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Hi friends….back with another chapter. It is starting to feel like it will really happen. Our plans are out with two builders that we narrowed it down to and with luck we will have made a decision by next week, will get those final permits and be on our way!

My original plan was to be there by next Easter, that does not look likely however I sure hope that by July 4th we will be calling PB our second home:) There is so much to consider and think about, but I feel like I am making great progress well ahead of schedule by doing these posts. I already know the colors I want, the roof, the windows and shutters, that right there is huge (think of Donald saying H U G E).

Today we are going back to the interiors, when you walk in there is a wide hallway/foyer that opens to a very large great room open to the kitchen/bar (included plans on my last chapter). I have a feeling this is where we will spend a lot of our time. That room has French doors that open to a very large wide deck that goes from one end of the house to the other, love that!

So this room will have tall ceilings and we hope to do some kind of a coffered ceiling. I love when they are painted but I also really like a very light white/washed stain. So here are some of my ideas for how I see that great room being done-


The ceiling-

Either way- painted or white washed, it is a beautiful detail and really adds to that coastal feel-

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Great color, Alabaster by  Sherwin Willliams


I am continuing to research this, looove the idea of a stone, like limestone or next best thing, Peacock Pavers but I know they are not as easy on the feet, so we probably will end up doing wood but I am still putting all options on the table! If I do wood it will be a lighter stain and always been a fan of herringbone anything!

chevron-hardwood-floors-asd surfaces




And there is no denying the beauty of a Peacock Paver…

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Rugs vs sisal-

I see doing either a tonal sisal maybe with a pattern or one of my favorite rugs, Oushaks, the more washed the better!! I know the sisal is not the most comfy on the feet but its so darn pretty, however a worn Oushak is hard to beat.

camilla-sisal dsc_0097 traditional-area-rugs

And of course you cannot deny the beauty of a washed Oushak, so gorgeous!

l_sh26823 002 NMH5EDD_mu HCH88Q3_mu

Fireplace mantle-

We are hoping to do a limestone/cast stone rustic French oversized mantle, I have the vision alive in my mind and know it will be a perfect choice

MT-205-BG P3_Inspiration


The Furnishings-

The fun part aka the furniture/furnishings!  I see a lot of creamy whites, in case you are not onto this idea already:) Soft blues as a subtle bit of color, but a very soft and tonal room. I have always loved this space below that was beautifully finished by specialty finisher Leslie of Segreto, my room will be  much more casual but the feeling that invites you in and is so soothing is what I am after-


I have always seen a big chunky tressel table in this room, the size can handle it and they are incredible durable


And can see any of these chairs, some more casual and some more of  a rustic French


Safavieh Furniture: Sofas, Loveseats, Recliners, Dining, Chairs, Coffee Tables, Accent Tables, Patio/Outdoor Furniture

fox6229h-front contemporary-white-linen-dining-chair-with-varnished-oak-wood-legs-as-well-as-dining-room-arm-chairs-and-dining-arm-chairs-936x702

In the living room/family room I see lots of creamy white (in durable fabrics)

oversized-wood-coffee-tables img-thing C2452_03_0509_fpo-600x6001


I see a tonal room with very subtle color in soft blues and greens, these types of fabrics are what I can see on pillows and maybe a chair or two


Love this trim as well wouldn’t it be pretty on a solid ivory pillow



Always loved this light wood chandelier and am so happy I will have a place to use it, can see putting two in the great room.



And for above the dining table which is an extension of this room can see something along this line ( a pair of these over table) All lighting from Currey

9075 9000-0013

Can see a pair of these beauties on end tables-


And of course lots of small tables, big baskets of magazines books, a few beautiful orchids like those from my shop, all the “fluff”

Stunning Square Ivory with Blue Planter and 3 Stem Orchid Arrangement

Incredible Large Pink Orchid Plant in Long Ivory Gold Tole Planter


Fabulous Hydrangea in Blue and White Tole Planter

2866520_1 img38m


And finally here is a loose storyboard of what I can see this room shaping up to be-

OB-great room



So there you have an overall design scheme for this great room. I see it as a space that is both beautiful and of course light an airy. I think it’s going to be the center of where our living gets done. So comfort, functionality is very important, a few big comfortable sofas with plenty of chairs you can relax in are tops on my list.

Pretty soft lighting, I cannot wait to get to the point where I need to actually start making these decisions! It’s fun though to have a concept in mind and I know me, I don’t waver much, many of our ideas I know are what will end up coming to fruition.

