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Hi there, hope your weekend is off to a great start. One toe out of bed and I realized its much colder today, I feel it in my bones. Tonight we have a fancy schmancy party in NYC, black tie so I need to finish putting my party outfit together.

I have had such a busy busy week, pretty much to my ears in blue and white with the presale…response was incredible, there is ONE HOUR left for the presale, click here to view (many things sold out and very low quantity on others). What is left will be up for grabs once the container actually arrives on or around Dec.8th so stay tuned:)

This is kind of a mix of my normal random musings taken with my iphone and a running monologue of random thoughts…….


I look at my instagram and seriously cannot believe that there are actually people whose homes are fully decorated for Christmas……say what??? I am sorry but I still have pumpkins everywhere and am going to milk my efforts for making things look festive for autumn/Halloween just a wee bit longer. Then I go to the market and there is a full on display of Christmas wreaths, but it’s only Nov. 19th people! Too soon, too soon, anyone else agree?


I have surrendered to my kids not being willing participants to taking a picture for my annual Christmas card so think it’s going to be Teddy in his new Santa suit that I just got him and if I am lucky my youngest son.? It’s really sad as it is closing a chapter of many many Christmas cards featuring my three boys. Oh well….life goes on.



On a different subject, can someone who is far more computer savvy than I please explain how on earth I have been selected to get on a regular basis- emails trying to sell me adult diapers and invite me to their cougar dating site?

LOL…I kid you not. S C A R Y! First off thank lordy I am far from needing adult diapers thank you very much and am happily married (except when my husband wants to put an embargo on any more blue and white or new china sets coming into our home)!

Speaking of which, I was cleaning out my pantry and came across some of my favorite plates which I think I will use for Thanksgiving……

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and my blue willow set makes me want to plan a lunch for friends…always so pretty!


I used blue willow and also used a healthy dose of shamless self promotion the other day when a friend stopped by for an impromptu coffee break and I replaced the matching blue willow mug with my own The Enchanted Home mug:) It looks so cute….

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And that reminds me…..don’t forget to send in your pictures of your Enchanted Home products in your home for my Enchanted Home Love contest!! I am about half full and can accept another 28 pictures. Some real beauties so far. For details on how easy it is to enter click here….plus some great prizes are up for grabs including a few of those darling mugs up there:) Here are some pics from previous entries to give you a few ideas-

JILL dana2unnamed uleslieennamed ucnydeennamed uEEEnnamed

Look at some of the beautiful monogrammed napkins just getting sent out just in time to set a beautiful Thanksgiving table:) Last day to guarantee Christmas orders will be Dec. 4th (click here to see monogram napkins on my shop)


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And on the subject of pretty things….how gorgeous are these new arrivals of the chinoiserie handpainted pillows? Unfortunately they are headed out to their rightful owners, as tempting as it is to kidnap them!


I have to admit I am a bit of a news junkie and it’s on pretty much 24/7. It is sooo depressing and so frightening though. I find myself waking up at 2 or 3 in the morning feeling anxious then you guessed it….turning on the news. Anyone else feeling this way?

It has me on the edge of my seat which is exactly what those barbarians want. I however will not give in to fear, no way. I will continue to fly, go into NYC…there is no way they are going to strip me of my freedom and liberty to enjoy all that we as Americans are so grateful to have.


Anyone feeling like they are in the mood to win a free and beautiful home furnishing? Then visit Decor Market’s instagram by clicking here?? to follow them and where they are giving away an item a week to celebrate their Instagram launch! Also? check them out at, such a great great site for so many wonderful and so many well priced items, amazing rug selection and some gorgeous furniture pieces too (LOVE this new Tibetan rug collection)


Speaking of retail therapy I will be hopping on over to Horchow’s holiday prep event to see if there are any fill ins I cannot live without, at up to 40% off it’s a great time to realize you “need” something! Click here to visit Horchow


We are going to Naples, Florida…have never been. Can anyone make some great suggestions of restaurants/things to do while we are there? And don’t be bashful about showing in some great shopping spots, out of courtesy for my husband. If they are that great we OK I, need to know about them!


