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Hi friends, busy week but such a good and exciting one (minus the total of about 9 hours of traffic I sat in this week alone)! More on that on Sunday, today is all about silver. As you know I started to import my own line of silver born out of my love for how elegant it is just about anywhere. I saw a huge need for it in the marketplace as it’s either finding beautiful antique silver that is not always in great condition and often quite pricey.


The new silver out in the market today is just not that impressive… I decided to bring in my own and am I happy I did! I had started with one manufacturer and switched to another. This manufacturer is known for their exceptional high quality well made, heavy silver. Each one of these pieces is just exquisite. If you know silver prices you will also recognize the exceptional values today.

I had all the pieces professionally photographed and they came out so beautiful, really showing the beautiful detail work. Everything today is offered as a special 2 day silver pricing. Plus I am offering a giveaway (details on bottom). Just a few “rules” before we begin-

  • Email all orders to [email protected]
  • Please use item number only no description necessary
  • Subject to availability, as some items there is low stock on
  • Everything is individually boxed and are ready to ship right away
  • Shipping internationally is extra, contact us for rates
  • Final sale and shipping is extra
  • FREE SHIPPING on orders of $400 or more
  • Questions? Email [email protected]




ITEM 1. Extra large fabulous planter/silver tub, with gorgeous details like a detailed handled, beaded top and elegant feet. I just used this as the most elegant beverage tub on the planet!! Also great for a large scale orchid (3-4 stems would be ideal) , this is a truly showstopping piece! 19″ x 17.5″ x 13″ $115.00


Here it is as the most elegant beverage tub-

FullSizeRender(109) FullSizeRender(108)

ITEM 2. Large and gorgeous double rimmed scalloped planter, just beautiful and ideal for a potted plant or a two stem orchid  15″ x 12″ x 8.5″ $110.00


ITEM 3.  Stunning scalloped handled wine cooler or elegant planter or ice bucket,  9″ x 7″ $80.00


ITEM 4. One of my favorites….fabulous wine cooler that could double as a planter, 9″ x 7″ $75.00


ITEM 5. Isn’t this a beauty! Gorgeous centerpiece bowl 13″ $75.00



ITEM 6.  This is sooo fabulous, much more gorgeous in person. Extra large fabulous 15.5′ punch or centerpiece bowl, stunning details. I could see this filled with a huge mound of shrimp cocktail for a swanky event! These are hundreds… it is  $135.00




ITEM 7.  I just used this the other day for the most exquisite fruit platter! Another unbelievable piece, this tray is SO spectacular in person, heavy and very large,  super elegant serving tray, this is such beauty and very impressive with shell relief detailing and handles. 28″ x 19″ $135.00




ITEM 8. This took my breath away (look at my pictures above). Looks like it would be thousands! I can see using it for punch or a huge mound of shrimp cocktail at a very special party!  Extra large fabulous centerpiece/punch bowl with exquisite shell design, 15.5″ round $145.00



ITEM 9. Used this with rolled up guest towels in my powder room, a beautiful elegant touch. This bowl which could be used for decorative purposes or a very pretty bread basket, so much detailing from the pierced and scalloped details to the dainty feet. 1.5″ x 8″ $60.00



ITEM 10.  This beautiful piece could be used as a painter, ice bucket or wine holder, just love the handles dainty feet and beaded scalloped rim. Measures 6″ x 5.5″ $70.00




ITEM 11. These are sooo pretty, way more beautiful in person. Fabulous scalloped pierced bowls, these are as beautiful as they are practical. Three sizes are offered

Large 12.5″ $45.00

Medium 10″ $40.00

Small 8.5″ $35.00



ITEM 12. Spectacular beaded and scalloped chargers/serving trays. These come in 2 sizes, the 14.5″ makes the perfect size serving tray and the 11.5″ can be a smaller serving tray or used as a small charger.

Large 14.5″ $60.00

Medium 11.5″ $40.00






ITEM 13. Another beautiful planter, couldn’t you see an elegant orchid plant or paperwhites around the holidays! Measures 9.5″ x 7″ $80.00


Starting to have gorgeous orchid arrangements made in some of my silver planters here is one example, so elegant!



