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Hello!  First a big THANK YOU to all veterans and their families who have served. Without you we are most certainly not the great nation that we are, your service is one every American is and should feel indebted to. I can think of no greater or more noble job than those who serve and protect our country. So thank you for your service.


I have BIG news…….the new site is ready and will be launching this weekend! I was starting to doubt it would ever happen as there were a number of delays however the time has finally come. There are many exciting new changes that you will see including a much requested 800 number!

Now, I want to preface this by saying that we will be live anytime between late Friday night through Sat morning. Please be patient as with any new site, there are always going to be plenty of hiccups and we are still ironing some things out. Your patience will be much appreciated as we navigate through the new site over the next week or so.

Rest assured it will all get done and the result will be a much more user friendly totally comprehensive site that I hope you will love as much as I do. The shop site will be updated throughout the coming week, and new additions will finally start getting added including the Christmas ornaments, by very popular demand!

If you experience any issues, don’t hesitate to contact us via email at

A post today on random beauty in all shapes and sizes….enjoy!



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Beautiful view of Montmartre in Paris








I get so inspired when I see beautiful things, with a world in turmoil…the beauty that is all around us is ever so important. How about you? What excites or inspires you?

Thank you for stopping in, once the new site is “settled in” and all is calm on the horizon, you can bet I will be having a special little celebration! Until next time…..

PS Last day to take advantage of the gorgeous scrumptiously soft blankets on promo, a few pieces left, click here to see






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Dramadiva on

Excited for you…progress, sweet progress!?

Lisa on

Simply can’t wait for your new site! Tapping my fingers, scratching my chin….can’t wait 🙂

Fran on

Congratulations on your new website!

Deanna on

Your blog is so beautiful that I can’t imagine an updated one…but I know there must be wonderful surprises in store for us and you! I’m looking forward to seeing it.

Joy on

Good luck with your new website. ? I can hardly wait to see it!

Our French Oasis on

Beautiful stunning photos on a very wet and gloomy day here in France!

ApRil on

Such beautiful pictures and some with very clever and creative
Ideas like the tree of life pie crust topping. Loved seeing around the world life in the Fall time of year with a reminder
of the snow that will follow soon in some parts . Thank you Tina. I know your new site will be a big success.

Joan on

Loved all the photos, thank you for a soft entry into the day.

franki on

Aaaahhhhh!!!! franki

michele@hellolovely on

congrats on the new site, and thanks for all this inspiration, friend. happy weekend. xox

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