And finally the other day I came home and as I typically do late afternoon when its cold outside, immediately turned on the fireplace in the family room (it’s gas) and then got busy cooking, doing various things around the house. I then was looking for Teddy and couldn’t find him, then lo and behold, look at what I saw……as proud as an African lion perched on my husbands favorite chair in front on the roaring fire was Teddy taking a late day siesta….I knew I raised a smart pup:)


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Well friends this is my short and sweet “check in” random post for today. Hoping to have some much? needed downtime today to rest up for this evening. My best nights are those when I don’t need to go out or when I can be home by 10, and tonight will be neither of those things but I know it will be beautiful! Be back tomorrow with my? Seven on Sunday…wishing you a fabulous day and a great relaxing weekend!



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Hello Tina,
i am a faithful reader of your Blog,who happens to live in Naples Florida.
There is a plethora of wonderful places to visit,and (shop,and eat).
If you are interested,please let me know,and i will send a”list” of things and places.
Enjoy your visit–it is a truly wonderful place.


I love Teddy pictures! We have a Golden Retriever, Abby, we adopted from Adopt a Golden. They are maybe more human than we are!!! Thanks for sharing the snaps of Teddy, I always enjoy those and think he will look very smart in his Santa suit. Have a wonderful weekend.

Don’t fret, Tina! Your son is expanding his horizons. Growing and thinking. You would probably like Austin, too. My husband was at Tulane for 36 years, and we spent 8 beautiful years of our retirement in Austin. It’s a lively place, with something for everyone.

It has been a busy week and will be as busy day as I present the India Hicks Collection at The Historic Belvoir Winery in Liberty Mo for their Annual Sip and Shop for the Holiday! Really not that many shopping days until Christmas!

I do like to decorate one Holiday at a time, like you Tina!!
Have a great weekend! I always love seeing Teddy!

The Arts by Karena
The Blink of an Eye

Love your blog!! As usual it is full of great ideas. And I agree, it is a tad early for Christmas decorations. As much as I like looking at the beautiful trees, I feel we should enjoy the season of “thankfulness” a little longer.
Three of our favorite spots in Naples are: Tony’s on Third for pastries, coffee and really delicious hot chocolate! But you need to get there very early in the morning…they sell out quickly. Hob Nob and Sea Salt for dinner. Both are very good and in great locations. You can shop the downtown area and then eat… my personal favorite things to do!!

Hi! Austin is great and UT a wonderful school. I have two children there. One a Pi Phi junior and one an SAE sophomore. A lot going on in Austin this weekend so I’ll bet he’s having fun! Love your blog……!

Naples, Florida.. One of my favorite cities! I have been vacationing and visiting my parents in this beautiful area for the last thirty hoping to relocate here…the sooner the better! Lots of fabulous restaurants and shopping galore! Barefoot Beach in Bonita Beach area is a beautiful beach with white sand and turquoise Gulf waters. I’m sure you will want to return again and again!

Hey Tina we actually just returned from the Ritz last week in Naples and they said the following restaurants that we loved!
Trulucks,Campiello,bistro 821, The Turtle Club and Bleu Provence.
As far as shopping all down 5th ave are small stores , check out Marissa’s.
There is a great outlet mall with Worth, Bloomingdale’s, off fifth, Neimans finale! A 15 minute drive but worth it!
Enjoy , but this is a high season in Naples so make reservations !

Hi Tina,
We used to live in Greenwich (12 years ago) & moved to beautiful Naples. Did you know you can fly direct on Jet Blue from Westchester airport? You would probably love the Ritz on the water in Naples. As far as restaurants go there are so many…Trulucks off 5th ave is great for seafood. There are several others that are very good on 5th. We live North of the Ritz and have 2 clubs that we use for dining so I can’t be of much more help. I have purchased many of your blue & white jars & love them. Love your home & our son has lived in France for 20 years. Ellen

Hi Tina,
I’ve never bought from you before so am not sure if I am doing this right. On the blue and white presale,, some of the pics and descriptions are out of order. I am interested in one or two of the 6sided blue and white planters. Could you please tell me if they’re available and their price? I would use them in so many ways – holiday display in our foyer, orchids there too or on top of the mantle piece, on our front stoop, by our garden benches next to the koi pond … They’re lovely and unusual. And yes, it is FAR too early for Christmas stuff. In Naples consider a restaurant called Bleu something — French, intimate, off the beaten path. Love your posts! Best, Christine