ITEM 14. Exquisite planter/bowl with so much detail…another great piece for orchids or even filled with whole fruit on a dining room buffet would be fabulous. 12″ x 8″ $75.00




ITEM 15. Magnificent  ornate mid sized planter, beautiful delicate fee with lion head rings…the detailing is just incredible. 10.5″ x 7.5″ $115.00




ITEM 16. Shallow round fabulously pierced 12″ bowl perfect for fruit or bread, quite elegant for any table. Measures 12.5″ round $50.00



ITEM 17. This looks like a really expensive antique piece of silver.  Fabulously detailed centerpiece piece shallow bowl, perfect for serving or display, 12′ x 12.5′ $70.00




ITEM 18. Isn’t this square scalloped tray a beauty! I put one in my husbands bathroom so he keeps his colognes on it…super elegant. So beautiful for display or serving…I can see a round of cocktails on this tray:) 16.5″x 16.5″  $80.00




ITEM 19. Beautiful etched silver charger, such an elegant addition to any table, can also be used as a wonderful serving tray. 13.5″ round $30.00



ITEM 20. So much prettier  in person. Incredible three tier pierced server, this could be gorgeous for fruit, small desserts, tea sandwiches, the list goes on…measures 18″ x 12.5″ at its widest $90.00



So much to love…many I have brought home and have so enjoyed using….they are truly beautiful and so magnificently produced,I am thrilled to offer this exceptional line of silver as it is one of the prettiest I have seen yet.


One lucky winner will win this fabulous piece below….a wonderful item to use just about anywhere. All you  need to do is leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite item and how you would use it and I name a winner on Sunday morning. (emailing me a comment does not count).


Thank you for stopping by, wishing you a fabulous day and end to your week. Until next time……









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Item 19! I’ve been looking for a replacement for an antique finish mirrored tray that I’ve been using to hold fresh fruit out on the counter, and I think this could be it!

Love the large centerpiece bowls. These would be so lovely filled with ornaments and greens at Christmas!

I think the planters are so elegant! Of course I would put in the orchid, but would also look great filled with citrus limes and lemons

I seriously can’t decide, they all are so lovely! But if I were to narrow it down to my all-time favorite piece, I’d say it is item #15. This would be the perfect compliment to my formal dining room. The feet are so delicate and lovely, I think it’s perfect!

I have multiple favorites! So this is hard but I can visually imagine #19 as a charger for my antique Limoges plates surrounded by orchids in your silver planter. Stunning.

Without a doubt item 18 is the most unusual and beautiful and unique piece I have seen in a long time. I love the animal head details. Using it to display colognes is perfect. I could also see using it as a tray with a small glass floral arrangement in the center and small crystal bowls filled with assorted nuts or etc. around it. The size is perfect and square is perfect!

I love the pedestal bowls and the trays. My favorite is Item #7 – the tray is so elegant and would be perfect for entertaining because of the lovely handles.

I just love all the planters. Of course an orchid is perfect but just having nothing in them is gorgeous too.

I love them all but #15 would be beautiful almost anywhere in my home. Would put it on my breakfast table. I love footed pieces and am obsessed with lions head detailing. Beautiful beautiful pieces. Such wonderful quality. I own one of your beautiful planters and it steals the show mixed with all my antique pieces.

I love item 20, the 3 tiered server. I like to display multiple desserts with fruit, on tiered trays. It would make a lovely display. There are lots of beautiful choices!
Deri Terry

It is all so gorgeous! I adore # 15. I would use it in my powder room with monogrammed white hand towels rolled up & standing in this fab vessel!

So many wonderful choices. I love the planters, pedestal bowls and trays……all so fabulous. If I had to pick only 1 favorite – it would be Item #2 – this double scalloped bowl would look wonderful with orchids on my piano, or on the bar filled with wine! Always so many fabulous pieces!

I love it all but #8 , the large bowl with shell detail is magnificent! Perfect for a centerpiece on the dining room table!

I know 13 is an unlucky number but its one that caught my eye as I too love orchids. However I must say, ALL are just gorgeous.

The huge centerpiece punch bowl would be fabulous for my daughter’s upcoming wedding. What a gorgeous focal point for the drinks table!

I would love Item #8. I would use it as a punch bowl. I have had at least three lovely glass punch bowls that have met with disastrous consequences in our home of four sons and now 5 grandchildren. I just betcha this one wouldn’t shatter!
I’m very impressed with your collection of silver. Thank you.

I love item #2. I love paper whites and I can just see how elegant this would be on a dining room table! Absolutely beautiful pieces!

Item #18 is lovely! The four faces are so unique and the size of the tray makes it so versatile. I can envision using it in many places in my house, but I would probably start with it on a small table next to my freestanding tub. It would be perfect for individually wrapped soaps, bath salts, etc…

Item 13! I love the detailed band around the top and bottom and the perfect little feet! I agree I can see it with paper whites and orchids but also some Christmas greens would be perfect too. All the silver is lovely!

