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Good morning! It’s always a very exciting day over here in Enchanted Home land when we get a big shipment of something beautiful, and yesterday the newest container of long awaited porcelains arrived!  We are literally swimming in boxes between the porcelains and the ornaments though ornaments are dwindling down fast…very fast.

We will be working like little Santa’s elves on steroids through the weekend to get all backorders and presales out starting today.  The container is full of so  many beautiful pieces….you would think after getting in several of these containers, I would be jaded.

But nope, I am as excited today as I was with the first container, a testament to my true love and devotion to all things blue and white (with some colored pieces thrown in). Plus there are some gorgeous new pieces you better believe are getting added to “the back seat”. Yes my back seat is now lovingly referred to in third person lol.

Here is a look at some of the goodies hot off the presses-


Foo dogs in every color-


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As I always do I hold a one day sale on the porcelains which is especially great for anyone who missed out last time or perhaps decided they need more! So today everything is up for grabs for a one day only plus offering a wonderful giveaway to one lucky winner. Just a few rules to start below-


There are now two convenient ways to pay- you can email your order or call in!

  • Email all orders to (please make note of this new email address for orders only)
  • OR you can now call in your order- 1-800-804-9565 (you can leave a message and we will return your call Friday morning)
  • Please refer to item number only
  • We will acknowledge all orders and an invoice will be promptly sent if we can fulfill your order
  • As the response to these promos is tremendous, it might take a little longer to acknowledge your order than it normally does
  • Subject to availability, limited numbers of each item
  • This sale will end on Friday Dec. 2nd
  • ALL PAYMENTS DUE WITHIN 12 HOURS, PLEASE do not submit an order unless you can comply
  • Shipping is extra and this offer is good only for the U.S. (sorry to my international customers)
  • Final sale
  • Questions or want to check status of your backorder? Email us at

Ready to see all the goodies? Let’s get started…


ITEM 1. NEW! In love with this new jar, a gorgeous scalloped tea jar, just fabulous and sure to become a best seller.   Very substantial and stunning scalloped shape. Available in two beautiful styles. Measures 14″ x about 11″ wide $115.00 either style


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ITEM 2. Wonderful new village scene flat top jar, a real beauty! 12″ tall $110.00

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ITEM 3. It’s raining foo dogs! A few new colors and bringing back the navy and the white, these are so decorative and also make great bookends! Any color $45.00 for the pair



Mossy green


Spring green


Soft white


ITEM 4. Fabulous new chunky open jar, love this piece, in person this is very very grand. Great with nothing or filed with flowers or branches, exquisite. 17.5″tall  by about 12″ wide  $148.00

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ITEM 5. Incredible floral vase,these are simply exquisite!!! I can see gorgeous cherry blossom or hydrangea arrangements in them now! Truly breathtaking piece. Measures 17″ x 8″ $150.00

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ITEM 6. Extra large umbrella stand that doubles as a very large vase…fabulous!  This piece is AMAZING in person, very large and quite heavy. Measures 21″ tall $165.00


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6B. A beautiful smaller bud vase, great shape 11″ tall by 4.5″ $35.00


ITEM 7. The ever so popular cherry blossom jar is back, a really beautiful jar.  Measures 13″x 10″  $105.00


ITEM 8. Fabulous blossom octagonal jar, great decorative piece. Measures 11″ x 8.5″ $105.00


ITEM 9. The in demand navy cherry blossom jar is so beautiful and measures 18″ x 6″ $150.00


ITEM 10. NEW! So love this new style cherry blossom and birds ginger jar with foo dog top, really loving this jar, love that it has a lot of white, think it makes it look very dramatic 18″ tall $145.00


ITEM 11. NEW! This wonderful octagonal jar is such a decorative piece, great piece for a mantle or console…wonderful as a pair. 17.5″ tall x 7.5″ at the widest point $115.00

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ITEM 12. Blue and white double happiness vase, great piece to have on hand that works with anything, beautiful with a spray of flowers or branches. Measures 15.5″ x 8″ tall $110.00


ITEM 13. Wonderful popular bowl, so great for so many uses. Measures 6″ x 12″ $95.00


ITEM 14. NEW! Loving this beautiful little trumpet bud vase, measures 9″x  5″ $45.00


ITEM 15. NEW! Love this elegant new extra large ginger jar, very grand.  LOVE THIS piece. Measures 25″ $245.00


