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Hello and happy spring late afternoon!  We are having the most amazing string of weather, it feels like summer, got up to almost 80 degrees! On the PB front,  things are starting to really chug along, the decision making is going to intensify and I really need to get my thinking cap on.

One of the bigger and most pressing decisions is how to treat the flooring on the front and back porch. Before I get to that here are the latest pictures of where things stand…it’s really shaping up! This week it’s all about getting those chimneys up and up they are going.

Our builder Cameron Builders is doing a great job at keeping us updated with pictures and frequent progress reports and in the loop, it makes doing this from afar easier than I would have thought:)

Exciting to see the brick chimneys  getting put up!

And we are experimenting with shutter colors next to the exterior and roof color

Another round, getting closer!

And we have a front and back door!

Right now the flooring on both patios is a standard ground shell/concrete floor which many keep as is. I however see something a little more interesting. I am thinking for the front a herringbone brick, which I love the look of.

In the back I am considering Peacock pavers, would have loved the brick but not sure about the “bumpy” nature of brick. It is a huge covered patio and I am sure, it is a space we will use a lot. There is going to be a BBQ, a fireplace and plenty of seating so I want it to not only  look good but of course be practical/functional.

So here are some of my ideas and of course, I welcome any suggestions you might have. One major perk of my blog is the exchanging of ideas, which I so love to read. So here we go…..

So brick is always beautiful and the flat brick (less than an inch) is so convenient when you need something thinner-

Love these tones of brick and have always been drawn to brick done in a herringbone pattern

So here are a bunch of my ideas….not one I don’t just love!

Blue stone above is very pretty, which we have had but it gets very hot also don’t want something so gray

And then there are the peacock pavers equally beautiful…

Can we talk about how utterly charming this is above? And how Peacok Pavers were so able to so easily be used to “blend” the old with the new

This color above and below is what I am loving, champagne

OK your turn to weigh in, have you ever done brick or pavers on a patio (enclosed or a front porch)? If so would love to know your thoughts on the matter and how it has held up, what kind of heat conductor it is,etc….Really appreciate your feedback and will be paying close attention as this is a decision that needs to be made very soon!

Thanks for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful day. Until next time…..

PS The Chinoiserie tole sale is happening. Lots of great things like the new obelisks, and of course the fabulous Provence planters which will be here in time for spring planting!Take advantage of lowest prices before they come in, click here to see all the beautiful items being offered.





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My advice to you…get a handful of dirt and throw it on your pavers. The one that shows the least, will be the one you most enjoy. It sounds crazy, but with a second home, dirt tracking is an issue. The lower the upkeep, the higher the enjoyment of your time spent will be…..and I am not always the most practical person!:)

I love the second picture of the bricks. It feels southern to me! And the house is looking amazing already! What a blessed treat!

Hi Tina,
We have a paver floor for our lanai and patio. We love it! The pavers are never too hot in our Florida July and August heat. We did have them sealed as this stops the possibility of mold growing. Perfect with our outdoor furniture as well. Hope this helps.

Best, Marie

Hi Tina,

Love all of your selections for patio flooring. I have a tumbled brick flooring at my front door and love it, but it is a bumpy surface to sweep. We did not use it on our large covered patio on the rear of our home because of the uneven finish. I love your Peacock paver selections, especially the champagne finish, they offer so much French charm!

So much to love here. I love the progress of the house, looking fantastic!! I love the second set of shutters colors, so pretty, that blue is a favorite of mine too.
I am a big fan of pavers, do think you should put brick on the front/pavers in the back. Both beautiful and low maintenance. You are really making great progress, so exciting and cannot wait to see it as you decorate.

At the insistence of high pressure sales staff at Color Tile, we paved our back patio with 4×4-inch tiles instead of the larger, more durable Mexican tile we really wanted for an Italian courtyard effect. Four decades later, we’re still dealing with broken pieces, replacing a few here and there every year. I would much rather the look of old brick, as we had in the South. Still, I reckon tiles are better than plain old concrete slab. Nevertheless, an outdoor rug covers much of the floor, and new blue & white cushion covers I made last summer contrast nicely with ferns, geraniums, and English ivy.

Love photo #4- so Southern. I much prefer this look for instant charm and character. I used these exact brick using the herringbone pattern in an outdoor space in Nashville. The clay in the brick results in a cooler end result, minimal tracking. My hubby is a VP for a very large commercial stone & masonry company in Dallas, TX, with 40+ yrs in the industry and has provided much insight in selecting materials for our home projects. First thoughts are usually the best…enjoy!!!

