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Hello!! Being back on my blog never felt so good, I was going bonkers with the blog issues the last few days. What a crazy 2-3 days.. I am so sorry about my blog being inaccessible for the last almost two days, You have NO IDEA how stressed I was over this!! It finally just got fixed so we are back in business (the checkout is still being worked on) and I hope to have this fixed very soon too.

I know this has been frustrating and I am very sorry for the inconvenience…I lost track of how many emails I have gotten from my readers and as upset as you might have been, you can triple that as to how I was feeling. Just know I am working on this and doing my very best to insure that the blog is back up to 100% very very soon and that we are well aware of all of the odds and ends/glitches that remain. We are on it!

Also we aware of the fact that many of you are not getting the emails to announce when a new post has come out as had been done before the change. We also will get that pin it button added sooner than  later. This is also being worked on. Think of it this way- moving from a great big house filled with lots of things moving parts and then moving to another house of a different style and finding a place for everything. In other words, it takes time to “settle in”. I keep telling myself this because I am not only super OCD but have no patience.

This had an impact on my entire weekend, even canceling plans I was so stressed out. But I did put together my Seven on Sunday post earlier in the week (thankfully) so better late than never…….think of it as a Sunday afternoon activity, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy!

1 MY BATHROOM. I must say if I was creating a new bathroom today, I probably would not change a singel thing about my bathroom. I really do love it, it’s just such a peaceful, pretty fresh and airy room and nothing can equate to the luxury of taking time for a bubble bath, doesn’t happen often enough but when it does…I really appreciate it.

I added a blue and white garden seat to the bathroom and love the effect…proof that yes, blue and white belongs in every room:) Plus I keep a blue and white bowl on the tub ledge filled with my favorite bubble baths, salts and soap.

2. ONE BEAUTIFUL WEDDING. Who hasn’t dreamed of being married in some beautiful European destination. There really is something magical about a destination wedding and with luck one of my own sons might entertain the idea (and his bride of course)!

Venice would do just fine and this beautiful intimate wedding took my breath away….click here to see the entire gallery over at Style Me Pretty.

3. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. So many beautiful things to share this week, everything from Paris (always a good idea) to beautiful homes and interiors, to some mouth watering treats! Never a shortage of wonderful images to share……..

4.A  SORORITY TO BE BELIEVED. No this is not some new swanky hotel. It is the sorority house of Kappa Kappa Gamma at the University of Arkansas! OK good thing I don’t have a daughter……..if I did I would have made up her mind for her to not only go to this school but to be absolutely sure she got into this sorority.

Have you ever seen such a gorgeous sorority? Those girls have exquisite taste….just look at all the blue and white:)

5. RITZ IN PARIS. I have two friends that have been and they both came back with the most rave reviews. I need to go, yes understand the word “need” is a relative word but in the meantime, we can all enjoy the hotel virtually… here if you are ready to book your trip.

6.CUTEST DESKTOP CALENDAR. I love my desktop calendar from Giddy Paperie, I never knew how much I had come to depend on it so when the 2016 calendar was ending, I was in a panic but so relieved to get my 2017 desktop in the nick of time. Every month is beautifully hand painted and just adds a dose of happy to my desk.

The good news is you can have one too! They have generously offered two desktop calendars to two lucky winners. Just visit them by clicking here, take a peek around and mention in your comment what your favorite item is. I will announce a winner on Tuesday. Here is my calendar and a few of my favorite items from them….

And some of my favorites from their darling shop….

7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY. Sunday is my day of rest. I almost never ever make plans on purpose and need one day that is totally free. If we feel like doing something so be it, but if we want to stay in all day and not move a muscle then that works too.

How about you, do you have a day (or more) designated as days of relaxation or do you like to be scheduled 7 days a week? The older I get the more I so enjoy this day, I used to hate Sundays and now anticipate them more than I can say…go figure.

Never ever has a day of rest felt so needed as it does today! We are possibly going to go to the movies later and I will get lost in a big bucket of popcorn and try to forget about this stressful weekend. Hope whatever you are up to is fun and mostly relaxing. Thank for stopping in, until next time……










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Your bathroom is beautiful and I wouldn’t change a thing either! I have a ritual “Sunday Spa Day” at home when I don’t actually make it to the spa. And a bath like yours would be heavenly!

