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Good afternoon,? not sure if like me,? you love the whole awards season……particularly the preshows as we all know the actual awards can be incredibly slow moving and even boring (also depends on who is hosting). When Tina and Amy hosted….they kept me wide awake with their off the cuff humor and natural ability to make me laugh.

If I had to sum this years show up in one word, it might underwhelming. Did not care for Ricky Gervais at all or his flat humor, he went too far and lost me 10 minutes into the show. Was very happy Leo won. Finally!! I have some movie watching to catch up on though:)

I try to recap every year on the GG (Golden Globes) and Academy Awards. Afterall these are two of Hollywood’s biggest nights and I love seeing all the pomp and circumstance front row and center. I always start by showing you my favorites of the night then inevitably there are some serious bloopers and it might sound snarky but I enjoy showing those too…..however I also redeem them by showing things I could have seen them wearing:) Remember this is all fun and games and purely subjective!

So without further adue, here is my fashion recap for this year’s Golden Globes!






Hollywood’s darling did not disappoint



Such a pretty girl and think she looked like a starlet

saoirse-ronan-golden-globes-2016 helen-mirren-golden-globes-20161

Best she has ever looked!!


Golden perfection


She has never looked this good


Beautiful girl….reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour


She is adorable and looked like the class act that she is


I wasn’t sure at first..but the look grew on me and she is quite elegant



She hasn’t looked better



Kudos to Jenn for showing a bit more modesty but still knowing how to wow everyone


Amy glowed!


Always the? picture of elegance

olivia-wilde-golden-globes-2016 jenna-dewan-golden-globes-2016 gina-rodriguez-golden-globes-20162




Love Kate such a classy actress but I found this look matronly…the dress was so so and looks like something you could pick up off the rack at any local dept store and just didn’t love her hair


Cute girl and pretty dress but she didn’t seem comfortable it, her posture was really awkward so on the fence about this


Another favorite actress but this rosy number just felt so heavy and wintry….just didn’t love it but I do love her!


Just didn’t love this…the hair looks dated, the color did nothing for her, think she could have done better!


Pretty lady but this dress just did not feel right….can’t put my finger on it, as I love white, maybe its the two bows, not sure…..


Amy is definitely having an amazing year, just think this could have been improved upon, a “wow” dress to equal the “wow” year she is having


Ahh Cate the great normally does not disappoint but I just wasn’t feeling this…..feels very “Tammy Wynette” to me


This category does not need much narration, the pictures speak a thousand words. I have also included my own suggestion of what might have worked better:)


This just was wrong…the color did nothing for her, the funky necklace, the styling of the upper bodice….just no. This might have worked a bit better-



Love this Kate too, she looks soo much like her mom it’s scary and her body is amazing however just not loving this think she could have done a lot better! Maybe this-



Say hello to clamshell Jane……she no doubt looks amazing for her age but this look did nothing to prove it! Just throw it out to sea Jane, now imagine her in this-



On a bright note…she has never looked better, shes obviously lost a lot of weight and that is impressive! I like her hair and how she looks from the neck up….but the dress is horrid in my opinion, from a distance looked like it was made out of a? Gladd lawn bag, I could have seen her in this instead-



Pretty girl but what was she thinking….there is nothing about this dress I like and if she decided to “take a chance” on fashion…to me it failed, how about this instead Kristen?



matt-damon-couple-golden-globes-2016 amy-adams-date-golden-globes-2016



They are adorable but something wrong (very wrong) was up with his hair….he had this strange piece of hair draped across his head, so odd! Please see exhibit A and B below:)

CYZiVjjVAAQsoQu Channing-Tatum-Hair-Golden-Globes-2016

peter-facinelli-jaimie-alexander-golden-globes-2016 melissa-benoist-blake-jenner-golden-globes-2016 taylor-kinney-lady-gaga-golden-globes-2016 christian-bale-couple-golden-globe-2016 ana-de-la-reguera-date-golden-globes-2016



Getting to see Sylvester Stallone accept his award, obviously very humbled and loved seeing him as such a proud family man


Finally getting to see Leo up on that podium!

And finally on a side note….this is something? I might have worn, blue and white simplicity, maybe with a great pair of diamond and sapphire chandelier earrings. With the GG considered to be a more informal, less serious awards show, think this Marchesa number would have been beautiful-




And that my friends as they say in Hollywood is a wrap. Did you have an absolute fave? What were your thoughts on the show?? Always fun to watch even if I found it a bit underwhelming this year…onto the biggie, The Academy Awards! Thanks for stopping in, wishing everyone a wonderful day and great start to your week!

PS If you missed my Seven on Sunday, click here


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Barbara on

Love your Marchesa choice!!! Kate Winslet should stick to St. John??..

Barbara on

Hi Tina.

Missed the GG but you did a good recap.
Agree with your “eye”

Always enjoy your blog.


Karena on

Tina you called these right, definitely! Love seeing so many truly elegant gowns!

The Arts by Karena
Life Lessons: So Honored!

katie clooney on

Hello dear Tina… It was surely the night of very, very low necklines. Even the ones lacking the boob jobs went low. I felt the show went flat and Ricky was on the crass side. I have a twitter acct for one reason – award nights. Twitter was going crazy with jokes about Channing’s hair. J Law, Emmy, and JLo were my faves and I actually liked Jane’s clam dress and Gaga’s dress. Enjoy your week!

Deanna Eppers on

Spot on! I, too, felt underwhelmed and am still not completely sure why. Could it also be that there are so many shows being recognized because every cable station is creating tv shows? I’m not sure, but it used to be easier to follow everyone at the GG. You are so right about the fashion. Elegance is the key. And I smiled today when I saw your pick for a blue and white dress?so you! (I’m having fun here, I know you have a wonderful array of colors in your wardrobe.) Thanks for the fun recap! And am looking forward to hearing about your trip. Hope it was somewhere warm. I’m freezing here and need to dream of a warm island getaway. Have a wonderful week, Tina!

Loi Thai Tone on Tone on

I missed the show last night πŸ™ So glad for this recap, Tina. Thank you!! Some stunning dresses! As for Jane Fonda’s getup – heehee πŸ™‚ She needs to fire her stylist asap. xoxo

Carrie Goodman on

Helen Miren was my favorite last night. Always a class act!
I hope they bring back Tina and Amy next year.

Peggy Thal on

Love your picks and recaps. I felt almost the same way. Great choice for a beautiful GG dress.

splendid market on

Always love your write ups Tina! I agree Ricky Gervais just went off the edge… to the point where it just wasn’t funny, just weird.

Agree with you on most everything, but I really thought Kate Hudson looked great, that outfit was so her.

Love your choice, the white and blue is fresh, beautiful and elegant.

Elizabeth on

Tina, spot on as usual!!! I thought Ricky was just too vulgar and was underwhelming, to say the least. I LOVED your picks for dresses and it reflects your exquisite taste. Some Hollywood stars could really benefit from your styling!!

Mo at Mocadeaux on

Excellent recap! I especially love your suggestions for what would have been better dress choices. You are spot on – every one. Jennifer Lawrence, Helen Mirren and Viola Davis were my favorites. Not my favorite? Rick Gervais as host. I told my daughter that I thought he spent the entire night trying to be sure he would not be asked back.

Renette Hier on

Tina – great recap on the show. As a Channing and Jenna Dewan Tatum fan I need to set everyone straight about his crazy hair. He is growing it out for his next role as Gambit, which starts filming in New Orleans in March. Love this man, but so painful to watch! Reminds me of my hair when I grew it out in 6th grade.

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