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Good morning to you. Hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful weekend. Here, the weather was incredible. We were invited on our friends beautiful boat to sail to Greenwich for dinner, which was so enjoyable and lots of fun that ended with a little dancing on the boat as we were heading home. Today is all about the GORGEOUS Staffordshire dogs that just arrived. These have surpassed my expectations, which seemed almost impossible but it happened!!


 They are positively spectacular. I love all three sizes and all four colorways, I want to put a pair in every room:)

As I did not offer these up for a presale, today is all about a 2 day arrival sale (plus a giveaway, details on bottom). Just a few rules before I introduce you to the doggies-

  • Email or call in your order 1-800-804-9565 or email to (if emailing you MUST INCLUDE FULL NAME, ADDRESS AND PHONE NUMBER for us to send an invoice)
  • Please provide size, quantity and color
  • Subject to availability, limited numbers of dogs per style
  • This sale is on for 2 days only (no extensions) but they will soon be on the shop site
  • ALL payments must be received within 12 hours
  • Shipping is extra, all sale final
  • International shipping? Please contact us for a rate





Small 3″ x 5.5″ $55.00

Medium 6″ x 8″ $85.00

Large 6″ x 11.5″ $95.00

Available in three wonderful sizes and four colorways.


Blue/ivory (small, medium and large)





Black/ivory (small, medium and large)




Burnt orange/ivory (medium and large)



Ivory/gold (large and medium)





See a pair calling your name? Simply email or call us to place your order during this limited time special sale!

The giveaway- One lucky winner will win a pair of mini’s in his/her choice of color! Just leave a comment here on this post telling us your most favorite color combination and where you would use them, I will announce a winner on Wednesday so be sure to check back.

If you missed my Seven on Sunday, please click here.

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June Steadman on

Blue! I will use on my afternoon fun table in my sunroom that is painted green. Luv Luv

Brenda M on

You are killing me Tina with all these beauties. I could not work at your company as I would be taking home one of each of the new arrivals. My choice for the pups would be the classic burn orange and ivory choice!

Jen on

Love all the colors but the ivory and gold are my favorite!

Maria Clifford on

Black and white! I will put them on my mantel against the blue walls.

Carol Mann on

The blue ones for me.

Joanne on

I would have to go with the black and ivory and they would have pride of place on my mantel.

Denise on

I have the black and the navy pairs and have truly enjoyed them.

Jennifer Espejo on

I prefer the blue and white color combination and I would use the chic Staffordshire dogs as bookends in our built-in bookcase in the game room. (It’s difficult to add style to a game room!)

Mary Bogart on

Wow! These are beautiful! I would choose the black and Ivory and give them to my mother. She has always wanted a pair for her living room mantle.

Ellen on

So striking! Blue is my favorite!

Lin on

I would use any color (since all the colors are so classic) of them as part of my Christmas mantle with little wreaths around the collar.

Jan on

Blu and white anywhere

Susan Hellberg on

On my mantel, adding to an antique collection of 6. Love them…the black are divine as are all the colorways.

Cher on

Congratulations on a winning trio of both color and sizes of these lovely pups.

Blair on

I would love the black ones to use on my mantle!

Deri Terry on

I love all sizes in the blue/ivory colorway. I would use them on top of my armoire in my breakfast room, where I have a grouping of blue and white. They are all so Pretty!

christine on

Always fun and busy your weekends! And these dogs! I love the blue staffordshire the best.

Shery G. on

I absolutely love these dogs. They are so versatile and can look really great on a bookshelf.

Patti White on

I love them all! I would put ivory & gold in my guest room for my friends & relatives to enjoy when they are visiting!

Bev Freiley on

Tina, many years ago, I lived in Connecticut and we often went to dinner at a wonderful Italian restaurant near the docks in Greenwich. It was where I discovered Gorgonzola cheese, and where I first heard waiters singing “Happy Birthday” ( in Italian!). Yes, I’m dating myself! People often sailed to Greenwich just to go to that restaurant. I believe it’s still there. I wonder if that’s where you went?

Cindy White on

So cute! I would give the Blue and Ivory set to my sister!

Kim Briggs on

I have a collection of these precious pups. My 3 1/2 year old grand daughter adores them. When she arrives she asks to hold the doggies. She sits and admires them and has one to hold. Talks to them❤️ I would love to have a pair of the black to give to her . Starting her Collection of Pretty Things.