Tina, these pieces are just fabulous. Honestly wish I could order one of each! Today my favorite piece it item #8, I would use it during the Christmas holidays as the centerpiece for my dining room table, filled with red roses and greenery. Sigh???..

My favorite item is #8 centerpiece bowl. I would place it on my dining room table with fruit. Love the shell details on it as well.

Love all of them, especially #20. Would look beautiful with fruit (blueberries, strawberries and raspberries, but also filled with different sized silver Christmas ornaments.

#3-Wine cooler is my favorite. It is such a versatile piece. I can see using it with my antique silver. The simple lines will coordinate with the ornate pieces that I have. It would make any entertaining event special. Would look beautiful on a dining table and even with simple wine and cheese party. Beautiful!

Far too many temptations! I do not have any pierced bowls in my collection, so I have my eyes on Items #9 & 11. I’d line #9 with moss and use it as a planter for miniature/small orchids. #11 I’d again line with moss and use to display either amaryllis or paper whites, depending on the size of the pierced bowl. Perfect for the front foyer table during the holidays.

One item I am keeping my eyes peeled for is a small tray, either with pierced, raised sides or not, oval or rectangular to put on my bathroom vanity to hold toiletries or guest hand towels. Could also be used to place incoming mail. Love baskets but doesn’t everything look better in silver?

Love the three tied serving stand and the mid size beverage container. I can see it on a beautiful white linen tablecloth . Add summer hydrangeas and a sparkling beverage . Yea!

Love the beautiful large tray in #12. I would pile it with lemon squares and fresh lemon peel garnish.

I love them all, but I have to say, I would cherish 8 silver chargers, especially for Holiday entertaining…#19

Good morning Tina
As usual your offerings are magnificent. All of the pieces are just beautiful, but I especially love # 15 and I can visualize it on my side board. I look forward to all your posts. There is no better way to start the day reading your post and enjoying a latte. Cheers.

The three tiered server is exquisite and hardly ever seen. This would be beautiful at any of my parties and the holidays are right around the corner.

Wow! What incredible pieces; hard to narrow it down to just one. I’m envisioning #13 with a myrtle topiary for the holidays. Exquisite!

The planter you’re giving away is actually my favorite!!! Beautiful! I would fill it with silk orchids for my bathroom which is done in silver and gray.

Love all of it. Item 18 the square scalloped tray – I would use it on my vanity for a candle, my perfumes and a small floral arrangement.

Item #10. I love all of the planters/cachepots, but this one has that beautiful beading.

I am picturing item 20 at the head of my bath tub filled with all kinds of bath goodies for my weekly desires sing soak!
Can’t you just picture that?

I love No 4, the Wine Cooler. Many uses, but I like to use as a cachepot. I see hydrangeas in this one!

Item 1 – I would plant orchids or hydrangeas in it or put bottles of champagne, wine or water in it at parties. Gorgeous!

So many fabulous pieces, but looking at my needs right now, I would vote for #3, the wine cooler. I am in the process of changing accessories in our home to reflect “me” and I would use that for my kitchen utensils.

Item 10! What a great size! And the handles are so pretty! I can picture one on each end of a mantle holding boxwood topiaries…simple yet gorgeous 🙂

What a beautiful way to start your day. The silver collection is wonderful , to pick just one is difficult but if I had to it would be #11. So many ideas to use them for. I’m sure I could find a use for all of them.

My favorite piece is #8! I would fill it with a delicious spinach salad with cranberries and roasted walnuts for the holidays, punch for a shower or party, and seasonal decor when not entertaining! It is so versatile. Thanks for the giveaway.

Lucky No. 13! I would buy two and use one filled with a beautiful white orchid on my buffet to compliment other silver pieces, and the other I would put on my desk at work–filled with elegant European chocolate candies!

I have several favorites! I especially love the piercing in item 11. I would display them on my bathroom vanity filled with pretty soaps. Gorgeous!

Everything is beautiful, its so hard to choose. Love all the planters, #3 beading is so elegant. Can have multiple uses but I would use it for flowers.

Love the square scalloped platter, I would use it for displaying cookies and candies at Christmas. Everything is so beautiful!!

Finding Item #17 a treasure. I have loved silver pieces since I was a child. I would proudly display this beautiful piece on my round dark cherry coffee table filled with fresh lemons in my blue and white decorated living room. It would be displayed and used in many useful ways.