ITEM 16. NEW! A perfect mid sized planter with elegant dragon design, this beauty has been lightly antiqued. 7″ x 11″ $90.00


ITEM 17. NEW! This exquisite trumpet vase is a beauty, measures 17″ and today is $135.00



ITEM 18. One of the most popular garden seats I have ever had, and certainly the pretties- this beauty is back. Measures 20″ x 14″ $285.00


ITEM 19. This is one of my all time favorites, seeing is believing and in person this jar is gorgeous with a capital G. Very very grand and stately, measures 26″ x 14″ $285.00


ITEM 20. Darling minis are back, these sell really fast so don’t miss out. These are just so stunning and also make great bookends, measures about 6″ x 4″ $80.00 for the pair


ITEM 21. NEW! How pretty is this green with the jewel tones? Love the square shape too, so beautiful in person $135.00

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ITEM 22. Large blue and white foo dogs, these are truly majestic looking. They measures 16.5″ x 11″ and are very grand, today they are $165.00


ITEM 23. More of the very popular bird jars, these are sold in pairs and are so elegant. Measures 17.5″ tall. A great size too, measures $270.00 for the pair


ITEM 24. These very popular mini bud vases are back! They measure 7″ tall.  These are perfect for end tables and nightstands with a stem or two of your favorite flower.  Two styles either one $40.00

25. Village


25. Figurines


ITEM 25. NEW! This incredible colored jar is just exquisite, I can see it with a big spray of flowers, this regal beauty measures  16″.$ 130.00

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ITEM 26. NEW! This spectacular tall vase is back, a perfect vase for cherry blossoms, tall flowers are branches,  measures 20″ x 5.5″   $145.00


ITEM 27 .This wonderful chinoiseie garden seat in ivory with soft pastels  is back measures 18″ x 13″…..$120.00



ITEM 28. Three styles of the medium flat jars are coming. These measure 8.5″ x 8  and are $70.00







ITEM 29. A favorite bowl ,this extra large antiqued scenic bowl, measures 17″ x 10″…fabulous for a kitchen island! $135.00


ITEM 30. The darling blue and white pagodas are back, these are so decorative and also make great little bookends! 7.25″ tall $50.00 for the pair

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ITEM 31. NEW! The beautiful scenic antiqued square blue and white jars are back. Two styles, measures 12″ x 7.5″ $90.00





ITEM 32.The most popular fishbowl is back! Measures 17.5″ x 17″, so beautiful with boxwoods, hydrangea, the possibilities are endless! $205.00


ITEM 33. NEW! This exquisite extra large jar is a new style…what’s not to love!!! I love every detail on this gorgeous jar. Measures 23″ tall.  $180.00


ITEM 34. NEW! The darling little minis are back…these are so cute and amazing with any vignette, the perfect little bud vase. Measures 4.5″ tall

34A. Covered ginger jar 5″ $25.00


34B. Mini vase 4.5″ $24.00


ITEM 35. NEW! Another amazing new Famille Rose flower vase, a perfect size and these colors are just so pretty! Measures 17″ tall $120.00

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ITEM 36. Stunning best selling round intricate pierced porcelain planter. This is such an exquisite piece. Perfect for orchids, ferns, or any flowering plant. Truly gorgeous. Measures 10″ x 15.5″. Today it is $235.00


ITEM 37. Fabulous mid sized fishbowl, love this and own it, might be my all time favorite fishowl, so so pretty. Measures 16″ x 16″, incredible design work on each “panel” a true beauty, $155.00

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ITEM 38. Only got in two pair of these, to approve the color and I do approve! Darling mini fishbowls in pink…so sweet. $45.00 for the pair (will carry this color in the future) Pardon the horrible florescent lighting but they really are pink:)

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ITEM 39. Amazing small diamond jar, wonderful design and great size , 9″ x 7.5″ $55.00


ITEM 40. Large trumpet vase, stunning piece…perfect for blossoms, branches or a huge spray of flowers. Measures 16″x  9″ $115.00

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WOW, that is a lot of blue and white (and then some) to love! See something calling your name or perhaps there is someone on your gift giving list who might have been very good this year and of course that includes a gift to yourself:)

Remember, this is on for 1 day only (ends Saturday morning) the next time you see these will be on online shop so it’s a  great time to buy!!

