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Hello and happy Friday! Hope you are having a great week…I am finally starting to feel a whisper of spring and loving every minute. Today is already 62 degrees and it feels AMAZING!!! The weather gods are confused, but this kind of confusion is a great thing:)

What a treat!! I am counting down the days until things start to to green and I awake to birds chirping….cannot come soon enough! Happy it’s Friday, looking forward to a relaxing weekend ahead and super excited about the Oscars!! You can count on my Oscar recap next week:)

A brand new promo just started a few minutes ago…got in the most gorgeous beaded bags as well as the brand new styles from Annabel Ingall. Click here to see the promo

I share with you snippets of my life every few weeks or so, here are the highlights from the last week or so……

Added bouquets of my faux peonies throughout the house for spring cheer

A clients gorgeous new window treatments (Schumacher fabric)

Exciting to see Sally Field on Broadway

A low fat mexican sald….so good! It makes dieting bearable:)

And look who loved the leftovers…

Hes a health nut:)

Beautiful chinoiserie pillow on my antique chair

Basking in the sun, my little resident snowbunny

Serious celebration above…last of the presale orders went out about 4 days ago!! woo hoo

A favorite charming little coffee shop/cafe, Dianes

Office life…yes we still have our mini Christmas tree up, don’t judge:)

My job can be dangerous…every time I get a napkin order in, I want to order an identical set for myself!

 Thanks as always for stopping in. I love hearing from you and want to wish everyone a fabulous Friday and great end to your week. Until Sunday……

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Al;ways love these posts………and just in case: I am sure you know this already, but always be certain there are no onions or avocado in food you give your dog. Both can kill him! You can google the information. He is such a love!

I always love the “snippets” of your life, Tina! You have carved out a great business for yourself with great timing now that you are an empty nester–very smart. Can you tell us about your exercise routine, if you have one? Do you go out to exercise classes, exercise at home, take a walk, etc. Tell us if/how you fit this in to your busy life?

Looking forward to more PB installments! Happy end of winter. (Hopefully!)

@napkins adding a cloth napkin makes and bland meal feel special. But how do you clean them? Especially worth the appliqués, how do you get the lipstick and food stains out without ruining them?

Happy Friday! I am so inspired by your creativity and impeccable taste. I hear Frank Sinatra’s version of ‘Its the Good Life’ playing in my head when I visit your blog. Thank you for sharing with all of us.

Thanks for sharing lots of fun things. Your diet salad looks scrumptious. And lucky you seeing Sally Field on Broadway. What a talent she is! Have a great weekend.

I had to laugh at Teddy eating salad. My Golden Retriever loves salad, fruit, anything. She does the same thing with separating out the lettuce she doesn’t like. Great pictures! Glad you got a lot done, enjoy the weekend!

Hello Tina,
Love your blog. Your dog is adorable, but I noticed you let him eat corn, it’s very bad for dogs to eat corn. Just wanted to let you know.
Maria P.

Just so I don’t feel like a complete slug, please tell me how many people you employ for your business . Also include your personal housekeeping staff, etc. if you would . (Just curious). Thanks.

P.S. Not to throw caution to the wind but I was worried about my dogs eating fruit and vegetables so I checked with my vet. He says it’s ok for them to eat fruit and veggies and even suggests those small raw carrots for treats because of their propensity to gain weight. They love grapes and have never had a problem but I do understand that some breeds do and so do see what your vet says about your individual dog if you have concerns. Gosh, my dogs love guacamole, and I’m pretty sure onions have dropped on the floor and they ate those too when I was chopping them in the kitchen. Yikes! They also like to eat from our leftovers on plates, but there’s high temp wash and sani-rinse in the dishwasher on those occasions when they do. We’re on it. I liked you more than ever when I saw Teddy enjoying the leftovers in that salad bowl, LOL!!! Thanks for sharing real life. ??

Love your post as always!
Can’t wait for your Oscar recap. I love seeing what you would dress them in. Your choices are always, always 1000% percent better.
Have a great weekend Tina!

My Pekapoo loves to eat watermelon, spinach, sweet potatoes and carrots–I give her a whole skinny carrot and she runs off with it like it is a huge prize. My 17 year old Maltese won’t touch greens but likes watermelon. They eat off of Spode Blue Italian plates–everybody who comes to my house thinks that is so funny. Sometimes they get a treat on Royal Copenhagen Blue Fluted plates. My Pekapoo thinks I am supposed to share everything I am eating with her, but I am very selective–nothing with added salt or spices for their tummies. I cook boneless, skinless chicken thighs in the pressure cooker for my pups, and they each get a thigh for dinner chopped up. They get their Science Diet or Blue Buffalo grain free for breakfast. I am only going to watch the beginning of the Oscars when they are coming in, to see the dresses and jewelery, then turn it off–too much political grandstanding going on these days. I have been loving watching VICTORIA on PBS on Sunday nights at 8PM CENTRAL time. I can’t wait for OUTLANDER to come back on for the third season. I have almost finished reading all the 8 books and now am on the side novels about various characters.

Hi Tina,

Love your blog and always enjoy “random musings”. So many beautiful things in this world to look at instead of listening to so much grumbling that is seemingly rampant these days. Not saying serious issues don’t abound, but dwelling on something lovely helps to refocus and collect our thoughts!! There are so many creative, talented people to celebrate instead of tearing others down. Always love Teddy!! He can eat out of my plate any day!! #blueandwhiteforever

My favourite pic – Teddy eating your leftover salad straight from the bowl. A true pet lover.

The window treatments in your clients home are beautiful! It is lunch time as I write this and your salad looks delicious!! I love all of your merchandise and the beaded purses are great.

Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend.

Oh Tina…would you ever consider doing a detailed post on your beautiful work office. Just love the color, furniture & even bulletin board.

Thanks so much for the eye candy!


Dogs are too cute (cats too)! The salad looks incredibly delicious! So I know what restaurant I will be visiting in a couple of hours. Love the window treatments and anything that is monogrammed!

Your iphone takes the best pics! Love the pics of Teddy eating his salad out of that beautiful bowl. Love your client’s window treatments. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, dear friend.

Tina, would you please share the recipe for the yummy-looking Mexican Salad in today’s post? I could not find it anywhere.

Teddy sure made that salad look good, and it seems he really enjoyed it. What a healthy pup!..

Loved your post. Teddy is so cute eating his salad. My little Teddy loves fruit and salads too.

always beautiful and inspiring!
a question: the black chest with the gold nails- who is it from?? love the leather look.

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