I know you said a visit to the Ritz isn’t necessarily a “need”. I would beg to differ. Staying in the lap of luxury is good for the body and good for the soul! I’m an enabler, can’t you tell! lol.

Hopefully things will all get worked out soon; still can’t PIN as there is no icon,
hope that returns. Enjoy your Sunday!

I was wondering what happened to Seven on Sunday as it did not appear on my e-mail. I googled the Enchanted Home and there it was. So look forward to seeing your Sunday post.
Please don’t stress regarding your new site. YOU are doing us, your readers, a wonderful thing with your beautiful blog and want you to know that I, and I am sure, all your other readers appreciate it.

Thank you for introducing us to Giddy Paperie. Love the Touch of Pearl calendar and the Let Freedom Ring notecards.

What a beautiful wedding! Wish I was a guest!

Thank you for introducing Giddy Paperie. I love the calendar and the note cards. I agree. Don’t change anything in your luxurious bathroom, especially the small window above your chair.

Love the calendar and, crazy about topiaries note cards! Actually, all the note cards are wonderful. I am a real fan of the handwritten note! All would be fun to send and receive.
Always enjoy your blogs!

LOVE that website. I even signed up for their newsletter. Definitely going to change my desktop. My favorite is the touch of pearl calendar with that precious topiary bunny.
Love you bathroom also, but however do you get out of that tub?

The Touch of Pearl calendar and the Bow notecards are very nice. And anyone would love your beautiful bath!

Hi Tina, nothing worse then tech issues (probably due to the fact I know nothing about them, so really challenged with my patience). the bathroom is just beautiful and a sanctuary for relaxation for sure. I love Giddy Paperie, and have ordered from them before, I have to say that the “pearl” 2017 calendar is a favorite for sure. enjoy the Sunday and fingers crossed for the website issues.

Hi Tina….I love the Fancy Flamingo note cards….they are sooo fun & I’m sure who ever I wrote a note to on them, their day would automatically be brightened as soon as they opened the envelope……I wish you wouldn’t have stress over your blog. We know we will eventually get it, that it is a work in progress. Enjoy your down day today. Have a great week.

Love stationery! Giddy Paperie has so many pretty things. Love, love the pineapple and orchids. Of course, I could be satisfied with just about anything! I have a weakness for pretty paper, writing utensils, monograms, calligraphy, beautiful penmanship! Oops, Sorry I got carried away! And speaking of that, your bath is beautiful!

Hi Tina. I love the fancy Flamingo note cards. I know that who ever I write a note to on those cards, their day will automatically be brightened when they open the envelope. Please don’t stress over your Blog. We all know it’s a work in progress & are so grateful that you bring us such beauty….but not at the expense of your sanity… Enjoy your down day today…thankyou

I’m just so in awe of your business savvy and the fact you were able to “switch gears” when your youngest flew off to college. So don’t be too hard on yourself! Also, in your spare time, I’d love to see you publish a book! Here’s to a better week!

Love, love the Orchid Monogram notecards! My favorite flower in the special blue and white porcelain vase makes them a beautiful gift for me. Ha ha Please don’t stress over the changes being made in your blog and the accompanying glitches because as my mom used to say, “This, too, shall pass!” Just choose to deal and let those with the expertise get it all figured out. Something worth the wait can be just like a pregnancy-all worth it in the end.

Your bathroom retreat is stunning! I love the Touch O’ Pearl calendar, thanks for the introduction to their website!

Please relax the rest of the day and know that your audience is patient and everything will work out with the website! We appreciate all that you do 🙂 What beautiful items on Giddy Paperie. I liked a lot of things and thought their bookmarks were cute. Everything was very affordable. I hope you (and your readers) have a great week as we head into February already!

Your Seven on Sunday never fails to inspire. Love the calendar you have but my favorite is the monogrammed note cards…all of them! Enjoy your day!

Hi Tina
Love all their things and the cards most of all.
Hope your have a better week.

I was starting to get a little worried about you, dear friend, especially when Seven on Sunday wasn’t on this morning! Glad all is well and it was just the blog. I have such bathroom envy it hurts! Love all your pics. Hope this week goes as smooth as silk!!

Stationary, paper, letter writing has always been a fondness of mine. There is nothing I don’t like on the The Giddy Paperie site! Especially love the topiary notecards and calendars. Your bathroom is the epitome of feminity, calm and relaxation. I can imagine it to be your restful place. Just beautiful!