Email orders to

Call in your order to 1-800-804-9565

Now onto that giveaway…..



One lucky winner is going to win a beautiful pair of blue and white pagodas, simply tell me your favorite item here and how/where you would use it. That will put in the running.

A winner will be announced Sunday morning. Only comments left on this post will be eligible (emailing does not count). Be sure to include your name (if you post anonymous unfortunately I cannot find out who you are so be sure to include a first name and last name initial). Good luck, will announce a winner Sunday morning.







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Ashley Corwin on

I adore the chinoiserie garden stool, but I could use anything you’ve posted in my house. Love your stuff!!

Jayne on

The large Foo Dogs are my most favorite! But the pagodas could take their place if I won them!!

christine on

Love love love the pieces! The umbrella (or very large vase) is a favorite, but love the new green jeweled jar as well! oh and the garden stool and …..

Karlyn on

Item #18 the blue and white garden seat is my favorite!! It is truly the prettiest one I have seen! It would look so nice on my porch in the summer and also in our family room in the winter! Love it!

Ann on

The large fishbowl has always been one of my favourites!
(The new pink foo dogs are pretty cute, too.)
Overall, a collection of beauties at beautiful prices!

Caaren on

Love, love #11, the octagonal jar. I would get two and put them on my mantle!!!

Sonya o on

I love the pair of large bird ginger jars. I would place them on my mantle.

Roxanne G on

Oh my what gorgeous items & what a great selection! Love so many of them!!

Beth on

There is so much to love! But my favorites are the garden stools, large foo dogs, trumpet vase and the fish bowl with the straight sides.

Maureen on

My favorite is the pierced is the lierced porcelain planter. Living in Vero Beach- I’d fill it with orchids!

Maureen on

My favorite is the pierced is the pierced porcelain planter. Living in Vero Beach- I’d fill it with orchids! And add some Christmas spirit to the arrangement!

deborah on

I love item #7, the cherry blossom ginger jar. It is such a timeless piece, and creates such a statement. I would use it as part of my tablescape on my sofa table, and place it on atop a few vintage books I have collected over the years.

Maureen on

Sorry- my phone is doing something funny!!

kathleen on

I admire your garden stool and #13 bowl! Merry Everything!???⛸?☃️

Susan Andrews on

I love the mini pagodas!!!

Leslie Hales on

I love Item #19. The ginger jar looks like it has pearls on it.

Liz T on

I love the large trumpet vase, #40. I can imagine using it with braches for each season. I can really envision forsythia branches in the spring in this vases. Stunning

Ellen Ruppert on

Tina, I love Item 16, the mid sized planter. Most definitely it would be filled with greens and beaded fruit and sitting on my buffet in the dining room.

Catharine on

My head is spinning from all the beautiful things! I love the blue and white garden stool…but it really is impossible to narrow it down to just one treasure.

Jacquelynn O'Boyle on

I love all the Foo Dogs and would put them on my fireplace mantel.

JiLl on

All are beautiful but # 10 would look beautiful in my dining room !!

Debbie H. on

Either one of the garden stools is beautiful! I would put them out on my covered patio.

Sharon Ellis on

I’ve loved those little foo dogs forever! I have had a special spot for them & would love to fill it with those gorgeous dark green ones! Thankyou so much….

Lynn on

Wow! Maybe your most beautiful shipment ever! I love #19 along with ALL the rest! We’re moving so some new bookends would be very welcomed.

Karen on

Love, love #18. This garden seat is fabulous and would look perfect in my living room!

Derry on

I am in LOVE with the navy cherry blossom jar! Would look fab with my other ginger jars! As would the pagodas!

Courtney on

what an amazing new shipment! Every piece is absolutely beautiful. Those foo dogs are adorable and can work anywhere. I love item #32 for my hydrangeas!

Marianne on

The pagodas are looking for a spot on our bookshelves! Love them!

Linda Owens on

Love the garden stools and can use them in several spots in my home. Very generous giveaway.
Linda Owens

Ellen on

How could you not LOVE the adorable pink foo dogs!!! So sweet!

Anonymous on

Every time I think I have enough blue and white…another one of your shipments arrives and I fall in love with more and more items! You just can’t have enough! What a beautiful shipment of treasures.

