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Hello and Happy Sunday. First,  I want to announce the winner of the pair of pagodas. Congratulations goes to-


Please contact me at [email protected] to claim your prize and provide your shipping details


 I  just have to say I have really really earned this day of rest and am  SO happy to not have a single thing I need to do today, best kind of day! I have been to work 6 straight days in a row and  between the porcelains and ornaments, its been a maze of boxes, getting orders out the door and truly a non stop flurry of activity, a fun high energy kind of activity but non stop. Had a great weekend seeing friends but today is a day of rest and I could not be happier:)

Hopefully will continue with some of my holiday decorating, and was going to do my planters today but decided to do it later in the week….too cold! It’s a great comfort food and movie day so I may do nothing but indulge and go on a movie binge with a side of good food. Hope whatever you are up to is wonderful and relaxing, here we go with my Seven on Sunday….



1.AMAZING EATALY. If you live in the NY/CT/NJ area you probably know or have been to Eataly…… if you have been a tourist chances are fairly good that you have been there as well. It is a food lovers idea of nirvana…and trust me you will want to leave your diet at the door.

This is an AMAZING temple of food and the kind of place you could so easily get lost in for hours! It also gets you dreaming and inspired to whip up something good. They also offer fantastic cooking classes, went to one and vowed to go again, a really neat place indeed. They are growing and are also in Chicago, Boston, and L.A.. Click here to learn more about Eataly.

eatalfy1 imdg_4717

eataly-010 cheese-counter-at-eataly-nyc 5e3e26916d53cb2907c8d7f5845040a5 img_07f58eataly-5-w710-h473-2x 20160811-eataly-4-0


2 CALLING ALL GINGER JAR FANATICS And yes I am the self anointed president of that club:) One of my very astute readers found this collar and alerted me to this incredible ginger jar dog collar from a darling company I am so happy to now know about, Southport Hound……how great is this?

I ordered it faster than you can say ginger jar because well…..Teddy feels a bit deprived not having a blue and white dog collar:) So cute! Click here to visit Southport Hound and order one for your pampered pooch plus they have so many other awesome designs.  Great holiday gift for our furry friends:)

ginger_jar_collar_zoom_white_bkground_1024x1024 ginger_jar_collar_white_bkgrd_1024x1024

Then two days later found this AMAZING trim from one of my suppliers…have you ever???? I so love it and am already having mossy green velvet pillows made up with it..stay tuned!

unn3223amed unn1221amed

And finally how great is this wonderful ginger jar tote bag for your every day errands are going to and from work….several different ginger jar designs. Click here to visit Annechovie’s shop.

il_570xn-565209619_n4uf il_fullxfull-565094786_6ssc


3 MY BLUE AND WHITE ORNAMENT COLLECTION. Speaking of blue and white, my ornaments have been a huge huge hit…it’s been very exciting to see this idea come to life and to be so well received. I am really enjoying seeing pictures of decorated tress come in along with some fun Instagram posts featuring them and cannot wait to finish my own.

I have pale frosted ice blue balls coming in this week so am waiting on those to mix in with the blue and white….hopefully within a week I will be done with own tree!. Here are few that make me proud!

unnam3434ed unna3223med un2121named 2121unnamed

And then got these incredible pictures as part of the Holiday Love contest…..

hlkerry hljueanunnamed

As I never dreamed the new site would still not be up, they are not online for sale and we gets emails/calls every day inquiring about them.  In addition the colored ornaments are coming in this week!!

So I am extending the promo price from the last offering for these as the holidays are here and I know many are in full decorating mode. So if you are interested you can visit this post below, and email us or call in your order.


 Email [email protected]  or call 1-800-804-9565

4 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST So much gorgeousness today, with a heavy accent on the amazing holidays of course! Here are this weeks favorites with my fave of the week at the bottom….

unhnnamed unnamehhd unnamebgd unddnamed unnassmed un1qnamed unnat44med un4rnamed unnewamed uneenamed u2wnnamed

And my favorite of the week, just because this oozes the ultimate cozy winter in the prettiest way possible…I can imagine there is a big pot of chili cooking inside, with Christmas music blasting:)




5.  ONE GORGEOUS BATHROOM. Spotted this in House Beautiful and nearly fainted…so gorgeous!! Between the warm tonal colors and exquisite chinoiserie, what’s not to love, truly spectacular. Designed by Eddie Lee, click here to read more about it over at House Beautiful.

gallery-1480436264-bathtub gallery-1480436551-blue-bathroom-ceiling gallery-1480436622-shower gallery-1480436712-sink



6 A FEW FAVORITE TOPS.  I have not had much time to go shopping so the little holiday shopping I have done has been online. Because I have a few holiday parties, I wanted to get a few new tops to wear with my black velvet pants, to me this is always a perfect pairing for anything holiday related, I love black velvet pants plus they are so comfortable.  Love these two tops!! Got one last week and waiting on the second, so far so good!

