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Hello there!? How long have I waited to write this post….a looooong time. Even before we moved in, I knew I wanted to put chinoiserie hand painted panels in? my dining room. I also understood that this was hardly a ‘top of the list” item and as we had dozens and dozens of other things that were far more important, like running water, bathtubs, painting and windows! I knew it would happen in due time, but that I needed to be patient (not one of my strong suits).

So after the first year as things started to settle into place, my idea was hatched of what I wanted in there, we found the most beautiful rug and that sort of set the tone. This past year we got our dining room chairs and our very long awaited mantle (but so worth the wait) so the room was starting to shape up indeed. I started plotting about how the dining room might turn out….and soon I turned to the artistic genius of Paul Montgomery Studios and over many many months, we finally got an order going.

This is a process, and patience is absolutely essential Just drawing up the patterns, customizing the colors and of course you need to factor in the lead time in getting new samples and sending them back and forth, we are talking months and months. Alas, we finally had a sample I loved enough and many many emails later, the order was placed. Finally a few weeks go the long waited panels arrived and we put our hanger on the schedule.

There were times it felt like it would never happen but that all changed a few weeks ago. Finally we got it done! My dream for my dining room realized. And let me say this……I absolutely love it. It is soft, muted, understated elegance at it’s best in my opinion. I had it “hand blocked” and antiqued which gave it an old almost worn in feeling… is so dreamy:)

I am still on the prowl for an antique, large sideboard (the one we have now is from our old house) and I still? have to recover two upholstered chairs to go on the side wall and am going to work on silk panels for the windows to complete the room. I am thinking of keeping it soft and understated, creamy silk panels with maybe a pale blue tape or trim, billowy and understated elegance.? Ready to see the completed room so far?

I used my Nikon camera for these pictures, I am certainly no photographer but did the best I could…one day one day I hope to take a class though:)


So here it is completed except for window treatments which is the next step in completing the room….getting there!!






DSC_1022 DSC_1023 DSC_1024 DSC_1025 DSC_1026

DSC_0001 DSC_0002 DSC_0007 DSC_0008 DSC_0009 DSC_0014


Paul Montgomery Studios delivered on what I wanted and I could not be happier. It is a classic look that will stand the test of time. Even down the road if anyone else ever lives here, the colors are so neutral with just hints of pale blues and greens, that they could use almost any color in this room and it would work beautifully. Another advantage to going with a more monochromatic color scheme.

If you have plans for chinoiserie paper for your home,? I cannot recommend them enough. They made the process almost effortless, gave great personalized special attention to me and my project and were a joy to work with.

You can contact them here and drool over all the beauty in their website. In addition be sure you mention are you from The Enchanted Home for an extra special discount:) Thank you for stopping by, wishing you wonderful day!

PS A new blue and white promo alert! A select group of beautiful pieces have been put on promo until tomorrow to make room for the next container’s arrival, click here to visit


PPS Did you see my outdoor patio on One Kings Lane? Exciting!!


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Tina your dining room hand painted paper is so ethereal, soft and in a favorite Chinoiserie design. Paul is a genius!! Congrats on your One Kings Lane terrace feature! Glorious of course!

The Arts by Karena

Good morning Tina! AWESOME JOB! Isn’t it fun when our dreams finally come true? Every detail is beautifully styled and the light coming into your room must be fascinating to watch as it interacts with the new textures and muted designs. When oh when dearest Tina, are you going to publish, “The Enchanted Home” as a book? You are right up there in style with Bunny Williams and Betty Lou Phillips. I tell ya, I’d buy the book.

I hear ya about photography! I am honing my skills and using Instagram as a board to record my development. It was lovely to see you on my page the other day. Keep working at it and LIGHT is the trick. Your photos look amazing. I can see you getting a high profile photographer in here one day to make a spread unimaginable.

Looking fabulous. Have a super day, Anita

I didn’t think I could love your dining room any more and then?this wallpaper. It’s absolutely gorgeous. Simple elegance at its best, Tina!

