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Hello and happy Wednesday afternoon, nice to see the sun shining after days of cold rain and gloomy skies. First things first, I want to announce the winner of the wonderful book Cottage Style- A Palette of White, congratulations goes to-

?#19 Chris says:

? Love white, especially white Cararra Marble kitchen countertops! Peter Sinnott?s white/grey marble floor in Kips Bay this year was inspired!!!

Please email me at theenchantedhome@gmail. so that your book can get on it’s way!

So, every summer, and I do mean every summer, I start the season off (normally before Memorial Day) with a visual “checklist’ in my head of what I hope to do during the summer. It is a short season that seems to go by faster and faster every year. Cannot tell you how often I have realized I still had so much left I wanted to do and before I know it, it’s Labor Day!

So thought this would make a fun and interactive post as I want to hear what’s on your bucket list! Here is what’s on mine…..


1. Rent my beach house. I rent a beach house “out east” (means the Hamptons and Montauk) every summer. I have rented the same wonderful house for the past few years, its the perfect beach house, a block from the ocean, walking/biking distance to town, 4 bedrooms, airy and immaculate and I get daily visits from a family of deer right in my own backyard:) Big enough to host another family and/or houseguests but small enough to not have to fret over.


2. Many (I hope) afternoons until sunset spent at the beach. Alone. With me, my beach chair, a great book and a nice cool drink. The only noise will be the oceans roar…that is a perfect afternoon to me….I am never ever as relaxed as I am doing that.



3. Lobster rolls! I could live on them come summertime,? and as luck would have it some of the? very best are from The Clam Bar, “Lunch” and Gosmans Dock in Montauk….sooooo good!!

St. Peters Catch also has wonderful seafood brought in fresh every day and if we just want steamed/broiled lobsters that is where I go plus they make a great fish taco. Speaking of fish tacos, Bostwicks in Amagansett hands down makes the best fish taco I have ever eaten (and a great Manhattan clam chowder). I am getting hungry!!



4. A trip abroad. We like to travel in the summer. Truthfully a lot has changed over the last few years, two oldest sons moved out on their own, our “baby” is now a college student and as much as it pains me to say this…they really don’t have much interest our family vacations as they used to. I get it but it doesn’t make it any less sad:(

We are working on a trip for July that so far (key word) two of my sons have said yes to coming on. I am so hoping it will happen as I am never happier than when we are all away somewhere wonderful together. How big of a flake am I that even writing this I am crying? But then again, its me the one who cannot watch a Pampers commercial without welling up.



5. An office redo! This is almost a 911 emergency. My home office is in DIRE need to help. There is a desk, a rug, a chair and a whole lot of papers and that is about it. I spoke months ago of getting it done and the furthest I got was gathering wallpaper samples which are still here sitting where they were over 2 months ago!

I really want to try to make some progress. I spend a lot of time in there, and there’s no reason it should not be a beautiful space that I love working in:)



6. A ladies summer luncheon. I want to host a small lunch al fresco for friends, nothing big or overdone, something small, pretty, tasty and hopefully on a beautiful humid free summer day!



7. A trip up to Maine. Maine is so beautiful in the summer. I haven’t’ been in a long time but there is something so peaceful about driving up there, seeing the rugged coast, all the quaint little towns that dot the coastline. Would like to plan a weekend up there.



8. Books! I love to read and find that I get more reading done in the summer than any other season. I would love to read at least 4-6 books this summer. I already have a few that I ordered in anticipation of summer reading.

My favorite reading spot is my loggia/outside porch, we get really nice cross breezes there, I bring my down pillow,? settle on one of the sofas, grab a cool drink and allow myself to escape into whatever book I am reading, it is soo relaxing!





9. Family time! With two boys on their own and a college aged son, we don’t get the family time that we used to and I so miss it. I cherish when we are together and have told them that I expect us to get together at least one a week to do something, whether its a trip to the beach, the city, a BBQ or dinner….it has to happen. I am my most happy when I am with my family!


10.Farm stands! Visiting my favorite local farm stands both locally and “out east” as much as possible. One of my most favorite things is to visit farm stands, I love nothing more than choosing fresh produce, picking up a bunch of freshly picked flowers…it really is all about the simple pleasures and to me this is a huge perk of summer!

unname342q4d IMG_1020 IMG_0885

11.? Exercise more. Ugh…even hate the word. But one thing on my bucket list this summer is to lose 10 lbs and to exercise more. With my knee injury I am limited but walking is totally fine and there is no more beautiful time for long strolls than the summer. I know once I get back into it…I will be committed to the cause:) Plus I have a few summer favorites hiding in my closet that I really want to fit into:)


12. Flower power! Attend a flower class/workshop at Flower School New York . Been wanting to do this for a while now. I did one many years ago but I was younger and my passion for flowers was no where near what it is now so think I would have a whole new appreciation for it…plus how fun!

