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Hello and happy Wednesday morning! We survived this crazy crazy election cycle. I am just so darn happy it’s over……what a rollercoaster of a night. I stayed up until the wee hours, no matter what side you were on, it was riveting to say the least.

Moving on…… it’s time for our monthly It’s All Set. I can’t believe it came on so fast…where is time going? Way too fast if you ask me.


I will be hosting a small birthday luncheon for a dear and treasured friend in a few weeks. Because the chaos of the holiday season is already beginning I am thinking ahead and planning out as much as I possibly can well ahead of time.

We will certainly not be outdoors as some of my more recent luncheons have been, this will be a cozy intimate affair inside. I started thinking about a color scheme and while I do love my blue and white, started to consider other options so it was fun for me to take a walk down memory lane and take a look at some of my favorite tablescapes from the last year or so.

It’s always so great how we can draw inspiration from the past isn’t it. I will likely duplicate one of these or do a rendition of them, as I don’t think there’s a bad one in the bunch! Do you have a favorite?




I love these pheasant plates, and wish I had even more. These are discontinued as of last year and I bought everything the manufacturer had and had a huge close out on them last year and of course kept a stash for myself:)


Here it was used for  Thanksgiving last year-

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I also love these chargers and great news…they are coming back (due here mid Dec)


Experimented using my Imari china which is always such a great classic


Another plate variation on top the chargers with a candle favor on top:)


And of course you know my feelings on blue and white tablescapes……love them!


One of my favorite china patterns above, Blue Mikado from Royal Crown Derby…such a classic


Always been a big fan of the play of green, blue and white


This above is the epitome of classic blue and white, works every time!


I did this last month and just love these plates and all the fall touches


This was one done late summer, I must say I just love these colors, feels so fresh, crisp and happy


I would be hard pressed to choose a favorite, part of the fun is creating and trying new combinations of things. I may incorporate more of a fall/holiday theme, still in the “playing” stage. Thank you for stopping by, be sure to check out the other participants, always well worth the click





Lilacs & Longhorns







Hope you enjoy your day, thank you for stopping by. Until next time…..

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Would love to know the maker/pattern of the silver flatware in your lovely blue tablescape
“Blue Mikado from Royal Crown Derby”. I learned that it was purchased from Neiman Marcus, but would love to know the brand.
Thank you so very much,

You’re right. They are all exquisite. Love your work.
And I have already placed an order from Dixie Designs. Thanking you so much for being so generous with and sharing your extensive knowledge of such beautiful decorating and entertaining, etc.
Extra hugs to our American friends today. You’re remain a wonderful people and we still love and admire you. Stay strong.

OMG… I love all of your china!!! I could not possibly pick my favorite! Your friend is very lucky to be treated to such a lovely lunch at your gorgeous home. Enjoy the rest of your week!

Love the blue and white caddy holding the Splender packets. Who makes it?

Another great post! Thank you!

Each & every tablescape is lovely! I have 2 favorites: the pheasant is outstanding and of course the RCD Mikado. You do a wonderful job of mix N’ match.
Kindly share the pattern name of the discontinued pheasant and the silver with the Mikado. Thanks!
I look forward to you posts!
BTW I just received my blue & white Christmas ornaments and I am ECSTATIC!!!! Wonderful job!

Hi Tina,
All are lovely! Would you be willing to share the manufacturer and pattern name for the crystal in these photos?

I thought I was bad with multiple sets of china but you’re over the top !! I vote for using the Imari. It’s lovely.

The pheasant plates are beautiful !! Sorry I missed them, but will definitely catch the chargers when they come out .

hi tina! we survived the election! your placesettings are stunning and prepare the way for such a festive mood. a blast from the past from your shop shows up in my blog post today…so stop by if you have a sec. xox

I’m a huge fan of blue and white as well and any tablescape that has those colors is something that I truly gravitate too! Fun partying with you again this month.

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