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Hello there! Thankfully this is a post that was in my draft box, nearly completed which helps me at a time when I have a lot to do. I didn’t realize how cathartic it would be to reemerge myself into blogland, but just visiting all of my blogging friends and even working on posts makes the world seem right again:)

You know what I haven’t done in a really long time? A kitchen post! I love my board, Amazing kitchens on Pinterest as it is an ever evolving gallery of incredible kitchen beauty and inspiration. I never get tired of looking at beautiful kitchens.

Whether you are someone who just loves to ooh and ahh over pretty kitchens, ready to take on a new build or renovation or looking for ideas to spruce things up…this post is for you. An updated post on some true kitchen gorgeousness. Ready? Let’s go……



Isn’t this a vision! I love everything about it, Les Ensembliers


Howard Slatkin’s gorgeous kitchen is a study of elegant appointments


Love the colors and vibe in this fabulous European feeling kitchen, Veranda


This high ceilinged beauty is a classic, Arch Digest


This is a beautifully designed kitchen that will stand the test of time,? by the talented Amy Vermillion


John Hummel created this wonderful open, airy? timeless beauty


Gorgeous space made dramatic by the super tall ceilings, HomeBunch


When not if I get my beach house, I want this for my kitchen space….LOVE! Geoff Chick and Associates


It’s all in the details… the blue stools in a sea of white, so pretty!


Doesn’t get better than a kitchen? finished with Segreto….just stunningly beautiful!


This is such a great color and I love those lanterns! House Beautiful


Isn’t this a beauty! What a fun space to work/entertain in,? Downsview kitchens


Isn’t this grand and yet so warm and charming at the same time? Elle Decor


This is so fabulous,? Sue of The Zhush designed this space in her own home….love it! The Zhush


This has such a “feel good” quality to it…like you can imagine cooking up a storm all day long, great light. Urban Grace


What a beautiful space this is…..just adore everything about it. Minnie Peters


Really like the like of open shelves, the slightly commercial feel but in the most beautiful way. And any kitchen with brass gets my vote:)South Shore Decorating


Great beach house/coastal kitchen, Geoff Chick and Associates


Hopefully this gave you your kitchen fix for the day!? I must say I never ever tire of looking at beautiful kitchens and had such fun designing my own. Classic details like marble countertops, solid wood cabinets, and good appliances never go out to style and will certainly stand the test of time.

How about you? Whats your favorite look in a kitchen? Do tell…..if you want to see even more kitchen fabulousness, click here to visit my Amazing Kitchens Pinterest board. Thank you for stopping in. Wishing you a fabulous Thursday, until next time……


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Karolyn on

I cannot wait the 29th they are finally painting my kitchen cabinets! I did the lanterns in the first image as no glass means no cleaning! Love all of these gorgeous kitchens, there is something in each one that I would love to have! Hope your family is hanging in there my friend!

Karena on

So many great kitchens Tina. I love to see unique lighting and there is so much to choose from these days!!

The Arts by Karena

Cynthia Lambert on

Lovely spaces. But uh-oh. The fishscale wallpaper in the House Beautiful kitchen was hung upside down. Oops. I would have made the paper hanger redo it properly. Still a lovely kitchen.

Design Chic on

What a gorgeous round up of kitchens – I am always so drawn to white kitchens, but The Zhush kitchen?stunning!!

leslie on

I’d like to “Segreto” my kitchen;) The top photo is also a favorite .. love everything about it. Being that kitchens are the central part of most homes, extra care needs to be taken when designing. There are so many decisions to make. Our home is half the size of our previous one, so during the building process I kept thinking .. how can we make it FEEL roomy in the main areas? That whole process is not easy and even with my master plan complete, I realize there is still more that needs to be done. I just love the Roman Shade Tina and everything else I’ve added over time. It all works and I know I will never tire of it.

Sounds like you are busy! I’ve had to put in more time at the office as well and that has had an impact on the blog .. I’m looking forward to taking a few days off next week. Enjoy your day!

Elle Cole on

Hi Tina!

LOVED your post today on beautiful and functional kitchens. Kitchens can be just blah work horses – but with the right designer and inspiration they can be really beautiful.Thank you for brightening my Thursday.

Off to share your post now, all my friends will definitely enjoy it! πŸ˜‰


Anita Rivera on

Good morning Tina! White kitchens make my smile. I am hoping to do some changes in my kitchen this summer – just a new white paint job and getting an armoire out of the way of the main window. I need more light!

Lovely shares today as always, and I hope your easing back into Blogland will mean joy, relaxation and more inspiration. Lovely seeing you once in a while in Instagram! Anita


Kitchens are the hub of most homes and you showed some real beautiful examples. Sue’s kitchen is my favorite (Zush)

Christina A on

So many pretty kitchens! Love the bookmatched marble in the Home Bunch one.

Regina on

Glad we redid our kitchen a few years ago.
This Post would really give me trouble…… How does one choose!……. they are all so beautiful.
Really love mine, though.
I never tire looking at beautiful kitchens.
Wishing you well.

Jayne on

I never grow tired of looking at well designed kitchens. I wouldn’t even mind looking at kitchens being used! I would love to see how they function!

Lisa B on

Love all the kitchen spaces. Besides a bedroom and bath is there really a need for any other space in the home. πŸ™‚

In response to the House Beautiful…I see the wall paper following the visual lines of the lanterns…Maybe that was the thinking of the homeowners/decorator? Being creative? That was my thought. Outside the box….

I hope the fresh summer air we’ve been blessed with the past two days has giving you strength, Tina. Thanks for your wonderful posts. Happy you’re back.

Jennifer M on

The House Beautiful kitchen is far and away my favorite. I do not think the “wallpaper” (in quotes because to me it looks like tile) would look better the other way.

FrenchGardenHouse on

Tina, each one of these kitchens you have shared is beautiful. Although my favorite is the one by Minnie Peters. The grand scale, the materials used, the French Country furniture, all of those make my heart skip a beat. Thanks for this delightful way to start my Friday?.Happy Weekend!

Elizabeth@pineconesandacorns Blog on

Tina I love all of these kitchens! I too have a kitchen board on pinterest and am drawn to so many of these same kitchens.

So many great ideas and things to see.

Happy to see you back here! Have a wonderful weekend, hopefully it will be relaxing and beautiful

michele@hellolovelystudio on

oh i needed this kitchen fix, beautiful blogger! i am trying to keep my kitchen design simple, and that is a complex endeavor, ya know?!? love seeing howard slatkin’s masterpiece, segreto, and minnie–keep the kitchens comin! peace to you right where you are.

Debby on

I am in LOVE with kitchen #1!!! It is so me. I hope you have a lovely weekend, Tina!! ox

Taylor Greenwalt on

Love so many of these…such great inspirations!

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