Number 4 jumped out at me. I love it’s tailored nature. It elegant without being fussy. Also I must comment on the wonderful photography. Breathtaking and frame worthy. Thank you for nudging us to make our lives more beautiful. Susan

In love with them all…but if I had to pick one it would be #19! I love the uniqueness of of the shape and the faces on the corners has a bit of a Versace feel to it! I would be torn as to how I would use it the most, I would want to use it as a display piece, but would probably steal it to serve champs and cocktails on!

Good Morning,

Number 1, because It’s perfect for keeping ice cold drinks within reach for a yard party, and number 18, a perfect server plate, better have two of them…

I think #14 would be gorgeous filled with my collection of vintage Christmas balls in December and pine boughs or with amaryllis . Your new collection of silver is gorgeous.

I love the 3 tiered server! Especially after your lovely post the other day showing the wooden ones you used at your sisters in laws party….so versatile!

It’s hard to choose just one but I think #15 wins for me. So many uses! You have very elegant taste.

Yes, I too love #20. Tina, some of the items would look even lovelier with a monogram. Any thought of providing this service in the future? I bet they would fly out of your store:)

Happy weekend!

Tina, item 15 is so simple yet beautiful. No matter your style it would work perfectly on the dining room table, holding fresh fruit on the counter or even soaps and guest towels.

Such exquisite finds! It’s a hard decision, but I think I would want #20 the most. I have a real soft spot for tiered servers. I even have my mother’s, which is transferware and held Christmas cookies every year – so, tiered servers tap deeply into my childhood memories! I decorate seasonally, and a rustic tiered server holds my summer and fall arrangements. But since I have some antique silver displayed in my do it room already, this silver tiered server would be an incredible addition!


Item 15 filled with a faux flower arrangement would look elegant for our dining room buffet. I’m partial to those lion head rings!

Love, love #14 planter. I can see it on my console table behind my sofa between my blue and white ginger jar lamps full of beautiful maidenhair ferns! Ahhhh……

It’s like a kid in a candy store! I want them all but I really love #18, the scalloped square tray. So practical yet so beautiful!!!

Thank you Tina for posting all this gorgeous silver. Since I love silver and I love trays – can never have enough for entertaining! – I would choose as my favourite the elegance of # 7. I can picture myself using this for both fruit and tea. Thank you for the inspiration ongoing at “The Enchanted Home”.

The tiered server is my favorite. Just lovely to use at bridal parties during this happy wedding season and during Christmas.

Would love to set out the show stopper No. 9 in our guest bathroom-

I have gathered all your ideas about being a great hostess and for two weeks have worked on our guest room, making it inviting, dust free and thinking what enhancements would Tina make.

I am stopped in my tracks, I am not sure how to properly fold guest towels like you, but I will try — but I so love the idea of our powder room/guest bathroom having this beautiful silver laced bowl — white white monogrammed towels –

Maybe add a matching monogram to the linen coverlet in the bedroom –

Tina, thank you for all your inspirational ideas – I cannot wait to put into place!!

I agree with so many others…they are all beautiful and could take the lead in several roles. I especially like #20. I see it cast as the star on a casual Sunday morning loaded with fruit and pastries.

? Item 17 is so pretty just to display or to use in any number of ways. I would use it in my master bath as a holder of pretty soaps or rolled washcloths. In the kitchen to hold fruit or flowers. Lovely!

Many really lovely pieces but my favorite is number 20 the tiered server. It would have many uses but I would most likely use it for desserts for a cocktail buffet. I don’t have anything like that. Really beautiful line.

todays young generation don’t seem to love silver the way my generation does and it really bothers me. There is something about silver that is timeless and elegant. I don’t even mind polishing it. You have a gorgeous collection. My favorite is one of the bowls and I’d either use it for a display of shrimp at my summer cocktail party or for orchids at Christmas with boughs of pine and shiny ornaments. Item 6 or 8 would work just fine!

Love Item #6!!! I love the elevation and would use it as a centerpiece. It would be great indoors or to liven up an elegant outdoor party.

I love Lady Slipper orchids so I ordered #10 last time. It is the perfect planter for small plants. Looks absolutely stunning. This time #15 caught my eye for my orchids on my chest, but love them all.

Love the planter and the wine cooler–that would also make a lovely planter. Either would be perfect and such a grace note on my vanity. Inspiration each morning!

Item #10 is my favorite! They’re all simply gorgeous and I love the little feet on this piece.
Thanks Tina for the lovely posts!

