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Hello friends! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. First I want to announce the winner of the silver giveaway, congratulations goes to-

#153 ANN

Please contact me at [email protected] to claim your prize so your beautiful piece can be on it’s way!

Gorgeous weather here and our weekend has been so nice,  last night hosted a small surprise birthday dinner at a beautiful waterfront restaurant for my hubby. We had such a great time, he was celebrated by special friends, it doesn’t get better!

Today will be a day of pure relaxation and gardening…my most favorite kind of day:)  Hopefully we will end it with a nice BBQ…that’s my definition of a perfect day, no agenda, beautiful weather and hours on end to do as we please!

This coming week will be a busy work week so I am reserving my energy for when I really need it. Ready to get started on my Seven on Sunday this week? Let’s go…..



1 VERTICAL GARDENING? Yep, I am sure like me you are wondering what the heck that is. My son has a friend who has started doing this, it started out as a hobby and how he is considering it as a full time business (leaving finance). It apparently has several advantages over traditional horizontal gardening and is built around “green walls” as the foundation.

Then I heard on the business radio that this is a huge burgeoning industry. Fascinating, I had to look into it. They are taking old warehouses and turning them into modern makeshift greenhouses, this is the future people! There are countless articles but here is a basic intro to what it is all about over at Better Homes and Gardens in case you are interested, click here.

maxresdefault vertical_gardening_tomatos_curly_pumpkins 6-Vertical-crates-garden-ideas Shoe-holder-garden 54caeb4817ead_-_vertical-gardening-04-0512-de-61010754


2. DINING  UNDER THE LEMONS!! I have never been to Capri, but am dying to. A friend is there now and sent me a picture of her dining under the lemons at Da Paolino…I am obsessed about going and this restaurant has been on my bucket list for a while. She said its even more magical in person, if she wasn’t so sweet I would have to hate her:)

I did some research and I apologize ahead of time for inducing an uncontrollable urge  to book a trip to Capri (and at the very least crave their beautiful food)…..yum!! Click here to find out more about this magical restaurant.

Capri-table-tiles-lunch-table-setup-diana-sorensen-sugokuii-eventsRIGATONI CON FIORILLI 3973922735_3a099ed30c_o Capri-table-tiles-lunch-table-setup-diana-sorensen-sugokuii-events

Insalata Caprese N-5-2U8E0087_d16x9_0_33_899.20150519112122

And can you believe this lemon sorbet presentation…..SIGN ME UP!!!!


3. MY DINING ROOM PROFESSIONALLY SHOT.  Just when I think I am a fairly decent photographer I have some pictures professionally shot and then realize just how far I have to go:)

Paul Montgomery had my dining room shot for an ad (mostly close ups), I loved the pictures, just breathtaking! Worth sharing with you today a few of them-

unnamed(1) unfddfnamed ufdsfdnnamed unnadfasfdasmed


4 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Love what I chose this week, so  much inspiration. It gets my wheels turning to decorate, cook, travel and seize the most out of every day!

IMG_7483 IMG_7484 IMG_7485 IMG_7486

IMG_7449 IMG_7456 IMG_7463 IMG_7524 IMG_7518


5. THE FABULOUS RITZ PARIS IS OPEN! This is as good as everyone was hoping, maybe even better! The much anticipated opening has happened and it looks incredible.

I am so happy they stayed true to that old world elegant French style that takes you back to a more glamorous time instead of succumbing to the more modern interiors that are abound in so many of the high end hotels today. Bravo to the Ritz….now need to figure out when/how to get there:) Click here for info

gallery-1466527537-suite-vendime-vincent-leroux-3 lespadon-adrien-dirand-4 salon-proust-adrien-dirand-7 bar-hemingway--vincent-leroux-1 piscine--vincent-leroux-3 escalier-dhonneur--vincent-leroux suite-vendime--vincent-leroux-1 bar-vendime-vincent-leroux-2 suite-ccsar-ritz--vincent-leroux-3

6. A FABULOUS SALAD I am always looking for great new low calorie meal ideas, and will be doing a post on that in the upcoming weeks. I have been a really good girl these last few months and have gone down a full dress size, woo hoo!