We have a brick patio and also front walk area, which I love, but have had to tend to it a couple of times in 10 years—-meaning a part of it will “sink” or need to be leveled, etc. periodically. A couple have cracked as well. Now we are in the midwest, so there are dramatic temp. differences. This may be no issue where you are building. I love how it looks when it’s wet, and have always wished we could somehow keep that look!

The light pavers are so beautiful and European looking. There are many ways to lay them for different designs. I personally would go for the pavers instead of the brick. As far as inside the home, I would give it a lot of consideration before using too much stone because it is hard to stand on stone for long periods of time.

If you are set on brick I love the second picture. I don’t know what that pattern is called. It looks suttle and I know you like that. I know I would get tired of the herringbone pattern very quickly. We have the peacock pavers throughout the downstairs of our home and love them. If would have been nice to carry it out to the loggia but we have stained concrete there. I’m enjoying watching your new home coming together.

LOVE Old Carolina Brick bricks, in any formation. I know that running bond is the least expensive labor-wise, but since bricks are not something you change out easily (not like replacing flowers you’re not thrilled with in a front planter), then if your first choice is herringbone, I’d go for it. Have been in a home with OCB used on enclosed patio floor (as well as front foyer) and really like it.
Am looking at peacock Pavers right now for our back patio. DramaDivas idea of ‘abusing’ the pavers a little is brilliant – that way you’ll have no surprises. With all of the pine trees, chances of sweet Teddy dragging in pine tar on his paws is a given and you’ll want to make sure that it can’t stain a light-colored porous floor.
One idea I liked for the great room and wish I had seen before we built our home is from Bunny Williams’ ‘Affair with a House’ book: in her barn, they ran 4″ wood planks framing stained & polished 3′ concrete squares.

No doubt you have heard this many times, but Southern sun is not to be messed with. I chose the lightest, bone colored travertine for around the pool, adjoining patios and under the covered porch. Even in the mid-July sun, you can walk barefoot across it. With tight joints it is no problem to clean, and no uneven or bumpy surfaces.

The brick or the champagne pavers are both beautiful, maybe pavers at entry because brick can mold easily. BUT remember that in the more casual areas-you ARE in the South and that concrete with oyster shells (or “tabby”) couldn’t be more southern! Maybe consider that as well? When you walked in downtown Savannah did you notice the shells in all the sidewalks? So beautiful and when you see that you KNOW you’re in the South! That is a pretty way to embrace the southern feel! Good luck-your home is going to be beautiful! Enjoy!

I love, love, love, peacock pavers ever since I discovered them years ago. They are so beautiful and go with everything. I wish I had somewhere to put them. I tried to get one of my clients to use them on the first floor of their new french style home, but the floor would have had to be reinforced.

I vote for the rustic tone of picture number 2, but in a herringbone pattern. That is so fitting in your area, and it is beautiful and indestructible too.

I’m a fan of keeping the same tones in flooring – inside and out – the less red brick in the front and the champagne Peacock Pavers would be my choice for the back. Brick is rough on the feet….so, for me, around a pool, bbq area, with barefoot sons running around (and eventually grand babies!), I would select a more friendly surface for the entertainment area than brick. Love it at the entry, however… the softer tones. Also, whatever you are planning for the interior floors will definitely relate to whatever is outside the front and back doors, and I’m guessing you are leaning towards light floors? Haven’t read anything about your choice for interior flooring – I may have missed it.
The softness of the outside paint and roof colors, along with either of the shutter choices, certainly are lovely!

Picture 5 for the herringbone makes my heart flutter and picture 10 for those magnificent lanterns I could NOT resist! What a lovely conundrum! Good luck. I know your choice(s) will be wonderful!

My favorites are the herringbone pattern, the blue-stone and the peacock pavers. Our patio currently is brick and we are now considering blue-stone pavers. I know that whatever you end up with will be beautiful!

Sorry but I am a fieldstone girl–classic southern charm. Brick is pretty but not my favorite. Not sure that putting a European style floor fits with the true essence of the Palmetto state’s southern architectural genre and ambiance.

I was just in hilton head area. Lots of oyster shells used in many applications. It’s a local “uniqueness” that I found delightful especially being from the north.

I have been partial to the herringbone brick all my life. It has so much charm and character. Practical and beautiful. So Old South! Everything I love! But, remember, you have to go where your heart and decorating wisdom tells you. Everything will be beautiful with your signature style!

If you use the brick pavers for the front walk/patio I think it would be great to use the peacock pavers and a border of the brick pavers or some insets of the herringbone brick pacers for the back patio so you tie the front and back together while not being exactly the same.