Nancy L on

Every time I think I have enough blue and white…another one of your shipments arrives and I fall in love with more and more items! You just can’t have enough! What a beautiful shipment of treasures.

Mary M on

#19, the large jar is truly gorgeous and exactly what I need for my hearth.

JoAnne H on

The large foo dogs are amazing and I also love the garden seat! All wonderful as usual.

Claudia mccauley on

The mini’s are simply so sweet!
Will make wonderful holiday gifts!
Thanks much,
Claudia McCauley

Nancy G on

So many things to love…I would love to have either fishbowl, or #16 the mid-size planter, and the mini jar and vase are really adorable.

Mary pat on

I love the trumpet bud vase! It’s so delicate and beautiful!!

martha sappington on

item number 33. love the foo dog on the top and the extra large size it is. all the blue and white is swoon worthy. can’t wait to give my daughter her first collection of jars for xmas. i’m sure she will have the blue/white bug just like me.

kesha on

I love Item 21! It is so beautiful!!!!

Anne Dewees on

Oh, my favorite! Loved at first sight

Victoria Wells Taylert on

I was absolutely drooling by the end of the picture display! I could picture every one of the items in my home, but the blue & white foo dogs caught my eye right away! We have high ceilings with plant ledges, and I have most of my blue/white pieces displayed up there.

Wishing you a very happy Holiday season!

Judy Clark on

I love #16, the mid-sized planter. It is the perfect size and I would use it on my mantle this Christmas and put my star fire hydrangeas in it. Actually, all of the pieces are exquisite and I could find a place for any of them. Merry Christmas!

Laurie on

Hi Tina. As always so hard to choose – so many favorites! I love the mid sized planter with elegant dragon design. I like that it has been has been lightly antiqued. I would put white orchids or even succulents in it and have it on my bed side table so I could look at it first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Thanks for the chance!

Jennifer S on

The foo dogs and pagodas are so wonderful for gifts for anyone !! To be used as bookends or just nestled in any vignette.

Donna on

The mini foo dogs in blue and white!

I will use them in the bookcases, on a table setting and anywhere and accent of color is needed.

The detail on the minis looks so well done….can hardly wait to see if my order made the cut off list. Thanks, Tina

Donna S

Latricia on

How does one choose a favorite? Everything is gorgeous! Although I do think the large umbrella stand would look fabulous in an entryway.

Brenda murphrey on

I love all your things but I was really torn between #18 and #19. Of course the beautiful garden seat won out. I have some already but this is truly my favorite. I love using in my garden like den. Blue and white never go out of style. When my little granddaughters come they think that’s there seat. So cute. 3 under age of 5!thank you for your blog. Look forward to it each week.

Marsha on

Wow! So many pretties…
Today, my favorite is #32, that gorgeous fishbowl. A pair of these in the foyer – containing topiaries of poinsettias for Christmas; for the rest of the year, other tall plants such as the money tree, olive, orange or lemon trees! Also, for a change of pace (as we do, lol), just simply top with glass to function as a cute side table. 🙂

Pauline M. on

Another shipment of beautiful pieces. Forced to choose a favorite, I will have to go with #27 the Chinoiserie garden seat. It’s reminiscent of lovely deGournay paper.

Shawna on

Thanks for another opportunity for a give away. Love ❤️ your blog! The large blue foo dogs hit the spot today. They are gorgeous! Thanks for featuring the colored porcelains, too. I love the large one I got from your shop a couple months ago.

Carmen B on

Decisions! Decisions! Everything is so beautiful. I would use the blue and white garden stool beside the settee in my newly decorated bedroom. I love the large umbrella stand for my foyer as well!

Carmen B on

Oops. My email on #51 is incorrect. Corrected below

terry w on

it’s difficult to pick just one piece! I have several items in this post on the way and am so excited. I will pick the mini blue and white foo dogs as my favorite, as I’ve ordered these more than once. They always get raves when visitors spot them.

Karenann on

I just love #27, the garden stool. I would love to put it up in my baby daughter’s nursery. The colors and style would look so amazing in there!

Mary Bogart on

I love the blue and white garden stool! I would use it on the patio among my potted plants and seating for guests to use as a place to set their drinks on.

Carol H on

Love the mini vase and ginger jar – so adorable and fits anywhere!

Susan on

I adore the little pink foo dogs and love the contrast between the foo dog and the sweet pink color.

