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Good Saturday morning to you.  So, I started this series a few weeks ago (click here if you missed Chapter 1)  and vowed that I would periodically post on the “Diet Diaries” surely a subject that we are all intimately familiar with. It really should be the “lifestyle diaries” as this is more about a lifestyle change than an actual diet. The word diet sends shivers down my spine, so when I think of this as just a  conscious choice to just eat more healthy, it seems so much more doable!

When the warm months are around the corner, it is not uncommon to start thinking about shedding those winter pounds we gained during the season of hibernation….of course it was done on purpose to act as an extra layer of warmth against the cold (wink wink).

For this household,  I am looking at it more as a lifestyle change than a diet. Some of the bad habits, (snacking whenever I please, too much coffee and diet soda) are works in progress. I am down to one diet soda a day and 1-2 cups of coffee, totally moderate. My snacking is way under control and I am reaching for healthier options. Today’s topic is just that, snacking while trying to be healthier/watch what you eat.

Here are my thoughts on snacking/eating throughout the day and some things I have found to be helpful-

I have always said I could live on snacks instead of full on meals. I love munching on things and I still can but am reaching for healthcare choices. One thing that has really opened my eyes and helped me especially in the morning and occasionally later afternoon when I need a pick up are smoothies/juices.

I bought one of those little Ninja Bullets which are perfect for making single or double servings. I have tried several combinations always being careful to make it as healthy but tasty as possible. This little machine has been such a lifesaver as I am not a big breakfast person but making a smoothie in the morning is a great way to get something in my system that is nutritionally beneficial.

A favorite which I make almost daily-

2 cups spinach, blueberries (and whatever other berries you might have) half a banana, half an apple, 1/2 cup  Chobani nonfat plain yogurt, half a teaspoon ginger (from tube) or fresh ginger), a little water,  and sometimes I add sunflower seeds, this is GOOD. Really good…it’s a great way to start the day.

I also really like the individual cup of hummus and grab a fistful of carrots and it s make a very satisfying snack.

And serving it on blue and white actually makes it taste even better:)

I have started eating a lot of apples, Golden Delicious is my fave, as I do not like tart apples. I add these to the smoothies in the morning and often have a cut up apple in the afternoon if I am hungry-

Dry unsalted nuts, is a great thing to keep in your car, in your bag, as its a good “holdover” snack that can sustain your appetite. I always keep a small bag of unsalted nuts in my car,  and in my desk drawer. The other day got caught in a serious traffic jam coming home from the city and was famished, found my little bag of nuts and you would have thought I found a box of caramel and pecan chocolates:)

It’s also funny how you get conditioned to things fairly quick. In the past I would have always reached for salted nuts now I love the taste of unsalted and a salted nut tastes way too salty.

I have always drank a lot of water but have stepped it up and am sure to I drink at least 70-80 oz a day. I always have a water bottle nearby wherever I might be-

I try not to eat after around 7pm and if I am really hungry I may grab a bag of skinny pop or something along that line to make it feel like I am having a late night binge.

OK your turn to chime in, and my question this time around is-

How do you handle snacking when you are trying to “be good”?

Share your tips….I am sure many of us would be happy to hear them. This is all about the exchanging of ideas and information…..everyone can benefit!

Thanks as always for stopping in, wishing you a wonderful day and fantastic weekend. Until next time….

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Good Morning,
Thank you for this post! Great ideas ?
I just bought a Nutribullet and will give your recipe a try. I will probably add whey protein powder and use coconut water instead of plain. The protein powder helps keep the hunger at bay!!

Excellent advice & you’re on your way to your goals! I also recommend the Marisa Peer book on losing weight. It will change your life….trust me, not your ordinary diet advice book. I found her on YouTube speaking on the Teddy channel. Watch one of her videos! Plus, I’m not in the least associated with her. Her book will mentally boost the practical work you’re doing with food.

Thanks for this blog, as it motivated me this morning…….xox Mo

Great post – as usual. I try to get out of the house. There is danger there of going to some fast food joint, but if I just have carrots around, that’s all I eat. I like your tip on small hummus. Didn’t know they made it.

Wonderful, practical tips! As someone who is perpetually hungry, one thing that really has saved me is hard-boiled eggs. Honestly, if I eat one hard boiled egg in the morning, I am not hungry for hours. Sometimes I will also have one before going out to dinner…keeps staying away from the bread basket a little easier.

We LOVE our Nutrition Bullet! Kale is our base though-very high in nutrition & don’t forget to throw in a few raw almonds. I have joint issues so I tailor mine with one full apple to fight inflammation-the source of so many issues in our bodies. And for snack, hard boiled eggs but I have to admit I need a bit of salt & pepper with it.

Great ideas! I try to limit my snacks to 2 a day. And choose as you decscribe. I have also counted sugar grams which helps and keep them below about 30gm. Amazing how much sugar hides in everything. Julie L

Great post, Tina! Thank you for the reminder to eat healthier. I keep clementines, nuts, pistachios, and cut up veggies at work to keep me from the candy bowl! You can snack all you want as long as it adds to your health. And, you are absolutely right about water. Here’s to your health!