I would use Item #9 and at Easter I would have Easter eggs painted in beautiful jewel colors in different chinoiserie patterns. All of the eggs would be placed on top of a bright green grass. I would also place very sparkly, shiny stones of different colors that would lay between the eggs.

17 is a wonderful addition to my collection , I could use it in so many ways but would just set it on my buffet

What a great line……I have so many of these in my 40 year collection… the Chargers. …….what a beautiful table they will set under beautiful China with my Francis 1st sterling! ??

I love them all! But especially #20 – three tier server. I would use it to serve fruit – the bright colors of strawberries, blueberries, and melons will just sparkle on this server – can’t you just see it! Other hors d’oeuvres would be wonderful too – I love cheese, breads, and meats – so that would be another thing I’d use it for. The height of this server will also accentuate my table setting for sure!

I love the silver and have ordered trays and buckets. I love number 7 and 9 both for multi uses from entertaining to display. Thank you and keep it coming!!

I would really love to have item #13 which I would use as an orchid planter. It would be beautiful in any room of my house.

I love everything you have but the giveaway planter is my favorite. You could use this as a planter, in the kitchen and bathroom for hand towels,a wine or drink cooler, a storage for toilet paper,a magazine holder the list just goes on and on. This is a beautiful piece and it could go anywhere.

I just love number 18. It is so beautiful and I can it used for many things. A generous giveaway.

Tina, you are so right – all absolutely beautifully and reasonably priced!
Especially love the square tray for hubby’s colognes or any other collection that needs corralling.
Also love the 3 tiered piece – many lovely deserts and tidbits.

You’ve got the eye – elegant and yet functional.

I like item 20. For fruits and avocados to ripen on my kitchen counter. Not sure if the metal has a negative effect…

I could see number five filled with pinecones, greenery and berries sitting on my dining room table for the holidays. Of course every piece is beautiful!

All your pieces are exquisite. I would take Item #20 (3 Tiered Server) and here are some of my ideas of what I would do with it:
First I would put very small lovely pastel roses around edges of all the trays. Then:
-On one level would be beautiful macaroons from Laduree in Paris, all in lovely pastel shades. On the next level, would be petit fours with my monogram on them, also done in pastel colors. On the last level would be cut marshmallows, done in yummy Lilly Pulitzer shades of summer.

Another idea for the 3 Tier Server:
Beautiful fruits done on each level; First level: Cherries share space with pineapple; Second level: Watermelon shares space with Kiwi; Third Level: Strawberries share space with Melon.

Another 3 Tier Idea:
To present the perfect ending to a perfect meal (maybe after a cookout):
On one tier: little tiny bottles (old fashioned bottles) of good ole’ milk
Next Tier: Freshly Baked Large Chocolate Chip Cookies made with Potato Chips (these are delish!) sharing space with Oatmeal Coconut Raisin Cookies
Final Tier: Collection of various Godiva chocolates and truffles

Another 3 Tier Idea:
One Tier: Four Different Cheeses
Next Tier: Various Crackers and Small Breads
Last Tier: Olives and Grapes

Another 3 Tier Idea:
Use it for your drink selections:
On one level spread out various tea bags
Next level spread out various kinds of hot chocolate
On last level add marshmallows!

Another 3 Tier Idea:
For a wedding shower:
Put Cupcakes on each level, each decorated in themes that mean something to the bride. Some would have her monogram on them, some with pretty dresses decorated on them, some with her favorite places (Eiffel Tower anyone?), picture of her dog or cat, etc.

Item #7: I would display: Beautiful crystal candlesticks in varying heights on this tray. I would also mix in small crystal objects.

Item #12 Large Tray: I would display a variety of Herend animals and objects on this tray.

Another idea for small tray: I would display a variety of Swaroski crystal objects and animals on this tray.

Another idea: on largest tray: I would display a few Wedgewood Jasperware pieces. The cool blue color would look excellent next to the silver.

Hi Tina,

Love all the silver pieces but really adore item 18, the tray that you have for your husband’s colognes. What a wonderful idea and the tray has a more manly feel with those lion heads- just perfect!

Oh Tina, I am an avid silver fan! I love item #13, so lovely and classic. I am throwing a bridal shower for an intimate group and would love to fill this gorgeous container with lavender balls wrapped in battenburg lace and tied with lavender ribbons and a sprig of lavender for each guest. I might put a silk orchid in the center with the white lace balls all around it. My mind is coming up with some fun ideas for this precious container.
Thank you for the chance to win one of your silver pieces. I hope you can read all these lovely comments from your fans. Have a wonderful summer day!