Thank you for stopping in and following along with me..the best is surely yet to come. If you missed any of the other chapters, go to the rop right in the search bar and type in Bluff Diaries it will take you to all the previous posts. Wishing you a fabulous day, until next time……

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Now, this is livability at its best!

Love the direction you are taking and will be following closely.

Like the orchids in painted toile containers…..would love to see ferns or other plants also.

Love all of your ideas and selections for your summer home! We built our home 9 years ago and chose Sherwin Williams Alabaster for all of the cabinets and trim. I’m still in love with it! I can’t wait to see more PB posts, thanks for sharing.

Great ideas! Beautiful! If you find your perfect dining table, trestle or otherwise, please share your source as I too am looking for one. One bit of advice: don’t rule out ceiling fans!!! You won’t believe the humidity in the low country! Maybe a dehumidifier for longer HVAC life, too…

Wow Tina … all of your ideas are incredible. I love the top photos of the ceilings and all of the d?cor ~ light blues and grays, the lighting, etc.. Everything is going to be gorgeous!

Peacock Pavers! You will NEVER regret it.. beyond gorgeous.. then throw a fab rug over it.. I would do all sisal. I have samples right her in my hand.. I dont think they feel rough.. I think the look supports the unique feel. Do it!

I really like your color scheme. Calm. You won’t get tired of it. It won’t look outdated. Outrageous and audacious are fun to visit but I wouldn’t want to live with them.
I’m a big fan of stone floors myself….though herringbone parquet is gorgeous.

Peacock pavers are the best! Love the Oushak rugs and the sisal. You will make the right decision, you always do.

Love living vicariously through your adventures! I’m not a huge fan of sisal because not only is it hard on your feet, especially if your barefoot, but it is nearly impossible to clean. I have tried sisal in my dining room because just like you, I love the look, but with a dog and two cats (who for some reason think that’s where they should cough up their fur balls,) I won’t use it again. I much prefer the light color and softness underfoot that Oushak rugs bring to a room. If I were using white in a vacation home, I would consider some of the new indoor/outdoor fabrics. They have come a long way and aren’t the stiff, scratchy finishes they used to be. Since you want to relax at this home, you wouldn’t have to worry much if someone spilled. Will be fun to watch the progress! Thanks for sharing.

Beautiful Tina!! If Alabaster doesn’t work (I’ve learned that the color I want may not work in the lighting of a different house). Ballet White is my favorite. Our whole house trim, cabinets doors (except stained exterior) is Ballet White. So soothing. I too love a sisal but agree they are hard to clean with pets. WHY my dog throws up on the small area rug instead of the hardwood is beyond me. So excited to follow Bluff Diaries. Look into a standing floor fan instead of a ceiling fan in rooms where you would like a fabulous light fixture. I found one with wooden legs and it goes well in my master bedroom. I did put fans in guest bedroom and children’s bedrooms. Thank you for allowing me to follow along!

This is so much fun. I love every single choice you’ve made so far. I vote for the Oushak rug too and btw, where do you shop for those?

You ought to take a trip to Charleston and go to Acquisitions on King St. they have everything you are looking for or can get it,as well as beautiful antiques. I live on Lake Norman north of Charlotte,NC and have a place in Charleston and shop there here in Charlotte and Charleston. With your love of “the low country” I was always curious as to why you chose PB over Kiawah? Charleston has much more to offer than Savannah . You must have friends who have live at PB
is all I can figure. Good Luck

I have no doubt whatever direction you go, it will be absolutely stunning! I love your choices so far!

So exciting! I agree with one of your other readers, do not forget the fans. Even with great a/c, a little movement in the air is what you need to be comfortable. Outdoor fans will keep the bugs at bay. Don’t rule out the outdoor misters – many include them for a very comfortable outdoor porch and living space. Love all of your ideas, and bring your paint samples down when you come. The light is gorgeous here – but it is different. Some of my old favorite paints wouldn’t work in the SOuthern light – I’ve tried new paints and I’m glad I did.

Glad to see the roll arm chairs and sofa making it into your story board. Comfort is so key! Love the herringbone wood flooring. I’m a fan of a medium tone for a timeless European look. Also would cozy up the lighter tones. I’m a convert to sea grass–so much softer and cleanable! Love the peacock pavers. We did ours with the radiant heat mats. Love, love, love them. We haven’t regretted that decision for a second. Palmetto Bluffs is wonderful. You’ll enjoy your time there when it comes!

Everything is beautiful! I totally love the look of the herringbone floors! Enjoy this journey!

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