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Hi friends and Happy Sunday. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!  We had a fun dinner out on Friday, yesterday went to see Sally Field in The Glass Menagerie on Broadway (depressing storyline but really well acted) and went to a  lovely small dinner party last night. I love going to restaurants, but to me nothing beats having dinner in someones home, it is so much more intimate, yet its done less and less.

Today going to relax a while then later hopefully going into the city to visit my oldest son after all its going to be 60 degrees today….makes you want to come out of hibernation! Here we go with this Sundays happenings….


1 EXCITING NEW VENTURE. So behind the scenes, I have some super duper exciting things happening, a few I cannot tell you about quite yet but this one I can because its officially in production! Over the moon with this flatware that I have in the works, expect to have it in April!! I will be offering a “pre-presale” on it very soon.

It will be a win/win- you will get it at the lowest price and I will be able to gauge/tweak the quantities once I see the level of interest. If the feedback I got via Instagram is any indication then I would have to say it will be incredibly well received. Me?I  want a full set of each and already envisioning how I will set the table. So here they are-

Here is a closer look at the patterns- (there will be a five piece place setting for each design, not all pieces shown and possibly some matching serving spoons/forks)




And if you don’t mind participating in a mini poll, your feedback is so valuable.


2. THE ARK AT JFK. One of our friends was actually one of the founders of this amazing concept, exciting to see it become a reality and to rave reviews. A major pet hotel/animal terminal at JKF. This was sorely needed!!! When we picked up little Teddy when he was only 8 weeks old from JFK after having been flown in from Arizona, the conditions were at best that of a third world country…it was disgusting and shocking.

This will certainly make many many pet owners the world over thrilled to know their pets are being taken care of in a world class facility. It is really a brilliant concept and I have a feeling one that will be done in many other major airports in then near future. Click here to learn more about it.

3. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST. Love my roundup this week, there is lots to love and be inspired by. Instagram is such a wonderful resource to get ideas of every kind, never ceases to amaze!

No this is not Disney, it’s a CAKE!!!!!

My fave this week is this stunning picture, posted by a customer who loves her new ginger jars from my shop!


4.HIGH IN THE SKY! Just in case you have a cool 39 million to spare, you can buy this sprawling 4900 sq foot Astor Suite which is up for sale in the Plaza Hotel.  Considered to be one of the most historic apartments ever for sale boasting such former residents as John Jacob Astor, Duke and Duchess of Windsor and JFK, you simply can’t put a price on that.  Take a look-

And here’s a video to see the whole enchilada-


5.AMAZING LITTLE DANCERS. I love videos of talented kids..can’t you tell:) These pint sized dancers are incredible and with such sass!!! At 7 I was playing with barbies and looking for my next play date! Very entertaining, both super talented but that little boy is really something.

And just in case you missed this one, I had to share it again, one of my favorite songs sung by two insanely talented kids. I could listen to this all day long, one of my faves-


6.CHINA BY MOTTAHEDEH OBSESSION. I LOVE china, I have closets of it and way too much for one person, yet I cannot help myself!! Lately I am obsessing over completing my set of Mottaheheh. Have quite a few pieces but not a complete set of any. I love how you can mix and match many of their blue and white patterns. But I will say to my defense, I really use them, all the time. Click here to visit Mottahedeh. Here are a few favorites-

This is the one I am thinking of adding onto, the dragon plates work so well with many other patterns and are really striking

And in other colors they are equally spectacular-


7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY. OK……onto something I have thought many times and curious what you all think. When I am in one of my cooking moods, I always turn on the Food Network to really get me inspired. I am kind of stunned and entertained by the increasingly number of shows featuring these tiny little chefs, they are often as young as 7 or 8!

When they get “cut” it is hard to see their crestfallen little faces, not to mention what does an 8 year old REALLY know about reductions and dry roasting!!  And I think this is just an example of how our society in general is giving things to kids way way too young. You see 2 year olds walking around with their own ipad, 6 year olds with phones and now they have their cooking show. Are they really ready for that and what will there be left in life to want and work for by the time they are 18? On one hand love that it fosters a passion that is no doubt taking our country by storm- food, cooking and chefs has never attained the celebrity status it has now.

But seeing these little tiny people cooking away as though they are experts somehow doesn’t seen natural. When I was little if I wanted to be a cook, I would have had to practice in out kitchen at home with my moms pots and pans, making macaroni and cheese and maybe working my way up to a bunt  cake:) while attaining the goal of being a professional cook one day AS AN ADULT. What’s next,  their own news channel, and lifestyle reality show? That can’t be far behind. Now these quasi chefs/little kids are “living the dream” at 7 or 8. So…….curious as to what you think?

So there you have it,  seven things that got my attention this past week. Anything on your radar? Wishing everyone a wonderful and relaxing Sunday, a great day to recharge for the week ahead. Thank you for stopping in, until next time…..

