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**** SPECIAL NOTE******

OMG!!!! What a crazy 24 hours AGAIN. Site had a major meltdown and was down for almost 24 loooooong hours!!! I am happy to say all is restored now. My nerves are frayed and I am too old for this:( Today we will be working fast and furious on getting back on track and will be back in the office. Sorry for any inconvenience.

We will honor the pillow promo one more day since there was no access so if you were one who wanted to place an order but couldn’t click here and call in your order at 800-804-9565. Thank you.

Deep breaths…

Hello…hope you are well. I scheduled this ahead of time so hope it posts when it’s supposed to! Every now and then I feature a Pinterest board of mine and today’s is all about flowers. If you love flowers like I do, you most certainly have come to the right place!!

One of my favorite boards is Flower Power and I never get tired of looking at all the beautiful pictures I have collected over time. When I need a lift, that is a place I can find an  instant source of beauty and inspiration…they just make me happy!

So sit back and take in all these flower power….

Ahhh…so much beauty! I just cant get enough of beautiful flowers and you? Do you love them as much as I do? I always have to have some kind of fresh flowers in my home, weather  its a small bunch from the local market or something cut from my yard.

If you can’t get enough and need to see more, click here to visit my Pinterest board. Thanks for stopping in, wishing you a fabulous day!


We are honoring the pillow promo one more day since there was no access for almost 24 hours.  If you were one who wanted to place an order but couldn’t click here to see pillow promotion and call in your order at 800-804-9565 or email. Thank you.


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So glad that I am able to connect to your site this morning !
You may have had guests at your doorstep had it continued too much longer .
The flower photos take my breath away . So lovely .
Looking forward to hearing more from “The Enchanted Home” – sooner than later , I hope !

OMG!! What a fabulous post–I think your best ever! Just when I thought I found a favorite picture, I scroll down, and find another. Every one is beautiful. Thank you!!

There is nothing more frustrating than when your site is not working – so feel your pain! On a bright note, the flowers are all stunning. Love the image of the shingled house! Happy weekend, Tina!

Hi Tina…I feel fortunate that I have not been affected by your tech issues.. I hope you get all the kinks worked out for your sake and that of your other followers. Can your boys help? That generation seem like they were born with a sixth sense for IT! Thank goodness!! My poor son – LOL.

Good luck..Have a wonderful weekend.

I missed you! Glad you’re back online, especially with your “Pinterest Pretties”!

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