I have been eating a lot of salads and protein…variety is the spice of life so I am always looking for new and interesting variations. This salad is absolutely delicious and I only add grilled chicken to it to create an actual meal, Southwestern salads are one of my faves. Click over to the Garden Grazer for the full recipe.


7.  SUMMER READING. Settling down with a great book is one of my all time favorites things to do. The problem is that in the last few years I have read less than I ever have and I so miss it. I managed to read a few books in the last few months but you have to remember I used to be a voracious reader and then this thing called blogging came along:)

So one of my big “to do’s” this summer is to read at least 4 books. I have curated my list, all fun beach reads, nothing too serious so this is what I have on my goals list….a few just ordered and ready to begin some beach reading next week!



So there you have seven things on my mind this week. How about you? What is new on your end? Thank  you for stopping by and sharing your Sunday with me.

I hope you have a wonderful day and great end to your week. Summer is really here and it’s hard to believe July 4th is just around the corner, seize every day, summer is the best! Until next time….

PS As we are  a little behind processing silver order requests I have decided to extend the promo offer until 1pm today, so it’s not too late! Click here for info













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Thanks again for another lovely Sunday pick-me-up. I enjoyed reminiscing about Capri where I have been a couple of times. I have several bottles of limoncello that I brought back from Capri that are on display in my bar, as they are too pretty to open. If you ever make it to Capri, include in your trip a visit to nearby Pompeii on the mainland. Time stood still there and it is simply fascinating. Oh, and don’t forget the Amalfi Coast too!

The rigatoni con fiorilli looks delicious! Surely, you cannot post a picture this mouth watering without a recipe?!

Capri looks beautiful! I may need to add it to my Places to Go list. 🙂
Just got back from Paris & stopped in to see the Ritz Paris – it is gorgeous!! Want to book there the next time we head to France. We happened upon Hemingway Bar on their opening night as well. It was a wonderful experience – the cocktails were delicious!
Your blog was a treat to read as always. 🙂

I so look forward to your Seven On Sunday posts. Something very peaceful about each one. Your home’s interior is similar to the new Ritz Paris, simply exquisite. Now I have to go find a recipe for that mouth watering rigatoni dish!!!

I always look forward to your Seven on Sunday post. They always seem to hit the spot.
I would love to read more about your healthy eating plan that has helped you lose a dress size.
Congratulations on that. I am trying to do the same so I am always interested in what others are eating while trying to lose a few pounds. The salad recipe looks wonderful. Printing it out for later.


I’ve missed you! Summer has been a little busier than I expected (what was I thinking?!?) and at the rate it’s going, I’ll look up and it will be September!

I ADORE the photos of your dining room. The one with the chair in the middle and the windows on the sides looks like it came straight out of Architectural Digest!! I love that I’ve actually been in that dining room. 🙂

Congrats on your healthy eating and dropping a dress size. That is AWESOME!!!!! I need to follow your lead and let salads be my main thing. I did make the Green Goddess dressing out of GP’s cookbook and my son loved it so much, he used it as a “sauce” for his rib eye!!

The photos of Capri have me aching to go. I’m working on with Sandy, so with a little luck and planning, I’ll be there this time next year.

Ok…must dash!
xoxoxo Elizabeth

Wowza!!!! I want to dine under the lemons. I’m putting that on top of my bucket list!! I will be dreaming about those gorgeous photos for days. Speaking of which… all the professional photography going on at your house – is your home being featured in a magazine? If not, it should be!! Enjoy your busy week, and remember to stop to smell the lemons! 🙂

Good New York morning Tina,

Capri is delightfully beautiful and magical.
Side trips to Positano and Pompei are a must too.

While in Paris at the Ritz, don’t forget to look up Colin in the Hemingway Bar. He serves a martini unlike anyone else.

Have a great week.

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