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Hi there, hope everyone is having a great weekend! First order of business is to announce the winner of the blue and white giveaway! Congratulations goes to-

?#71? molly says:

I just had the most wonderful time looking at all the blue and white beauties yet again. My particular favorites are the pieces that are so nicely antiqued. Love the planters with the pierced bottom edge and the tall vases that are so perfect for some of your big cherry blossom branches So fun to look at them over and over.

Please contact me at [email protected] to claim your prize!

Have a close relative very sick in the hosptial and my husband has been under the weather so any of our “fun/leisurely” plans were put on hold, but I still managed to spend some time outdoors and the weather has been heavenly this weekend. After such an incredibly busy, hectic and full week, I needed that downtime outdoors more than anything:)

Today is going to be a day of pure relaxation…I have worked super hard this week with the porcelain container arriving and getting endless orders out the door, so today is a “me” day where I will get a pedicure, make myself a cocktail, grab all my newest magazines and go sit outside and just chill. And you? Whats new on your end? Here we go with my Seven on Sunday….


1. A GORGEOUS KIDS CLOTHING LINE. I love traditional kids clothing…..and this line speaks to me, so precious! Whether you have young kids or might? need a gift, The Proper Peony has the answer. I can see Prince George and Princess Charlotte loving these! Click here to visit….

WillowDressBlueFrontWEBFINAL WillowDressPinkFrontWEBFINAL

PrimroseDressFrontWebBigger JonJonBlueFrontWeb MagnoliaDressFrontWebBigger

2. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. So enjoy showing and sharing what’s caught my eye this week, and as usual there is so much to? love out there. Often the hardest part is narrowing it down, but alas I did and here is what I rounded up this week-

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3. EXCITING SHOP NEWS! I am so thrilled to have gotten my container…we are super busy unloading and getting orders out. I am shipping orders out in the order they were received, and we are through the first batch and plowing full steam ahead determined to get all orders out by end of next week. On top of pieces I have already shown you, there are approx 10 more that you have not seen yet. They will be added this coming week. Here’s a peek at the blue and white happenings this week at the warehouse-

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On top? of that got in the most wonderful collection of antique dough bowls! I just as of Sunday afternoon started a 3 day promo on the bowls, click here for details

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4.CHANEL’S FIRST SPA! Yes you read right, the iconic name is partnering with another icon, The Ritz of Paris and opening their very first spa! What a perfect? girls trip:)? That really will be the pinnacle of luxury, won’t it….being able to stay at the new and improved Ritz and visiting a Chanel spa…yes please! You can read a bit more here.


5. A GORGEOUS COLLECTION. Naeem Khan, a name synonymous with dreamy evening dresses. Well clearly even Naeem knows there is a serious blue and white craze happening, as evidenced by these exquisite gowns for his pre fall 2015 collection-



6. FABULOUS NEW PILLOWS. One of my sponsors, Studio Tulia has come out with some of the most exquisite new pillows….this could be dangerous (for me) as I have a bit of a blue and white pillow obsession. My patio is loaded with her pillows and I can attest to the high quality, great prices and fabulous styles. Just look at some of the newest beauties. Click here to visit Studio Tulia


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FAVORITE SUMMER DISHES. Had friends over for our very first al fresco meal last weekend. I love taking advantage all the fresh produce, like super ripe tomatoes, fresh basil, and any and all vegetables I can get my hands on.

I started with a caprese crostini (my favorite) and had baked chicken Milanese (breaded but not fried, it was baked) with a chopped salad on top of that consists of chopped boston lettuce, tomato, red onion, basil and mozzarella.? I made these wonderful stacked potatoes (sliced with a mandolin) and seasoned with olive oil, butter, Parmesan or Asiago? and thyme, yum yum! Click here for recipe.

Then had fresh green beans and we topped it off with a big platter of fresh fruit for dessert, guilt free but delicious. Cheers to many more al fresco dinners this summer! Here is a peek (phone died so only managed to snap a few )-

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Now I am feeling a bit hungry:) Hope you have enjoyed a great weekend…have something to share , then tell me all about it! Don’t forget to enter to win the wonderful new book, Cottage Living- A Palette of White.? Click here to enter. Thank you as always for stopping in, until next time!


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Tina you deserve to relax for a day or two! It must be like the holidays when your containers arrive!!
Gorgeous blue and white pottery, fashions, and pillows. Love the new Instagram accounts to follow!
There did you get the wicker hurricanes, do you carry them?

The Arts by Karena
Coco Chanel

Always fascinating. Thank you for The Proper Peony resource.
My young children were Florence Eisman kids. Have a need for a baby gift. Perfect. Reminds me of days gone-by. Adorable. Fun to see the shipment of blue and white. You are a busy lady. Always a pleasurable Sunday read. You dining recipes look delicious. Have a relaxing Sunday. You are due.

Love your rattan hurricane globes. Where did you find them? Is this something you will carry in your shop?


Good morning Tina

You have made me sooo hungry!!!!

Am happy to see the above reply(#3) Previously I have ask about the rattan hurricane globes and this is exactly what I need for al fresco dinners.
This would be a winner in your shop.


I love all of your blue and white. I am still kicking myself about a full set of blue and white dishes that I gave away several years ago when I thought white plates looked better with food. I keep hoping I’ll see them at Goodwill one day.

I’m laughing to myself after reading the other comments because I’m also thinking…Where did you get the rattan hurricanes!?

Hello dear Tina. Not only are you the queen of blue and white, but also the queen of crositinis! OMG do they ever look delish! You always pick up on the best instagrams. I have started following a lot more thanks to you! Love those gorgeous blue and white dresses. Hope you enjoyed your “me” day and your Mister and relative get well quickly. Have a great week!

Good evening Tina! We just got in from yet another romp out by the lakes and St. Croix River. What a fun beginning of my summer vacation. Your loggia brunch looks wonderful, and isn’t it great to not have anymore SNOW? Love your Instagram shares; the flowers are my all time favorites.

Happy week! Anita

Hi Tina,

Truly every one of your seven items was fabulous! All the blue and white, so timeless and so perfect in porcelain, pillows, and party dresses! And your dinner looks amazing, too! I immediately clicked over to follow Flower Magazine in insta. I regularly read the magazine, not sure why I hadn’t thought to look for them there. Not too smart on my part. I hope you had a relaxing day! Paula

Tina, I hope that your day or rest and relaxation was wonderful, it is certainly well deserved.

I love the children’s clothing line! So classic and beautiful.

Your beautiful dinner has made me hungry, I do not think my protein shake is going to fill me up for breakfast.

Love your new bowls and of course all of the blue and white!

I hope that your relative and husband are feeling better.

Have a great week,

Hi Tina, hope your hubby is feeling better and your family member is out of the hospital…love all the blue and white jars you got in…man, I didn’t realize how big of an operation you have..

Oh Tina, I am so sorry to hear that your husband is sick on top of everything else. Sending hugs and prayers your way! I love your Sunday posts – so many goodies!! Hope you are staying dry today on this rainy Monday! xoxo

Great all fresco ideas! And I saw the cream foo dogs that my daughter Amanda ordered for her and me ….so excited!

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