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Good morning, first things first, lets crown a winner of the silver wine cooler! Using? random number picker, congratulations goes to….

#42 Susan Logan

Please contact me at theenchantedhome@gmail to claim your prize and provide your shipping details.


I am planning on having a very lazy day today….? I need it, it was a hectic and somewhat stressful week. May go see a movie and may do nothing at all:) That’s why I so look forward to my Sundays……still no snow here people.

We had a few tiny little flakes one morning and I got so excited and by the time I grabbed my camera they were gone, bummer. Hoping still for that one great snowfall! Hope whatever you are up to today is fun, relaxing and mostly exactly what you feel like doing! Here is my Seven on Sunday…..


1 ONE GORGEOUS WEDDING! I just love the feeling of this beautiful Charleston wedding….and no its not blue and white! Beautiful tent, gorgeous soft tonal theme and love the nontraditional but super elegant chairs /tables and that stunning lighting! Check it out and? click here for the full gallery of many many pictures over at Style Me Pretty…..

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2. NEEDLE AND THREAD. This line is to borrow a word from my youngest son, just slaying it…such gorgeous gowns and dressy separates that look very “coutoure-ish” at prices that are to be believed! I seriously love each and every one of these….bought a top and skirt form them last year and they are exquisite, the beadwork is comparable to what you would find on gowns that are several thousand.? You can find them at Saks Fifth Avenue click here? or Net A Porter.

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3. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. Here is my roundup this week….just when I think I cannot top the previous week, I do! I love discovering new accounts, which truly ignite every one of my senses. Makes me want to travel, eat like I’m Anthony Bordain, plan a party, create a beautiful tablescape, and so much more! Lots of goodness here…..

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4. A NEW BED. Finally getting a new bed, love my current bed but have had it for over 15 years and have been wanting an upholstered bed for some time. I will likely do it in a soft creamy velvet or linen type creamy fabric. I like my bedroom to feel very tonal with accents of soft gray/blue. So here are my finalists…have a favorite?

Look at shape ONLY disregard colors::)









5. MY NEW CHINOISERIE AND SILVER! The response to both was amazing…..thank you, it really validates what I do and love. The chinoiserie items are now online, got them professionally photographed and love how they came out… here to see on my online shop.


For chinoiserie click here


The silver will all be online in the next 1-2 days

Whats next for my shop? Well…..waiting for my next porcelain container to finish production and ship hopefully mid Feb. and my bigger batch of silver will ship around that time as well and both will be here sometime in March. I will be getting a very exciting chinoiserie shipment sometime in late March.

Another very exciting thing that is in the works, by popular demand is that I am working on a blue and white Christmas ornament collection and fingers crossed it’s going to pan out as I am planning:) I will be,? as I always do holding presales on both shipments in Feb…so stay tuned, so many gorgeous things heading this way!

6. FOO DOG LUNCHEON Have a friend who will be celebrating a big birthday, think I am going to host a small luncheon for her and started playing with ideas, came up with a foo dog inspired luncheon, and why not! I placed a pair at every setting with the “big guys” in the center, it’s fun with a bit of whimsy thrown in, but not compromising one bit on style….what do you think?

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Imagine the entire table set this way, each setting with a different colored foo dog pair


Love to play with mixing patterns with my Blue Willow china as the “foundation”? so started with this….


Then tried my beloved pagoda plates (they came in 6 different patterns and sadly are no longer available but I may be changing that:)….


Then tried all three together to layer the effect….

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Think all three work and there’s not a bad combination in the bunch….


7. THE BEST FITTING PANTS PERIOD. I must say that after years and years of buying pants in every size from small single digits to the dreaded double digit size I finally found a pair of pants that literally is totally true to the hype. I wrote about them before and just have to tell you that I am now a lifelong fan. NYDJ, “Not your Daughters Jeans”, might sound like a cliche but its anything but.

These things are like magic, they fit beautifully and fulfill all that I expect in pants-? wash amazingly-check, don’t stretch out in all the wrong places-check and most importantly zip up and button up with zero effort-check check! I have them in many colors and a few different styles and cannot say enough about them….fabulous! Click here to? see all styles at Nordstrom (a few are even on sale)! A few of my personal faves are below…..

