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Hello friends….and a happy Sunday to you. First thing I must tell you is super exciting, my new and MUCH improved site is basically done…woo hoo! You could see it go live as early as late tonight,  it will happen anytime between late Sunday night through Tues night. I will try to give you a heads up as soon as it does. At first glance it will look very simliar but you will see major changes in functionality, the shop site is vastly improved, the Pinterest button will be back along with my blog list and so much more!!

When a new site launches there can be small hiccups so bear with us as we go through this process, rest assured it was well well worth the wait!! Still a few small odds and ends we will be working on but you will see a major improvement right off the bat.  Subscriptions should once again be working so if you are one of the many who stopped getting blog posts, you can either unsubscribe and resubscribe but first see if you start getting them again within the week.

Have had a lovely weekend and hope you have too. My youngest left for a month after being home for about a week so the house will be quiet again.The late nights, loud music and makeshift fraternity mode was already ever present but is it crazy to say I miss that chaos a little?

Oh well back to the peace and quiet, it’s all just a matter of adjusting. Heading into the city later today which should be fun, the weather is perfect for a great walking day.

As I do every Sunday I share with you seven things on my mind so here we go-

1 NEW DESIGN JOBS Having fun with a few new jobs, and must say these each appeal to every one of my senses! The first has all the makings for such a dreamy bedroom. Not to mention these are the colors I want for my own PB bedroom, so taking notes along the way:)

And then we found this most perfect desk from Decor Market-

This above is a dining room redo, where she loves traditional and he prefers transitional. The dining room also from Decor Market is sleek and not overly traditional but still very classic feeling. The chinsoierie mirror and panels (from Paul Montgomery) will give her the tradition she wants and then some:)

2 DREAMING OF PROVENCE Oh boy these could really do me in. I was hoping to make our summer vacation a rental in Provence but between weddings and various committments plus my kids crazy schedules, do not see it happening as much as I wish it would. So….my grand plan is to plan it for next summer and to do it soon so we have it set in stone, and everyone can plan accordingly, including my mom and dad (so make note Mom)! Click here to visit Only Provence for a virtual getaway….


3 PLAYING FLORIST FOR THE DAY! So on Mother’s Day my sweet boys bought me beautiful flowers, so thoughtful:) My husband also always gets me either roses or a big orchid.

I told him this year to do it a little differently….to go out and buy a bunch of fresh flowers but not arranged and let me have a “playdate” with flowers and boy did i have fun. I swear I think I was a floral designer in my former life:) It started with hydrangeas, tulips and roses and of course all my blue and white pieces to hold them in and here is how it went…..

And almost done…..

And all done!

Then added my pagodas to the mix…the perfect finishing touch

4  INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST So many gorgeous picks to share this week, amazing how this well never runs dry:)

My fave this week is this scene from Pippa’s wedding, the bride looked lovely but these cuties pies totally stole the show! Love all the pomp and circumstance-

5 ONE GORGEOUS WEDDING That’s it! One of my boys must get married in Italy. Seeing this video sealed the deal:) How beautiful is this wedding and big props to the videographer, this is  better than most movies seen coming out of Hollywood these days:)

It gets really spectacular about 2 or 3 minutes into it…and the scene of her walking down that majestic staircase is a sight to behold! This video gave me the best kind of goosebumps…..beautiful!


6 DRESSES I AM LOVING. Speaking of weddings, we have five weddings this year so far…so I definitely have dresses on my mind. I  started looking at a few dresses online and found a few really pretty ones, including some adorable easy daytime dresses and the theme was you guessed it….blue and white!

Here are a few that I found that I am loving, so so pretty and best part each of these is so affordable:)

Click here to find out more about this beauty

And adore this cute dress for daytime dressing, click here

This one is classically elegant, isn’t it? Click here

This is a great chambray maxi dress, the kind you could wear during the day for comfort and wear into the evening, click here

7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY If you were to guess how many hours (or minutes) you spend on your cell phone, what would be your guess? I was curious about this when the other night at dinner, I swear I looked around and about 50% of the people in the restaurant were on their phones, either checking emails or showing pictures or taking pictures..but still on their phones. This has kind of become my pet peeve, I mean if you cannot sit down to a meal without your phone within inches of your fingertips, to me there is an  issue.

If I owned a restaurant it would most certainly be a “no phone zone”, I would have little booths at the back of the restaurant like the old fashioned telephone booths where people could excuse themselves and go check their phones to their hearts content. So…..curious if I have company?

Oh and by the way, the answer is Americans spend 4.7 hours a day on their phone, that is A LOT and way higher than other countries, and I would have to guess NY as a state has to be one of the highest offenders:)

The warehouse blowout just stared Monday afternoon, loads of great goodies up for grabs, click below to see-

Well there you have my Seven on Sunday, anything here pique your interest? I always appreciate you stopping in and making me a part of your Sunday morning,  wish everyone a fabulous day and end to your weekend. Until next time…..

Neiman Marcus Last Call (Neiman Marcus)

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One of your very best posts, Tina. Adorable fat baby feet and the best wedding video ever……you’ve out-done yourself today!

Good morning, dear Tina… As Vickie Gunvalson would say “WHOOOHOOO!” Thank you for featuring my Insta post of the gorgeous Enchanted Home pitcher. I can’t tell you how much I love it. I may have to get one for Sista for her bday because she is pea-green with envy. Your flower arrangement is stunning. Your husband and sons certainly know how to give you the perfect gift. Can’t wait to see your new site. I will check in later tonight. Have a wonderful week, dear friend.