MartHa on

I love the garden stool for my upstairs guest room.

Dana Munoz on

I LOVE it all…but especially the umbrella stand #6!!!!

KAren H on

#18 the garden seat is a classic and my fav! Would use in my sunroom!

Nora Chisnell on

Thanks for the offer, Tina! Such beautiful porcelains! My favorite is the pagodas (30). They would make my holiday table even more spectacular amidst the white poinsettias and candles.

Rebecca hellman on

Hi Tina, love the garden stools a design staple and the #19 extra large ginger jars! What a statement these would make in any home or garden…

Michael John on

I want the tea caddy #31 for a mantle I am designing! Just lovely. Can’t wait to put some forsythia in it come spring.

Bonnie on

My favorite is the pair of large bird ginger jars which I would put in my front entry hall. Can’t go wrong with any item.

Amy Cline on

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the garden seat. I would place it next to a chair in my living room. 🙂

Talia m. on

The large scenic bowl is exquisite! It will be perfect as a centerpiece for my round pedestal table.

Moy on

My favorite is the cream & floral design garden seat. During the holiday, I can display my white large pointsetta plant & during the summer, it’s next to my backyard chaise to hold my summer drink & book! Yahoo!!!! Xox

Rebecca on

I love everything but my favorite from this shipment would be the mini fish bowls. They would be perfect for my children’s tables center piece. I love for their table to replicate the adult table.

Kathy Morris on

How can you have a favorite! I think 1 thru 40 would be my pick. Such beautiful things, I would be moving things from room to room to see which was a great look for that room.

Peggy Bryant on

Beautiful as always Tina! I would love to own the mid-size fish bowl. I would use it in my living room holding a plant.

Happy Holidays, Peggy Bryant

Lynn Tinker Toye on

#23. Pair ginger jars I am waiting for delivery on. Going on the covered terrace.

Vivian walker on

I love so many , but have just moved and I think I have a great place for 37

trudi on

My favorite are the blue speckled foo dogs. The shelving above my entertainment center is where I would place these beauties.


Trudi R.

Sandy w on

There is so much to live here, but I especially like number 26 and see it filled with spring blossoms in my entry or living room

donna c on

The navy cherry blossom jar is my favorite. I would put it on my bookcase shelf.

Bev freiley on

Although the rest of my house has lots of blue and white, my pink living room cries out for those pink foo dogs! So glad you will be getting that color. So unusual!

Karen P on

I love, love, love the garden seat – just gorg!!!

Linda M. on

Well, #23, the pair of ginger jars just remind me of Santa, they can go from the top of the mantel to fireside below…from the dining room side board to the dining room table…from the foyer pedestals to the grand kitchen island…the chest in the hallway to the library shelves! They give my eyes a twinkle…as my mind dancing with thoughts of them… first here…then there…they really do work everywhere!
As I woke from my dreaming…I arose from my bed…to hear the UPS truck…
that Tina’s a dear!

Melissa a on

I love the garden stool. It would be lovely on my porch. Also love the foo dogs and the pagodas.

Julie Walton on

I have said it before that I Want a BLUE (and white) Christmas! Can I just say that the large Jar (#19) with a bird and it seems like pearls on it would totally bring me the BLUE CHRISTMAS to my entryway! It as an elegant piece that has a different look and texture than other traditional blue and white pieces. It has the major “wow” factor! Love it!

Ann on

I love #5. Floral Vases A pair of them would be beautiful on the mantel in my dining room.

My Granddaughter, who is a recent college graduate, has started a collection of blue and white chinoiserie (I’m calling it her “hope chest” ). I would love to give the pagodas to her. She would be thrilled.

Debbie on

There is absolutely nothing that I don’t love in your shop, but if I have to choose it would be the blue and white foo dogs–they just look very majestic.

Carol G. on

I love the blue and white garden bench, and would use it in my living room next to a wing chair. Thank you for all the beauty you bring into our lives.

Eileen on

The chinoiseie garden seat in ivory is stunning and would look lovely in my new white porch. Thanks so much. PS You need your elves to be on steroids with All those boxes!!!

Jeanna Swann on

Hi Tina, what a beautiful display of blue and white!
I personally am drawn to #18, the garden stool. I just remodeled a bathroom and would place that type of lovely blue and white stool next the tub. It allows for a place to put a phone while showering and not have to worry about it ever getting wet! It also brings a piece that reflects my style.

