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Hello! This random musings post was mostly from last week but never got around to posting it so added pictures from the last few days therefore it’s a compilation of the last two weeks:)

Busy,busy weeks over here….as I occasionally do I share with you a snippet of my life through pictures taken with my iPhone. It is funny how they can tell a story, but I must preface this by saying this is only the pretty, inspirational and positive:)

With Thanksgiving now a thing of the past, it’s full steam ahead to Christmas/holidays. My life has centered mostly around the blue and white ornament universe and I go to sleep dreaming about them:)

A few updates to tell you about (feast or famine and this week it’s a definite feast of products coming in)-

Ornaments- We get calls/emails everyday for people looking for the ornaments. NEVER thought my new site would have taken this long and the plan was that they would be up for sale on  my shop site long by now. So…..for anyone who wants them, you can visit this post below, we are honoring those prices on that promo and send orders to [email protected] or call in your order to 1-800-804-9565 (between 9:30-5:30, leave a message if you call before or after)

Post for ornaments-


The porcelain container is arriving tomorrow…woo hoo! All presale orders will start shipping out tomorrow afternoon in the order they were received:)

The colored ornaments and foo dog ornaments shipment will be arriving on Friday or Monday!

New chinoiserie tole order arriving early next week, stunning lamps and the long awaited bamboo lanterns are coming!

OK back to this post:) So here is a look at my life this last week….




My greenhouse aka my laundry room is a busy place with trying to force open white azalea topiaries and arranging my beautiful fruit double topiary

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Had dinner at a favorite Greek restaurant where the fish is on full display….so good!


This is a common site every single afternoon….waiting for the big brown truck!


A friends beautiful setting on her kitchen island…so colorful and festive!



Every time I get a new Annabel Ingall bag I want one for this line


Love this beautiful new throw for my bench……coming home around 5:30 and seeing my cloudlike bedroom is a sight for weary eyes


Beautiful monogram order heading out the door…


A friend so thoughtfully sent me this beautiful orchid for my desk


Easy peasy breadsticks


New design job….beautiful home!


A gorgeous wide window seat getting done for a client loving the blue and white against the rich mossy green!



How stunning are these planters from Greenwich Orchids ( thanks A)! They always do such a beautiful job



A friends new shutters, aren’t they beautiful! She said she cannot recommend this company highly enough, both for their super competitive price, quality and delivery


Yes that is right…S N O W!!! I walked outside one morning and my windshield was covered.


A friends beautiful home decked out for the holidays


Blue, white and green…oh yes!


And there is that snow…crazy

qwqwunnamed unn121amed

Went to a dinner party and looks like they put out that floral arrangement on my behalf:)


I am in a magnolia state of mind:)


How stunning are all these carpets from Kravet? Helping a client work on bedroom carpet but secretly thinking about how these would work for PB:)

unnafdsfdsmed unnafddfsmed unnamefdfdd 22unnamed

A friends pretty and inviting kitchen…love the rich warm copper!



Love stopping off on my way to work at my favorite local little old fashioned bakery/coffee shop…so charming



Seriously I think my backseat needs its own reality show…there is always a party going on back there lol


So there you have a snippet of the last 10 days or so….busy busy days but I cannot lie, though tiring it’s a lot of fun (almost all the time). Hoping your holidays are off to a merry start thanks for stopping in! A few things-

PS New promo- These magnificent holiday trees are so beautiful, seeing is believing. Limited quantities, some still for sale. This promo will end tomorrow, click here


PPS The contest Holiday Love has been announced, taking pictures now through Dec. 14th or until I reach 75 pictures. I am already half full. Getting in some incredible pictures, be sure your picture is at least 400 x 600 and that they are clear and focused. We cannot accept pictures that are dark/out of focus and will email you if that is the case….competition is stiff so if you have a winning picture, please do send it in! Details are-

  • Up to 2 picture per person, must be your own picture (not taken from internet or Pinterest,etc…)
  • Can be of anything holiday related
  • Please be careful with size clarity,etc….we will not be able accept small or blurry pictures
  • Ideas are front doors, Christmas trees, holiday tables, pets and kids decked out for holidays, wreaths, fresh greens, nature, the list goes on (just as long as it’s holiday related)
  • Email all pictures to [email protected]
  • ON SUBJECT LINE- you must put Holiday Love (so we can separate the entrants)
  • Accepting pictures today through Dec. 14th or until we reach 75 pictures
  • There is a cap 0f 75 pictures
  • Questions? Email [email protected]

Until next time……








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LOVE those random postings. Always lots of eye candy and very inspirational.
So appreciated.

As always such beautiful pictures and inspiration. I bought one bunch of magnolia leaves to see if I could use them with some of my greenery. The results were great thanks to your inspiration. Thank you so much for sharing it makes all of us who follow lives richer! Will be getting more it looks so pretty.

Wow! You are like the energizer bunny! and it’s all so lovely…You’ve definitely got me wanting to decorate everything …..just like in your own home and in your jaunting’s about! Just so beautiful! Thank you.

Lots to love, Tina. The planters with the antlers are brilliant – may do that myself and dying to know more about the easy breadsticks- yum!! Happy Wednesday!

Love the photo posts you do and the Seven on Sunday are my favorite. Such pretty pics of a beautiful life. Holidays bring on a crazy, happy schedule for many and when you arrive at your home after a full days work, for me I would think I was in heaven. Your home is beautiful and your decorating skills show your love for it as well.

Your back seat comment is so funny! You should have a “musings from the back seat” segment. LOL! Love your posts!

Gorgeous pictures!!! No snow here yet, and I’m OK with it!! Am I the only one who wants the recipe to the Easy Peasy Breadsticks? They look scrumptious!! Anxious for another “Bluff Diaries” Chapter!!! Blessings my friend!

Amazing! I have only just found your site.. How inspirational for me. I haven’t celebrated Xmas since losing my family, but this is giving me that happy feeling!

Thank you so much.

Your random musings are my favorite. You do so much in a week that your post is jam packed and full of beautiful pictures. I love the beauty! Have a lovely Wednesday!!

Those little trees at the end of your post are so familiar to me and then last night we watched rudolf, and there those darling trees are in the beginning of the movie when the snowman narrator, Burl Ives is taking. So anyway, those little trees were also used in landscape design for Rudolf the Red Nose !!

You’re so far ahead of us, Tina, when it comes to holiday decorating as we’re trying to get our clients’ wishes met before Christmas. We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and look forward to a beautiful holiday season.
C + C

Love the Kravet Carpet . They look so easy to care for. Any of them would look beautiful in your P B home.

What a beautiful post full of so much to marvel at. I laughed at your back seat comment, yes your back seat would put some reality shows to shame:-)
I am so enjoying your beautiful holiday decor and want to thank you for inspiring me. I until a week ago, was not feeling very inspired to start the laborious job of holiday decorating but now I am in full swing and really having fun. So thank you!

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