Giddy Paperie has charming products. I do love the 2017 calendar and especially the Georgia Avenue
note cards!……….so creative.
The wedding in Venice was ethereal…Amore en Italia…what could be better?

Got up , made my coffee and was ready to look at your blog . I always look forward to it
Glad it is all fixed and you are feeling better
Love your bathroom !

Giddy Paperie ! What an adorable line…thank you for the discovery and sharing with all. Kathleen

Giddy Paperie’s Touch O Pearl calendar and Fancy Flamingo note cards are on my must order list. They are so fresh and happy!

The photos bring back memories of the mystery and allure of Venice. Absolutely love it there…and to be able to attend a wedding would be puro lusso!

Sundays I usually go to Mass, but this month has been so depressing, not only with SAD (seasonally affective disorder) but also a series of infections, that Sundays have become a do-nothing/please myself day. I am more than anxious for a February mood of blue & white with yellow and white — such as changing out my duvet cover and adding bowls of silk hydrangeas and daffodils here and there. Now, if only the sun would come out . . .

Crazy about the touch o pearl calendar, and the city beautiful tea towel. Plan to order, soon.

Tina, I sympathize with you entirely, for as a fellow blogger the smooth operation of our blogs is absolutely critical to our peace of mind. I know it won’t help you to say that I didn’t notice a thing wrong, but for what it’s worth, I didn’t. I did notice that your Sunday post was late, because I look forward to it each week. Glad you are enjoying a bit of rest today.

BTW…just wanted to let you know that my husband and I watched “The Light Between Oceans” because I remembered the review you wrote about it. I have to tell everyone to watch it, I agree that it is the kind of movie we need more of. I was so moved by the acting, the scenery and the heart wrenching story. Spoiler alert, have your tissues handy! Thank you for inspiring quality into our lives.

So glad you loved the Kappa Kappa Gamma house in Arkansas. I was a Kappa and our colors are light blue and dark blue. So pretty and always appropriate. Start thinking about the sorority as a choice for your eventual granddaughters!

They have some really neat things. I love to send notecards and loved the monogram ones! Thank you for the giveaway opportunity! Love your bathroom, and I haven’t had a problem with your blog, thankfully! One of my treasured treats!

The Touch of Pearl calendar is adorable, but the notecards with the orchids in the blue and white cache pot are still my favorite. Wonderful items!

There is nothing more frustrating that blog issues and redoing a blog is always tough. There are always issues that just take time to get ironed out. Now I’m thinking that a nice long bath in your beautiful tub is just what you need. Know that nothing relieves my stress quite as well. Enjoy your evening!

Like the calendar very much and also like the boxwood notes.

Thanks for brightening my day……..


Oh good heavens- don’t stress so! Hopefully all of your readers have lives of their own so can continue on when your blog is down. As much as I look forward to your Seven on Sunday (cause I love the instagram photos!) it causes just a minor glitch in my Sunday! ?

I love that you posted the Kappa Kappa Gamma House at the University of Arkansas! That is my alma mater! The Kappa House was beautiful back in the 70’s when I was in the house, but the Remodel is outstanding!

How fun are The Giddy Paperie offerings! I will be ordering Le Macaron note cards for a dear friend. So many creative designs! Thanks for featuring this site in this week’s “Seven”.

As a “dirt girl” gardener; I love the Bug You note cards from Giddy…. but what I’d really like to relay is something that is bothering me about the new site…namely the room in the opening header. Yes, it is a pretty room…but it is far from an enchanted “Tina room” as there is not one piece of blue and white porcelain nor one orchid on display. As you said in your bathroom synopsis…blue and white fits in every room…but the new site has yet to relay such an enchanted design aesthetic… just sayin’. I enjoy your site, love your style and relate to many of your musings. I am especially interested in watching your Palmetto Bluff home come to life and become enchanted!! Don’t stress over the site and give yourself some credit… you’ve created something I look forward to and I’ll seek you out (and I am sure others will too) until the new site is in sync. Take a deep breath my dear…. all in good time.

Love the KAppa house redo! Stunning, and what lucky girls to have alums that care so much!
I loved my sorority house at Northwestern in the 70s , but it certainly didn’t look like that!

Love everything at The Giddy Paperie. The calendar is adorable and love the Mommy and Me dotty cards.

