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Hello and happy Sunday!  Time to announce a winner of the N. Marcus scarf giveaway! Congratulations goes to-


Please contact me at [email protected] to claim your prize


So wanted to give you a heads up that the new site will be up sometime between Monday night and Tues. It was supposed to be this weekend but there was one area that still needed to be worked on. There will be glitches and things to iron out these first few weeks so please be patient and be assured we are working on them and will have this running like a well oiled machine in no time. Once things are settled down, look for fun a celebration to “christen” my new site! Moving along….

I so cherish my Sundays now that my weekdays are insanely busy…it’s my one day of rest and believe me, one I really anticipate!! Going to take it easy today and then invited to someones home for an early dinner. Hope you are having a great weekend, here is what’s on my mind this week……



1 MY BEAUTIFUL OFFICE!! I am so thrilled with the way this ugly duckling has turned into a swan:) I actually look forward to going to work and working here, it is such a pretty happy space. Let’s not forget this is what we were dealing with-


Amazing what a few gallons of paint, a few key pieces of furniture, gorgeous lamps topped with a few blue and white pieces can do. Still tweaking, there is a loveseat which arrived damaged and a few other pieces of art for the wall but you are getting the idea…it’s a happy space!

unnamdffded unnamfddfd

Love my new lamps


Added a blue and white garden seat to each desk, good for placing things on top of or for a seat if need be


Hung four of the ginger jar prints so far


This door sign makes it very official!



2 NEW GOODIES SOON TO BE ON THEIR WAY. I have a lot of exciting new things coming. My next porcelain container is due in end of this month. Then I will offer a presale on a new shipment (due to arrive end of Dec/start of Jan). I have a lot of incredible new things in store, which I am very excited about. Here is a sneak peek at some-

Aren’t these pen holders fantastic!! Any desk will be all the prettier with one:)

unnamefdasdfad uadfsannamed

Two sizes of two fabulous pagodas will be coming in January!


Thinking this piece below could make a wonderful utensil holder


Adding some orange and white, as there is a strong demand for it


And how neat is getting to see a before and after, LOVE this jar!





Then I have these gorgeous silver chargers coming back by popular demand. Getting in 150 pieces by mid Dec. I will offer them up in a presale early Dec.

unnasdssmed unnadsdsmed

And these stunning sold out silver planters are coming back as well (will be here late Dec/early Jan)

uadsfafdsnnamed unnamefdsd

And these mint juleps were here and got held up in customs, ugh! Fingers crossed I will have them within a few weeks-

unnadsdsmed unnamed

3 VERANDA MAGAZINE’S HOLIDAY IDEAS. Loved going over 25 suggested holiday decorating ideas from Veranda magazine. So many beautiful ideas, and some are quite simple, sometimes less really is more then again sometimes more is more:)  Here are some favorites, click here to see all. This definitely puts me in the mood to begin my holiday decorating!

gallery-1478284782-holiday-decorations-entry-gate gallery-1478807612-holiday-decorations-fruit-placecard gallery-1478284604-holiday-decorations-banister-garland gallery-1478284372-holiday-decorations-fireplace gallery-1478285422-holiday-decorations-horse-barn

4 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST So much to fall in love with this week. A nice balance of incredible food, beautiful interiors and seasonal inspiration-undfsafdsamed ufdsaannamed udfdfdannamed unnam6yyed unname445d unndfamed usd3nnamed unnamedssssd unncx3eamed unnc3amed unxcxnamed ucxnnamed unna3wmed


5 A FLIGHT IN LILLY STYLE. This was a great story, Lilly Pulitzer their founders birthday and came up with a very creative way to celebrate. To a random group of Palm Beach bound passengers, LP had teamed up with Southwest and “took over” the flight, passengers were surprisingly met by a DJ,  live painting, food and all kinds of amazing LP giveaways. Even the flight attendants got in on the Lilly Pulitzer fever. Just my luck…….that I missed this:(


landscape-1478816098-mg-7653-1 gallery-1478815859-img-7681 gallery-1478814061-mg-7781 gallery-1478814235-mg-7656 gallery-1478814818-mg-7645 gallery-1478815037-mg-7829


6 AN INCREDIBLE NEW MUST HAVE BOOK. I love getting new books in the mail….I normally do not even tear off the plastic wrap until I have a beverage of choice and a comfy chair to begin my ritual of how I love to open a new book and take it all in. I take my love of new books very seriously. And friends this one is AMAZING and a MUST HAVE!

