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Hello! So happy it’s the weekend, looking forward to seeing friends, and having some downtime to spend outdoors. Summer is back and we are due to hit almost 90 degrees tomorrow, no complaints from me although I would like to request zero humidity:)

Sit back because you are in for a virtual treat, let’s turn back the clock and head to Tuscany! Is it possible to be in love with a place you have never been? Amazing that with the trips I have taken to Italy we have not made it to Tuscany, that will be changing in the next year, you can bet your olive tree on that one.

A trip to Tuscany is at the top of our list and because my son wants to go as well we are waiting until we can find a window that works for all of us. We are now aiming for  next May when he graduates from college (cannot believe my baby is graduating)!! So in the meantime, this virtual getaway will have to suffice. So sit back and enjoy….

Love the way the cypress trees line the roads

I envision lots of casual al fresco lunches at little cafes like this before I head home for my afternoon siesta:)

And there are miles and miles of sunflowers…glorious!

Olives anyone?

How neat to visit their famous hot springs!

With views like these, I might never ever leave

LOVE an open market, nothing better!

I imagine lots of al fresco dinners like the above

I think of Tuscany when I see lemons

How many ways can you say yum!

To anyone who wants to second guess using marble…..I rest my case (above)!

I could easily call this place home!

Has a pizzeria ever looked so charming? I think not..

I dream of this at every meal:)

And when we go I will stay in Borgo Santa Pietro, just take a look at why…

If you want to see more check out this magnificent wedding held at Borgo Santo Pietro, click here

Ready to jump on a plane for the next flight to Italy? Meet you at the airport!! Something about it really draws me there and even more as I am getting older, to me it feels like a place where time stands still or at least really slows down, and things aren’t in perpetual motion 24/7.

Days must feel lazier and I crave that in these times where life can feel like its always in fast forward. I imagine people taking the time to really enjoy lunch and letting the lunch hour linger to an espresso and maybe even into a glass of wine…without wolfing something down heading for your next appt. Guilty as charged at least most of the time:)

OK your turn, have you been? Want to go? If you have been, would love to know what your top recommendations are, what to do, places to see, where to go, etc…..Thanks for stopping in. Wishing you a fabulous day! Until next time….

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Tuscany looks like a beautiful place for us all to VISIT, but we could never say goodbye to the good old U S of A could we? Trying times, but we have to hang in! Family trips are the best at any age. Enjoy your travels with your boys while they are still free to do so.. We recently returned from a family trip to Iceland with our three young adult children. We arrived on Mother’s Day and traveled the south east part of the country..Magical!!

Thanks for the lovely pictures and inspiration, Tina!

I have been and these photos don’t lie. We took a train from Rome to Cortona (where they filmed under the Tuscan Sun movie) and it did not disappoint! The most adorable Italian village. It is a must see. My dream is to shut down my house here in the states for 30 days and rent a villa there! Heaven on earth!

Do not under any circumstances take American airlines. My daughter and family just returned from a trip to Italy. The airlines are a complete disaster.

Hi Tina,
I am a HUGE Italophile , so much so that I started a villa rental business for venues all over Italy. I have
an extreme passion for all things Italian. I have stayed at Borgo Santo Pietro and have sent clients there as well. It is by far, my favorite place to stay in Italy ( so far!) I would be happy to suggest venues, restos, boutiques etc. if you wish to contact me. BUON VIAGGIO!

Italy is life changing Tina! I fell in love with this heavenly place on a trip there with my mom and sister. I’ve been back 8 times and would seriously move there if I win the lottery!
Be sure and go to the Isle of Capri and also Villa d’Este on Lake Como!

Poland was beautiful! Krakow’s streets, the history, Warsaw, the countryside, the fresh food….. My son is heading back this summer he loved it so much.

I LOVE Tuscany! A friend lived there for a year and brought back delightful stories. We redesigned our respective patio/courtyards for a Tuscan “look,” then you, Tina, taught me how to add blue and white elements. My courtyard is my summer house more than ever. Thanks for all your inspirations.

I have been to Tuscany and want to go back soon! We stayed in Siena at at a stone farmhouse amongst olive groves and a vineyard — Agriturismo Marciano. It was fabulous along with their home cooked meals from their Tuscan kitchen! You must take a cooking class while in Tuscany, so glad that I did. Also visited Cortona where Under the Tuscan Sun was filmed.

We rented a villa outside of Arrezzo on the property of Count Luigi. Yes, a real Count! He came to visit us for wine one night and sent wine to us from his vineyards! Every morning we awoke to horses being ridden down the path next to our house with blankets bearing his coat of arms! Late in the afternoon you could see his trainer with about 25 springer spaniel puppies romping over the grounds. It was a lovely experience being in Tuscany and close to Cortona, Montepulchiano etc. for day trips.

Would love to go to Italy. Actually made plans a couple of years ago and had to cancel that trip. Will plan to go again though. Beautiful pictures.

I went on an adventure of solo travel (it was my 35th wedding anniversary gift from my husband) for 8 weeks to Tuscany. Spent first 2 weeks at Cinque Terre with a woman’s retreat. Then threw my ONE carry on over my shoulder and took off to explore all of tuscany by myself. Best time of my life!! I rented an apt in Assisi as my base home because of their good train stations. Took of on many day trips to all the surrounding towns and also spending several days in Siena and San Gimignano and Orvieto. I threw myself into the local culture….made friends, ate with them in their homes, slept in some of their houses and learned their ways of life. It was the trip of a lifetime and I cherish every single day I was there!!
I’ve never met anyone who ever had a bad time in Italy!! Have fun!

We have been to Tuscany many times. We love Villa La Massa outside of Florence. VLM sits next to the Arno River…simply delightful. The Bellini’s are the best!

Oh Tina you will have me heading over to airbnb immediately to find a little apartment and dream of a summer there! I too have always wanted to visit Tuscany. Another one on the top of my Europe list is St. Malo in France.

My father always started Sunday with a coffee and a big newspaper. My current habit is a cappuccino and your website. Always a pleasant way to start my favorite day of the week. Thanks for all the eye candy and inspiration!

A reader in Grand Cayman,

My sister and I stayed at borgo too! Lovely! Took archery and cooking classes there. My favorite. Also stayed at villa la massa. Very nice too. Staff is wonderful. And visited sienna..loved it, wish I had bought the crest pasta bowls. Shipped bunches of food home from a local grocery there and all arrived safe and sound..pastas, oils, mushrooms etc. the small villages are the best. And there is a wonderful linen store in one (maybe SAn giaminino?)that overwhelmed me but I will go back and buy a lot next time. Have a wonderful trip! Cinque terre is great but don’t do the tour bus there. Don’t take too heavy of luggage!

My husband and I have been to Italy a couple of times, but our favorite trip was when we took our 3 late teen kids for nearly a month. We showed them the must see sights and the museums, but we also walked the streets, visiting the morning markets and local shops. We started the day with an Italian breakfast and the requisite coffee. We picked the restaurants where we didn’t hear English being spoken and saw our hotel staff eating. We followed the ladies with their pull carts to the local grocery for olives, cippoli, carciofi, bread and wine for 2 euro. We bought pizza by the slice and ate with the local office workers. Evening gelato inevitably resulted in my husband secretly buying gelato for the nuns in line and laughing at the looks on our faces as they shouted their thanks and blessings at him as he walked away. Italy is a fabulous place to visit, the food is fantastic the art and architecture amazing, the people are friendly and helpful. Enjoy your journey and the amazing memories.

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