The dining room is just BREATHTAKING (sigh)…….think I could sit in there for days, even without food. You have outdone yourself.

Positively beautiful. Timeless elegance speaks volumes! You did an incredible job, very proud of you!

Total perfection!
Thank you for sharing your beautiful new dining room with us.
And, I agree with Anita – please, please publish a book to showcase your talents, style and gifted design perspective!

How exciting Tina and totally worth the wait! Your patience paid off;) and what an incredible room you’ve created. Now you need to have a girls luncheon to celebrate!

Your diningroom is gorgeous. Love the wallpaper. I can’t wait to see what drapes you picked. Enjoy your beautiful room.

Absolutely gorgeous dining room!

I did see your lovely patio on One King’s Lane and immediately thought, that’s Tina’s beautiful home. Covered patios are almost as important in the south as the interior of the house due to our soaring temperatures! Your patio is divine!

It looks so beautiful with the rug which is fabulous too. Love the paper, the colors and the whole composition. The outdoor patio is just drop dead gorgeous, love it.

I could hardly wait for the page to open and……..awe…….it is so beautiful that it takes my breath away. I am so happy for you.

Tina, the dining room is absolutely stunning! Love it!
Also, I saw One Kings Lane and recognized your loggia immediately! How fabulous!

Oh, and please publish a book!

Quite lovely… I am a lover of the creamy whites in anything! I love it all…and the carpet is a beautiful find too! I have just ordered creamy silk drapery too! The blue and creamy whites are gorgeous!

Dear Tina,
I love your new wallpaper in the dining room, but to me, your mantle looks cluttered. Less is more!

Beautiful job as usual. The dining room is just stunning. The rug just anchors all the lovely soft colors. I also cannot wait to see what you choose for windows.

Tina… I’m running out of adjectives when it comes to your gorgeous home. Your dining room is positively breathtaking. It is worthy of a hostess as gracious and hospitable as you. Enjoy your week!

I rarely comment on here, but I have to say I absolutely love how your dining room turned out. Paul Montgomery Studio did an amazing job in an amazing room. You must be so pleased! And dare I say you could get away with having no curtains at all on those beautiful windows.

Thanks for sharing!

Tina,your dining room is stunning…..check out Forbes and Lomax for their dolly light switches on a Perspex plate-perfect on that beautiful wall covering.Also Jonathan Sainsbury has the most magnificent selection of period sideboards and buffets…Carolyne Roehm sources pieces through him.
Absolutely love your blog,something to look forward to from deepest Dorset!



I know one day your beautiful home will grace the cover of a
leading magazine.

I bought beautiful silk draperies from Fiore. At the time, it was Harry Belafonte’s wife’s company. They have about 20 colors to chose from and also a linen line. They are embroidered by hand in South America. They are lined in heavy felt as well as in silk. Maybe you want to check them out. They are custom to your liking.
Your dining room is beautiful!

oh tina, the panels are heavenly bliss. just beyond. i cannot imagine how they must present in person when the effect is so stunning just on the screen. how gratifying to start this process and see it though! and i love seeing your sconces. shhhhhhh. i bought a few vintage ones for the new cottage and will try to stick to vintage lighting where possible. i find them tres romantique and lovely. i miss coming here everyday and am doing my best to visit when i can so thank you for being patient with me as i stay consumed with the DIY diamond in the rough over here. love to you, your family, and Teddy.

Your dining room is heavenly, I also did not think you could improve on what was already so exquisite. Thank you for sharing. You are truly very talented.

Your dining room is really beautiful. The new wallpaper is perfect- I know it also costs a pretty penny and I think it is definitely worth it! I would want to move my laptop in there and sit there all day! I am sure you will have many wonderful dinners held in that beautiful room!

Omg! Your dining room wall paper is simply stunning….
I adore your dining room just gorgeous…..

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