Love, love the peacefulness I feel when I see your bathroom. I really love the swag shades–love the fabric and the elegance! side note/suggestion: Maybe people who are not getting the email-synced blog posts should “re-enter” their email addresses on this NEW site. See if that works. Willing to try anything when it comes to technology! : ) Hope it works! Have a peaceful Sunday!

I was just looking at Giddy Paperie’s website. What lovely items they have. I especially love their tea towels! I love displaying tea towels in my kitchen and their Warm Wishes snowman towel is just so adorable for the winter season! I love your instagram pics this week. So pretty!

I live an hour south of the University of Arkansas. It’s a beautiful campus. The sorority house remodel you featured is beautiful. I’ve had two daughters graduate from the U of A and a grandson who’s graduating in May.
I loved the wedding in Venice. Gorgeous!!
The Giddy Paperie is a wonderful source. Love the tea towels and of course the monogram notecards.

Tina, sorry things were frustrating for you. It just goes to show how much joy you bring to your readers. When your posts are not there we miss you. Every Sunday first thing I do is read your post. I love your new site so it is worth it. Take care and breath!!!

Hi Tina…

Sunday is my favorite day to read your blog! There is always something new to discover…Have some blue and white notecards in my cart and the calendar! Guess I will see if I am lucky enough to win one the calendars before I send in my order!!

Have a great week!

Giddy Paperie is a wonderful “find”. Thank you! So many creative and happy designs including bookmarks! First time I have ever seen so many darling personalized bookmarks. For those of us who still enjoy a “real book”- those were my fav. Oh, and let’s hear it for Kappa Kappa Gamma!

So happy to see you are back! It is indeed frustrating to “loose” your blog. Love your 7 on Sunday! The wedding is gorgeous! Who doesn’t love Venice! Love the notecards. Have a great week Tina.

I did visit the Giddy Paperie Website and loved their: Merci Beaucoup, Poppy, and Oh Marsala personalized note cards and ordered the Poppy Note Cards, as well as, a monogrammed ‘Too Many Cups’ bookmark. Thanks for the heads-up!

Thank-you for introducing me to Giddy Paperie, the Georgia Avenue note cards and matching note pad are a perfect ad-on birthday gift idea for a dear friend. Who doesn’t love personalized stationary?
I think a few blogs back you discussed needing to set a date for your colonoscopy? Well mine was at 8 am today, had been putting it off, and just as everyone tells you, that Suprep drink IS the worst part of the process. Fell asleep as soon as the anesthesia was put into my IV and woke up feeling just fine. Plus you lose 5 lbs from the prep, so how bad is that?

Giddy Paperie is just fabulous. I like the note cards, and really like the calendar, but it is a hard choice. Oh, the lost art of personal letter writing and getting a hand written note on anything at that shop would be so very special.

Tina, just looked again as I really didn’t zero in on your bath on Sunday. What I so appreciate and like about your decorating style is your always appropiate and oh so special use of trim. Great job on EVERYTHING you do.

My favorite product from Giddy Paperie is their Crunch Note Cards. The pop of color is truly magnificent on paper!


Love the Giddy Paperie Store! My favorite is the Touch o Pearl calendar. I am always checking my calendar to keep things in order. I do love all there items, they are so unique.
Thank you for your great blog! Always a treat to read. So inspirational. Keep up all your great ideas.

Such beautiful note cards and calendars… too many pretties to choose only one. Sunday is definitely a favorite of mine.. church and then a nap and relaxing. Everyone needs a day of rest! Love the Venice wedding pictures.. Italy is one of my favorites. My youngest son just got engaged over the holidays and I thought they might get married in Italy but decide on Napa in September, which will be wonderful as well.. I have a daughter that goes to Univ. of Mississippi and the sorority houses as well as the girl’s dorm room are over the top beautiful. Was sure a big change for me getting a daughter ready for college versus my two sons.

I love the pineapple note card and the georgia avenue ones..such great things.. I will be great the designs… 🙂

Hello EH friends.
Sitting here reading your kind comments about my art and giddy paperie is quite dear to me. I love what I do and so glad we can all enjoy so many of the same things-orchids, blue and white everything, pineapples and topiaries. Most of all I thank Tina and her time that she shares her many adventure and beautiful style. Here’s to the best year yet!
giddy paperie

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