Tracie on

I love the tea caddy! I’d put it on top of a buffet in my dining room.

Shawna M on

I love item #6 The umbrella Stand! I would use it in my entry way or by my backdoor.
Merry Christmas!

Susan V. on

So many lovely new items in the porcelain category! My favorite is No.29 the extra large antiqued scenic bowl, it would make a perfect fruit bowl for my dining room table.

Susan N. on

I love 1A so much I just ordered it. However, I’m really regretting not ordering #15 as well, but I’ll have to add on just to house my ginger jar collection! They are all beautiful and the pagodas are such a nice gift. Thanks for the opportunity to win them.

Susan N.

Meg A on

The pink foo dogs would look precious on my dresser!

Kathleen O'C. on

I’m enchanted with No. 1, the square tea jar. It would look terrific by my fireplace.

classic•casual•home on

Beautiful china…and great prices. Telling my clients!
Merry Christmas,
Mary Ann

Leanne Turner on

I like the white foo dogs. They would go in any room!But everything is beautiful!

KaRen McLeod on

I love the blue and white bowls. Both are perfect for my kitchen Island. The hard part is choosing one. Everything is truly beautiful!!!!

Linda Wishart on

I must have item #18, the beautiful garden seat, I will use it between two slipper chairs in my living room in winter and move it to garden on summer! It is lovely

Tracy d on

The double happiness vase. I’d put it in my dining room

K coley on

I’m in love with item #32! How gorgeous would a petite Christmas tree look in it with your delicious blue and ornaments? A must have piece during and after the holidays! Truly timeless.

Kathrine on

Love the Foo Dogs! Fabulous on the bookshelves.

Kathrine on

Love the White Foo Dogs! Fabulous on the bookshelves. Also would look good in the kitchen!

Michelle w. on

I like the octagonal jar the most. I would place it on a shelf in my living room.

Marguerite Zurface on

Once again, your exquisite taste makes it hard to choose. The beautiful fishbowl would look fabulous on my great Aunts Marguerite Secretary.
Happy Holidays

Jo Reining on

My favorite piece is #18 – the beautiful garden bench! It can be a table, a plant stand, a small seat or a pedestal for most anything. Blue & white porcelain reminds me of a beautiful, bright blue sky with brilliant white clouds. I grew up in the Midwest where the amazing colors of the sunrises and sunsets are famous. Yet, for me, that sunny blue and white sky was magical. It brought happiness and energy to our day. It made me glad to be alive! Oh, the power of blue & white!!!
Jo R.

Linda Miller on

Hi Tina
Love these Pagodas!
I really hope I win these!
But going to order something today, probably the vases.
Love your wares.

Lisa Combs on

Pick me please! ? I love # 15 – gorgeous! Also love all Foo Dogs, especially moss green & blue/white

Lisa Combs on

Pick me please! ? I love # 15 – gorgeous! Also love all Foo Dogs, especially moss green & blue/white. I’m doing a major update in my great room and these would look fabulous. Love your blog and wares.

EllIe on

I absolutely adore #18, garden seat, but everything you shared is fabulous.

barbara on

Garden stool….I use these in bathrooms, as end tables, outside as garden stools, just always seem to fit in anywhere. Love all your things, especially the new scalloped jar.

jk on

I have always loved the Cherry Blossom jars. They are just divine and I would love to have both sizes. It has taken me a while to like the foo dogs but I really do like the blue and white ones.
Any of these would go most anywhere.
Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Kathy Chandler on

I love the garden seat! It would be perfect to bring out on my covered patio or as a small side table next to a love seat in my living room. I so enjoy looking at all your wonderful blue and white collection!

leigh on

I love item #29…the bowl. This can be used in so many ways….filled with pine cones, fruit, etc…..Just love using bowls like this with the change of seasons! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

Beth K on

LOVE the large foo dogs and the new pink mini foo dogs are fabulous!
No. 16 mid size planter would be stunning in my foyer.
Merry! Happy!

Patty on

I really love #27–the garden seat! I would place it next to my night stand in my bedroom and place a stack of my favorite books on it where I have access to them at arms length!


Actually, the pagodas you are giving away would look elegant as bookends in my newly renovated home office! Thank you for selling such beautiful things and being so generous with your giveaways!

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