SuZann bumpers on

I LOVE these! I would have a pair of large black ones made into lamps for my bar. Oh my!

Gayle on

My favorite color combination is the blue and white. I would pair them with a blue and white ginger jar that holds doggie treats.

Linda Owens on

I love the black and ivory and would use on my mantle.

Leanne L Turner on

love the ivory and gold because they will go anywhere! I would use them on my bookcase in my livingroom as bookends. Thanks!

Maureen Winchell on

The burnt orange ones would look fabulous on a pair of shelf sconces in my breakfast room!

Sherry S on

Love these Staffordshire dogs. Love all the colors, but black and cream are my favorite.

Ashley on

Love the ivory and gold!! I would use them on a bookshelf in my family room.

Liz B on

I love the black & white. I’d put them in my living room

Jane on

Love the blue/ivory to go with my blue and white! So many displays they will fit in!

mariae on

Love the blue ones, but all are MAJESTIC!! would place them in my library, either as bookends or on top of a stack of books.

Barbara Sumner on

I love them all!! BUT my favorite is the blue/ivory large pair. Perfect for china cabinet, bookshelves console table..even balanced on wall shelves…

dale on

Blue and white…of course! Perfect in my cabinet in the dining room.

Jennifer Barker on

I love the orange and the blue. I can’t decide. I’d put them on my mantel

arlyn on

Too cute for words. These would be great on my daughter’s book shelves.

Carol J Preston on


arlyn on

Too cute for words!!!. These would be great on my daughter’s book shelves. Blue would be my choice!!!!

Laura Feuer on

Blue of course!

Jennifer S on

I would nestle a pair of the blue and white dogs amongst my collection of blue and white pieces! So fun!

Arlene on

I love the three sizes in the blue and ivory. They are stunning

Judy on

Staffordshire Dogs: Classic Beauties!!!

Jeanne on

Love the ivory and gold large pair! I would put them on my fireplace mantle!

Eve on

Blue! I would put them on my glass coffee table.

Mitchell T on

I love the burnt orange/ivory ones!! They look divine. I would use them on my mantle in my parlor.

Natalie on

I love the blue ones, I would put them on an end table <3

Karenann on

The Staffordshire dogs are beautiful! I really love the burnt orange and ivory color dogs. So pretty!

Liz on

Love all 3 colors, but would go with black. I need a pair for my dining room. So cute!!!

Valerie on

I thought I loved the black BUT the white keep calling my name! Beautiful job

Debbie on

They are all beautiful, but I have to tell you, the Ivory and Gold, stole my heart. I love Christmas and these could be used in so many ways.

Susan Logan on

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better…..bam, you do it again! I would love the small pair in blue and white to go in my bookshelves in my den!

Gigi on

Love the puppies! White would be color of choice so I could use them in any room regardless of whatever color that may be in the room. I would probably use the girls in the bedroom or possibly the bathroom for something unexpected!

Julie R on

Blue and Ivory! I have a bunch of my nana’ blue and white antiques and would love a pair of these to complement!

Karen W. on

The burnt orange and ivory would be such a beautiful complement to my Imari collection. My mother had several special pieces of Imari that I cherish.

Karen C on

Blue and ivory ???

Grace Williams on

I just ordered the burnt orange dogs. Can’t wait to place them in my kitchen on the bay window!

leigh on

I love the blue/ ivory although the color combos are all very pretty!

Pinky on

I love the blue and whte ones. I would use them on my mantle, or a side table, or my credenza. Many possibilities!!!

Megan Bobbitt on

It’s hard to decide on a favorite! Thinking I would like to go with the ivory and black. I would use them on my living room mantle.

Bonnie G. on

Nice! I have a large burnt orange pair so I would go for the black and cream pair. I would place them on the bookshelves.

martha sappington on

so darling! i have the black/white, and orange/white and love them dearly. i never tire of looking at them even though its been 15,20 years. might have to consider the blue and white for my bookcase. can you ever have enough of the darling dogs!

Heather on

Classic black/white. I will use them as a tribute to my fur baby Barney who passed away last week after 13 years together. He was a black/ white mini schnauzer.

Sally Holland on

The small blue and ivory dogs would definitely go on my secretary in our new home entryway. All the dogs are beautiful, but like you, I lean towards blue items..

Kristin on

Blue and white would go perfectly in my freshly painted navy bathroom.

Nancy on

The dogs are all beautiful colors and sizes! You could never go wrong with the blue/white or the black/white pairs. They are classic!! Love them all?