I highly recommend the app “My Fitness Pal”. When I log everything I eat, I feel better, I can keep my fat/sugar/protein at good levels. I added lifting weights to my exercise about 8 months ago and it has changed the shape of my body for sure. I do that twice a week and tabata twice a week and brisk walking or running intermittently. I haven’t dropped nearly the weight and It is killing me to not see the number on the scale go down but my upper arms, legs and butt have changed. I have gained a lot of muscle The most important thing I learned from a nutritionist is how to fuel my body. It is not good to eat carbs early in the morning. (for me anyway). I eat fat and protein before lifting weights or tabata. Fat burns Fat….who would have thought. I’ll eat a few eggs, spinach, tomatoes, avocado. I always have a recovery drink or RX bar after working out. Carbs and protein NO FAT after working out. PURE protein powder, kale, fruit and non fat greek yogurt makes a delicious smoothie. Then the rest of the day I fill in with healthy choices but try to keep Fat low. Fighting turning 50 is a lot of work but I feel like it is for ME and I like being comfortable in my clothes. I do fall off of the wagon….icecream is my weakness and now it really hurts my stomach. Yoga pants have been the demise of our country. They fit even if you are ten-20 pounds up. YIKES. Here’s to healthy lifestyles.

I’m with Carolyn above – love “my fitness pal” app!! Started using the app 35 days ago. I eat whatever I want within the calorie limits that I am allowed and I have lost 10.5 pounds since I started. Not a big fan of exercise, but I walk when I have the time. What I have learned since starting my fitness pal is that I was snacking all day long. At the end of the day I would honestly believe that I hadn’t had much to eat but I was eating handfuls of almonds and 5 cheese sticks through out the day. When you have to log what you eat – you realize where all the calories come from. The app is teaching me to make better choices!

I learn so much from you! I’m eager to try your smoothie and I didn’t know that ginger came as a paste in a tube. Love your sense of humor, too!

Due to a thyroid issue I have done a ton of life changes that have been miraculous. What I thought was arthritis was inflammation caused by gluten. When I cut out entirely the gluten I stopped having joint issues. Also found out I was lactose intolerant and after stopping all dairy there is no bloating. Thirty pounds later I feel great. Also found out smoothies with fruit don’t let me loose weight and what I learned is fruit eaten whole the body has to work hard to digest the fruit so it’s a good low calorie food. But when processed in a blender, all the work that the body would have done in digesting the fruit, is done by the blender, causing weight gain. Who ever guessed?

I love apples and eat at least one everyday. I have cut out all diet sodas for over a year. Water is my go to beverage. And if I do have wine or a drink, I have a glass of water before and after. I love laughing cow cheese with celery and hummus with carrots. And for a crunchy snack, instead of chips, I love nabisco good thins the corn with sea salt. I also track everything I eat each day and stay within a daily allotment most days. My fitness pal is a good friend.

I needed some accountability, so started WW and it’s been surprisingly helpful, especially with the online coaching! One of my favorite snacks is the mini BabyBel light cheese–just one keeps my protein levels up.

Since I started eating low carb several years ago, snacking has rarely been an issue. A couple of scrambled eggs or plain yogurt with a handful of berries for breakfast and I’m simply not hungry until early afternoon. Small lunch of salad or soup or leftovers from night before. I have replaced potatoes with turnips or cauliflower. Spaghetti squash or eggplant for pasta works well. Most restaurants will replace the pasta or starch with more veggies. When people think low carb they sometimes think high protein. True that low carb has you eat some protein with each meal, but you are replacing a lot of processed like bread and sugar with veggies and fruits. My favorite treat is a small apple cut up into slices, throw it in a small Baggie, add a generous amount of Spice Island Saigon cinnamon with a sprinkle (1/4 Packet) of stevia. Shake it up. It is like eating a slice of apple pie without the guilt! Since my husband started low carb a few months ago, he lost 18 lbs and his belt now sits at his waist and not below it! He wasn’t even trying to loss weight…what is it with men!

My hubby and I are on the South Beach Diet, which is good fats, lots of veggies and lean protein. It’s simply a good way of life eating, but it has Lots of prep time. If I was working in an office, I don’t see it working. A low fat cheese stick or a laughing cow wedge on celery or on apple or pear are great snacks and is filling. Neither of us has experienced sugar cravings since we’ve been on it, which is miraculous. I don’t eat beets or carrots because of the high sugar content. My big shock was that bananas are a no no which was my favorite snack. High glycemic count, apparently. I like your ideas.