# 15 – I would love to see it filled with succulents and moss in a beautiful bathroom. Of course, there would be dozens of use for it at Christmas, as well.

The tray (#18) your husband uses in his bathroom just takes my breath away. It is super gorgeous! I actually love the planter you are offering in the giveaway too! It is difficult to only pick one thing. Your prices are fantastic!

For sure number 20! I’d either use it for fruit or flowers- couldn’t go wrong either way… Love it all!

I love the square, scalloped tray, (#18). It would be beautiful set sea shells on in the summer time.

Agree with all. So many useful unique pieces. Like the tier server, the scallop square wine cooler, however I am looking for a small tray like #12 to put on a small coffee table. I would like to put a couple decanters and glass nut bowls on it with some antique bar tools. Beautiful collection. Thank you Tina.

Love the trays but my fave is item 9! It’s such a lovely piece that could be used anywhere. I like your idea of using it in the guest bath.

Oh Tina The Large Tray with Shell Detail would be so Lovely with my collective of small enamel photo frames on it. However, every single piece is Gorgeous……

Every item is gorgeous but the three tired server is my favorite. I would love to use this piece at my mother in jaws 97th birthday get together!!

Hi Tina, I love all the silver pieces but item @ 14 speaks to me as I can picture a pretty green plant, paper whites, orchids or really any flower would be beautiful in the planter. Thanks for the giveaway you are offering this week. Hope I am the lucky winner. Hope you have a restful weekend.

I adore number #20. It is just lovely! I would put fresh lemons from my garden in it. Love how your silver pieces look amazing with all my blue and white dishes. The silver adds a touch of elegance to each room. L?VE!

I can just imagine no. 7 (footed punch bowl) in the center of my cherry dining room table filled with a frothy green fern…the table catches the morning light, and the bowl would beautiful in the sunlight.

The BOWLS!!!! (sigh) Especially the first and last of the three… I would cut gardenias from a large heirloom bush on our property…. load up the bowls and my house would smell heavenly…Ugh!
Tina the new silver collection is exquisite…you go girl!!

They are all beautiful but if I had to choose one – it would be number 6. I would use it as a serving dish.

I would pick item #4! You won’t believe this but I’ve been looking for a very smart looking, beautiful, silver waste basket for my marble/gray formal powder room & this fits the bill perfectly, I just can’t believe it!

Dear Tina,

I love the shallow pierced bowl. I would use it to serve dessert like cake topped with fruit.


These are gorgeous! I am fortunate to have my MIL’s collected pieces from years past, but love to assemble some for myself. Item #8 is to swoon over and item #15…adorable! Love the lion heads and the feet. Excellent job!

Item 20 is fabulous!!! Could use for petit fours, Christmas ornaments, veggies, flowers- so many things!!!! Love all the items- stunning!!!

Item 18 is definitely my fav!! Jealous of your husband! I would place on my dark coffee table with pretty pieces of heirloom crystal among my decorating books, or on my bar for condiment bowls, or or or ………….

I’m such a fan of silver!! I just love the tub, the scallop planter, and the planter you’re giving away!! Perfect for orchids or for holding multiple bottles of wine / champagne around the holidays. 🙂 They’re all such classic pieces that you could have forever! Love!!

So hard to choose a favorite, they’ll all beautiful! No. 15 is my favorite; I love the lion’s head handles. Thanks for adding me to the drawing!

My favorite piece is #8, the large footed punch bowl. I love the modern take on the traditional crystal one. And love the idea of piling shrimp in it for a party!

Tina, so many lovely items that it is difficult to pick one. #17 I would use all of the time as a centerpiece bowl and change it out seasonally. Very pretty.

My absolute favorite piece is the 16.5″ square tray. I would use it all the time! This is the best silver yet, and the photos are truly amazing. Thanks!

I loved the first few….#1,2, 3…simple lines and the beaded trim. They have a more modern, sleek feel to them…. Would use for orchids, fruit, or perhaps a beautiful bromeliad .

Love number 1 and the sea shell scallop too!
Both exquisite as is this collection..maybe your best yet.

Oh please me. I want #6 the centerpiece bowl. Come back to Franklin TN. Sorry I missed meeting you when you were here recently.

#13 is calling my name! Would love it in my dining room with a beautiful white orchid…

Item 14 is my favorite. It would be so pretty filled with a simple flower arrangement on my side table in the foyer.

Oh my goodness!! What a stunning collection. I could fine use for almost everything. I must say # 4 the beautiful bowl which I would definitely use as a punch bowl and # 6 the planter/wine cooler (as I am partial to a nice pino grigio) are my most favourites.