Sonya O. on

Love the black and white color staffordsire dogs! I would place them on my mantle.

Katherine Bennett on

Love them all but must say the blue and whites are the hands down winner!

Judy Yannello on

Black&Ivory! They would make a striking contrast in my kitchen with my lime green walls!

Jeanne on

They are beautiful! I would love to see the blue ones in my dining room on the fireplace mantle!

Colleen on

They are beautiful! As I have them in all colors other than blue and white, I would choose those. Put on my entry table, dining table, or library bookshelves.

Janet Cole on

I would love the medium ivory/gold pair – they would adapt to any decor in every season and would be very happy residing in my built-ins bookcases. Thanks!

Holly-Beth Willis on

The blue and white are my favorites! I would put them in my living room.

Jennifer Parker on

I gasped at the ivory! Love! I’d use them to adorn my master bedroom fireplace!

Eileen on

Sooo cute! I’d love the black and white ones.

Martha McC on

All very cute. Today I’m favoring burnt orange. Probably put on a mantle in a bedroom.

Linda Wishart on

Burnt orange for sure. Will use on sconces in guest bedroom

Debbie Young on

The blue and white Staffordshire dogs are awesome! I would place two of them on my boookshelves!

Marilyn McWeeney on

I would love a set of each color, they all looks so wonderful, but unfortunately I can’t so what is calling my name is the small set of blue and cream dogs. I have just the place to put them, in a hutch like antique open cabinet with many flow blue and staffordshire plates and bowls. Love, love!!!!!

Karen H on

Favorite colourway is difficult but I think I like the traditional burnt orange and cream!

Sammie on

Blue! And I would use them on my shelves in my living room!

Terri on

Absolutely love the blue and white! They would look stunning in my sunroom that I am redoing now.

Judy Toline on

The blues are my choice. Perfect spot for them.

Jacquelynn O'Boyle on

Hands down the blue and white would look very elegant next to my white roses on my mantel.

Wendy on

Oh gosh-love them all. I have an antique pair of black and ivory that I have had for 20 years and love them. I am very tempted to order the blue and ivory!❤️

Sue on

I love the blue and the orange. I believe I would get the blue though and I would use them in a vignette I have going on of my bl and wh in my family room!!

Susan McLaughlin on

The burnt orange is my favorite, since they remind me of our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Penny Lane!

Jackie Shell on

Love the black and white! They would look stunning mixed in with my blue and white pieces in my living room or dining room

Judy Manus on

I won the ones from Instagram giveaway and so excited! They are ALL beautiful!

Mary Ann Davies on

I love the blue and whites! As a young girl I remember these in our home, my grandmothers home as well as my aunt home. We called the Gog and Magog. My mother got hers for a wedding gift and my sisters and I trade them each year on Thanksgiving so each can keep for a year in their home. Mothers were the reddish ones. The blue and white would look stunning in my living room. My living room is French County Blue and White. I have followed you on Instagram for at least 2 years and love your style. Keep up the great work!

Carolyn S. on

How can you just choose one? My obsession for all things blue and white runs deep though so I’d have to go with the blue! They would look so pretty on my bedside table.

Susan Sturgis on

Love the blue and ivory. Iam very fortunate to have inherited from my mother in law flow blue dishs that belonged to her mother. Plus an amazing ginger jar purchased in Hong Kong over 50 years ago along with blue and white plates. We are getting ready to remodel our home and all the blue and white will go in an antique English pine hutch. That’s if we survive the ordeal. We’ll move out and empty the house so it can be gutted. Exciting but frightening at the same time.

Deanna on

Love the blue and white!
These little puppies would look darling next to my pair of blue and white ginger jar lamps in the dining room!

Betty Ray on

Blue and White- mixed in with my other blue and white pieces in my great-room.

Laurene on

These are just adorable to look at. Absolutely love all the color options, but my favorite is the blue and ivory to add to my collection. We just built a new home and my laundry room has a window with a large ledge. These would greet me every time I walked in to start laundry. Definitely would make me smile every day!

Joan on

While I know that you’ve carried black & white Staffordshire lamps pairs, would have a pair of the burnt orange/ivory dogs made into lamps for my guest bedroom. Right now it’s looking a touch too tailored and masculine and the dogs will soften the look a little without screaming ‘girlie’.