I’m doing the 5:2 Diet and it works for me. I fast 2 days of the week and eat normally (don’t go too crazy but eat what I usually do) and it works. On the fast days I still get to eat 500 calories so that’s not too bad. And I’m getting used to it. I know some people would say this is bad, but if you do the research, and I did, it works for certain people. I really believe our bodies are different and that different things work for different people.
I love your tips on snacking. I love to eat snacks and you gave me some good ideas. I do love cucumbers with a bit of salt on them. And if I need a sweet, I eat a jelly bean. I know sugar is bad but somedays I want a little sweetness.
Happy Saturday!
And do you have a cheat day? Just curious.

Tina, I tried to change my lifestyle quite a while ago. I cut out most white starch almost all the time, but I’m not nutty about it. I’ve cut out pastries, pasta, rice, white potatoes, bread – you get the picture. I also

Sorry, my comment got cutoff before I finished. I also get cravings, so I allow myself tastes of those things because if I don’t, I just keep eating so called ” healthy” food that doesn’t scratch the itch. I’ll eat a couple of pieces of chocolate or a couple of spoonfuls ( not scoops!!) of ice cream, or one Sourdough pretzel. Again, you get the jist of what I’m saying. I don’t know if it works for everyone, but it does for me, as I stay extremely slim. I find deprivation of cravings doesn’t work. But satisfying them with sensible portion size does. A lot of times , that snack even works as a meal for me. I do not and have never eaten 3 meals/ day. I also say do not eat when you are not hungry. It has never been a problem for my metabolism. Hope this helps someone!

Summer is here…bring on the veggies! Salads, cooked veggies, veggie platters….go for it. Farm stands and are a girl’s best friend during the abundant, summer months. No diet soda, ever. A recent finding links artificial sweeteners of all types to dementia. Not worth it. I like my Nutri bullet, too, but make smoothies only occasionally. It IS better to eat the whole fruit. Warm lemon water, including some of the zest, can curb your afternoon appetite. And, yes, let’s get out of the house so that we are enjoying nature more than we scan what is in our pantries. I am going to take my own good advice. You are so lovely, Tina. I think we get a bit too concerned with weight, as women. Just as an aside, I read an article today which told of increased numbers of suicidal teenaged girls admitted in hospitals throughout our country. The over load on the importance of low weight for fashion has sent the wrong messages to young girls whose self esteem and well being is more and more damaged by this national obsession with body image. Beauty comes from a healthy spirit and a balanced life. Health is real beauty, so let’s all eat for health, get some fresh air, and stay busy by being sweet and generous toward others.

I have found that having walnuts, almonds and apples or oranges is a good way to keep me satisfied until dinner. For some reason I don’t feel like I am being deprived when I have them together. A little plain yogurt or kefir rounds the whole thing out.

I also eat eggs with one piece of Natures Way Whole Wheat Whole Grain No Sugar bread toasted. Only 50 calories! I sometimes add pistatio butter to the toast.

I enjoy hummus with baby carrots, celery, and red and green peppers. For lunch, I occasionally will make some tuna salad and eat that with the above veggies. Whole pistatios with baby carrots and clementines are another favorite snack. I also enjoy raw apple slices, either with or without a little bit of peanut butter. I have fruit at dinner time and sometimes during the day; apples, blueberries, grapes, strawberries, cantaloupe, tangerines, bananas occasionally, and nectarines.

The only thing I do different from your snack routine is that I do not drink smoothies. I know I would enjoy them, but my doctor told me not to since I am diabetic. He said I should not get my calories in my fast by drinking, but slowly through eating things. This way I do not get a rush of high blood sugar.

Thanks for sharing what you are eating to lose weight. ? What I like so much about the way I am eating now is that I really enjoy these foods and do not feel I am being restricted. I still will have a small dessert after dinner, but have cut in half my starches at dinner time, with hopes to eliminate them most of the time. I am eating healthy about 80- 90 percent of the time, enjoying my food, and still losing weight this way. This makes me happy!

Another snack idea is to get 1 container of fat free sour cream (Trader Joe has fat free without a bunch of chemicals or gums), 1/2 to 1 cup Fage fat free plain yogurt, mix with one package Ranch Dressing Mix-makes a delicious dip for veggies (celery sticks are great) or salad dressing. Good luck! (Wish me luck too!)

I loved your post on dieting tips. We all have to find what works best for our individual body types. Unfortunately, I can’t lose weight while eating fruit. No matter how healthy it seems to be, it just doesn’t work for me. I gave up all processed sugar and alcohol for two months and lost 12 pounds. In my mind I should have lost more! Two eggs in the morning and gluten free toast for breakfast, a healthy salad with protein for lunch, and veggies and protein for dinner work for me and I keep losing weight.

Same as Eileen who comments on the South Beach Diet, I am cooking for my husband by the book! He has lost a lot of weight in the first phase of the program. Basically, watch the carbs and the starches and you’ll loose without exercise (although it’s a good thing to do)! I’ve learned that keeping fruit at lunch or supper time keeps from binging if eaten at breakfast. Phase 2 will become trickier as we introduce the carbs. Protein and healthy fats are key to weight loss.

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