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Hello and happy Tuesday! This post has been a long time in the making. Every now and then I do a post on edesign and/or design in general as a lot of people have questions about how edesign works and are both curious and intrigued by how this operates. I have done extensive posts on edesign here, here and here. Nearly many if not all your questions can be answered in going through these past posts, as they cover just about everything related to his increasingly popular design alternative.

Today is a recap on some very exciting and some “still on going” projects that I am particularly thrilled with. A little background on each project so you know what the objectives were. This is a long post with a lot to read and see…so grab an extra cup of coffee:)

UTAH. This client is a repeat client and a dream to work with, it helps that she has great taste and loves blue and white! They bought a very impressive home/horse farm that they knew they were going to give an overhaul to almost right away and recognized it was  in sore need of some TLC.

They did do some construction right off the bat but a lot of the project involved redecorating. After we worked on the kitchen, breakfast area, foyer and upstairs master/study, the master bath was next on the list! The master bath before I think we can all agree, was pretty dismal.

She wanted a light and airy, spa like luxurious master bath and boy, is that what she got! So first a look at the “before” and then get ready for the after


AFTER (still was waiting on new chair and window treatments)-

TEXAS. Another dream client, whom I have worked with before. An absolute delight!  This person wanted to reinvent furniture she already owned (that her kids deemed out of date and old fashioned) and give this living room new life, with a few updated accessories to bring it up to date.

So we chose a gorgeous soft cream velvet for the sofa, redid the two pairs of chairs in a fabulous toile and a beautiful pale blue/cream leopard on the smaller chairs. Replaced the coffee table, had new drapes made, added lamps, brackets and some blue and white… touch was the rug and it was a beautiful transformation indeed. Just love this space.



The old floral heavy chairs were reupholstered in a beautiful soft toile linen and the heavy blue drapes replaced with ivory panels with a classic Greek Key trim, really lightened things up!

The cream velvet sofa looks fabulous accented with beautiful blue pillows and a gorgeous antique mirrored coffee table from Decor Market, which I just LOVE!

Theses antique chairs were given new life with a pale blue leopard  from Kravet

Blue and white lamps, a new rug, brackets with vases…voila!

NEW YORK. This is an “in progress” project and a very exciting one. We have a ways to go. Love that my client and and I are completely on the same page, she is such a pleasure to deal with. So she had made a mistake and bought an expensive secitonal that let’s say did not come out quite as she had hoped. Since it was basically brand new,  she could not justify getting rid of it. So she had it split into two sofas and we began our work!

Fabric redo to the rescue. We chose a gorgeous light tan tweedy fabric and redid the sofas. What an astounding difference!

We changed the floorplan to create two separate sitting areas, one facing the TV and the other the fireplace. Chairs have been ordered along with cocktail tables. We are working on pillows now and added a beautiful side table/console for between the back to back sofas, and added a pair of my signature blue and white jars. Looking so much better already!! Here is the new floorplan-


These are the sofas before-

AFTER (we are now starting to work on pillows)-

Next project, reupholstering these pretty chairs from Decor Market-

Some contenders and this is how we play with fabrics looking at them on a board with other elements of the room as well as the floorplan we decided on-

NEW JERSEY. Another really fun project with a wonderful couple who own a magnificent very old and stately Dutch Colonial that endured a major floor. Over a year was spent restoring the home and nearly everything was lost.

A few pieces of furniture remained but they were outdated and they felt this was a great chance to start anew. The husband, a talented artist and sculptor wanted a showplace to display his beautiful works, so this is going to be a wonderful juxtaposition of modern with classic traditional.This was a concept board from early on which shows the magnificent rug from Ralph Lauren that is on order and due in April-


A stunning Ralph Lauren rug is on order and due in April. The color scheme is tans, gold and blues. It is going to be so spectacular…when you have a room like this almost anything looks good.



We have accessorizing to do in the dining room but added these beautiful cream silk drapes with the most beautiful trim

And in the kitchen which lacked color/pattern we added this stunning window treatment (fabric from Schumacher) and are now going to do the same in the breakfast area

She also had a beautiful window seat off the foyer where there is a small sitting area with a piano she had a vision of using greens and pinks, so first I did a mock up on a board then it became a reality!

AFTER- (waiting on one more pillow)

There is a very small powder room off the library which has a window open to the front, they needed privacy but still wanted light filtering through as this a very small and dark room, we did a beautiful tonal semi sheer relaxed balloon.

There is a dark gold pin stripe that matches the wallpaper (a dark gold damask) beautifully, the pictures a bit dark but you get the idea!

I plugged in a few accessories and concepts as we approach the next step…just to give some ideas-

As we now being to accessorize the room while we wait for the rug and other pieces to come in, I showed  options of a center table with benches tucked in or a long wide bench

PERKS OF EDESIGN. One of the neat things about edesign is with the 24/7 access, there are no time restraints and there are so many great resources to utilize that make easier than one might think. I love being able to show clients things on a board, and can even “plug” things in to show them what they might look like. Something you cannot do in person!

