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Hello friends and Happy Sunday!! Since it’s Memorial weekend, want to  pay special tribute to those who have served and continue to serve our country. The job they do is in my eyes, the most honorable, noble and heroic of jobs. I have the utmost respect for anyone who devotes their life to protecting our great country and it’s people.  Let’s all give thanks to each and every one of these heroes who allow us to enjoy the great freedoms and liberty that we are so blessed with.

Hope you are well and enjoying a wonderful weekend. Hard to believe it is Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial start to summer. By the time you are reading this I will be in one of my favorite southern cities, Charleston then we will be off to Palmetto Bluff, so stay tuned:)  Hope everyone has a wonderful, safe and enjoyable holiday weekend!

As I do every Sunday, I share seven things on my radar, so here we go-


1 BEAUTIFUL CUSTOMER PHOTOS I so love getting all of your pictures and had to share a few beautiful recent projects.

This job has turned out so beautifully. These wonderful clients had major flood damage so had to start anew in their beautiful historic home. The Ralph Lauren rug was our starting point,  we needed to have it made so it took 6 months but boy,  was it worth the wait!!! We ordered the furniture and worked on pillows, etc…In the meantime, this room is really turning into a showstopper! We are still working on various other details so will continue to share as the final details are added.

This is a new project for a darling beach house in East Hampton, having fun! Choosing rugs and will starting to show accessories-

You. might remember this mock up I had shared with you last week, well its always fun to see it come to life-

Here is the before-

The mock up showing how the Provence planters would look-

And the after!

Then I tweaked it ever so slightly and added a small flowering plant by the door and a door knocker, mission accomplished!

Got in a few beautiful pictures from happy customers..always the best affirmation to what I do-


2 ITS BLOOMING AROUND HERE! So nice to see everything turning so green around here. Loving the green with all the white, such a beautiful combination. Planted my front door planters, I love the cluster approach (clearly) and think white and green is a classic combination.

3 FAVORITE ESPADRILLE JUST RESTOCKED ALERT. My favorite every day shoe, these are sooo comfortable and look good with everything, they had been sold out but just restocked these. Perfect everyday loafer and like wearing a slipper, in four great colors.  Click here

4 INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST More gorgeous inspiration for your viewing pleasure, so much to be in awe of!

My favorite this week is this fabulous picture featuring some of the prettiest stationery I have ever seen, I need to think up a reason to order this quick:)



5 EASY PEASY ELEGANT APPETIZER. When in a pinch one easy thing to put together is a beautiful antipasta platter. My favorite thing to serve antipasta on is  one of my Bavarian bread boards.  They make them the perfect rustic blend of elegance and casual entertaining. My husband had invited a few friends over this past Sunday and claims he told me in advance:)

We have a great little Italian specialty shop not far so I ran out to pick up yummy cheeses, the the best prosciutto and parmigiana this side of the ocean. Used my mint juleps to hold the bread-sticks and these cute little blue and white cups for olives and mushrooms and went to town. Made a fruit platter, had plenty of pink champagne on ice and we were good to go!

Loved using my gorgeous pagoda flatware…stay tuned. as it’s almost out of production and a presale will be offered in the coming weeks.

6. PLANTER TUTORIAL As many of us are starting to plant outside and fill our planters with something pretty, thought both of these tutorials from Garden Answer were really good ones, very simple and easy to follow. Happy planting-


7. SUNDAY’S SURVEY OK need your opinion. Hold onto your hats, I am talking about Christmas. I have always been one who starts thinking about this holiday in late November if I am lucky but truth is really don’t even start to decorate etc….until about the first week of Dec. However as a retailer you learn quick that you need to always be one step ahead and seasons start really early in the world of retail.

I am surprised at how fairly regularly I get inquires about my Christmas ornaments. I always wonder what someone is doing with them in spring or summer. Granted they are beautiful:) but still we are months away. So curious when do you start actually planning the holidays? Thinking about decorating? Christmas cards and gift lists? Most curious!

So there you have my seven on Sunday, anything here of interest? Always love to hear from you and value your opinion on my weekly polls. Thank you for stopping in and making me a part of your Sunday mornings. Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday weekend! Until next time……






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Memorial Day to me isn’t a “have a happy day” day. It is a day of memeory and thanks giving. Although warranted it is not a day to honor our vetrans or the current military as you indicated (that’s Veterans Day) but Memorial Day is to remember and honor those who died while serving this country.

Tina lovely post and sentiments- it is a great day to give thanks and honor those who have served and serve today and we don’t need a holiday to tell us that! So much to love from your beautiful design from your luscious lawns, would love to know how you get it so green! And that food has me very very hungry!
My sister starts to decorate for Christmas if you can believe right after Labor Day! Her husband used to think she lost her mind but now just goes with it as he knows how happy it makes her.

Hello, I am a designer so I pretty much think about Christmas all year long. Although, as I am getting older I take on fewer jobs for Christmas.. I am interested in knowing more about your Christmas ornaments that you mentioned. Can you tell me more about that? Thank you

Thank you so much for featuring my hydrangeas in your Instagram round up. I’m so glad you like them!

As for Christmas, I always start decorating, etc. around December 15th. My Mom did that so I just continued the tradition. I wish I could say I started buying and wrapping in advance, but I’m famous for my day before Christmas Eve wrapping frenzy!