Kathy on

I would have to choose blue and ivory. The pair would look lovely on a chest in my bedroom and would go very well with a beautiful blue and white lamp I got last year from The Enchanted Home.

Joyjc on

They are adorable but I think the blue and white?

Arell on

They are all so wonderful. How does one choose? I love the black, but the blue are calling my name! I am thrilled that you got them in!

Regina S. on

Black & White on my built in shelf or blue & white on my secretary

Mary on

Ivory and gold are my favorite. I have two white Coton de tulears (similar to a Maltese) which are white with black noses. Very adorable.

Susan Osborn-Sanders on

They are simply Beautiful Tina… well done.

Maureen O on

I am partial to the Ivory and Gold and would use as bookends in my den! They are as good as the originals from the 1860’s.

Susan Osborn-Sanders on

Hard to choose but I believe the Black and White would be perfect on my bookcase.

Cricket on

Such precious pups!!! My choice would be the blue Staffordshire dogs. I’d mix them with my Tiffany & Co. delft ware and bamboo crystal in my soon to be new home. Pick me, pick me!!!

Ellen H. on

Love the burnt orange! Would use among books on my living room bookshelf.

Ellen H. on

Love the burnt orange! Would use on a bookshelf in the living room…

Michelle on

Gosh I love them all, but I think the black and white are my favorite.

Tammy on

Is the cost listed per pair?

Meg A on

I think the blue and ivory pups would be a nice whimsical touch in my guest powder room!

Joyce on

I would love the ivory and gold! They are beautiful!!

Dana Tate on

Love all of these!! The blue would be perfect in my home!!!

Linda Beth on

Blue and ivory….perfect for the antique white cabinet I inherited from my grandmother!

Blue and White love on

I love the Blue and White ones!! I would put them on my mantle with some of my blue and white plates. Oh my, so exciting!

Tammy on

I love the classic orange and ivory.

Alice H on

The blue and white! They would look spectacular on the piano under my painting of daisies and daffodils 🙂

Sandy w on

I like the blue and white. Would use them in my bedroom

Linda Clark on

I love the medium blue dogs, would probably use on my small mantle in my bedroom.

kathy bunge on

I have been collecting antique & vintage Staffordshire English Mantle Dogs for years & you did a great job with these reproductions! I have my dogs in almost ev. room of the house & could always find another spot for these little darlings! I love the blue & white dogs but all are beauties.

Mary M on

Upon first looking at these, I had a thought for a couples dinner with a blue and white theme: Put one of the pair at the wife’s place and the other at the spouse’s place as favors.

Of course, I love all the colors

Linda Doezema on

Love all the colors! I would place them with some antique leather bound books on a side table!

Patricia on

My favorite is the blue and would fit perfect in my secretary shelf.

Ann Bryan on

Definitely the blue and white, and they would proudly sit on my family room bookcase shelf.

Pam on

I love the ivory & blue. I would use these on my mantle.

Stacee on

I love love the blue!

Fronde on

I love the all white ones! I would use them in a very special place in our home.

Mary Joy Webster on

i’d like the ivory and white and use them with my antique orange Staffordshire spaniels. Or the blue and white and place with a grouping of blue and white porcelain.

Linda on

I would choose the ivory and gold ones. I’d set them on my fireplace!

Karen Davis on

My fav color in the Staffirdshire dogs is blue. I would use them in my dining room on my sideboard!!!

Marge K. on

I love the blue and ivory dogs. I have a friend who collects these and I’ve always thought I would start my own collection but never have, ha, ha! Maybe now is the time. They would look so cute on my windowsill in the kitchen or dining room. Brings a smile just looking at them.

Jeanne Emilian on

Hi Tina,
My favorite are the Blue and White doggies. I would put them on the windowsill of my French style kitchen which has crimson and ivory buffalo check drapery. I think they would look smashing!

nancy on

Love Love Love these! My favorites are the Black and Gold ones! They would look great on my mantle!

Michelle on

Gorgeous!!! It is certainly difficult to pick a favorite color ~ but I would have to say my favorite is the black/ivory! These would look lovely in my entry hall greeting my guests.

Starla B on

These are so cute and I am loving the color combinations. I would definitely choose the black and ivory. I would place these cuties in my living room!

Carol on

The black and ivory! I would use them as part of a collection on the formal living room mantle.

Cheryl on

I am partial to the white!

Jdabbs on

I would use these in my living room on the end tables. For me the only choice is the blue white color. I have blue white all over my home!