Because this is your vacation home and not a full time southern home, I think the peacock pavers are the most beautiful choice. There’s a softness to them that bricks in a herringbone pattern will never have/although I love brick, it just doesn’t compare to the light peacock paver for your lovely home.

I too love the peacock pavers. I did Pennsylvania bluestone on my front porches and terrace level covered porch and pool deck. It does get warm. I love the Herringbone pavers and would definitely choose those. We had them in our last home but my husband didn’t like the feel of it under his feet. Picture #5 is a mudroom in Buckhead (Atlanta). My builder renovated that house with architect, Either Orr. You must go check out their work. Your PB house is AMAZING and I’m pea green you are building. We finished our house 2 years ago and are now finishing the terrace level (basement). Trying to decide on flooring…….may do a stained polished concrete in my sewing embroidery workroom. Fun but sometimes overwhelming!

We have had Old Chicago brick pavers at the front entrance and on a rear covered patio of our home which we built 20 years ago. very similar to #2. We had the rear covered patio bricks covered with a slurry which softens the color which I still love and has held up well. Yes they are not perfectly smooth however it has not been a problem with our furniture. We live in south Texas and it gets very hot and humid in the summer and Palmetto Bluff is similar so you may have issues with mildew. We power wash the brick around the pool and in the front of the house every few years as needed. The covered porch with the slurry has been very easy to keep clean and looking good. I think if I were doing another house I would like to use the peacock pavers just for a change.

Love the idea of the herringbone brick in the front and Peacock Pavers in champagne on the back area. Thanks for sharing the photos! Have a great day! Linda

I have had the brick and they are not my first choice. Peacock pavers are the perfect choice. Love the colors and maintenance will be easier

I leave brick pavers on porch, herringbone pattern,, which I love. I am sure anything you choose will be just beautiful.

While all the samples are pretty, your home is in the south so I think brick or maybe slate is the way to go. The Peacock Pavers are too European looking for the style of the home and location.

We just built a home and used the “champaign” pavers and I LOVE them! They are cool on your feet, easy to sweep clean and soft on little grand babies feet too!

You have so many pretty options, I’m sure it will be hard to choose. The Peacock pavers are beautiful! I live in Central Indiana and we recently finished an outside back patio with a giant pergola. We used Indiana Limestone and are very happy with it. I can’t vouch for the durability because we have only lived with it since late Fall but it’s neutral enough to go with just about anything but definitely has some interest to it. And, it’s cool to the touch, even when the sun is beating on it. Good luck to you, I’m sure your PB will be fabulous!

We just rebuilt our house a little over a year ago. We used the brick in herringbone that looks very much like the third picture with the white rocking chair. I really love it. The only time we notice the roughness is with the rocking chairs. The other furniture has no problem on it. I love the dark blue color on your shutter samples. Your house is looking great. Thanks for sharing your journey.

Champagne pavers would look beautiful . I agree with Joni they have a soft look, and they are easy an cool on the feet.

I agree with the others, the peacock pavers are pretty and do seem to solve the uneveness issue. I know the house will be beautiful when it is completed. Can’t wait to see !

i pinned away. omg the simplicity of that French country exterior with the symmetry and neutrals. dying. and the champagne tone, yes. here at the fixer, I made my men tear up the existing patio because it was no longer level and then re-set every paver in the same pattern (circles – very spiritual labyrinth feeling). it’s the first paver patio i have owned! xox

Lovely! Herringbone brick for front assuming it won’t be used as much and peacock pavers for the back which have a beautiful aged finish; they will require sealing and will be easy on the feet.

I like the pattern of picture # 10 – the one with the black & white pillows – done with Savannah Greys, or something really close. The herringbone looks so formal for PB , buts that’s just me. I’d do the driveway in Tabby with 3 or 4 brick strips at the entrance, then 2 bricks in a row every 10 feet or so & a brick walk.
Savannah Greys are the historic bricks of this part of the Low Country, altho pretty pricy for such a large area, but there are some close matches . That 2nd picture is the look.
I have no doubt whatever you chose will be beautiful.

I love the look of herringbone but it seems a little formal for a beach house. If you go with brick the basket weave pattern is beautiful. Love the peacock pavers. I’m taking notes for our new build on the lake!! Keep it coming!

The choices are all wonderful. Having lived in the Deep South my whole life– the old brick feels the most Southern.
My only advice is you really really need an area that is screened. The bugs, mosquitoes etc will eat you alive. And the screened porch needs multiple ceiling fans. We have had both open and screened porches and life is so much better with a screened porch.

Your home is lovely!!! Julie L, GA

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