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Happy Thursday morning. Excited to be here with chapter 12 of the Bluff Diaries and really happy to tell you that things are really starting to  happen. It is finally looking like a real house and it is thrilling!

Lots of recent pics to share with you and then we will talk about today’s subject, bathroom lighting as an extension of last weeks post on flooring. This is the first time you are seeing the actual house, and it is incredibly exciting.

Some have asked who we are using for architect/builder and I must say I am really delighted with our experience with both our architect and builder. I have wanted to share them with you but was waiting until things were further along. The info is-

Builder- Nathan Cameron (click here to contact)

Architect- Court Atkins (click here to contact)

Nathan is what is referred to as a boutique builder, at any given time he takes on no more than about 4-8 houses and gets very personal with each building experience. I love that he is so into the details and sends us extensive weekly updates, there is a reason he is considered to be one of the most popular builders in The Bluff. He and his company has been a total pleasure to deal with. Our engines are just revving up but he has stayed right on schedule to the day, impressive in this world!

For our architect we used Court Atkins, they seem to be by far the most popular architect there and rightfully so. They were fantastic even from afar and with only two visits at executing exactly what we wanted, a pleasure to deal with and get this- they actually met almost every deadline! That is saying something in today’s world.

I must say they have been a dream team, and any reservations I had about doing this from afar quickly vanished when I saw what good/capable hands I am in…thanks guys!

And now onto today’s post….

Bathroom lighting, it is often the finishing touch for a bathroom and with today’s vast array of choices, it can make a real statement. My taste honestly has not wavered much over the last 10 or so years however in this house, we are going a bit more transitional and less formal than our house here in NY.

MASTER BATHS- I love sconce lighting, I could live with sconces only…the lighting they give is so beautiful day or night. In my bathroom I will have at least a pair possibly two. As I am going with a more transitional look, the lighting will follow suit.

I will have a chandelier/lantern and may be putting in one of my bell jars which would work very nicely there. For the sconces, love each of these equally and will likely put a pair for myself and a pair for my husbands bath. These are from a company I do a lot of business with, the quality is bar none.

Isn’t this so gorgeous? I feel it is a little bit more masculine so this could work beautifully for my husbands bath

This feels a little more delicate could work well for mine or the powder room

The square version

For the chandelier I am leaning towards one of the belljars from my shop but if I were to go another route these would be some contenders-

Most likely I will go with one of my wonderful belljars, not a bad one in the bunch but I would likely go with one  of the simpler styles.

This below would work well for my husbands bath, elegant and handsome

GUEST/KIDS BATHS- For the other bathrooms I will go with a simple polished nickel style and vary them in each bathroom. Something along this line-

POWDER ROOM- For powder room I like the idea of doing something a little dressier/stepping it up a bit….

Call me crazy but I ordered a pair of these as they were only $146!!! Click here to see, how could I pass them up. I know I will use them somewhere

Wow this has me excited over all of the beautiful lighting choices, so many pretty classically beautiful things to choose from. This is when it’s going to get fun and at the rate we are going, we will be at this stage before we know it. So…how about you? Anything here excite you? We are going for a cleaner, transitional look and I think we are well on the way.

Thank you for stopping by, wishing you a wonderful day and hope it’s feeling like spring wherever you might be, over here it still feels very much like winter! Until next time…







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Love the sconces for your/your husband’s bath! Redoing my bath and am now considering these. Now to convince my wife.

Wow. I love your updates. And the house is really coming along! What a beautiful site. ..and love All the scones. I would have a hard time deciding…

Was at PB last week- lots of houses going up. Wondered if I saw yours.
I like the Chandeliers over the others, but both beautiful.

Beautiful lighting. Just gorgeous. Can you reveal your sources or are they to the trade only? If they are, would you consider carrying some of them in your shop for those of us who do not have access to the trade?

Who makes the tailored sconces you are putting in your husbands bath? The company you said you know well and has good quality? They are very handsome.

Hi Tina,

Love all of your choices! Can you share the sources for all of the sconces?

Thank you!

Lovely bell jar lights but don’t you find them hard to clean? They get dirty and it takes 2 of us to take it down and putting them back not easy! For this reason I will avoid this style hanging light.
Do you agree? How do you manage to keep yours clean. And how do you clean them? Thx. Marcia.

Love the transitional look touches!

You are on the cutting edge in my book and I love the blend……..

I would love to know the name of the company you feel has the superb quality.
Love your selections.

These lights are beautiful. I’m in a new build right now. I have one question about the scones and keeping the shades clean from all the hair spray, perfume, etc. used in a bathroom daily, how do you keep the shades clean?

Choose the bell jar you’re going South , honey. It’s classic lighting any where. Believe me, I love a drippping crystal chandelier, but consider a little break at your home away from home . Now you should consider naming your home and have stationary made up … I am dreaming with you

Love your lighting choices. Especially the antique brass ones. They are classic and will never look out of style.

Ohhh a lake house would be divine! It’s going to be so beautiful! And the sconces are great choices. They just add such a polished look. Have a great weekend!

Beautiful, Tina! PB and environs look very much like ours in South Louisiana. I know you will find peace and surcease there!!!

What great choices, You can not go wrong with any of them. PB is building heaven and I am sure your home will be fabulous. Beth

Was in PB a few weeks ago and saw your house. Looks fabulous! Nathan is a great guy and builder!

I love the first wall light of this mail! From which company is this light in silver?

Greetings from Holland


How exciting! Your house is really coming along. I love watching a house being built. Your lighting will be beautiful. Decisions, decisions, decisions! I really like the more masculine look it makes a real statement. Your house will be gorgeous!


The beauty I ascertain is the love that you have towards your family, friends and bloggers. We know you’re an artist that loves her craft, but your mantra is for your loved ones. What a magnificent way to create an atmosphere to project your love to others……

Thank you for sharing…..You are “The Giving Tree”.


Hi Tina,
I, too, am interested in knowing the company that makes the top selection of sconces. They are so handsome! Haven’t seen anything like those and they would transform a bathroom.
Following along with great interest as your beautiful house unfolds,

so exciting, tina! love being able to see this progress and anticipate the gorgeousness to come. i’m so glad it’s been going smoothly so far…so often that is not the case! xox

Such a beautiful location, Tina and I can’t believe how quickly it’s going up now. It looks amazing and it’s so fun to watch your vision come to life. Happy weekend!

I also would like to know if you have a trick for cleaning bell jars that doesn’t envolve taking them down.

Nathan Cameron AND Court Atkins Group are first class. We’ve worked as a design team with William Court/Court Atkins Group going on almost 5 years now (we have 3 structures and it was a phased build) and he could not be more wonderful. As for Nathan, there are alot of great builders in Palmetto Bluff, but he is super creative, very on top of things and LOADS of fun!

check out lighting from Julie Nell, it is beautiful and would be beautiful in Beach house

Hi Tina-

I love the scones at the beginning of this blog. Several others do too. Can you share where we can get them or are you selling them? Would love to know.

Thanks, Ashley

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