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Hi and Happy Monday! Hope you had a great weekend, ours was fun, chock full and busy. Excited to be here for the second part of Styled and Set where a group of super talented bloggers are showing off their holiday decorating chops. I must say that I feel a bit behind the eight ball in terms of holiday decor but for me, having done even what I have done so far is nothing less than a miracle.

Normally, I  am barely even thinking of holiday decor around Thanksgiving so this is a big deal and this post actually gave me great motivation! I know most will have their trees up, stockings hung, and gifts wrapped…my hats off to them.

I am not quite there as my  holiday decorating is always approached in “mini stages”, when the creative urge strikes I take full advantage and seize the day. So today focuses first on my Thanksgiving table and the  beginnings of my Christmas decor as well as a short poll as to which you would choose for our Christmas day dinner table setting. Ready to begin? Also a special thank you to Lory from Design Enthusiasm for putting this wonderful 2 part series together, it is no east feat!  Let’s go….




There is no real organization here other than it’s just all holiday related. I normally am not done with my holiday decorating until at least mid Dec. and am constantly  tweaking and editing. I just got started  but will give you an idea of where I am headed! Sadly my Nikon camera charger has gone missing so all pictures here were taken with my trusty little iPhone-

Here was my Thanksgiving table, I do something very simliar for Christmas…..

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Here are some ideas for my Christmas day dinner table, have a favorite? Please tell me which you would use for your Christmas table and remember whichever I choose will be dressed up with a few sprigs of holiday greens and mini pinecones:)





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Here is a variation of what I did for my mantle in the dining room, proof that blue and white has a place in every season and fresh greens work every time (magnolia leaves are always a big part of my holiday decorating)-

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And a few holiday touches starting to be added throughout the house-


And here are my only three gifts wrapped so far…as I say quality over quantity lol. Rest assured there will be a gift wrapping frenzy happening here mid December!



LOVE my gift tags from Dixie Design Collective….prettiest I have seen!

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And a few other areas around the house-


Just got this mammoth magnolia and fresh greens 36″ wreath for my front door….bow soon to be added!

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Love this cone topiary and like filling bowls around the house with gold sparkly pinecones-

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This above is a faux garland (very life like) love garland around chests and secretarys, added a bowl of my blue and white ornaments for a little festivity!


This is our back powder room I never forget guest baths, these little potted amaryllis plants I have had for years, I will probably add a fresh wreath to the mirror in a few weeks and always have a holiday scented candle burning when I have guests over



 Bought these little wreaths (about 10″ side) a few years ago and use them on many things love adorning a pretty serving piece with one, like this stag tureen



A great example of using faux with real. The garland is faux and the boxwood on top are clippings from my year, mixed in with the garland one would never ever know!! The artichoke arrangement is part of the new holiday collection (promo coming up in a few days)


A few of my ideas/suggestions for holiday decor are-

  • Buy bunches of fresh greens and garland, even at places like Home Depot, they are an inexpensive way to add holiday cheer around the house and can easily be cut into smaller pieces to use for adornments on gifts, etc….
  • Don’t forget that fruit, apples, lemons, artichokes make beautiful arrangements along with fresh greenery
  • If buying fresh greens because of the warmth inside the home, they can dry out faster than usual, you can mist them every few days with water and or buy a product called Wilt Pruf
  • You can mix real with faux, I have done it often and it works beautifully!
  • Use inexpensive ornaments as attachments for gifts
  • Pinecones are really inexpensive and a great way to add a festive touch throughout the house, fill a bowl with them, add a cluster on a chest with some fresh greens
  • I always have a few holiday scented candles burning throughout the house and in a kitchen on a daily basis- really adds to that holiday mood
  • Personalized name tags really elevate a gift
  • Use a sprig of fresh greenery on any gift and see the difference it makes
  • I almost every year, get gorgeous wrapping paper from Homegoods and TJ Maxx, I stick to simple papers that have gold, cream and green and go to town with ribbon adornments and my Dixie Design gift tags
  • I take the approach (so as to not be overwhelmed) of holiday decorating in many mini  stages, so do a little bit every day as time allows and somehow someway it gets done!
  • Crank up that Christmas music all day long  and always have a glass of wine on hand (after 5pm) to take away any holiday stress, does it every time!



