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Hi friends, today is all about one of my favorite subjects…pillows. I can’t live without them and have a hard time passing up a beautiful pillow. What room doesn’t look great without pillows! They are to me, one of the easiest most inexpensive ways to change up a room instantly.  One of my favorite companies is Studio Tullia with whom I had the pleasure to do a collaboration with.

As we all are getting busy preparing our outdoors and patios to be summer ready,  this pillow promo comes at an opportune time. All items shown are in stock and all are available in alternate sizes so if you see a pattern you love but want a different size just email/call us to order. A few rules before we begin-

  • Email or call your order to 1-800-804-9565 or [email protected]
  • Please refer only to item number, size (if applicable) and quantity
  • Both outdoor and indoor pillows are featured here (down inserts extra)
  • These are for pillow covers only,  if you also want down inserts those prices are on bottom
  • All orders MUST be paid within 12 hours otherwise please do not submit an order
  • All orders are final sale
  • Shipping is extra
  • Any order over $300 gets free shipping
  • International orders must call or email  us for a shipping quote
  • Questions? Email or call us



ITEM 1. Gorgeous blue leopard pillow 20″ x 20″ $40.00

ITEM 2. Fabulous ikat/ ribbon pillow 20 X 20 $50.00


ITEM 3. 22 x 22 $94.00 These  fabulous ribbon pillows are an off white sunbrella with either navy, royal or black ribbon…these are great and go with everything!

Ivory pillow with choice of three ribbons marine blue, navy (not shown) or green

ITEM 4. 19 X 19  Gorgeous and super popular green fern pillow $35.00

ITEM 5A. 11 X 21 LUMBAR $30.00

ITEM 5B. 11 X 17 LUMBAR $25.00

ITEM 6. 19 X 19  Isn’t this a beauty? Anything with birds does it for me $35.00

ITEM 7. An ikat is so beautiful for any outdoor setting 20″ x 20″ $40.00

ITEM 8. Adore this pillow and the colors are so pretty 20″ x 20″ $35.00

ITEM 9. 20 X 20 $45.00 Own this and love it 20″ x 20″ $45.00

INDOOR PILLOWS (OR OUTDOORS BUT SHOULD NOT BE LEFT OUT IN RAIN) I use many of these in my outdoor spaces but just bring indoors when it rains


ITEM 10. 24 X 24 $75.00 (also available in 20 x 20 and 22 x 22)


ITEM 11. Gorgeous pillow,  love this new print! 20″ x 20″ $47.00

ITEM 12  Luxurious cotton velvet in navy or citron green 20 x 20 $98.00

Citron or navy

ITEM 13 My beloved Chiang Mai from Schumacher, own several of these and use them outdoors, they are fabulous!! Look great with the ribbon pillow in white/navy

20 x 20 $105.00


ITEM 14  Incredible vibrant blue chinoiserie scene 24 x 24 $70.00

ITEM 15 Fabulous chinoiserie tonal pillow 20 x 20 $55.00

ITEM 16 Beautiful ming vases pillow, 22 x 22 $60.00

Gorgeous ming vases pillow 20 x 20 $58.00

ITEM 17 Stunning pagoda pillow, 20 x 20 $50.00

ITEM 18 Everyone needs a little leopard I own a pair of these velvet beauties, 20 x 20 $55.00


ITEM 20 New to the new site will be these fabulous velvet and ginger jar trim pillows. All are 20 x 20.

Offered in one of five colors- moss green, navy, light blue, ivory and citron green

All have a 3″ beautiful ginger jar trim and include the down inserts. $220.00

Citron green


Moss green

Pale blue



you must place a pillow order to purchase insets at special pricing or add $5.00 per insert without a pillow  order

20″ x 20″ $22.00

22″ x 22″ $26.00

24 x 24″ $30.00

Any pillows calling your name? Then submit your order via email or phone-


[email protected]

You can also visit Studio Tullia and use a very limited 15% discount code- EHSUMMER15.

Thanks as always for stopping in, hope you are enjoying a wonderful holiday weekend and that the weather cooperated! Until next time…






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i enjoy your blog (read daily) and love your featured products. Please offer more products in colors OTHER than blue. I have no blue in my home; therefore, I have only ordered one lamp.

Hello my name is maria and i just love everything you show us in your site i would like to know if you send any of your items in athens greece thank you

What gorgeous selection & very well priced! You can tell the quality by the fact that designs are centered on the pillow – makes me crazy to see a pillow where the design isn’t centered, just to get as many pillows out of the bolt as possible. (Even worse when you see a chair where the design doesn’t line up on the back, seat or skirt of a chair.)
Have a question: I am the only female in our house as well, love how accent pillows can change the mood of a room, but how do your husband and sons react to them? Do most of the couch accent pillows end up on the floor? Recently heard this complaint from a client’s husband when I brought over two bags of pillows (at high and low(er) price points) to place on the new couches in the den.
Also love the Sunbrella, etc fabrics for indoor use as well, because you never know when the family dog will decide to rest his soiled chin/paws on the pillows!

These pillows are beautiful. Too bad the four pillows I have on each of my two sofas measure 18″ x 18″. Really like all the blue ones.

Gorgeous pillows you are carrying, Tina! What a dream for a pillow freak! xox

Beautiful selection!! I have same issue Joan describes!! My husband likes the look of our many decorative pillows but immediately just tosses them to the floor from sofas etc?? A “man thing”??
I love pillows and if I can slip a few more in I will!! Julie L

Such beautiful pillows, we are redoing our patio but it wont be done until early fall. I cannot wait to start redoing all my patio furniture, planters and pillows. I agree you can never have too many!

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