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Hello and happy Sunday. I want to first announce the winner of the darling travel case from Last Call, congratulations goes to


Please email me your contact info at [email protected] so this can be on it’s way!

Hope you are having a nice weekend. Mine has largely centered around my container coming in on Friday, sooo many gorgeous things!! I had a car load to bring home, lol. Tomorrow will be the one day porcelain arrival sale, so do check back. Many beautiful items will be up for grabs.

So the weekend was a busy one,  worked all day at the warehouse getting orders out,  but then got to do a little shopping, had a lovely dinner with good friends, and some always much needed downtime is on the calendar for today! I cherish my Sundays more and more with each and every day. So here we go with my Seven on Sunday…….

MY AMAZING CUSTOMERS. I love getting in pictures from my customers and am soon going to do a post on some recent edesign projects, some astounding before and afters to share!!

Love the pair of lamps and my pillow  in this pretty setting sent in by a customer-

And how pretty does my chunky ginger jar look in this beautiful bathroom!

This is an amazing before and after that you will not believe…this is the almost the after (window treatments and new chair was not in yet)

I will do a more in depth look into this fun project when I do my post but we took furniture that she wanted to keep and her kids deemed old fashioned and gave it new life. I will share much more on this when I do my post-



This is a current project. The customer had bought this new sofa and didn’t like it but couldn’t see getting rid of it. So reupholstery to the rescue. We are revamping this room and it is coming out beautifully…chose a beautiful pale tan tweedy fabric and will do a bunch of blue and cream pillows


AFTER-  Reupholstered the sofa in a beautiful pale tan/beige tweedy fabric and it’s night and day! The chairs are next on the menu, recognize the jars? We put  a sofa table between the sofas and are creating two separate seating areas


2 MY BATHROOM ON WAYFAIR! I was very flattered that the peeps over at Wayfair wanted to feature my bathroom….who says no to Wayfair! Not me:)  Click here to read about what was behind the look I created for my master bath….and thanks Wayfair!


3 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST So much to share, heavily accented with homes and interiors this week along with a few mouth watering foodie pics!

And my fave this week is this one because it is so picture perfect (a baby shower place setting) love it!

4 THE SWEETEST VIDEO My dad sent this and it just warmed my heart. Not only does the Dad have a fantastic voice but watching his daughter do a duet with him with her adorable inflections is just too sweet for words. Not to mention this song is just a heart warmer, really really cute and a beautiful reminder that the best things in life really are free:)

You really have to watch it until she starts belting her part of the song…such a sweet moment.


5 AMAZING LAURIE! I have been a long time fan of Laurie of LB Originals and have an amazing little collection of her beautiful items Not only is she a doll and gem of a person to deal with but she is incredibly thoughtful. I got this most amazing robe from her the other day and am living in it:) I mean seriously…a blue and white pagoda robe, does it get better??? I wake up counting down the hours until I get to come home and slip into it….love it!  Click here to see all of her incredible goodies.

If you want one of your very own, click here.

I also love that she is selling these complete sets of china services combined with her gorgeous stationery items, here are a few.

6.COACH! I remember being in school and Coach being “the” bag to have, it was a huge deal to get one and then as I became an adult I kind of lost interest. It all stared when I was at a luncheon and saw someone with the gorgeous dinky bag…it was love at first sight.

Well, with a new designer at the helm, Coach has reinvented themselves in the most amazing way. I am LOVING so many of their beautiful new items…and gave in to order one of their bags. Here are some faves….click here to see their entire amazing collection.

I was so excited to see these boots on sale….check out all their sales by clicking here


7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY. OK this week is all about etiquette. I was in line a few days ago at Starbucks, and in front of me was a very “busy’ youngish lady. She couldn’t stop moving or fidgeting (like she had too much coffee and to think she was in line to buy more) and was on her phone either texting or talking LOUDLY. So loud that literally the entire Starbucks could hear every word and many were starting at her hoping that the stare down might get her to turn the volume down. But nope did not happen.

It was to me, rude, impolite and disrespectful to all those around her who might just have needed a little downtime and quiet, me being one of them! Let me also add she was not talking about anything life changing, she spoke of her car repair, her daughters birthday party and her manicure appt…..yep! Finally one elderly man does what all of us really wanted to and turns around and politely asks if she can keep it down. She gave him a look that could melt the ice off a snowman and went on with her fast and furious conversation.