From front cover to back, every page is a delectable treat into the world of major parties/events. This will have you dreaming, trust me!  You must add this winner to your book collection, also a fabulous holiday gift idea!! Click here



This party totally took my breath away!!!


A few more teaser photos-

whitehouse horses 059_monn


7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY. I understand many did not want Trump to become president and obviously….many did. Every election cycle there is one you want and one you don’t. But this election cycle is arguably the most polarizing of all. I still feel numb having gone through the whole process…what a wild ride!!! Many are protesting, which is their right.

I don’t  know if it’s me but I have this thing about when celebs meddle in politics, it’s one thing to say you want one or the other. I have no problem with that at all. But I feel like they love to throw out very provocative and overly dramatic statements from their perch of privilege wealth and power…without any consequence.

There were many who said very publicly repeatedly declared that they would immediately leave the country if Trump was elected, even down to a specific plan and country that they would move to. And of course every magazine, social media outlet an late night talk show host has called them out on it to see what time their flight was. Good for them. What do you think about celebrities speaking out when they don’t stand behind what they say?



Well friends, that’s what is on my mind this week. Anything here get your attention? I want to thank you for stopping in and making me a part of your Sunday. Tomorrow just might be “the” day where my site goes live. So dont’ be surprised if you come here Monday-Tuesday and see a whole new Enchanted Home…it is imminent so stay tuned:) Until  next time….













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Rather than worrying about celebs, my heart aches for people of color who will now face more discrimination in their lives, the LGBTQ community who is now faced with the most unbelievably antiquated idea of conversion therapy, and for women of all ages, but especially young, who will now encounter accepted (by many) sexist remarks and actions. How sad.
This should be our focus one and all as a nation and hopefully the celebs will focus on this, too.

Tina great post as always to start my day. So much to love but your office really takes the cake, it is beautiful and I am sure will be a great inspiration for productivity. Cannot wait till all those great new things come in.

Did not vote for Trump but am hoping for the best and hopeful that he will surround himself with capable people looking to establish a fair and equal opportunity for all.

I am so sick of hearing celebrities moan and groan,they look like fools unless they really do it. They need to get over themselves!! Thanks for starting my day off with so much beauty. Hope you get your day of relaxation.

I voted for Trump, because I could not vote for someone like Hillary who thinks she is above the law. I have a security clearance and I know what would happen to me if I sent ONE classified email. Then, there’s the selling of influence and personal enrichment through the Foundation. I pay no attention to so called “celebrities” and their opinions–I live by what feels right to me. These “celebs” have such an inflated view of their importance and the country showed Hillary that bringing them into her campaign did not help her. I just worry about all the impressionable young people who are drawn to these crowd protest events. To protest is ok, as long as you don’t interfere with others trying to travel down roads, etc., and violence is never ok.

Tina – Love these Sunday posts to enjoy with my morning coffee. I think the crushing election results are far too important & far reaching to focus on celebrities. I worry about the LGBT community, African Americans, muslims, latinos, and women who face increased discrimination at the least and perhaps much worse. I worry about children who now have a racist, sexist example of leadership. I’m afraid the angry voters who supported the winner will likely fare the worst in the next few years. Our challenge are greater than ever




Love your Sunday posts. Always so uplifting and fun. Can’t wait to see the new site. I know it will be first class like everything you do. Thanks for your hard work.
I am very saddened by the deep hurt that especially our young people are feeling as a result of our election. I am deeply saddened by the hate that has been spread by both sides throughout the campaign and now continues to spread as supporters continue to follow in their candidates footsteps.
Our country is founded on principles that insure the rights of all Americans. One is the right of freedom of speech which means we have the right to say anything even when it’s stupid, mean or hurtful. It does not give us the right to act them out. Neither does it make it a good thing to do just because you can. I believe political correctness directly contradicts this freedom. Another is the right to vote for whom we choose. We are a very divided country whose people have very different beliefs. We need to learn to work together to find a path for the future if we want to remain the greatest country. This will never be accomplished through hate.