Definitely the # 12 serving trays. I love incorporating silver trays into just about any decor. I would use the tray to serve beverages at an upcoming baby shower I am hosting!

While the pieces are all lovely, I would use item #10 in a powder room and roll up lovely hand towels inside it for guests……….it makes guest feel pampered!

Oh, how I love number 8???! I would put a large maidenhair fern in it for everyday use on my dining room table. For special occasions, I would use it for chilled wine bottles. Beautiful!!!!!

#13 is my choice. The trim along the top and bottom is understated and elegant. The flair of the handles is lovely. It really does look fantastic with an orchid. It would be beautiful in any room. It would also make a great present!

I would choose #18! So different and I do not have a tray anything like that tray. Love it!!

Hi Tina

Because of you I use the few pieces of silver I have every day now. #15 would be perfect for the orchids I always try to have in the house.

All of your pieces are just beautiful. My favorite is the giveaway piece. It could be used for so many things. Plants, fruit, ornaments, decorative glass balls & flowers. I just love your blog. My fav!!!

Number 6 would be incredible on my table with my silver candlesticks. All of your pieces are beautiful so it was hard to pick!

Tina, #17 would be my choice. I’d put it on my coffee table and fill with shells I bring back from every beach adventure, along side Anne Morrow Lindberg’s book, Gift From The Sea!

So hard to choose a favorite! If I have to pick one, it is the stunning shallow bowl #17. I’d put lemons and/or limes in it and sit it on my buffet or kitchen island. All of these items are beautiful. Thank you, Tina.

#20 Three tiered server for sure. I would love to use on the bathroom vanity for makeup, perfume samples, soap, etc! It’s absolutely stunning.
Also would be great on a desk filled with office supplies.

Love items no. 10 & 18. Would use the 1st as a planter & would find so many uses for the beautiful tray. Thanks for another great giveaway!

Tina, the silver tray (number 7) is amazing with the shell detail! I love heavy silver that has intricate designs, and I would use this for many foods at teas and other parties.

My favorite silver item is the three tiered pierced serving tray. I can just picture it used for my little granddaughter’s candy themed birthday party. How precious it would look amid sterling bowls filled with an assortment of candies. I would display various sugar cubes decorated with various pastel “girly” things. I can just see a small wreath of greenery and pink flowers accented with ribbons reaching up to the first tier. Little girls in their monogrammed pinafores complete the picture.

I love # 17. I can see it adorned with some beautiful red pomegranates and a few sprigs of evergreen at Christmas.

Love the centerpiece bowl, No 8. Wish I entertained more, then I would use it for a fabulous punch bowl at Christmas time. something red with floating fruit.

Hi Tina
You certainly have beautiful pieces here. I do have some pieces similar to yours, but your have wonderful detail.
I love the three tiered serving piece a lot but what there not to love!
Best of luck with these new pieces.

I love the beautiful etched wine cooler and would use it at a party for putting cute little bottles of iced coffee and iced tea nestled on ice inside the wine cooler. Of course, I could also bring out the white wines one evening and keep everything nice and refreshing in that lovely cooler!

I love silver, and this selection is extraordinary! I love item number 20, it would be fun to have near a tea pot with assorted teas, sugar cubes, and stirrers.

#14 footed planter and the pierced bowls are fabulous . I would use the footed planted either for towels in my bathroom or one of my currently blooming orchids. The pierced bowls are just so pretty without anything in them, but I would put floating flowers as a table decoration or use them to serve Macarons of varying types.

I select #1 as my favorite because it would be great to hold mail everyday when I first walk into my home. By the way, #13 is great, (I just bought it recently from you) with the white orchid and it looks great in my living room.
Thank you so much.

Nice collection, Tina. Love #10…I could find so many ways to use, but would love to chill and serve a nice bottle of chardonnay at dinner. 🙂

Love them all but I must say item 8 is my absolute fav! I always like the idea of a punch bowl size because they are perfect for holding a fern , filling with ice to hold wine, of course punch – the uses are endless !!!

I really love #19-I have been looking for a simple elegant set of charger plates. They would be just beautiful on my dining room table for the Holidays.

Love them all, especially 7, 9, & 20. Do use a 3 tiered server a lot. Mine is China, but may have to have a silver one too!

To my silver sisters:
I would use the three tiered server lined and filled with beautiful drapey blooms and seeded eucalyptus for a gorgeous centerpiece or to bring height to a buffet.