As an example this is a current project which I will share in the future as we are at the beginning stages,  she has a dining room that needs some tweaking. I suggested moving the art to the side walls and adding a mirror above her sideboard. I was able to add these virtually as a concept-



On another wall the plate arrangement felt too high so I was able to show her adding two more plates will change the effect plus I suggested adding chandelier shades for a soft, Frenchy feel…



So yes you could say I have been a busy lady and now you can see why I cherish those “lazy Sundays” so much, but this was the perfect retort to my empty nest syndrome!

I so love what I do and getting to help transform other peoples home is so fulfilling. Nothing makes me happier than to hear how excited they are about getting to enjoy their homes in a whole new way. So thank you to all of my wonderful clients, with whom this adventure would not be possible.

I am working on two new projects that I am really enjoying, and cannot wait to share those with you when the time comes…it really is such a fulfilling process to be able to help transform someones home. Because as I have always said and truly believe, the ultimate luxury is having a beautiful home to come home to at the end of the day.

If you have questions or want to know more, feel free to email us at [email protected] OR call 1-800-804-9565

Thanks to my readers for stopping by, wishing you a wonderful day and and good start to your week. Until next time…….

PS Just this morning a VERY exciting flash sale has stared on the most gorgeous pillows. Click here to view-








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Loved all the great ideas in this post. Am in the beginning stages of updating my rooms & got some wonderful ideas. Thanks!

I have, however, decided that Tina must be at least three people, how can one person accomplish so much? You are truly amazing!!!!!

You really are a magician.
I am in awe of your energy and talent.
Thank you so much for sharing.

Tina, I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed this post and I’ve bookmarked it because I will be coming back to it many times . We just moved into a 6000 square-foot brand-new home and decided to start a new in this house so we have our work cut out for us . We are finishing things up while we live here and hope to be done within the next few months and then I will be contacting you because I think you’re just the person who can tackle this.
Completely in love with every single thing you have done, I love your take on classic traditional because it feels fresh and welcoming . This post is full of incredible ideas, thank you thank you !

Beautiful transformations! I especially like the New Jersey Dutch Colonial changes. I think the New York living room would look better if you could talk them into painting all of the dark wood white. It would really lighten the room up. I know a lot of people think it’s a crime to paint wood, but sometimes it’s just too dark and drags the entire room down.

Gorgeous redos! Would you share where one can purchase the double light wall sconces featured in the Utah bathroom makeover? Bea-u-ti-full!!!!

Hi fairly new to your blog and cannot tell you how much I am enjoying it ! Just amazed at your talent and what you were able to do with each of these spaces, from that magnificent master bath to the beautiful redo in Texas and that gorgeous living room in New Jersey, I am in love with it all . It is a really interesting concept and remarkable that this can all be done virtually . We just bought a new home and hope to close in April, I will most definitely be in touch once it is officially ours 🙂

PS are you able to share the resource for the rug from the house in New Jersey and the lighting that you chose for the bathroom in Utah ? Also I don’t see the ginger jars that you used in the New York living room on your site, are they there ?

Thank you for sharing your clients’ beautiful projects. I love blue and white and have a big collection of both antique and reproduction pieces. Your photos are giving me some great ideas that I can use because unfortunately I have no decor budget. I’ll just have to be satisfied living vicariously through you! 😉


Love all the before and after designs. Just gorgeous after. Everything now looks new and fresh. The one thing I really like in a diningroom are big soft chairs ,high backs on each end. Thank you for sharing. Love it!

What fun. I really enjoyed seeing these before and afters, what a difference! I love the living room from Texas and New York. The bathroom makeover is incredible and the NJ project looks like its going to be wonderful when done. Your customers are in very capable hands, dont’ know how you do it all.. I especially took note of what was done in Texas as I have furniture I inherited from my grandmother that is very high quality and special to me, but looks dated. I love how you reinvented what she already had. You are a modern day wonder woman!

Tina – Will you share the source info. for the navy blue & cream almost damask like fabric on the right top side of the design board following the furniture layout? I’ve been looking for something similar. Thanks!

Tina, you are a wonder!
These before and afters are astonishing! I love everything!
That Utah,bathroom is especially fabulous. Wow! Just wow!

The bathroom is the most impressive transformation. It is absolutely beautiful! What a difference. Your clients must be thrilled.

Tina, I’ve purchased the blue and white petit point chinoserie pillows in the past ( 9A) and love these but the ball trim doesn’t seem to be attached very well and permanently comes off when sitting against them. Is there anything I can do to prevent this from happening?

I love the timelessness, Tina, and what fun it must be to be creatively engaged all over the country. Thanks for sharing this beautiful work. xox

Wow nothing less than astonishing! The bathroom is a dream. I love every single element. I can see the NJ living room is going to be amazing when done, already looking so good.
The Texas makeover was a standout because it was such an inventive way to use what was there by adding small accents. Great fabric choices, would love to know the patterns on both chairs and where the sofa pillows were bought? That is my favorite color scheme, so soft and inviting.
I look forward to reading your past posts on edesign as I too am curious how it works, which in your case seems to be perfectly. Thank you for sharing this post, got so many good ideas! When is the tole coming in?

I love to see you spin your magic, Miss Tina. The “after” looks are stunning. Have a great week!


These rooms look fabulous! The bathroom is stunning.

Can you share the source of the 4 blue, what looks like velvet chairs?

Thanks you

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