Now……..what do you think? Was he right? Wrong? Are you on the fence? I think with social media and our incessant 24/7 connection to our gadgets, there needs to be a whole new set of rules in place. A revised etiquette book if you will……paging Emily Post!

So……anything here get your attention? This was a busy busy week with the container having arrived and this coming week will continue to be busy…but fun! The one day porcelain presale will start tomorrow morning so be sure to check back plus there will be a giveaway.

I am looking forward to having a chill day at home….I need it, plus I love to catch a bit of the Grammy’s as I love music (and all the wacky fashion that will inevitably be on display)!  Thank you for stopping in, until next time…..

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Love seeing all of your beautiful items in people’s homes and the robe is stunning!! Happy Sunday, Tina ~

Woke up to your Sunday post..enjoying with my morning coffee! I love to get your take on fashion as well as the home. I have purchased a number of items from Nordstrom, based on your posts…so thank you. Lastly, I want to thank you for an item I was fortunate to win last year..the La Prarie Caviar Luxe Cream. I do see a difference in the texture of my skin since using this. Thanks, I will be purchasing another jar soon! Enjoy your restful certainly deserve it!

When I was with Eastern Airlines- a hundred years ago!- they gave us Coach bags as part of our uniforms. Very impressive back then. Have loved them ever since.

Very interesting posts today. Thanks for sharing. I’d like to know how much it cost to both reupholster and turn a sectional into two separate sofas? Thanks have a great day.

On the before and after project – you were absolutley spot on concerning the new furniture arrangement. Best just to “ignore” the fireplace on the diagona l. Why do builders do this?! It is indeed a beautiful feature and stands on its own. Can’t wait to see the completed project.

Loved the little girl & Father singing – fabulous!!
Starbuck’s – not hiring Americans but only immigrants – do not love.
Love your blog / just a total treasure!

Can you suggest some pale tan tweedy fabrics to look at?

The sad thing about the loud lady, is that she is a mother! One can only imagine what she is teaching her daughter!

Always enjoy seeing the new Instagram accounts to follow, thoroughly enjoy your Sunday posts. Have a lovely day

My very first “goodhandbag” was a classic black Coach in the 80’s. I carried it for years and it gained a beautiful patina on the leather. I kept it polished and eventually gave it to my sister, who continued using it for years. Fabulous bag and now I’m eager to see the new designs. Classic styles with a pop of style, I’m hoping!

Happy Sunday All!
Haven’t shopped Coach for ages, because having worked with shoe manufacturers in my former life, have been disappointed in the steady decline in the quality of their shoes. Coach used to be a brand for a more sophisticated woman when they first opened their doors in the US and now looks as though its target market is 20-somethings with money to burn! $995 for a COACH bag? I don’t think so…
Not the least bit surprised with the woman in Starbucks behavior – is anyone, really? We’ve become a society where too many feel entitled to do and say whatever they want, whenever they want, however they want and as loudly and profanely as they want and if you happen to be offended, it’s too damn bad! And by the way, how dare you listen in on the ‘private’ conversation they are having at the top of their lungs! Emily Post’s etiquette guidelines still apply, no matter how ‘plugged in’ some of us have become. I don’t know about you, but my smartphone is a necessary evil – I don’t always have it by my side and am not checking it every few minutes. All we as mothers can do is pray that we have set a good example for our children and that they live what they have learned in our homes. Good manners have NOTHING to do with one’s economic status: at the core are kindness and consideration, something we seem to have misplaced along the way starting when the primary and presidential cycle kicked off 24 months ago.

That duet made my day…how adorable is that little girl! A star in the making.

Your edesign projects are incredible, what a difference. The pagoda bathrobe is so cute, I know my sister would love that for her birthday in March.

Always enjoy the instagram finds, so many good ones every week. Can’t wait for the sale and hope you get your day of rest today.

I love to see pics that your readers send in of all your goodies. As always, your Instagram photos never disappoint. I still have the Coach bag that I got for my 16th birthday. It was my first “good” bag. Your bathroom is gorgeous – it’s no wonder Wayfair wanted to feature it. Have a great week, dear Tina.