I love the gorgeous detail of all of these pieces. They all look quite expensive and fine. I would choose Item #7, the oval tray, and have a very fancy party. The ladies would be asked to wear ball gowns and I would keep it less formal for the gentlemen. They could be comfortable and wear sports jackets and bow ties. My husband and I would greet our guests at the door and alongside us would be a server holding that tray with Tiffany champagne flutes filled on one side and on the other side blood orange cosmos. Scattered on the tray amongst the glasses would be Yellow, Orange and Pink Rose Petals from the Hybrid Tea Rose called Lafter. The scent from the rose petals would softly greet each guest as they arrived. Another server would lead them into the Family Room where I would have a Harpist and a person playing the Violin playing classical music.

Tina, I love it all!! Silver beauty! But I’m especially in love with # 18, the square (!) tray! The tiny faces peering out, the unusual shape, and the gracious curves are all wonderful! I need this for my living room coffee table. Can’t you just imagine it with crystal candlesticks, lit up for an evening party? Gorgeous! Linda

I would put multi-color Faberge crystal cordial glasses on the Large Round Tray (#12) filled with either Ciao Bella or Talenti grapefruit or passion fruit sorbet to serve between courses of a dinner party. I would scatter rose petals amongst the glasses from “Joseph’s Coat”, which is a Red and Yellow rose that carries a delicious fragrance with it also.

#7 I’m in love & obsessed with all things relating to trays. I would use this with my candlesticks, inherited oil lamp, and small x-mas ornaments filling the tray. All the silver pieces are sooo beautiful.

Hi Tina,
Love your blog, I’ve been following since half-way through the home building process. Your house came out gorgeous! My two favorites were number one and the one you are giving away. I need some new planters for my orchids so I’ll be ordering one soon. Best to you 🙂

Dear Tina,
I absolutely LOVE all of them, but my favorite is #11. Those baskets are just gorgeous! 🙂 Congrats on the silver collection 🙂

Congratulations on these beautiful additions The oval planters would be beautiful on a mantle filled with round Christmas ornaments.

I love them all! Number 11 (scalloped pierced bowl) is especially lovely and very different from other pieces I’ve seen. Beautiful products!

Item #18?the scalloped tray. I have always loved silver?.place settings, serving pieces, everything.. It always looks so lovely and elegant. You have some beautiful pieces?Thanks for this give away opportunity! Lucky us!

I love anything with a scalloped edge! But, I do really LOVE the silver chargers and would like to have a full set of 8 for my dining table. Each piece is exquisite Tina!

Absolutely STUNNING silver! So hard to choose a favorite, but if I must…#4 which I will be using as a Wine Cooler or Ice Bucket as I just placed an order for it 🙂

Wow, was it hard to pick a favorite! Do I pick something I already have and love or a piece I want next? When you love silver, you love them all! I try to find ways to use some of my silver pieces in my everyday life, where I can enjoy them everyday and mix with informal pieces — love that look. So I pick #10. I plan to use it as a catchall on the table next to my easy chair where I read, watch tv, etc. It will hold my reading glasses, pens, note pads, the remote control, maybe my current crossword puzzle book, etc.

P.S. In addition to the more formal meals in our dining room, I more often use my silver serving pieces for everyday casual buffet style meals displayed on the kitchen island in our eat-in kitchen — for taco salads, barbecue, etc. Shredded lettuce and cheese for the taco salads or hamburger buns are beautiful in the silver. I mix in baskets serving pieces too to keep it not too formal. It wows my family and friends while so simple for me.

I am inordinately fond of items with pierced borders, but I love item #15. It would look fantastic with orchids tucked in it!

Item number 4! For ice cold champagne when my son comes home from deployment! Or on my husbands birthday…..or for a Sunday brunch with the family…..or ….just because it would be lovely to have a chilled glass of bubbly!!! Can’t you just picture it?????!!!!!

#1. I would use as you suggest a bet she bucket filled with white wine. I love a serving piece that stands apart!!

So many beauties! But my favorites are #9 and #14 and I love your idea of using them for guest towels in the powder room. That’s how I would use them!

Item 17 would be my choice! I would fill it with floral foam and make a fabulous centerpiece with lilies, alstomeria, and snapdragons.

Love the chargers! They would look beautiful on my dining room table when the table is set for the holidays!!

I love the idea of using folded towels in the bathroom in silver and love the orchid with silver…so chic…

My absolute favorite is Item 7… I can already see the beautiful seafood platter we will create for our next dinner party!!!

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