These corduroy pants are an AMAZING deal……lowest price I have ever seen now on sale! Click here


These I own in three colors, they are fabulous! Click here


These are great too, a velvet ankle straight? legged pant…wore them recently with a beautiful Lacey blouse and they are super comfortable now on sale:) Click here


And these jeans just might be the most comfortable pair I have ever worn not to mention with the right amount of stretch they are super slenderizing..that is priceless:) Click here



So there you have it, anything strike your fancy here today? And what are you up to this weekend? Hoping you are enjoying a great weekend, I want to thank you for stopping in, always enjoy your visits! Until next time……


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NYJD jeans are my very favorites and I don’t have to pay Nordstrom prices. Marshals and TJ’s carries them.. Woohoo! Gorgeous dresses. Love them all. Instagram photos – my fave is that chubby little infant with the brewski. Your luncheon will be stunning. The table setting is to die for. Hope you go and see Brooklyn if you’re headed to the movies. Enjoy your Sunday.

I love seven on Sunday! There is always such a good variety to look at. i think your bed is beautiful, I just not a fan of an upholstered bed. I sure it will be beautiful. As always love you style. So if you want to sell your bed, I am interested! By the way, those cookies are incredible. Such talent! Thanks for sharing.

After owning several beds over our 30+ year marriage, I can say that you and your husband will probably prefer the headboard of bed #1 as far as mutual comfort is concerned. There is plenty of equalized “shoulder room” when sitting up and leaning back. It also looks more transitionally-classic and an update from the older “60’s-style” that the others (#2 & #4) have with the higher crown in the middle.

Second choice to bed #1 …maybe even my first choice as I look at it again… would be bed #3 because, with the extra curves and details, it exhibits more craftsmanship while still giving you both some shoulder room. The straight-across top with the dips and peaks is also a blend of masculine and feminine, which might be just the thing for which you are both looking.

What a treat to wake up on this dreary Sunday morning to see that I was the winner of the silver wine cooler! I’ve sent you my information via email. So excited and love your blog but love the Seven on Sunday. Its opened up an entire new world for me on Instagram (even ordered some notecards from LB Originals). Thank you for what you do and sharing such wonderful inspiration for so many!

I live in my NYDJs! Never wore jeans before discovering these…so comfy and such a great fit. I get mine at a huge discount on website “Shop it to Me”. You select brands you like and they consolidate all sales in stores and on Internet and send you a daily email with links. It includes every brand and designer you can imagine…I especially love Vince and have bought most of mine on this site. Happy shopping!

I’m very excited about the B/W Christmas ornaments. We took down all of our Christmas stuff two weeks ago, so things look sparse. We spent last weekend in NYC and saw “An American in Paris” It is just Broadway at its BEST !! Today is so damp and dreary, I just want to stay inside and put all my B/W Canton plates back on the mantel with some boxwood to cheer things up.

Hi Tina, I have been reading your blog for ages. I absolutely love it. I look forward to it each week. I have never commented before but my friend and I wanted to thank you for the referral of the movie, The Way. We loved it and highly recommend it. We had not heard of it before and would never have known about it, if not for your recommendation. Thank you. Keep doing what you are doing as you bring such beauty to the lives of your readers. Happy Sunday. Barbara

I absolutely LOVE Seven on Sunday! I look forward to it every week.
I think your bed choices are gorgeous! I am wanting an upholstered bed for my guest room and these are fabulous choices. Thank you for sharing.
I am also very, very excited about the blue and white ornaments. Can’t wait to see what to see what might be coming up next!

It looks like a winter “snow-globe” outdoors this morning!! LUV your fashions, etc. franki

Hello dear Tina

I hope you are blessed with a little snow, especially for Teddy to play…if not I can send some across the pond as we have a white-out this weekend, lovely as it’s our favourite colour 🙂

Your luncheon table looks wonderful, and also all your choices for an upholstered bed… which I have and I can highly recommend for relaxation, especially on the cold winter days and nights.

Have a lovely Sunday, Sally x

I always look forward to your Seven on Sunday but especially today when I’m tucked in at home all day avoiding the sub-zero temps that have descended upon us here in Chicago. I love NYDJ!

Gorgeousness everywhere as always.
How exciting about your new blue and white Christmas figures.
Love everything you do. You have such an amazing eye for detail.

Lots to love as always, Tina. Loved the wedding so much that I had to go see more at Style Me Pretty and the instagrams…bliss! Happy Monday!

Please let me know the name of your China pattern from Thanksgiving – I have been searching the Internet however it’s so difficult without a name of the pattern. I have sent several emails and comments.

I can’t wait to hear back – thank you again.

Love all your posts.

Tina, hope you had a relaxing Sunday! Did you see a good movie? I stayed in and relaxed, lucky for me in-between the monsoon like rains we did get some snow! I wanted to do a dance. Sadly a hour later it was gone.

This wedding if gorgeous! I have to see more.

Love the table setting for your luncheon, it will be a great success I am sure.

Have a wonderful week.

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