Hi Tina,

Adore your blue/white ceramics, have purchased some, love, love, the pagodas you are ordering!! Must have them, please order enough for all, your shop is fabulous.
Margie from California

Personally I think this trend by celebrities (whatever their political beliefs) is dangerous and irresponsible. It says to people that if you don’t like something, just run away from the problem, instead of working constructively to fix it. And by the way, this “grass is greener” attitude is just wrong – I’ve lived in other countries and believe me, ALL OF THEM have problems!

Love the pen holders. I have been searching for one like these and I am thrilled you will be carrying them.

Another lovely Seven on Sunday post! Thank you!

Love the office!…….please share sources for furniture and fixtures. Know the carpet is off limits.

If women would vote using their brains rather than their ovaries……….then we would be getting somewhere.
but that monthly cycle has historically labeled women as emotional yo yos , which is fact not fiction.

Accept the facts and move on………otherwise you are part of the problem, not the solution.

I’m drooling over the very tall pagoda you will be offering soon! I’ve been wanting one for a very long time .
As far as the election goes , I voted for Trump. Couldn’t be happier!

I love the Veranda Christmas decorating pictures. It’s raining here today, so I think I will go pick up a copy, make a great cuppa and enjoy.

My step-granddaughter, whose parents have been living in Germany, recently posted this comment following her visit to Berlin… “November 9, 1989 the Berlin Wall opened suddenly and a torn country rallied together for a new beginning. Berlin today reminds me that the people of any nation can push through the most challenging moments together and build something good and powerful. Change is inevitable but the results are in the hands of those on either side of the wall.”

Thank you, Tina, for always bringing moments of refreshing beauty into my day.

It amazes me when the women of this country would rather vote for a man that has only made fun of them, been abusive toward them, has none of their interest at heart and his only interest has been on how to better line his pockets. Here you have Hiliary Clinton who has fought all her life for the Country’s well being and especially for the rights of women & children. The lies that were told to derail her campaign would never have happen if she was a man. People cannot vote for Mrs. Clinton because of some ficticous emails but vote for Mr.Trump who spouts lies and racsim and has 70 plus lawsuits still pending. I congratulate Mrs. Clinton for her effort to make changes in this man’s world when men are fighting to keep us out of their space. This is very troubling to me. Mrs. Clinton is honest & upstanding and I continue to send my support. Trump will ruin this country.

I love all your photos and ideas. Thank you!

I just read this and think it’s timely, spot on, and the science part is fascinating on so sharing.

“There are two things you can do when you feel the need to complain. One is to cultivate an attitude of gratitude. That is, when you feel like complaining, shift your attention to something that you’re grateful for. Taking time to contemplate what you’re grateful for isn’t merely the right thing to do; it reduces the stress hormone cortisol by 23%. Research conducted at the University of California, Davis, found that people who worked daily to cultivate an attitude of gratitude experienced improved mood and energy and substantially less anxiety due to lower cortisol levels. Any time you experience negative or pessimistic thoughts, use this as a cue to shift gears and to think about something positive. In time, a positive attitude will become a way of life.”

How is your poll any different from what you accuse the celebrities of doing? Your poll is very negative. Although you are trying to appear objective, it is obvious where you stand. It’s a shame you needed to weigh in and lecture us. I’m happy that I have the ability to unsubscribe to your blog, which I will do as soon as I post this.

I voted for the lesser evil, Trump. Hillary has made her living off of the tax payer for 30 years and has made very little difference for the betterment of our nation. President elect Trump has spent his life working for the money he made. I most appreciate the fact that he took no money from anyone and owes no favors. He spent far less money on his campaign. She spent not one single penny of Her own money. And the final blow was when Beyoncé and JZ was brought in so that she would have a large attendance and they repeated over and over the most disgusting words and she never spoke against that. And people are saying that minority’s groups should be afraid? Shows what she thinks of those minority groups!

I enjoy your blog but thought you had stated before that you do not talk politics
So I was disappointed to see your comments and poll. I was looking forward to your usually uplifting weekly Seven in Sunday but not today. Sorry.

Love the new blue and white coming, and as always I love the Seven on Sunday posts. As for politics, who would listen to what celebrities have to say… who cares? They are helping further divisions when now we have to forgive each side for the negativity they spewed during the election. Spread that love that trumps hate, and get behind our President Elect praying that he can surround himself with capable experienced people, and we can all move forward in a productive way. Remember half of our citizens voted for him, and that cannot be discounted.

