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Hello there, feels great to be getting back into the drivers seat, slowly but surely. Once again a million thanks for the countless emails and comments of support during these difficult last two weeks. They truly brightened my day! Sunday was a tough day for my husband, being it was the day that he had a standing lunch date with his mother and his birthday was yesterday, so it was a tough time to get into a celebratory mood but we enjoyed quiet family time and understand time will heal the sadness.

Moving along…..I started a series called Color Crush a while back, featuring various color combinations that I love or that have caught my attention. Blue and brown (including all variations from pale tan to dark brown) is a combination I have loved for a long time, it is so rich. I actually have a few areas in my home where I have used it and am often drawn to it.

For warm summer months when you might want to keep things lighter and airier , you can add more white or cream to the room to lighten it up and in the colder months, go for the drama and keep it dark. Love this color combination and it can be seen in several areas in my own home. Suffice to say, I am a fan!



This is blue, white and tan at its very best, Dan Marinos home in Kiawah, Florida Design


A windowseat in my home features this beautiful color combination, fabrics by Brunschwig and Fils


Tobi Fairley designed this beautiful tranquil bedroom


This room is so pretty and warm, well done! Christen Benston


Wonderful theater/movie room by Lewis Interiors, love that plush brown velvet sectional piped in blue


Always loved this home…Wadia Associates

a0fdeddf870c462a496e09e3e4135aebI love the way the blue and white porcelain “pops” against the rich warm woods


Fun bunk room by Susan Ferrier


The navy with the cognac chairs is so striking…love the drama that the white accents gives, Pinterest


Love Cathy Kincaid’s room at the Kips Bay Showhouse this year, a beautiful melody of creams, warm browns accented with blue and white


The solid white accents really do a lot to add a crisp freshness to this space. Apartment Therapy


Eddie Ross designed this dramatic and pretty space


Pretty space featuring pale blues accented with warm browns/tans? by Scott Snyder


I like the brown walls and the way the blue gives it the fresh dash of color, HGTV


Love the accents of the steely blue in an otherwise neutral tonal room, Ballard


Great looking and inviting space by Palmer Weiss


Wood and blue and whites go together beautifully


Gorgeous living room, feels formal but still very warm and inviting, Rinfret


Seriously dramatic and fabulous room, David McCauley


The small pops of blue in this kitchen with its warm wood island are just wonderful, Home Bunch


I really love everything about this, Anne Hepfer


Super elegant tonal room with touches of warm mocha and blue, right up my alley Cathy Kincaid


Love this space, so incredibly beautiful oozes warm elegance that beckons you in, Rinfret


I love every single thing about this space! How to Decorate


Great looking blue kitchen that mixes beautifully with the warm brown tones, Better Homes and Garden


Great looking blue velvet headboard with shades of browns/creams as an accent, Ballard


Well if these fabulous spaces won’t make you a believer, don’t know what will:) I see so much I am in love with up there! It is such an elegant and rich combination and there are so many variations on the colors, light blues all the way to navy and light tans/mochas into the darkest deepest browns.

What do you think? Love it as much as I do? Do you have a favorite way to use it? I also love the way blue and white porcelain looks with it….just gorgeous! Thank you as always for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful day and start to your week.

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Christina on

Lovely post, Tina. Thank you for the brain candy! My condolences to your family.

LC on

Ooooo Tina! You’ve hit on my favorite color combination. I have always called this combination “Siamese Cat Colors”, and used to wonder how I could be so content with such a subdued look. Now I realize it is calming and refreshing all at the same time, and a nod to colors found in nature (namely the beach!) I spiced it up a notch for my bedroom by using purple and brown. (It was shocking when I chose it years ago, and friends begged me not to do it. Tee hee hee, now it seems de rigueur.

Blessings to you and your family in the days ahead. Missing our loved ones continues to connect us to them in their absence. The missing seems to find it’s own spot in our hearts, even though at first it feels so heavy to bear.

Victoria on

Thank you for this post Tina. I recently introduced some brown to a room in my home which has predominantly creams, whites and blue and white. I wasn’t sure if I had made the right choice but your post has certainly made me feel better about it. The colour combinations in these rooms all are gorgeous. 🙂

Karena on

Tina so glad you are up and running again.I am so sorry that your husband is going through this time of loss.

You have shown us so many gorgeous rooms to peruse, thank you, my favorite colors!
The Arts by Karena

Serena on

I love this combination too! Light blue and brown is one of my favs.

Anita Rivera on

Good morning and welcome back Tina. My sincerest wishes to you and your husband for a time of healing. It must have been terribly difficult for him this Sunday. I know.

Blue is my color. After having spent 10 days with my husband in Carmel by the sea, the aqua waters of the ocean inspired us to purchase FOUR oil paintings by some local plein aire artists. Two were delivered yesterday, the other two en route. They have introduced our love of the ocean and the Carmel Valley into our home and I LOVE THE FEEL.

Enjoy a quiet and healing summer day. Anita

Desiree {Beautifully Seaside} on

Happy Birthday to your husband and I’m going to continue praying for your family. Love the color combo here. Very elegant. XO

Karen on

Tina .. when you post pictures to your site I noticed you always say where you got them or where they are from … is that all you have to do to use them on your site?
Do you have to research it to see if they have agreements in place … or by just naming the source is that good enough to get to use them in your post without any repercussions…
thx so Much for your time in answering my question….

DaNA on

I am so sorry for your loss, but am so glad to hear your son is recovering well. There is nothing worse than having one of your children hurt or ill.

Thank you for the lovely post. This is color combination I use all over my house. It is a very easy combination to work with. I say that because I am not a decorator but want my house pulled together and found that this works well. I have always collected blue and white porcelain and after a lot of trial and error and a lot of things that just didn’t work, this does. I am sure many of your followers love blue and white and can’t replace everything to make it shine. This is an easy color combination to transition to.

pretty pink tulips on

Oh, dear Tina! I am just now getting caught up (after the end of school, boys at home and a 7 day cruise with our extended family)?.so just reading about your mother-in-law’s passing. I am so very sorry. She sounds like she was an amazing woman and I will think of her whenever I see white flowers. And, your son?.oh, dear goodness. That must have really put you over the edge. I am thankful that he will heal and be ok, but oral surgery and PT is tough.

On a lighter note, I share my birthday with Father’s Day and had just returned the night before from our trip. We, too, eschewed the traditional bbq for mexican and a margarita!!!

Thinking of you and sending you hugs!
xoxo Elizabeth

Mary Ellen on

Thanks for this lovely post……I too do blue and white etc in the summer…and blue and brown in the winter…’s fun to change things up..

Karolyn on

So nice to see you back my friend! Hope your husband heals with time.
Love your post as usual! xo K

Nancy Kelley on

Thank you, Tina, for sharing these gorgeous photos with the stunning color combinations! You certainly have wonderful taste! Take care and hope your family continues to heal during this difficult time.

leslie sinclair on

“Color crush” is such a perfect way to describe it! That falling in love feeling for color combinations! You’ve shared such beautiful blue/brown examples!! Thank you. xo Leslie

LuellaHamilton on

Awesome Home decorating photographs…!!!

franki on

Fantastic photos!! franki

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