Hope you enjoyed this post and getting to come into my home and see the start of my holiday decorating! I must say having to  have pictures for this post was great motivation to get a head start. You do not want to miss everyone else’s and best part is there is a week long of amazing blogs to visit, all centered around the holidays. Suffice to say you will get all the inspiration you ever dreamed of!

Thanks for stopping in, until next time….ho ho ho!

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This is incredible I feel like this is a magazine’s worth of beauty. If you call this just beginning then I am way behind the starting gate. We get our tree every year on Dec. 4th (daughter’s birthday) so we make it a tradition.
I love every single one of your ideas and you are my design hero. Thank you as always for so much great inspiration and i am so excited to use my ornaments from you this year! They are even more beautiful in person.

Tina… I need to look up so new adjectives to compliment your posts. I know I sound like a broken record but you home looks breathtaking, as always. Enjoy your week.

I want to be a recipient of one of your Christmas gifts, with the beautiful wrap, bow, tag and ornament. What a joy you must be to your friends and family! Love it all, Tina.

Good Morning! Tina every pic is gorgeous!!!!! I am missing my large dining room whilst looking at these photos. However, I shall work hard to make our much smaller new house just as festive. Where did you have your monogramed table napkins done? I can’t find the patter that looks like a pagoda anywhere and I love it.
Thank you in advance for the information.
Best, Marie

I have started to decorate for Christmas as well. Opening each box of decorations and ornaments is like opening memories of past years. Doing a lot of blue and white this year as well.
Thank you for inspiring me!

Your front door wreath is wonderful! Love the faux evergreen garland, who is it made by? Definitely a piece worth investing in.
Have a more practical question: we are also a family of big dog lovers, and am wondering how Teddy and your silk pillows and curtains co-exist (dog hair, drooley dog toys, etc), or is he confined to certain rooms of the house? As well-behaved and trained as our furry kids may be, they are still dogs! Am in the final stages of a renovation project, choosing finishes and furniture and as much as I love the look of curtains pooling on the floor can picture one of our dogs laying on the bottom hem as the winter sun streams through the windows!

You are so inspiring. I have just begun and this will get me moving! I love the table decorations and place settings. Do you sell the chargers in your shop? If not who are they by, very good looking!
Keep up the good work!

YOur house is always such a treat to see, and I love seeing the way you put it together in amazing fashion. I was LOVING that Thanksgiving table you set. The stemware and the arrangements!! OMG. Well I feel quite sure that your Christmas table will be a show stopper, and I have to say I was surprised to see the romantic place setting (#2)….I loved that one.

Tina, everything is just beautiful! I laughed that you said you have nothing done and then there’s this full post of utter gorgeousness! I particularly love the way you use magnolia leaves in your decor and arrangements. Lovely!!

Hi Tina,
Every picture looks from a magazine cover… just stunning!! I really like the wallpaper in your back powder room. Would you tell me what company it is from?

So much inspiration here, cannot wait to start decorating, but this is France, no one decorates before the 1st December, then the town and village lights will come on, then houses will start to look festive. Until then I keep gathering ideas!

Tina! I’m in love with your dining room and your home is stunning! Love that you shared different place settings too! Everything is exquisite!

If this is you just getting started with your decorating, I can’t wait to see what it’s like when you’re done because you’ve accomplished a ton! I especially love all of the blue and white and your gorgeous mantel decor! And I love your tip for mixing real and faux greens – will have to give that a try!

I love all of your choices! Everything looks wonderful! By any chance do you know the font in the “holiday entertaining” blog tour invitation??? I would love to use that font on our Christmas card 🙂

It’s all so lovely and festive Tina…I adore the touches of blue and the magnolia leaves. The happiest of holidays to you and your family! ~Ann

Your home is truly spectacular as is your taste Tina! I would sit and eat a holiday meal in there any day and feel pampered and special!
Happy Holiday season,

This is so beyond gorgeous!!! Your home is so breathtaking and you styled your table to perfection! Can I come over and just stare at everything?! xoxo

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