I voted for Trump and to be honest, had to take a shower afterwards. But I did it because my vote was a vote against Clinton. There are those who can not understand women who voted for Trump given his comments and past behavior, but I can not understand women who voted for Clinton given her disdain for half this county and her irresponsible treatment of our country’s secrets. Anyone who thinks this is about a few emails or a false narrative about emails is either in denial or uninformed. Secretary Clinton didn’t make a mistake, she knew she was putting our country at risk, but she did it any way. Her concession speech was inspiring and I wonder what might have happened in this election if she took that tone throughout the campaign, but her comments about Trump supporters were extremely divisive and her celebrity supporters just reinforced that.

Thank you for the beauty and happy you share. It is uplifting and I appreciate your hard work. Looking forward to pen and utensil holders and all the other beautiful products coming soon.
Your office definitely showcases your talent. Making a warehouse room into a lovely working space is brilliant.
Have a great, relaxing day Tina!

Love your post and your office is wonderful. Wish I lived closer to you so I could apply for a position in your company!
I am addicted to blue and white but love the orange that you’re adding.
My colors have always been blue and coral.
Unfortunately I’m at a point in my life where I need to let go of some of my things.
One day I was a wife and mother of two children who was a top producer in real estate in Charlotte NC and it’s all gone.
I’m gonna cry here…..
My husband’s business was doing very well, the kids were in the best private school and involved in varsity sports. Life was good, not great but good. We were Miller family of four.
The kids went to college, and my husband decided to leave me.
My whole world blew up right before my eyes.
Turns out he was having an affair with my then best friend. They are married now and she has become my children’s step mother and my grandchildren’s grandmother.
I’m the odd one out.
I guess I was telling you this because I am scaling down and hate it.
I went from 50 to 67 and in a totally different stage in my life.
I did fall completely apart like Humpty Dumpty but I did put myself back together again.
My new self is so different from my old self. It’s been difficult.
I just love reading your posts and seeing you grow as you are. You have created a new life for yourself which helps you deal with your son’s becoming adults and leaving the nest. I know you aren’t doing this for the money which shows me what a go getter you are.
You have a beautiful life and I’m so happy for you and your family.
Wow, this turned out to be the longest note I’ve ever written to you! Best wishes on this new office and your growth.

Great post as always I appreciate your objective stand and that you respect those feeling the need to protest did. I am tired of all the celebrities saying things just to stay relavent.
I did not vote because I could not stand supporting either one but now that America has spoken I will unite and stand behind our president elect as hard as it is.
Adore your office and all the new items. Coming in especially the pagodas, they are beautiful. Thanks Tina.

Hi Tina

Am anxious for your new wed site.

I voted for Trump., Hilliary can’t be trusted and her values are not mine.

The night of the returns HRC gave no consideration to her supporters. They were there all evening and HRC was a no show. “All about me” The black vote
needs to wake up. They are being used.

Trump was put into office because the “deplorables” are not being heard and are tired of the corruption in Washington.

As for women….His campaign manger was the first female to run a successful campaign. Take note…. Trump hires many women with high positions.

The economy of this country, health care, immigration and trade are not issues HRC is qualified to make an improvement. We need borders. We can’t continue with the hand outs while our veterans are being ignored.

The Clintons foundation is a pay to play. Looks like their will be no refunds.
How does one blankley lie to the mother of CHRIS STEVENS (Benghazi)
saying your son died because of a video.

On a lighter note am looking for tole Chinessorie pastel lamps ?

Thank Tina love you blog look forward every Sunday

My vote for Trump was a vote against HRC. My husband is a retired career Naval Officer with a top secret clearance. If he handled emails as HRC did he would be stripped of his commission and potentially be facing jail time!

I find Trump’s comments about women reprehensible but HRC’s husband actually put thoughts into action, in the Oval Office no less! If HRC thought Trump unfit for the office due to mere comments why didn’t she ask her husband to step down when his actions came to light – oh and then there is the lying on top of it…the list goes on and on.

Sorry for the rant but I go a little nuts when I hear unmitigated support for HRC – and don’t get me started on Benghazi…

And I will be the first in line asking for Trump to step down if there is discrimination against minorities, immigrants etc. We all need to work together, on both sides of the aisle, to hold our elected officials accountable!

Off the soapbox and back to looking at your lovely site!


I am not American. I may not have the right to comment. I have just read through each and every one of the above comments. I can see a lot of hate running through them. I love your posts normally. I really think it is better to stay away from politics. Politics is polarising. Let us hope that America can find a path to peace.