My son also went to a small liberal arts school in the northeast. He ended up transferrring to Vanderbilt and loves it. Added benefit is that I get to go to Nashville which is a wonderful small city!!
I am a snowbird and travel to Naples for the season. It is a great town although development has skyrocketed in the last 20 years. The Ritz Carlton on the beach is still a classic, the Inn at Fifth is a nice hotel in Old Naples. Shopping on Third street is picturesque and quaint. The restaurant Campiello’s on Third Street is very good, as well as Bleu Provence, and a wonderful tucked away restaurant called Veranda E. I would suggest you make reservations as the season is starting to pick up. The beaches are wonderful, Old Naples is my most favorite, they still have some quaint bungalows, and you will not find any high rise condo’s. If you want to avoid traffic you will want to stay west of 41. They do have a botanical garden, but I must say I am from the northeast and still am getting used to the landscaping down here! If your husband, or perhaps you, are interested in cars they have a phenomenal museum called The Revs Institute very impressive!! If you like yoga, Green Monkey Studio has a great selection of classes. There is plenty of golf and tennis if you like that as well. I hope you have a pleasant stay!! If you have any questions please contact me.

That snapshot of Teddy would make a perfect Christmas card .Just have them add some red ( plaid) !!:) Enjoyable post as always-Enjoy your week-end !!

I see Teddy is top dog! Anything he wants! We had a golden that we lost 3 years ago. He was beyond human, so the problem is that my husband won’t get another , he loved Gage so much. I am dying to have another. Have been checking out places in North Carolina and Georgia. (we live in Alabama). We had an American Golden and all that is out there is English. Gage was also a big boy with square face. Suggestions? Love your posts. Read everyday. And I agree. Too early for Christmas! I use all natural and real decor. Will not last inside that long. Actually in South, not outside either.

What a great way to start my Saturday reading your blog! Your son won’t go wrong if he decides on UT. It is extremely hard to get in to but worth it. You will love visiting him especially in the winter.
Hope it works out for him.
Enjoy Naples what not to enjoy!
Happy Thanksgiving…..

The first snowflakes of the season have seen fit to land in my yard. The dogs are ecstatic. How quickly I forget the beauty of winter when I am wrapped in the warmth of a summer night or beguiled by the harvest moon. For those of you who are sharing my moment – enjoy!

Hello Tina,

I live in Naples. IMO, it is the most beautiful city in the US. Here are my recommendations:

Bites at The Ritz Carlton: amazing tapas and small dishes to share
Yabba Island Grill on 5th Avenue: Caribbean flavors and decor.
Campiello on 3rd Street South: best Italian in town. reserve a table on the patio or ask for the ‘cabanna’ table
Mira Mare at Venetian Village: eat outside overlooking the bay. Glorious!

Shopping: Sara Campbell on 3rd Street South. Next door to a very classy and stylish home decor store called St-Tropez. Worth a visit to both stores.
Brigadoon on 12th Street: beautiful cashmere ponchos and “dress toppers”…. the ‘must-have’ for the cooler evenings in Naples
Miromar Outlets: Off 5th, Bloomigdale’s, Last Call by Neiman and 100’s of other stores

Fun things to do: Airboat ride at Corey Billys
Naples Botanical Gardens
Sunset on the beach

FYI, I am a color and style analyst. If you would be interested in discovering your perfect color palette, I would be delighted to offer you a complimentary personal color analysis while you are visiting Naples.

Tina, Be thankful your son knows he can thrive better elsewhere. Better to have him change schools and thrive than be stifled in one that just does not fit. You have given him the confidence to speak up and know that change can be good. Kudos to you and your husband! Remember, it about him, not you. Sounds like a son who will be very successful! If something is not working for him, he’ll change it!!

hi tina

well i am not the only news junkie watching 24/7, my husband is shaking his head, wondering what is wrong with me!

i just returned from an interior design project in naples, you will LOVE it! i was amazed at how lovely and elegant it is. my client set me up at the ‘the inn on 5th’, smack dab in the middle of shopping & restaurants. being a work venture i did not play much but a memorable break was dining and cocktails on the beach deck at the ritz during sunset……a must!