IMG_2283 IMG_1713 IMG_1732


So that’s what’s on my summer bucket list. Surely there will be more to add as the summer marches on, but these are all things I would love to do over the short summer season.

And how about you? What’s on your summer bucket list? Can’t wait to hear, thank you as always for stopping in. Wishing you a fabulous day…..until next time!

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Tina, what a delicious summer you are planning. Family get togethers are the best. Enjoy every minute.

Exercise and ten lbs gone for me, too this summer, Tina. All with physical therapy to mend my broken rotator cuff injury! Hope that your knee is happily healing. Summer is for family, love, improvement of self, the joy of visits with friends and the wonderful, seasonal bounty from the earth. Make the most of it and photograph all to preserve your memories. Hug those boys/men of yours as much as they will allow!

Wow… what a fabulous bucket list!! I haven’t read any of those books except the incomparable Dear Carolina. When it comes to bucket lists… I’ll have what you’re having! Enjoy the rest of your week, dear Tina.

This list sounds wonderful! I loved Maine last year and wish we could go back. And now you make me want to book a trip to NY so that i can head out to the Hamptons. Love that place! I also want to check out those books you listed. I can’t wait to read this summer! XO

I started playing tennis again, after many, many years, and I’m excited to play again. And a trip to the beach with my 3 grown daughters (nothing better than that!) and I can completely relate to family time is the best! We’re also moving and building our dream home, so there will be lots of decision making and hopefully, see the dirt move by this fall. I hope we all have a blessed and safe summer.

Good afternoon, Tina! What’s on my list? Well one wish is coming true very soon. We are going to Carmel by the sea, California. But when we come back home, I would love to paint my kitchen white, and change out my bed linens. Other than that? To write a really great DRAFT of a poem. Yes, simple old Anita is back, and I will be blogging again. Keeping things simple for me, like wanting to write a great poem is enough for me to handle! And my bucket lists always includes good health, love and friends. That’s all.


What a wonderful summer you will have! Very envious. I am afraid my summer list involves home renovations–4 baths, basement “bar” install, and refinishing of all the hardwood floors. Fortunately we’ll be in the mountains of North Carolina for the floor project. I’ll be trying to squeeze a summer’s worth of fun into August. But how wonderfull will it be to roam the house admiring all the completed reno projects. Thankfully our last for this house. Happy summer to you!

Your summer bucket list sounds wonderful. Time with family is so valuable and I bet even when all your boys are older, they will still want time with you. Right now I am in Paris on a trip with my mom and dad and my 16 year old son. Dreams do come true! My parents wanted me to tag along and I have never been here. I am getting to know my youngest child better at the same time. I love your list of books, Tina. I’m reading Dear Carolina right now! Soo good!
Thank you for an inspiring blog. You’ve got me thinking?.
Hope you have the best summer yet. Magical and fun and warm and relaxing. Au revoir!

Oh my what an interesting list. I live in the South 30 minutes from the Gulf of Mexico coast. With that in mind my bucket list is usually a Fall bucket list, which this year includes a trip to Boston with many stops in between. I have read ‘The Light We Cannot See’ & am currently reading ‘Dear Carolina’. I recently moved to this area to be closer to children & grandchildren, so I definitely know having your family near is very important, & how much fun it is to share special events & trips. Enjoy you summer & would love to see future updates to the list.

I love your bucket list! We are headed to Maine next week (our son lives in Portland) and will be staying at the Black Point Inn – can’t wait! I’m in the middle of Dear Carolina right now and am loving it. Definitely want to add some more summer reading though. Enjoy your summer, you are so right it will fly by!

Tina o mundo ? maravilhoso e voc? sabe enfeit?-lo ainda mais,colocando as coisas nos lugares certos ,dando um toque encantador .Isto ? o amor.Parabens! Abra?os Mary.

Whoa! Your summer sounds fun packed!! We just did the “Biltmore” to see the “Downton Abbey” costumes…it was fabulous! Then a long weekend in Nag’s Head (Duck!) We have been working so hard on the yard, boathouse, boat, etc. that I hope we get to “sit back” and enjoy some of it…isn’t that the way it’s supposed to work?? 🙂 We, too, are planning a “family trip”…it’s been 50 years since I’ve been to Niagara Falls…so..all the kiddos, grandkiddos, etc. have rented a house and we’re ready to site see. AND, hopefully “Carolina” will be read in my hammock!! Here’s to SUMMER!! franki

That sounds like a pretty heavenly bucket list, Tina!! Mine includes eating fresh and healthy AND exercising, as well as finding time to relax and read. I will absolutely join you for the Flower School class. I am excited to have quite a few house guests this summer…none of the kids will be home but we will still have a full house. That lobster roll made me seriously crave one…I need to add a few of those to my list as well! Hugs to you, my dear!!

You have a wonderful list Tina. Trips, certain foods and time with family is on mine too. Summer is a wonderful time of the year ! Enjoy every minute.

can i just have your bucket list tina??
all sounds divine and dreamy. being in the landscape industry, summer = WORK!

