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Hello! Happy Sunday to you all, the sun is shining so I am happy:)  First I want to announce the winner of the silver pitcher and also want to thank everyone for your tremendous input and encouragement from my Enchanted Home New post the other day (click here if you missed it showcasing all the new and upcoming products heading this way). Congratulations goes to-


Please contact me to provide your shipping address so your pretty pitcher can be on it’s way!


Hope you have had a wonderful weekend, here busy busy but a good one. No complaints as its a beautiful weather weekend and today is a day to do as I please..really look forward to my Sundays.

We are supposed to go to The Polo Lounge for dinner tonight so that should be fun. Had a nice dinner with friends and went bathroom shopping for the PB house all day yesterday….there was a lot to see and take in but thankfully my taste is pretty consistent so decisions were fairly easy to make. And a lot of progress has been made this week. Now its time for a relaxing day ahead….


1 A VIDEO YOU WON’T WANT TO MISS. Been a longtime fan of Timothy Corrgian’s and his penchant for creating such beautiful timeless and elegant interiors. When I read about his purchase of his chateau in the famed Loire Valley in France, I knew I had to follow along… is a dream and then some. This video shows the magnificent final product and it is something to behold!!


2 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST So much beauty in this world, and so happy I have a platform in which to share it with you! Lots to love this week…..

My fave this week is this beauty because this is A CAKE!! Her level of genius/detail leaves me breathless with what she can do with cakes……


3 COOKING SCHOOL I WANT TO ATTEND. About 6 years ago,  the last time we were in Provence we had the great fortune to stay at the one and only La Mirande, a little slice of heaven. Sure wish I had taken advantage of their cooking school when I was there, but it only means there is a reason to go back, what fun this would be!! Click here for more info…or just to dream:)

hummm….somehow do not envision my husband partaking in this but who knows!


4.CUTEST ROBE AND TOTE BAG ON THE PLANET. When I get something from LB Originals, I KNOW its going to be good…but this was way beyond good. The cutest pagoda tote bag (now my official to go work bag) and seriously a gingham robe with my monogram, which I am obsessed with. It is the first thing I put on them minute i walk through the door…..LOOOOVE IT! Click here to see these goodies and for a big dose of happy which is how I feel when I visit her shop.

Here is the robe I am obsessed with!! Click here, great gift idea!

Click here to see the tote

How amazing are these pagoda pjs!!

How about these banana leaf mitts and towels…so chic!

Bring on the gingham cocktail napkins!

5. CALLING ALL CHEESE LOVERS!! France and cheese are like cookies and milk, they go together like a match made in heaven.  And yes, France is very much on my radar but then again it always is:) Welcome to the most charming cheese shop….

A friend came back recently and told me about one of Frances finest cheese shops, Barthelemy. She and her sister went to celebrate her sisters 50th birthday and she said one afternoon they stumbled upon it  confided in me that they took two huge pieces of cheese back to their hotel , picked up a obligatory baguette and bottle of wine on their way back,  canceled their dinner reservation and indulged (so my kind of meal)…so jealous! I looked it up and had to share this with you. Forewarning if you are hungry or love cheese, proceed at your own risk……

This video reminds me that some of the best things in life are the simplest little pleasures….

6. THE LAST MAJOR “HOME” IN NYC IS UP FOR SALE! Just in case you have a cool 50 million or so to burn you may want to consider this incredible and very opulent Beaux Arts NYC town home, with an equally illustrious history.

Once inhabited by Cornelius Vanderbilt…oh if those 20,000 square feet of walls could talk! Pretty amazing that such a place still exists in this concrete hyper energized city, it’s like having your own time capsule in a beautiful limestone casing. Click here to see the listing

7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY Today’s subject is coffee. I can’t live without it. Even the smell makes me happy:) I have cut back dramatically as I used to drink 3, 4 or 5 cups a day. In recent years I have cut back to 2 cups, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. On very very rare occasions I might have a 3rd but that would be unusual. I love the taste, smell, everything about it and can’t imagine life without it.

I know from recent studies people who drink more coffee are less likely to develop Diabetes, have serious heart issues and reduce their chance of get Parkinsons. So it’s practically like taking a liquid preventative medicine every day:) How about you?


So that’s whats cooking on my end, how about you? Anything new and exciting? Hope you have a wonderful and relaxing Sunday, and a nice close to your weekend. Thank you for stopping by and making me a part of your Sunday routine. Until next time……

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Dear Tina, I so look forward to each and every one of your posts, but must especially Seven on Sunday. You truly never disappoint and today you really made my day. The video of Timothy Corrigan’s French Chateau is major WOW. A restoration project had always been a dream of mine and I even have a Pinterest board devoted to it. Of course a Chateau is ” a bit “? out of my price point. Enjoy reading about the Vanderbilts as my daughter went to school in Newport. Coffee and French cooking classes, it doesn’t get any better than that. Thank you for making my day. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Judy

Good morning Lisa, met the lovely and charming Kristy Woodson Harvey at her book signing at Boxwoods in Atlanta yesterday. We had a fun time talking about your blog, beautiful home and the gorgeous luncheon she enjoyed with your blogging group. Headed to the beach soon and can’t wait to start her book. Thanks for sharing!

What a wonderful way to start my day! Love, love, love the Chateau! Beautiful post. Felt I traveled abroad without leaving my home.

The chateau is absolutely incredible. Thank you for sharing.
Yeah…. there’s ‘something’ about coffe, isn’t there? Just love the aroma of it, never gets old.

I remember hearing a saying “Never trust someone who doesn’t like coffee”. I have some friends that don’t drink coffee, but seriously, HOW DO THEY FUNCTION?? I ,for one, can’t , nothing can compare to that first cuppa in the morning . Shine on sunshine

Cannot imagine a day without coffee. I get up at 5:30 every morning and the first thing I do is reach for a cup of coffee (have a coffee station in my master) our mornings start early here and its the only way I can get going in the morning.
The video on the cheese shop is amazing, so inviting! There is nothing quite like France, is there? We were in Paris and Nice last year and my husband was there for a medical conference so I took my time walking all over the city, exploring neighborhoods, small cafes and of course all the patisseries.
The robe/tote bag is so adorable. Need to show my baby sister who is getting married in Sept and starting to look for bridesmaids gifts that would be a great gift idea and love that they are personalized. Always love these posts.

Did no one else see how fabulous TEH’s upcoming equestrian flatware would look with Weston Farms’ Instagram place setting?!

I hope that you managed to relax and have a little downtime today. Love your links, I LOVE Barthelemy. and have been there every trip for the last 30 years. The cheese is fabulous as are the people who work there.
I cannot wait to check out your Instagram sites, I love finding new ones.

Have a great night.

Another amazing post! I so look forwards to them. And Love the Chateau clip. As for coffee, I am a tea drinker, but love the smell of coffee, do not like the taste! So i visit coffee shops just to enjoy the smells…so many! I guess it sort of like perfume, someone can wear it and it smells lovely, but on me, not the same. Crazy analogy i know but how else could i explain it?

A dear friend forwarded your blog to us today as we’re (steve mckenzie’s) featured with Weston Farms! Thank you so much and we look forward to more delightful finds from you.

I would go to the cooking school in a heartbeat with you! The robe is so cute! And the cake is unbelievable. Such a fun post with lots of great things featured.

Those robes are adorable! They would make great gifts for my daughter and daughter-in-law! And maybe one for myself, too! 😉

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