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Hello and hope you are well. Such a busy busy week over here with the arrival of the spectacular Staffordshire dogs which I so love, but today is all about updating you on the PB house as I do every week or so. Things are really starting to accelerate and it’s super exciting. I will be down there in a few weeks and cannot wait.

It is starting to feel like a home and it is hard to believe we are just a matter of months away from it being completed. Not sure if we will finish it by Dec (our goal) but my fingers are crossed. So far we are well ahead of having everything decided upon which most certainly helps. Here is some of this past weeks progress-


The ceiling of the porch that runs the back

Bathrooms are really coming along!

Two completed shower walls (husbands above and guest below)

Back of house (porch) just about done with columns and screens

An often overlooked part of the house (side)

So the bathrooms are obviously underway which is such a fun stage to see unfold. Seeing that they are at this stage has gotten us thinking more seriously about furniture, color schemes and basic ideas. My feeling is to go very light, airy, soft and tonal. I an always accessorize with color wherever i like with pillows, jars, etc…..

This pretty picture has been an inspiration for a while and my ideas really have not wavered, just love the feeling and vibe from this picture (from Summerhouse)-

And below are various other ideas for how I can see furnishing my future home in PB without concentrating on one particular room but it gives you an overall idea-

In the bedrooms I am a wall to wall carpet girl all the way. We lived with hardwood in my current master for about 2 years and finally my husband gave into my persistence about wall to wall and what a great choice we made. I am not even going to go into how I am always right but…..we really love the wall to wall. It gave an instant coziness factor to the room and not a day goes by that I don’t walk in and exhale over my “happy space”.

So with PB we are doing the same- all bedrooms will get a dense woven wall to wall carpet. Stanton Carpets makes a beautiful carpet and I have found perhaps too many choices that I love, some of which are below. Starting to narrow them down…not an easy process!


It’s thrilling to even be near this stage of the process, starting to think about furniture, doing layouts,  figuring out colors….love this stage! Stay tuned for more coming up soon (will be there in a few weeks) and will keep you posted. Next up we will talk kitchens and I cannot wait to share with you some of the gorgeous details of my own. Thanks for following along on this journey with me, until next time……


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LOVE that photo of the farmhouse sink with the huge arched window behind it and the plates on the wall. It reminded me of you the first time I saw it.

The Library/Sitting Room with blue fabrics would be my choice. I’ve been looking for ideas for furnishing a smaller 55+ residence with living room/dining area/kitchen as one long unit we have yet to find. This is the fun part! It will be a challenge to land just the right place for us in about a year or so. The Enchanted Home is such an inspiration for me. Of course, I’d take all my blue-and-whites I’ve collected over time.

I am in love with your carpet selections. We also once had hardwood in the bedrooms and found the dust bunnies to be a real nuisance! Love my wall to wall upstairs!

I love seeing all of your PB progress! It looks fabulous and will be a wonderful place to rest, relax and regroup. The tonal choices are beautiful as well. Looking forward to seeing more.

This home is going to be so beautiful. Thanks for sharing the “journey” with us!! I’m so anxious to see all the particulars of what you pick to finish it off. I wish I lived closer . . . I’d be hinting for an invitation to come for lunch LOL!!! Blessings from Missouri dear lady!

Love the calming, serene palettes-looks like some of Phoebe Howard’s work-Did you ever consider Kiawah, Sullivan’s Island ,SC near Charleston? That’s where we have a place. You must have friends,relatives at PB,H.Head or Savannah? You would love a shop in Charleston called Acquisitions when you get settled and take a road trip . Only 2 hours and Phoebe Howard now in Charlotte,where I also live-Can’t wait to see grand finale! Love your blog

I am leaning toward an all white living room. Thank you for providing so many great ideas.

Beautiful, I am a Phoebe Howard “groupie”, have both of her books and study her rooms. They are timeless and they have such depth, richness and are always so pretty as well. You are building another lovely home.

Can I just tell you thank you for a shout out to wall-to-wall carpeting in the master bedroom especially? Sooo agree! The warmth, the softness on the feet, the luxury! I don’t have to put on footies, slippers, to just get out of bed.

Do you mind sharing what type of wood you’re using for your tongue and groove porch ceiling? Looks so sleek!

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