Got this and it’s even prettier in person, click here to see this one


Waiting on this one to arrive…..hope it works out as I LOVE this color!! Click here


I bought these  from J Brand last year but assume they are still the same this year, a really great fitting pair of black velvet pants…a classic! Click here


And just had to share this beauty from Gucci, isn’t this stunning- imagine wearing this to a Christmas wedding for very fancy soiree, yes!



7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY So the holidays are upon us in full force. Once Dec. 1st hits the stressometer goes way up. Days are crazily busy and at the end of a day all I am dreaming of my bed and my pjs, but some days that is just not possible. I come home then have to be somewhere an hour later…no rest for the weary.

Everyone deals with stress differently, for me I love to take a “time out” and often that could be a long bubble bath, settling down with a stack of magazines I missed getting to read, blog hopping and of course always working on my blog because it really is my happy place is a definite stress reliever.

This time of year, stress runs high, everyone feels as though they are being pulled in many directions. It is so important even if its 30 min a way to carve out a little “me time”…amazing how it can invigorate and recharge! So how about you? How do you deal with stress?


So there you have what’s on my mind this week. Anything here resonate? Are you starting to feel the holiday madness creeping in? I just keep telling myself I am doing the best I can, and somehow, someway it always gets done. I am a consummate list maker so this always helps keep me in check.

Thank you as always for stopping by, it is  a treat to hear from you. Remember the Holiday Love Contest has been announced and there is only room for about 15 more pictures (all details below). Thank you for making me a part of your Sunday, until next time…..


Here are the rules-

I will take photos through Dec. 14th (or once I have 78 pictures whatever comes first), the contest will run Dec 15-17th, and a winner will be announced on Dec. 18th! A special holiday prize will be awarded and sent just in time for Christmas. Here is what you need to know-

  • Up to 2 picture per person, must be your own picture (not taken from internet or Pinterest,etc…)
  • Can be of anything holiday related
  • Please be careful with size clarity,etc….we will not be able accept small or out of focus pictures and will let you know if the picture needs to be retaken
  • Ideas are front doors, Christmas trees, holiday tables, pets and kids decked out for holidays, wreaths, fresh greens, nature, the list goes on (just as long as it’s holiday related)
  • Email all pictures to [email protected]
  • Competition is stiff so really make  it a great shot!
  • ON SUBJECT LINE- you must put Holiday Love (so we can separate the entrants)
  • Accepting pictures today through Dec. 14th or until we reach 75 pictures
  • There is a cap 0f 75 pictures
  • Questions? Email [email protected]







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Love that bathroom. Thank you for sharing. I want to redo my main bath and this might just be my inspiration.
I have an afternoon Christmas gathering to attend next week. I have the perfect pants but I gave the top to my daughter on her last visit. Guess I need to go shopping ?

I love that photo of the front porch covered in snow, it looks like a perfect fairytale, I would love that for Christmas and a party where I could wear the long red Gucci dress, that is pure perfection! As for the stress, luckily in France, Christmas arrives at a much slower pace, things are generally calm and the run up is slow. I remind myself that it doesn’t have to be perfect, but it does have to be fun – the wise words of our children.

Another lovely Sunday post! Thank you. I can’t wait to see your tree and your mantle all decorated. I hope you relax today. Happy Sunday!

Thank you for the tour of eately, I haven’t made it there yet and have been so curious, your shots really tell the tale! The tree with your b & w ornaments is stunning! So beautiful and fresh. Love the last 2 door fronts, feeling inspired to finish mine up and send in a shot! Finally, velvet jeans (or pants), are my absolutely favorite thing for the holidays! I have 2 pairs in black, one navy, one in brown and a pair in loden green. It’s such a cozy way to dress festively with ease!! xo

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