam. Thank you for sharing.

Tina, what a great post! It’s making me look at my foyer in a new way. I have an antique table that I decorate according to season, but after seeing your pictures, I have decided to go for a more grown-up look and now want some blue and white ginger jars! They just look so stunning and classic.
Thank for the inspiration!

did i enjoy? YES!! i can tell some work went into this post tina, so many styles, so many ideas. love a round center table…….since my home will not accommodate such an item, a console is not a hardship.
great post!

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Bonjour Tina,
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Habitant cette magnifique ville de Paris, votre blog me fait voyager et admirer votre splendide maison.
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Tres cordialement
Bisous de Paris.

Dear Tina,
Thank you for posting all those fantastic foyer photos, each of them is an example of elegance..I really love your inspirational ideas..very exclusive and stylish..
Keep posting,

What a great post!!! I recently moved and I am wracking my brain on foyer tables. Any advice on how to determine if a center table is possible? I’ve been searching for months and I can never decide on anything because I keep tossing the ideas of a center table or a wall table. Help!!

Trying to put my foyer table together. Trying different items etc. Thank you for the inspiration and wonderful ideas.

Thank you – Loved all your foyer /table displays absolutely gorgeous! It gave me a lot of ideas and inspiration to change my foyer into a beautiful entrance.

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