Hey Tina- Do you sell Enchanted Home coffee mugs? Would love to buy one for my niece , who’s a faithful follower. What a fun Christmas present it would be!Thanks.

Just an aside, does you and your son know about the programme run by England Lacrosse which recruits lacrosse playing students who have finished college in the US. They come across to the UK for a year and are assigned to a club mainly around Manchester and Sheffield. They help to coach the juniors, play for the seniors, promote the game in local schools ( it s still a minority sport here) & seem to have a fantastic time. Our last one has returned to do his MA at Manchester University this year. There has been a blip this year to do with the Uk issuing visa s but I m sure it will be sorted by next year. Something to consider!

Hi Tina,

Tina you have shown some beautiful examples of cocktails dresses over the years. May I ask, stockings or no stockings?? This is such an issue for me. Can anyone tell me what women over 40 are wearing on their legs with a cocktail dress?? If stockings, can someone recommend a brand they like, that look close to a bare leg? Yes, there are more important things going on in this world and I am tunes to NPR 24/7…Please forgive me this:)

Once again dear Teddy steals the post! He is so cute by the fire! I cannot wait to see him in his Santa suit for the family photo!

It sounds as if you are going to have a lively night, enjoy!

Love the blue and white lunch! Cute!

Love the Teddy pics! If your son has time tell him to zip over to College Station and visit Texas A&M. A school full of tradition.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Ditto on the 24/7 news coverage. I’m usually up at 2 AM watching the “Breaking News” πŸ˜‰
It’s more shock and awe than fear really. That said, we could learn a few things from Teddy like; How to Relax and Cooperate #MyMamaMadeMeWearTheSantaSuit πŸ™‚

Love, love, love University of Texas at Austin – Hook ’em horns!! My husband and I both graduated from there. I encouraged my boys to go there since they were born in Texas, but they had other plans. My middle son is currently at Vanderbilt so I second that suggestion from above. He loves it so much that I can barely get him home for holiday breaks. If your son ends up at UT, he will love it – and so will you!

Your son would be making a great decision if he decides on UT. I, my husband, and my son are proud graduates of The University of Texas! Hook Em Horns – lol. Austin is an absolutely amazing city and the school is outstanding. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family πŸ™‚

hi tina. there will be no black tie anything in these parts tonight since we got a blizzard, and roads are crazy. just fine with me to stay inside and enjoy the beautiful winter wonderland of frosted trees out all of my windows. i worked most of the day on painting projects, and tomorrow will be the same with maybe a matinee to take a break. naples sounds fabulous! i am heading to the desert in a couple weeks and plan to hike if the weather permits. (shhhhh, i may have to house shop for fun…i miss my mama and sister who live there full time). enjoy these holy days, and turn off the news! silence is good for the soul, and i can just imagine what that must feel like in your enchanted home with a fire going and precious teddy lounging by it. i continue to grieve for my bella and still cry daily. that’s what love does. peace to you, friend.

Howdy from Texas! My family and I live a it 20 miles south of Austin in a town called San Marcos. If you’re ever in neck of the woods, give me a shout out. We can show a lot of fun places!!

Kudos to your son for checking out UT Austin. My husband got his masters there and we are a huge fan of the university. But wherever he lands, I wish him the very best. Austin IS an incredible city! Love the pics of Teddy……AND everything else!!!

Your son will love Austin and so will you! UT is my alma mater and Austin was home for six years! We keep a house on Lake Travis just to be able to visit.

Hi Tina, we love Naples. My husbands dream is to live there 6 months out of the year. I am not ready for that yet. Can’t leave the grandkids that long. We love Trulucks, Campinellos and the restaurant in the Ritz is wonderful.
You will go crazy in Marissas. Every big name designer and then some are featured there. But another must is Gattles on third street. Omg you will go crazy over the linens. I always allow an hour to just peruse all the beautiful bedding and table linens.
Also I would love to know the story behind that Instagram post with the 11 gorgeous children ( yes I counted) and the beautiful parents! Those cannot be all of their children! Totally curious about that.
Thanks for yet another entertaining post

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