Lobster Roll!!!!….. My favorite. We would visit family in Maine during the summer and eat it on the beach.
This was really a terrific post. Reminds me of a vision board of things that inspire or things you would like to achieve. You have a wonderful way of reminding us of the simple delightful pleasures of family, alone time and just being. I love that.
Hope you get to do them all and with your boys, of course. There’s nothing better in life, for sure.

The fresh road side farmers markets remind me of the trips I made with my
Mother. She loved to decorate and had a flair for fashion. She was my inspiration.

Lobster rolls and fish tacos could be my daily menu.
The pic of the girl walking on the beach looks exactly like my beach view,
Destin Fl.

I want to do ALL of those too! We are going to the Bahamas with a big group of friends and all their kids. Good luck with the home office. You are inspiring me to make a list. You are such a good list girl!

We missed you so much last week! I love your bucket list and hope that your Summer brings your family together and time to relish in a good book, on the beach or in the car laughing and sharing stories.
One graduation done and the next one in a week so I am loving our times together!

Tina, great list! I’m addicted to fish tacos and love Maine (Camden was our spot when I was in law school in Boston). Our college guys are home this summer (I know, enjoy, enjoy!) so add a big family Fourth of July party to my list.

Tina, This all sounds perfect. A vacation on the beach really does decompress you .. there’s nothing like it and sitting with a book (and toes in the sand!) is the best! Fish tacos, lobster rolls……yummy!! We’ve got a couple small trips planned (saving up for Italy next year hopefully) and otherwise it’s all about the house. It seems to be a never ending project :\ I’ve been super busy at the office and have had to focus on that rather than blogging. I’m anxious to get back but time is of the premium! Enjoy the weekend ahead.

Tina, your list sounds perfect (minus the lobster roll…I do not eat seafood of any kind). Maine is on my list as well, it is one of my favorite places to spend time! We have a busy summer with lots of trips, and tons of family time!

The beach is on my list every weekend as I am five minutes away, but my favorite thing to do is get out on my stand-up paddle board, it is so peaceful.

I hope that you enjoy every second of your “me time” at the beach, your list of books sounds fabulous! Share your best reads please as I am always looking for something to read.

My wish for you this summer is that your family trip comes to fruition and that you have many, many weekend barbecues with your boys.

Have a great week Tina!

Dear Tina, I am so happy I found you. Today I decided to explore one of the beautiful pictures I have in Pinterest and there you were! I too am suffering of an empty nest and started writing a blog without knowing where it was going to take me. It is a bit of a self discovery effort, just to remember who I was before I had my five kids…. Being totally new at blogging, I still don’t feel I’ve gotten a handle of it but will keep trying. It makes me feel more connected to the world. As an expatriate you need that connection so bad. Reading about other formidable women going through some of the things I am going through, inspires me and makes me feel I have friends all over the world. I will write about my bucket list soon because you inspired me to make one.
I will also be trying some of the books you mentioned, I am love with books as well. This weekend I’ll be traveling to St. Augustine, Florida, to spend two months with my daughter and two of my boys will be there!
Oh boy! I’m sorry… this was too long! You made me dream and long for some things with this beautiful and inspiring post. Can I put joining you in New York for Flower School?!
Thanks for listening

With a few changes, your list could be mine, Tina. Most important on my list this summer is family time. Lobster rolls look fabulous, but I’m not sure we can get those around here in Southern California. After family time, on my list in the #2 spot is visit as many antique fairs, flea markets and dealers I can to source amazing French antiques for my clients. But reading, while eating a lobster roll in my back garden is a pretty amazing #3. Happy Summer!

What a wonderful list! As to family vacations, wait for the serious significant other and then if and when there are grands, it all changes. Maybe just a weekend but none the less they show up. Enjoy your summer!

Definitely late to the party with this bucket list. But I was actually traveling and crossing off many items on my bucket list. I have had the most wonderful two weeks in Italy…my favorite place in the world. I spent one week traveling with my husband. Item 1. Going to Callabria where my grandmother was born. #2 a food tour in Rome. #3 a week in Florence with my beautiful daughter Megan, who now lives in London. #4 cooking classes with Megan. #5 hot air balloon ride over Tuscany. I actually didn’t even know that was on my bucket list…Megan’s idea. And #6 ate my way through Italy with abandon. Now I’m paying for it with an extra 7 pounds but it was worth it.
And now I am home to spend a fabulous summer with my Two sons and their beautiful families. Life is good.
Laying on the beach in the Hamptons sounds pretty darn fabulous also. And you are right spending time with your family is all that matters. I hope your trip with all of you together happens for you.
Love your posts.

It sounds like the perfect summer! My plans include visiting my children and grandchildren in Boston (where I will definitely enjoy a lobster roll or two!) and having them all visit me for the 4th of July. I’m with you, I’m happiest when I’m with my family! Happy Summer!

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