PS Still working on the subscription issues (about 20% are not receiving the blog) and the Pinterest option, plus a few other things…we ware on it!










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Good Morning, Tina! Love your new flatware – I voted for my fave. My favorite Instagram is of the charm bracelets – so cute. Can’t wait to hear about the other exciting things that you have up your sleeve. Enjoy your Sunday.

Love the charm bracelets and am inspired to invite my lady friends to lunch, encouraging everyone to wear their charms. Such fun! Thank you again for your inspiration.

I would have to be forced into the show to see Sally Field – love everything else on your blog!

LOVE the flatware!!!? And the china, every pattern! Seeing the charm bracelets brings back fond memories. I had started one in grammar school, filled every link on it, then filled another. When they went out of style, I sewed a fabric Christmas tree from a McCalls pattern and attached the charms like ornaments with red, white and green ribbons. It comes out every holiday, and visitors always ask me about the significance of each charm.

On the cooking show topic…one of my 12 year old daughter’s classmates won one of the kid cooking shows last fall. It was very fun to watch and she certainly deserved to win. Such a gracious poised young lady. I understand that she is an only child and probably grew up doing a lot of cooking with her parents. I think (or hope) most of the kids are like that vs being pushed by stage chef parents.

Good for you for speaking out about children on TV. My son was a child actor and I saw all too often stage parents pushing their kids to inflate their own egos. I’m glad my son decided to quit Hollywood when he started high school, as most kids who “make it” in the biz fail miserably in life as adults. It’s not healthy.

Tina I had left you a message on Instagram but want to be the first to buy that pagoda and equestrian flatware. My husbands owns racehorses so we always host a Derby party, and that equestrian would be perfect! Please let u know when you are getting them in.
Love the kids dancing and singing, such talent. I think the notion of young kids having to perform under pressure as they do for those shows is a horrible idea. Kids are under enough pressure, and letting them have a stage so young only erases that yearning to achieve something when they get older. Too much too soon as my wise mother always says. Great Sunday post to read on the sidelines as we are watching my sons soccer scrimmage.

Hi Tina! I love your new flatware. I voted for the pagoda even though I like the bamboo. I could never vote for anything other than Juliska bamboo flatware. I watch the movie To Catch a Thief monthly because John Roby aka The Cat has it!! Yours does look lovely though.
Also love the Charm Bracelet instagram

I do love the charm bracelets. I have one I keep adding to (wonder where I have room for one more charm. Oh well!)
It’s fun to reminisce each one. Love your web site. Will be very happy to start getting e-mails again. Haven’t had one since 1/11/17. Thanks

Oh. I forgot. I really love the blue canton Mottahedeh China. Have a complete set. I’ve been collecting it for years. My favorite flatware is the pagoda.. Thanks.

Hi Tina! Love love love Mottahedah china! Especially the Imperial pattern. I have been looking at it for a while.
Have a lovely day,

Charm bracelets and bamboo flatware, china ,wonderful!

I love the new and old mix ……….am into blending and it works!………..a fresh eclectic!

Great one Tina! Love the Bamboo flatware and am very interested in purchasing it. The china is stunning and I do especially love the mix and match (Chinese Dragons). I’m obsessed with Charm Bracelets and I have probably 8-10 mostly themed just for myself. I love my wedding one with all charms related to meeting my husband, wedding events and our first year of marriage. I made one for each of my girls when we started our adoption process from China and then added to theirs for every fun event when they were little! Thanks for reminding me to bring them out of the jewelry box!

Those little dancers are, indeed, amazing! How do they remember the choreography and sustain themselves that long?

I do agree with you about pee-wee “chefs” in public competition. The very idea is ridiculous. As for the “pet hotel” at airports, what a marvelous idea! Just fantastic.

I didn’t realize dangling charm bracelets were back. They’re simply, well, charming.

I like the bamboo, but the pagoda feels more unique. The equestrian I would never choose – it just looks odd to me as a non-horse person.

Great looking flatware. Can you tell us about the metal? Is it stainless or silver plate or what? Dishwasher safe? I’m sure more details will be forthcoming. A good example of launching children into the adult world too early are not only the little chefs, but the adorable dancers as well. Am I the only one concerned about their hyper-sexualized dancing at such a young age? I dunno. I sometimes think I belong in another era.

the bamboo flatware–yum! i always enjoy your picks, tina, and learn so much every time. the ark is a wonderful addition, and your jars look like a million bucks in that customer’s IG! xox

Love the new flatware! When I saw it on instagram I thought it was gorgeous! Looking forward to hearing about all of your new ventures.

Off to check out the instagrams I am new too! Have a great day!

Is the flatwear going to be silver plate? I would certainly be interested in the pagoda pattern, but also bamboo

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