Kathy on

Burnt orange/ivory (Hook “Em, Horns) and I would use a pair of large ones on top of the secretary that was my mother’s. They are beautiful! Can hardly wait for the tole chandeliers, any update?

Faith Boggio on

Please enter me in your drawing for the Staffordshire dogs. The color I would choose would be the blue & white. I have always loved blue & white. I share that with you. I would use them in my dining room where I can view them all the time. I have been reading your blog since you began. You have never disappointed me. I love reading it everyday! Love the changes you have made. Thank you for being here!

Marcia Moorhead on

I love the blue and white, these cuties would go on newly built in bookshelf in guest room.

Debbie Pirtovshek on

I love the blue and white dogs and they would definitely have a place of honour in my living room.

Amy M on

Beautiful!! Hard to choose between the black and white and blue and white.

Debbbie Coggin on

I really should like another color, but as usual I gravitate to the blue/white.

Susanne Craig on

Just love the dogs in every colour; but blue is my very favourite.

Susanne Craig on

Forgot to say; these puppies would go on my fireplace mantle.

Susan Kayden on

Love these! I would choose the Black and Ivory Dogs for my garden table now. Once winter comes, I’ll let them play inside on my bar!

Karen on

I adore the burnt orange! Their new home would be on my shelves in my living room.

Dana Munoz on

I love the white ones!!!!

Sue J. on

Blue is always my favorite! I would use them in my living room, either in a bookcase (where I have a larger pair of dogs which I purchased from you a couple of years ago) or on my mantel. I feel a collection coming on!

Cathy on

Love the ivory white dogs!!!

Joanne Stacey on

Blue, Burnt Orange, Black and Ivory…OH MY! We are building our retirement home based on a Greek Revival period home. I have the perfect spot for the large BLUE Beauties. They will go on top of a very stunning English dark oak sideboard that will go in the long and wide foyer! If I close my eyes I can see them! PURE PERFECTION!

Maggie gordon on

I adore the blue and white doggies!! I would put them on both my English Georgian hutch or on my dining table surrounded by my orchids and blue and white canton dishes!

Janet on

My favorite Staffordshire dogs are the blue & white. I would use these dogs in my sunroom which is navy & white. They would be the perfect finishing touch.

Victoria Taylert on

I’m a blue person through and through, so the blue dogs will grace my mantle, hopefully.

Nanette Forth on

I love the blue and black cream dogs. So darling! I plan to place them in my dining room on the French country buffet. Love them!

Jean on

I prefer the blue and white, probably put them in a bookcase desk in my living room.

Susan K on

Love the white and gold ones and they would look great on my bookcase next to leather bound classic books

Tracy on

Love the black and ivory. I would use in my living room. Fabulous!

Tina on

I love these cuties! I would love the blue & white combo and put them between my living room-dining room so I can see them all the time!

Todd on

Would love the blue minis and would use them in a bookcase in my bedroom. What a nice addition to the overall room vibe.

jackie bunge on

Love all the black & white dogs! Would definitely find a perfect spot on the mantle, on bookcases, etc.! Just lovely!

JoEllen Jackson on

Blue and white always!

kesha on

I love the black and ivory. They would be great on my foyer table

Joanne Stacey on

Yesterday when I submitted my comment, I said large…..I plan on purchasing a large pair and think that a mini pair would go SO WELL!

Lexi on

I adore the blue and ivory pups! They would find a perfect home on the entry table in my foyer! ??

Vicki C on

Love your site & everything you do! Black & white is my favorite. It would be great in any room in my home.

Alexa Snelleman on

Burnt orange and ivory! There is a large burnt orange one sitting in the wood panelled study at Palmetto Bluff. Here now on vacation! You are so lucky to be building a home in such a dreamy community!

Charlotte on

Blue. They would look perfect on a shelf next to my books in our library

Denise on

I love the all white puppies ?! Would look fabulous in my kitchen, mantle, dining room table and so many other places in my home.

Arnord on

We are proud to announce the birth of 3 pups males and 4 females of Tibetan Mastiff. They are golden red and black. Parents and pops are purebred.
100% CHINESE BLOOD. We deliver to any location also your doorstep if needed. for other dogs email for all details. We also deliver to outside the US.

All pups come to the US with Passport and Health Certificate.

VickieHawkins on

They would be happy in any room of my house in blue! There is not a room that cannot use my favorite touch of blue & white.

courtney zirkle on

how much for the large blue pair? how large are they

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