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SO happy to be back up as of Saturday morning!! My site was down yesterday for nearly 18 hours and suffice to say it was the most stressful day. Sorry for any inconvenience and all is restored (doing a major happy dance)!!

Hello friends! Rainy dreary week over here but its great for the grass and newly planted flowers…it’s crazy to think this weekend is Memorial Day!! Before you know it, we will be talking Christmas ornaments:) Have had a very busy week, with an equal measure of work, play and fun.

As I periodically do I share happenings in my life as seen through my iPhone. It’s a fun way to share recent adventures, so here we go….

Here are some of my Mothers Day flowers which lasted almost an entire week, when they were on their last leg I did my “insiders secret” added a few random bunches of my faux peonies….prolongs the life!

Was so touched by the beautiful flowers from my boys:)

Always enjoy seeing my gorgeous big silver bowl being used in such an elegant way!

My son who is gluten free came home for dinner and I had bought this for the first time a few months ago, it is fantastic!! One nice thing about gluten free pasta is it seems to cook to an al dente state which is so nice, he said it tasted even better than the regular….highly recommend the brand.

Luncheon planning….

Got back the. most gorgeous velvet ginger jar pillows in five new colors…stay tuned!

Started to work on the back patio, took all the pillows and goodies out of hibernation

Love visits to my nursery and always enjoy coming up with loot

Mr Teddy on his morning inspection

So excited to have my Provence planters planter, 4 more to go!

Pretty (and yummy) spared at opening of Safavieh in Manhasset

A sure sign my son is back in town, lots of fresh pasta dishes getting whipped up!

And yet another pasta dinner for my peanut

The other day made a dinner out of shrimp was so good! Whole Foods makes a great cocktail sauce and the best hummus FYI

Isn’t this a gorgeous shower for a very lucky young bride whose wedding is in Sept!

Photo courtesy my friend AF…great job!:)

Thank you for stopping by to see what’s happening in my little corner of the world. Hope you are having a great day as we gear up towards Memorial Day! Until next time…

Due to many inquires about Provence planters just put up a 2 day flash sale of what we have left. All presale orders have shipped and some of these beauties are up for grabs, click here

Neiman Marcus Last Call (Neiman Marcus)








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Your courtyard patio is absolutely beautiful. I love the evergreens in the planters. So beautiful!

Thank you for more excellent entertaing ideas, Tina..I like that in the picture featuring your large silver bowl that the hosts thought it acceptable to use plastic tumblers..I always struggle w/ glass vs. plastic.
I’d like to try the pasta…Less carbs??
I never tire of pictures of the exterior of your home..It is so beautiful!

Always love your musings!!! Stay dry today and have a GREAT Memorial Day weekend (how is it possible that summer is here?!) xoxo

So inspirational as usual. It’s finally trying to warm up here on our mountain top so it’s time I get busy in my yard as well. Happy Memorial Day weekend. I know you will have a wonderful time.

Love all these pics… Wowza – That show looks positively magnificent. Love the planters and the gorgeous flowers.
Your topiaries are stunning. I’ve gotta go because I’m running out of adjectives. Glad to see sweet Teddy. Have a wonderful weekend, dear Tina.

Beautiful flowers! Do you put anything in the water to help keep them fresh? When I get flowers I always change the water each day but sometimes they just don’t last as long as I think they should!

Beautiful home & warm loving atmosphere!! Your son is so blessed!!
In response to Leanne Turner:
If you have Hydrangeas cut in your home- add a pinch of Alum to the water & they can live for a couple to 3 wks. Change water about every 3-4 days?

Pasta recipes by any chance? They look delicious and I know my boy would love them too when he comes home!

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