Loved every minute of your Sunday Seven!
Happy Valentines Week to All!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

I had the same experience a few years back, at a Starbucks. My husband and I were sitting outside the cafe enjoying our coffee on a beautiful spring day. Nearby there was a woman sitting on a bench, not at the cafe, and she was telling her whole life story to someone on her phone, in an extremely loud and annoying voice. it went on forever and I finally mentioned to her that we were trying to enjoy our coffees in peace and quiet. Well, she came back at me in a loud and hostile retort that it was a free world and she could sit wherever and do whatever she wanted. Then she continued even louder and we got up and left. I agree that there needs to be a new “social etiquette” written for today’s technologies and common sense rules for society. Times have changed and social graces seem to have gotten left behind. Thanks again for bringing our awareness into focus on manners and gracious living.

I always look forward to reading your Sunday Seven. Always beautiful ideas, always so informative. You transport me to wonderful places I’ll never visit. With your before and after photos and the adorable father and daughter duet, you outdid yourself today. It reminded me of when our daughter was very young (she’s now 45). Whenever grandpa would come to visit, they’d sit in her bedroom for hours, and he would read to her. Heaven forbid we interrupt them for dinner! It was a beautiful time. Thank you for bringing that memory back.

Its amazing, given the opportunity, to see your furnishings through the
eyes of someone else. Love the way the sofas were separated with the
sofa table…. the room takes on a ‘new lease on life.”

The IPhone conversation…. typical “CUP CAKE”
They feel entitled, all about me.!!!!

I still have the very first Coach bag I ever owned! I also got tired of them over the years but am liking some of the new styles again. How great that your beautiful bathroom is on Wayfair! Love the befores and afters and that fabulous robe! Lots of inspiration in this post! Enjoy your Sunday!


Good afternoon Tina!

I love your 7 on Sunday.

So many great things to check out. Love your thoughts on the girl at Starbucks, happy the older man said something, although it did no good, it was good for his piece of mind.

the LB originals are a favorite of mine as well, so beautiful.

Have a great week.

I loved the dad and his little girl. So, so precious. I hope he sings that at her wedding.
I think it’s incredible rude to speak loudly on your phone in a public place. Where, oh where have manners gone?!
Always love your Seven on Sunday.

Thanks for the wakeup call about Coach. I too pass them over as overexposed, especially as where I live we have a Coach outlet in our village. So, if you carry a Coach bag here everyone thinks you picked it up cheap at the outlet. Seeing their new designs has peaked my interest to give them another look. Thanks. As for the obnoxious girl in Starbucks, she had no right to pollute the area around her. Cheers to the gentleman for calling her out. She will go nowhere in life disrespecting everyone around her.

My gosh! Your before and after photos are incredible! You are just so darn good at what you do!
I love, love, loved this post!

Back when Coach bags were the obsession of my daughters, my husband called me and told me we were to meet the girls at the Coach store. “Is that a sporting goods store?”, my husband asked. Poor guy! Braving a sale there, we made my husband stand in line while we ran back and forth loading him down with bags for Christmas gifts. He stood for over an hour and a half in line to check out, then carried our haul out to the car..while we went on to the next store. The more I think about it…that man is a Saint!:)

The picture with tagline “And how pretty does my chunky ginger jar look in this beautiful bathroom!” – does anybody know how the garland detail at the curtain rod with the sheers was achieved? I’ve never seen anything like that.

love the before and afters, tina! the addiction to technology and devices is truly disturbing. i am very mindful about my connectivity. if i am with people, either at home or out, i stay off my phone. i figure if there’s an emergency, the caller will keep calling. and i don’t have a problem shushing someone disturbing the peace…it’s often little me doing the policing since i’m not shy and have a nonthreatening style. have a wonderful week, friend! xox

The video of the little girl and her father is precious! It reminded me of being a young girl, singing duets with my dad in church. We were always a big hit and people were so appreciative .

Cheers to the gentleman in Starbucks for chastising that woman. I cringe at people’s rude behavior and it makes me sad for the lack of respect people have for one another. My other complaint are people shouting and loud talking at the dinner table at restaurants. The volume is so high that you can’t converse with your dinner partner/s. People yell as if they’re at the stadium. If everyone spoke softly, all the dinner guests could enjoy their own dinner conversation. Again, it’s just a matter of rudeness and lack of consideration. I really hope that one day very soon restauranteurs will bring in sound absorbing methods into their dining rooms so we can all enjoy dining and conversation.

When a Starbucks situation like that happens next to me, I talk even louder than them (even if I am by myself and not on my phone) and it makes them shut up.

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