Beautiful post! Love the baby’s feet!
Cellphones have gotten out of hand. Honestly, I don’t want to hear about people’s colonoscopy. I find it offensive. I use my cellphone only in an emergency. When I am on a line and the person ahead of me is on the phone and the cashier is trying to talk to her/him, and they are told to hold on a minute because they need to finish their conversation–the height of rudeness!

I have to say “wow” to so many things- your flower arrangement is breathtaking, that wedding video might be one of the best I have ever seen and love your design boards, they are very lucky customers.
On the subject of phones in restaurants, even my husband who is a physician does not put his phone on the table, its always on vibrate and if he gets a call he never takes it at the table but goes either outside or to the restroom. We are mocked in other countries for our obsessions with our cell phones and I think all restaurants should and eventually will adopt a nationwide ban on them in restaurants (especially fine dining). Just my own take, have a great Sunday.
PS Got my beautiful Provence planters on Friday, and they are being planted today, so excited!

We just got back from Europe and I really notice how few people were on their phones. Either walking or certainly in restaurants, you didn’t see people on them like you do in America. It was SO refreshing. My husband has a rule whether were in a restaurant or in our home, when we’re at the table -no phones. Ha!

I feel the same about cell phones. I only use a phone in case of emergency. In fact, I still use a flip phone. Everyone makes fun of me, but I feel the world is becoming addicted. A lovely post, thank you.

I’m all for banning phones at any table. Have had guests pull them out at my table or others to check texts or email! Yikes! What a message to the cook. I always ask if they’re awaiting an urgent message.

I agree … there should be “no phone zones” . When did it come to be that people felt they were so important and had to be in constant communication with any and everyone ?
I appreciate the technology and convenience of our new phones , but I feel there should be “cell phone etiquette and guidelines” . Not sure if that book was ever written .
Common sense , good manners and being polite are habits we all need to foster .
But – remember – if it weren’t for cell phones,IPads,etc , we would not be enjoying your lovely site , “The Enchanted Home” !

Love all your inspiration pictures my favourites have to be the baby toes and the blue and white and gold table setting. How can I leave out the gorgeous flowers you set in you beautiful blue and white containers. I also love you wedding video. My husband and I just had our 29 wedding anniversary and it both gave us chills. Thanks again

Love your blog and especially photos ? Would it be possible to do a tutorial on how to do a floral arrangement in a vase like yours?? Not sure how to arrange flowers in a vessel that rectangular . Do you use florist foam, a wire grid ??
Thank you

congrats on the new and improved almost up and running site, Tina! as if this isn’t beautiful enough! can’t wait to see it. loving your inspiration and feeling your passion about a wedding it Italy. do you remember my post about Sextantio in Italy? ideal wedding venue you would love. as for provence, I’m so there. I could be your sous chef and resident family photographer if there is an extra bedroom, oui? Ha! enjoy your sunday–I’m off to Chicago for girlfriend time! xox

The wedding video was spectacular. The words of the minister – timeless. I hope you get your wish for an Italian wedding for one [or all] of your sons!! Thanks for sharing.

Tina, at the risk of being a lone voice from a different world, I would wish for your son’s to have weddings that are less Hollywood-like productions and more simply focused on the incredible joy of seeing your son marrying the woman who will share his life and be a soulmate for both happy times and sad. The setting, the opulence, the expense are, in my opinion, often a distraction from the real focus of the day. A wedding with no villas or yachts, attended by people there more for the union than the destination or the trappings, is a beautiful gift for any mother. I have been blessed to see my daughter wed in our parish church and this summer my son will marry in a tiny college associated chapel. I can honestly say that neither day could be more special or beautiful. MM

I think you are right to miss the chaos. I am in the same boat that you are in and I love having my boys home…mess…noise and all. Pretty color combo with the flowers and blue and white containers. Love several of the dresses you showed. And those children with Pippa and husband could not be cuter!

Gotta love the Brits..Understated elegance makes me say “wow” not that over the top narcissistic production! Yes, Tina, Italy is beautiful. That couple needs to check themselves..Congratulations and best wishes to Pippa . Keep’n it classy!

When I first started watching the wedding video, I knew it was Lake Como. It is one of the most spectacular places on earth. I was married in a chateau outside Menagio on Lake Como. Our wedding party spent the most magical week there. The memories are lasting a lifetime.

The three photos after the Lavender field of the Provence Villa are from a villa I stay at on a shopping tour. I couldn’t find it among all the villas to rent. I know it is close to Isle sur la Sorgue. Is there any information on that villa? Would love to track it down and rent it! Thanks for any help!

I love the pictures of Provence, caught myself day dreaming looking at them. So beautiful, look so very relaxing.
Lovely post. Happy belated Mothers Day.

My husband and I got married at the then Reno MGM Grand Hotel wedding chapel. LOL~! I’m pretty sure there wouldn’t have been a video for that. Oh well….it wasn’t tacky, honest!

OMG, I am in love with the first dress! You must get that!

I cannot wait to go look at the Provence Rentals, I love Provence and have many friends that live there.

Heading over to check out the Instagram finds, you always discover the best ones.

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