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Hello and hope you are doing well on this fine spring day. So excited to bring you this post! I feel a definite pep in my step now that I can walk out of the house without a jacket and scarf. Forgot just how good it feels! Plus waking up the birds chirping is a sure and welcome sign:)

I recently finished a sunroom that came out so beautiful, I could have moved right in. It was something that was done for a concept house and there was a really short window in which to complete it, what can I say….I work well under pressure! Of course I brought my signature blue and white to the mix as the room just called for it.

I wanted it to be light, airy and welcoming. The beautiful painted brick walls were a wonderful compliment and added a nice touch of texture. Got the beautiful and so affordable furniture from Decor Market which included the elegant sofas, gorgeous pale blue console and one of my favorite coffee tables of all time.

Everything else is from me, it was a great opportunity for me to showoff  some of my favorite things. I loved it so much I even had an ad made, which will be used down the road. So here it is!!  First a look at “behind the scenes” and then at the end is the big reveal of the professional pictures (and my ad).

Here is a “behind the scenes” as this room came together-

This is the space, a pretty painted brick wall and the big windows with the trellis mullions were a naturally pretty starting point

The lighting had to go!

First step was bringing in this fabulous indoor/outdoor rug from Decor Market,  so love it and think I may use this very rug in PB

Many have emailed me about his rug here is the link-

Added one of my favorite coffee tables (can you believe only around $800), also from Decor Market, so chic and stylish

Comfortable classic looking English arm sofas being delivered ( from Decor Market) and we are starting to have a room!

It was the perfect place to add my blue/white bamboo lantern

The very first thing I chose was this beautiful blue. painted French looking chest (Decor Market). It was a beautiful starting point, and from here everything else came together quite effortlessly….

The “ingredients” in a holding pattern

A trusty helper hanging the brackets

And the brackets are up with my mid sized pagodas

How beautiful are these pillows! From Studio Tullia (except the middle one is part of my own collection)

Hard to believe this planter is from my faux stone line and the orchids are too! This arrangement came out so pretty, I am going to add it to my own home very soon:)

I swear my backseat needs its own reality show…you never know what you will find there!

Console looking good because let’s face it blue and white makes everything look pretty:)

LOVE the Provence planters filled with fresh palms, the picture of elegance!

THE BEST PART! So are you  ready to see the beautiful professional pictures, and let’s face it, nothing can hold a candle next to those. Rest your eyes on these gorgeous pictures…….

And here is my ad-


Sofa, rug, coffee table and blue painted console are all from Decor Market

All porcelain accessories, mirror and bamboo lantern are from my shop, Enchanted Home Shop

All pillows (except green velvet) is from Studio Tullia

Provence planters are from my shop, Enchanted Home Shop but today is the final day of the presale which includes these Provence planters at special pricing CLICK HERE to see

PSSST…….Don’t forget to check out the awesome flash sale going on for outdoor rugs, so many beautiful rugs all at amazing prices. Click here to view

Thanks for stopping in, hope you enjoyed this post as I sure enjoyed putting this beautiful space together. Wishing you a wonderful day, until next time……





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I hadn’t thought of putting those pagodas on wall brackets. I love it!! The sunroom is gorgeous, congratulations!

The end result is so relaxing to the eye, Tina. What a lovely retreat.. So funny, the first thing I thought too was that original light fixture had to go..haha..The windows in the room fit perfectly with your esthetic. Its as if the space was calling your name..Congratulations..BTW I love the rugs and thank you for always reminding us to check out decor market for good deals..You are such a good friend!

Happy Easter..I hope you have a joyous and relaxing day.


The sunroom is absolutely stunning. It turned out beautiful with all the blue and white. Loved your choice of items. Such talent!

WOW just wow. Speechless over the beauty. A dream sun room if I ever saw one. Love the furniture you picked and of course all the accessorizes are so beautiful and such a great way to highlight your beautiful collection. I cannot wait to get my provence planers, seeing your palms in them gave me a great idea. Thank you and congratulations on a most beautiful space. Hope you and your family have a lovely and happy Easter.

The room turned out to be lovely. But as lovely as it is I just feel it is repetitious of everything else you do…..I Love your blog but sometimes I think you need to step out of the blue box and give clients a new look…..keep the blue if you can’t bear to not introduce it but incorporate something else for a change. But the room is for sure lovely!

Just gorgeous. Love all the blue and white pieces. Great furniture selection. The tables have beautiful curves. Love it! Very impressive.

Hello! Well this was a beautiful way to start my day. This is just incredible, your magic touch strikes again, like you said I too could easily move in there and never want to leave. I would love to have a sunroom, closest thing we have is our enclosed porch which could some sprucing up. Thank you for sharing the sources.

To Christine above, what an absurd comment. Tina is the queen of blue and white, we all follow and love what she does because of that. If you don’t like it then maybe should should move along and refrain from leaving such a snarky comment. Some people are so ignorant. Tina, I cannot tell you the joy you bring me and many thousands of others. Practically every woman I know from my club, follows you now. We are your biggest fans!

Lisa from Pasadena

Just stunning! Those extra large ginger jars by the fabulous painted console table are amazing. Bravo Tina!!

Tina, That sunroom is just gorgeous! I love that you provided your sources – you gave me so many ideas for my own home. This was a beautiful post – thank you!

Those professional pictures are amazing!
I have two English arm sofas in a similar color and have four of those pillows. Mine are paired with dark blue velvet and also deep coral pillows. Love everything you did!
I’ve added so Imari pieces with my blue and white which looks pretty good. Just got a large Imari garden stool that’s gorgeous!

I may have missed them in the beautiful photos but did you end up using the large white temple jars? Thanks for the eye candy!

Beautiful room!!!! I’m missing your Pinterest button!!! Is there a plan to put it back on the Website?
My friend is also having trouble signing up for your email, any suggestions?

Simply Fabulous as always……..I’m trying to find the rug you used on the Decor Market site……any clue to narrow it down? It’s exactly what indeed for my lanai pool area!!!!

Hi. Absolutely beautiful. The palette of the windows, limed brick and flooring was perfect for your accessories! What lovely design work as always!!!! Love it! Julie L

Tina, you are so very talented. If I ever get a chance to redecorate, I’m asking you to be the designer. That room is simply beautiful and I don’t have the eye you do. I never tire of looking at your home (s)!! Thank you for this post today! I’m having a tough day and you brightened it right up. (I also don’t understand chinoiserie and tole the way I should, but I’m trying to get there.). Again, just wow!

I really love how it turned out. Just beautiful! I love every detail. There is not one thing that I don’t completely love about this room.

Wow, everything works together in that room so beautifully! You worked a wonderful transformation–absolutely gorgeous.


I looked on the Décor Market website and could not find the pretty blue cabinet. Do you have any more info on it, perhaps a search term I could use to pull it up?

Are those large ginger jars on each side of the blue cabinet against the wall for sale in your shop? If so, what are
the order numbers?

Your client is so lucky to have you decorate her space . Very pretty , calming and peaceful in the soothing tones of blue,white and creams . The pops of green in the plants,pillows and apples add the perfect accents in this gorgeous outdoor room .

P.S. I am still not receiving your emails despite my efforts to “resubscribe”.
Can you help ???

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