Thanks again,

So glad you enjoyed the pictures from my home! I am so happy with the arrangements – my husband keeps saying that they look so “designer”! I take that as the highest compliment 🙂

Get your punctuation and syntax sorted. It’s diabolical. And would you really say 9 slices of bruschetta, more bread, even more bread in the form of breadsticks and a few rolled up pieces of prosciutto is going to town? What town might you be talking about??!!

Hayley, really?? You must be new to TEH blog..Hopefully this will be your last comment.

Tina, I love how you whipped up the bruschetta and fruit! It looks so elegant and satisfying. Keeping this one in my back pocket!

I think the pictures of the outside of your home may be my favorite. Your property is magical!

I hope you find time to relax tomorrow:)

The rude and snobby comments above are unnecessary and not in the spirit of TEH community. Sheesh! Tina, the antipasti presentation looks delicious and beautiful! I agree with your comments about those who gave their lives serving in the finest military in the world. Many in my family have served and I thank G-d everyday that I am an American. I love this country with all of my heart. Have a beautiful weekend in Charleston and PB! Your blog inspires me to make my own little world more beautiful. xo

The antipasto platter and fruit salad are beautifully done . You’ve given me the answer for my celebration next weekend – easy appetizers ! I will use my silver mint julep cups ,wooden serving tray and my blue and white bowls to enhance the presentation -as you have done !
Your blog always puts me in an entertaining and party mode – a blog of inspiration and beauty .
Memorial Day gives us time to reflect and be thankful to all who have served our great country . Any tribute of words and thoughts should be appreciated.
As for Christmas … I cannot think about planning until after Thanksgiving . I hate to rush through the seasons . Fall is my favorite season to decorate .
Lovely post !
P.S. I am still not receiving your emails …

Wow, this post is chock full of inspiration. First, thank you for honoring Memorial Day as it should be. Beautiful sentiments. Second, love your work… very inviting rooms. Third, love the container garden surrounding your entrance.

To answer your question regarding Christmas. I usually begin to purchase gifts in the summer. Things are a bit slower and I can search a little better. I go ahead and wrap them and store them in a closet in an extra bedroom. This gives me such peace knowing that at least one big chunk of Christmas activity is complete. My family is usually together sometime during the summer so our Christmas photo is always on my mind which of course leads me to searching just the right card to go along with the photo. I typically don’t think about décor until after Halloween. Planning is the key to enjoying the holidays.

Hi Tina hope you are having a fun Memorial day with your family. I loved this post, that antipasti gave me a great idea for a gathering next weekend we are hosting for about 25 people. I will make a few and have one indoors and one out, you did a beautiful job! Your yard always has me in awe, it is so beautiful, and like you just love white flowers next to all that green.
Your customers homes/rooms are so gorgeous and have the Tina touch. Lucky customers, thank you for the planter tutorial, I could use some pointers. Always know I will love what I see when I visit you.

To all you nasty and bitter ladies commenting here, BYE!! I’m pretty sure Tina did comment on our veterans and their sacrifices…learn to read. Didn’t your mothers teach you any manners—no class, obviously.

Tina, you spread looks wonderful 🙂 As for Christmas, I am *always* thinking about Christmas… even searching on eBay for ornaments and other goodies that I want but didn’t want to pay full retail price for! Wishing you a happy week.

Before my husband passed away 5 years ago from stomach cancer, we had MANY impromptu get togethers at our
house involving food. He was such a people magnet and loved by his University students and colleagues. He would
run into someone at the grocery store and say “come over later and we’ll visit and eat”, then he would call from the store and ask me what I need him to pick up! It is not about how lavishly you display your food on china and accessories, it is the fact that people WANT to come to your home and be with you–nobody who is worth having as a friend would criticize how everything is put together. We had many spaghetti and garlic bread quickly put together dinners, with salad and cheesecake (bought from the store bakery) topped with strawberry sauce, or hamburgers on the grill with potato salad and apple crostadas. He knew I usually had most everything I would need to put together something fast, because he knew me. I also have several sets of different blue and white china– Country Estate, Blue Willow, Blue Italian, Blue Canton, Blue Imari, Tobacco Leaf, etc. Being an Interior Designer, I have a love of all kinds of decorative porcelains, especially blue and white.

Bravo bravo dear Tina on always remembering those, who served and died for the United States. They were true of courage and grace. Thank you for sharing the grace of your home with all of us at home or living abroad. Thank you for inspiring kindness, generosity and good will. Your friends most have been delighted to share such a gorgeous (and yummy looking!) platter in your home. Bravo for putting it together at the last minute! It is more than clear that everyone, who visits your home feels so welcome and happy to be there. That is a testimony to your kindness and spirit.

I forgot to add that I always take our Christmas family card photo each July; and then turn to Shutterfly to put the whole thing together. People tease me for planning our card in July, but it really has helped keep me calmer with the amount to things to do before Christmas. (I just need tips on how to get motivated wrapping presents as it is done often a week before Christmas; and each and every year I tell myself I will start earlier…and …well, maybe I am not the only one, who does not quite get the wrapping done as quickly as I hoped! :)).

Thanks Tina so much for sharing your tips, design, heart warming stories, your lovely home & so much more. I’m always inspired by your outdoor extension of your home. We are empty nesters now- so it’s been a lil lonely around here. So you just inspired me to have a lil gathering at our home for a few friends!( if I remember how?). Our son has the BIG house now- so we’ be passed the baton to him for large gatherings!! Lastly- Thanks for showing us the good life- which is really just about opening your home& showing people kindness & generosity, which is priceless.?Enjoy the rest of your week. You’re the cat’s meow❤️

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