My thoughts on celebrities who can’t wait make their political views known and who have now threatened to leave the US in a post-election adolescent hissy-fit? Don’t let Lady Liberty kick you in the a** on the way out…(Please, who needs that drama??)
We get the government we deserve. If you don’t like the election result and you didn’t vote, then as far as I’m concerned, you are not entitled to complain for the next four years. But if you do want to encourage change, then find out who your representatives are and let them know how you feel. After what happened Tuesday night, I’m thinking that they just might be a little more receptive in responding to their constituents’ needs.

Looking forward to your new site launch Tina!

I voted for Trump who I can’t stand…but a better choice than HRC who thinks she is above the law and elitist. I truly believe she belongs in jail. We too have a charitable trust…. absolutely 100% goes to charity. We haven’t taken a single penny. In one year her “trust” spent $196.6 million out of $222.6 million in reported expenses. That includes travel expenses, vacations and her daughter’s salary…. money received from countries where rapping you wife is acceptable. Where girls are not allowed to get an education. I could go on and on….I look forward to this great country having a women President but I thank God (and I mean literally thank God) that it is not this deplorable women.

Love your blog! Great ideas! Stellar taste!
I am a female and YES I voted for Trump!
He will do a fine job!

Male or female I vote for the BEST candidate!

the office looks so inviting! can’t wait to see the new site design! and i am going to pop over to veranda for more gorgeous holiday ideas. surely celebrities were being dramatic and didn’t actually believe that threatening to leave the country would stir the hearts of voters and be any influence at all. it feels like fame is becoming passe and privacy is the new wealth. we need wise seekers of truth and justice with unwavering hope who can see the big picture and understand that the evolution of higher consciousness takes time. and it has to begin from the inside out with no finger pointing. peace to you right where you are.

Love this blog! Respectfully, can we stick to beautiful home decor ideas and your elegant home decor items for sale? I am overwhelmed by political discussions from other sources and I personally would like to keep my information topics and discussion items compartmentalized. I come here for beauty, elegance and peace of mind. Thanks Tina.

I think your poll is very shallow. I have been a long time reader of your blog but your polls on political issues have turned me off completely. I will no longer read your blog or support you in any way.

If you feel American celebrities have no business making comments and making their opinions known, the same holds true for bloggers of interior design blogs.

Why would any of us who believe in the First Amendment gave any problem with anyone, including celebrities commenting on politics? Republicans also said they would leave the country when President Obama was elected or if Hillary was elected-so big deal. What bothers me is that women would vote for a man who values women only for their looks, ranking them from 1-10 and has stated many times a woman with smal breasts can’t be beautiful. Why would any woman vote for a man who gloats about groping or kissing women whenever he wants to and uses the “p” term to refer to their privates? A man who uses the “f” word at public rallies. A man who won’t release his tax returns. A man who de-frauded thousands of students, cheated contractors out of their fees, filed bankruptcy 5 times leaving the taxpayers holding the bag, a man who hasn’t paid Federal taxes for 17+ years while you and I have supported our government. A man who would punish (incarcerate) women for having an abortion. A man who thinks it’s okay to use a nuclear bomb – even on Europe. A man who doesn’t support equal pay for equal work or increasing the minimum wage (which is mainly made up of women! A man who had multiple adulteress affairs, divorced twice and married three times- current wife was in porn movies and posed nude (can you imagine if Barack or Michelle had done any of this the outcry from Republicans)!!!! So tell me why any woman would vote or support such a disgusting person?! Not my president and never will be!

I love your blog because it has always brought beauty and creativity to my life. So far I have resisted the questions and discussion about politics. I guess I will finally comment since it appears you will continue to address the subject. So…..I really wish you would not. I’m not sure how it furthers your mission or purpose or rather, what I viewed as the purpose of your blog. Regardless, I will continue to read your blog and Instagram posts. I’ll just ignore the parts about politics.

