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Hello,  here I am with the second post on my newish series, Accessory Alert. If you missed my first post it was on how to use garden seats (click here).  This is a fun way to share with you various accessories I love and great ways to share how they are used. Today is all about something many of use and love, orchids. They are the essence of elegance, work in small and large spaces and go with any color scheme or room style.

An orchid can add a instant dose of sophistication and drama anywhere they are used, big and small. I personally love both real and faux and with the discovery of a favorite line of faux orchids for my own shop, I  mix them together and no one ever knows the difference. Great for those without a green thumb:)

I have them in several areas of my home and they always make me smile.So let’s take a look at a number of different  spaces around the home where orchids can add their magic…..

Seeing a big orchid plant on a center hall table is one of my most favorite ways to use them, Jennifer Cornell

An orchid on a coffee table is always a great idea, add a stack of books and a few smaller accessories and it’s a winning formula!

They most certainly very much have a place outdoors!! Arch Digest

Love seeing them in a hallways especially when it’s double the beauty!

Loving this gorgeous space with the blue and white and orchids, Ethan Allen

Always like seeing them on a pair of hallway consoles, so elegant! Christina Murphy

Perfect in a bathroom on a tubs ledge,  New England Home

A foyer is a perfect place for them and a beautiful way to welcome your guests

Love this space by talented Scott Snyder

A larger scaled orchid plan on a dinning table looks beautiful

Always perfect in a bright sunny spot in your kitchen! Better Homes and Gardens

One of my favorite places for them is a foyer, here with a chest and mirror this is the perfect trifecta Christina Murphy

They are great on desks too, Carlyle Design

Here is my own powder room, proof that blue and white goes with every color scheme!

A perfect balance for a long console is placing a large orchid arrangement dead center

They always work so beautifully on a center hall table, Pinterest

Loving a large scaled orchid in this fabulous shell…beautiful!

My own hall chest,  I keep this large faux orchid here and change out the small bud vases with whatever is in season

Don’t forget your bedroom, a perfect place or a smaller orchid arrangement, Phoebe Howard

LOVE! As I do on these posts when the accessory in question is something I carry, I am offer a special promotion on it. Today the offer is on my outstanding collection of lifelike orchid arrangements. Beauty is they never need water, look super realistic!


In case this post has given you a mild case of orchiditis, this offer might be a cure:)  My beautiful line of faux orchids are really fabulous. I have paired them with my gorgeous containers and had them made up into beautiful classically elegant arrangements, these just came in and are not yet on the shop.

I have them all over the house, alongside fresh orchids and I am telling you…you simply cannot tell the difference! These newly arrived beauties just came in and are being offered at a fantastic flash sale prices. No water or maintenance required!!  Limited quantities of each arrangement. All are $30-40 off the price they will be on my online shop.  Email or call your order.

Email [email protected]

Call 1-800-804-9565

ITEM 1. Fabulous two stem lifelike orchid in one of my best selling blue and white mid sized planters. This beauty measures at it’s widest and tallest- 24″ x 21″  $190.00

ITEM 2. A stunning lifelike orchid 2-3 stem in my beautiful ivory/gold scalloped tole planter. This beauty measures at it’s widest and tallest 26″ x 20″ $ 195.00

ITEM 3. This wonderful single stem orchid is so elegant in the metal/iron Provence planter. This beauty measures at it’s widest and tallest- 24″ x 13.5″  $130.00

This is also available in a 2 or 3 stem orchid in the same planter but larger (call or email for details)

ITEM 4. A grand 4 stem lifelike orchid in a large elegant silver tub/planter with feet and handles. This beauty measures at it’s widest and tallest- 27″ x 24.5″ $240.00

ITEM 5. A picture of timeless elegance, this 3 stem orchid in the crested footed silver pot is fabulous.This beauty measures at it’s widest and tallest- 27″ x 23″ $230.00

ITEM 6. Just added! This incredible arrangement features a lifelike yellow orchid plant in a fabulous blue and white mid sized fishbowl. Measures 26″ tall by 24″ at its widest $245.00

There are many more custom arrangements on my site click here to see. Thanks for stopping by..what is your thought on orchids? Do you have them around and how do you like to use them? Do tell! Until next time…..

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I first became fully became aware of the beauty of orchids in San Francisco as a much younger gal. I use faux orchids and real orchids often. This being the second of these accessory series, I have been inspired both times. I find ways to reuse what I have in a different place or ways. I have a pot of orchids on the side of the tub in bathroom . Thanks for the morning decorating inspiration. The common thread with this blog is we enjoy making our house a beautiful home for family and friends. Home is where the heart ❤️ resides

Your arrangements are lovely!
Orchids are surprisingly easy to grow, but the faux are perfect when the blooms have finally fallen off and/or you are placing them anywhere there is direct sunlight (strong southern exposure will actually ‘sunburn’ the leaves). Nothing sadder than shiny green leaves and bare, pre-budding stems in a pretty pot! I just put my blow-dryer on very low to dust my faux orchids.
Love the Staffordshire repros you are offering – especially the ‘Foo’ version – & am forwarding the sale info to a dear friend who shows Spaniels. You can never have too many dogs in your life, whether they are curled up at (or on) your feet or gracing your bookshelves!

This just takes my breath away! Fabulous beyond words! I do have to ask if the blue and white bird cage is yours?
Thanks for this beautiful post today!

Orchids and blue and white containers are favs…even better together! You can use a product called Keiki paste applied to nodes in order to get the orchids to send out new spikes of flowers. After the blooms are spent, I ship my orchids sans bark to our second home in Florida. I glue them to trees with liquids nails. After a couple of months of root growth they bloom profusely and are just gorgeous!

Orchids are so beautiful !
And if you agree , you must visit “Longwood Gardens” in Kennett Square , Pa.
Every year in March , there is an “Orchid Festival” – in fact , it is now until the end of the month . Not to be missed if one is an orchid lover . This spectacular event is lovely and the general area offers much to be seen !
I am lucky to live within a 2 hour drive from Longwood and have been there various seasons , many times .

Tina , I am not getting your daily posts yet !
Have you forgotten me ??
I have “resubmitted” my email multiple times .

The bird cage caught my attention, too. I have a collection of bird cages, some antique and some just caught my eye. Any idea where one might buy it?

BTW – to add to Christine’s post: the NY Botanical Garden in the Bronx (you can park directly across the road on Fordham U’s campus if the Botanical lot is full) has their annual Orchid Show on until April 9th. Shame on me for having a son @ Fordham for four years and not making time to see this show!

Hi Tina,

I fell in love with the blue and white birdcage by Scott Snyder, would you be able to let me know where I can find that beautiful piece! Thank you!!

Beautiful orchid-lovely inspiration, Tina, and you have perfectly illustrated how to incorporate them into any design style. xox

Orchids are a favorite and I keep one in my foyer that I love. I must admit I have to buy them rather often because I don’t have a green thumb. Maybe I need one of yours! Happy Wednesday!

Your orchids are so pretty. Orchids add such a touch of elegance to any setting. Hope you’re have a good week, Tina.

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