Like Hillary, I am a Wellesley grad. Unlike Hillary, I am a card-carrying Republican and member of the NRA. A public prosecutor by trade, there was never a question but that I would vote for Trump. He is an imperfect man with a big ego, a big mouth and an over-active sex drive. He also knows how to build things and manage people. His ego is such that he will want to be a good, successful president. I don’t care about his personal life as long as he improves the country.s
All this talk of minority rights means the writer have been listening to MSNBC and CNN and other Clinton collaborators. Trump will probably deport criminal illegal aliens, which no American should oppose. He will give preference to the military and veterans rather than illegal immigrants, which no American should oppose. He will appoint Justices who consider our Constitution to be sacred, which no American should oppose. He will keep out foreigners from failed terrorist states, which no American should oppose. There is no evidence he hates Blacks or Jews or women and everyone just needs to put on their big-girl panties and stop complaining. We can always vote him out if he doesn’t work out.

Tina I love your blog. I feel it’s YOUR blog for you to talk about what YOU want. If someone does not like it, let them not come back. I may not always agree with you, but for that matter i have no idea based upon what you wrote you who voted for. Nor is it my business.
I will say this- I voted for Hilary as a lifelong democrats but cannot stand the celebrity factor that seems to be unified with the democrats, it is nauseating. So I am with you- if they are going to put themselves out there and say those kinds of comments, they better act on them or else they deserve all the backlash they are getting.

Bottom line, is we have a new president elect. Am I a fan? NO. Will I hope that will he prove many of us wrong. VERY MUCH SO. Will I try my best to be positive and hopeful fro the sake of our country. Absolutely. I wish more would do the same. Thank you Tina for your honest take, it is refreshing and I am from the side that believes we an all agree to disagree and still get along:-)

Love the office and all of the beautiful new items-bravo!

It has been a depressing 8 years for our country. I am willing to give our new President Trump a chance when he takes office, just as I was with Obama though he turned out to be a disappointment. I hope we can recover and sincerely hope Mr. Obama will seek and get the help he needs for his penchant for dishonesty, anger, racist views and guiltless blaming of others for his perceived slights in life. He promises to do more harm before he leaves to hurt our country. It’s very sad and I don’t understand this. My family are immigrants from Hungary and Italy and we all voted for Mr. Trump. My people have seen oppressive governments of corrupt socialism and communism and how it is devastating to the people. We don’t understand when people here talk about wanting to be this.

So many insightful comments. Some uplifting comments. And too many trolls, even on a design blog. Tina, dont you dare allow the few personally mean ones to affect you. This is your blog, girl!

I am a female and proud to say that I voted Trump. Reason being, I am ready for change in this country, from Ocare to immigration to jobs! I feel our govt in the past has not done enough, time to move on. In with the new! Alot do not like Trump but please give the man a chance, we gave Obama 1. It seems our youth of today have no clue & a lot of parents don’t know how to control their kids, what happened to respect? The elitist don’t matter to me & they sure the hell didn’t help Crooked! I love my country & will stick with it until the end!
BTW, love your site, beautiful things! Thank you.

Lyrics from a forgotten song many years ago … ” A man hears what he wants to hear , but disregards the rest ” …
I have faith that our great nation will move on and unite for the good of all her people . It is time .
As the holidays near , let us be thankful for all that we have .
Tina , keep the beauty in your site . It is one of my daily pleasures .

Dear Tina, I can’t tell you how much I love your posts and please don’t change them. I love decorating and cloths but aren’t we allowed to have a occasional dicussion about something deeper???

Ive lived in Southern California all my live and the reality our state is being destroyed. We spend the second most per student to educate and score lowest in the country. A wait in the ER IS 13 hrs because Obama care was unaffordable for our Hispanic population who are still on medi-cal. most Drs do not take it so the Ers have turned in to clinics. Once nafta was signed the trucks pouring out of Mexico coming up the 5fwy quadruple. The trucks from Mexico are not required to have smog administration, drivers regulations, insurance, and do smuggle drugs in and commit crimes. That is our reality! My brother is in-law inforcement in San Diego and the amount of crimes, drugs and repeat affenders is the reality. Before all of you “PC ERS” go crazy I don’t want to see family’s broken up or anyone deported who is not a criminal but we need to get California’s prisons empty of all the illegals. How would any of you like to be the parents of Kate who was killed in San Francisco???? HRC made it very clear she wanted to stay the course with the present administration. Voting a certain way because I am a WOMEN I FIND INSULTING and demeaning to women. It never occurred to me that a women could be president and I’ve raised my daughters with that same mind set. But really vote just because HRC is a women???? My vote was not based on who I liked but a vote against Washington.

Please don’t change Tina!

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