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Hello, hope everyone is having a great week. We are busy organizing the warehouse in anticipation of many new arriving items in the coming weeks and holding the chinoiserie melamine sale which ends tomorrow morning

A  few weeks ago I went to the Traditional Home designer showhouse out in Southampton. There were two homes on the tour and the vibe was decidedly transitional meets elegant beach vibe.  I always try to capture what I  love and this time since they  featured two homes,  there was lots more to see. It is always a fun way to spend a day with a friend:)

I always try to take away ideas that I can apply to my own home or  walk away with fresh ideas for design work, plus it’s always fun to see what is new and trending. There were some really interesting things that I observed and took notes on.  I did not necessarily love everything I saw but then again, do you ever? No, because design is so subjective…..and I try to keep an open mind.  In any case,  here are what to me,  were the highlights, in no particular order and these were taken from both homes-



This lacquered closet was really something….very boutique like and love the lighting!

Needless to say I absolutely adored everything about this

My absolute favorite color palette for a bedroom…dreamy!

This above was the basement, which I thought was beautifully done in this soft elegant color palette

The bathroom palette above was very pretty and similar to one I am doing in PB

This outdoor space was beautiful in blue and white- I might have edited some of the greenery and made it slightly less busy but beautiful nonetheless!

Thought this hardware was very attractive above in that it’s very clean and streamlined looking

Always love a banquette for a breakfast room setting and considering doing one for PB

The kitchen was done in a sleek white lacquer which I just love and was accessorized with gold hardware

Another outdoor space done in turquoise and coral, a very happy and uplifting combination!

It was a cloudy overcast day but it did not keep the outside from looking beautiful

Navy and any shade of blue as we all know works so well for the outdoors with the lush green backdrop

Beautiful color palette for the living room

This above and below is one of the basements which was done very well, normally I would not look to do such a dark wall in a basement but it had some natural light and I must say coupled with the lighter upholstery, it was beautiful!

This was a window in the basement bedroom, I thought they were clever how they addressed the unsightly “window well” with greenery planted in pots, did not make it feel like a basement one bit!

The bedroom basement had a beachy vibe

A gorgeous basement area above was so pretty in these elegant tonal colors

My blue and white radar was fully on and did not disappoint!


So…..what do you think? See anything that grabbed your attention? It was a fun excuse to. head out to the beautiful Hampton’s as I never tire of visiting showhouses, though I feel they have changed over the years. I remember 15-20 years ago it seems they really pulled out all the stops, today it seems more curtailed. One designer told me that they used to get a lot of business from these showhouses, but that is generally no longer the case which certainly would explain it. Click here to visit the showhouse website for more info.

Anywho, thanks for stopping by. Wishing you a wonderful day, until next time…..

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Love the dinnerware will make a fabulous table setting..would like to try it with a laquered green table

These would be ideal for using outside. Regular plates are now difficult for me to carry up and down stair to the patio and the pattern takes you to a different place and time. Very nice.

Looks like the rug in the living room is a wood look set on a wood floor. Is this correct?

The basements were wonderful too!

Looks like a great showhouse – much better than the one I went to a few years ago. I am going to the showhouse in Newport in a couple of weeks, which I look forward to. Hope you’re having a great week.

I loved the white chinoiserie outdoor furniture with the navy and white trim cushions. The perfect backdrop for a melange of blue and white pillows, garden seats, etc.

I agree the show houses have changed over the years especially here in New York. Can still get some good ideas, not like the past

We went to the Hampton Designer Showcase 2 weeks and loved it. I especially loved the outdoor porch with the blue and white ginger jars. A group of 3 lovely ladies asked me to take a picture of them in this outdoor room. I mentioned The Enchanted Home to them and they were not familiar with it. I told them to log on and they would not be disappointed! Who doesn’t love blue and white!

I agree with every comment you made about the designer showhouse. I do think they should have purchased blue and white from you, yours is much nicer.

Tina you should come to Birmingham, AL for the most gorgeous show houses you will ever see. The ladies really pull out all the stops.

Heading to Cashiers- Highlands for the show house this week in North Carolina. I really think it will be special and better than what we have been seeing the last few years. I must agree with you that show houses have” lost the plot” to the story of good design. Have seen too many “piles” the last few years.

Tina, will you ever carry the very tall B&W vases and ginger jars…like the ones flanking the outside fireplace?
Would love to have some for my new home come late 2018.

Very pretty showhouse! I love all the blue. I have been toying with the idea of painting my dining room navy so it’s nice to see how well they pulled it off in the basement. I am hoping to get to the Newport Coastal Living Showhouse before it ends in September but my plans keep getting postponed…

Perhaps the reason the designers don’t get much business from the show houses is that some of the design doesn’t make sense. For example, the picture above (number 7 from the top?) of a long couch facing the basement stairs….for what reason would anyone want to sit there? Or spend that money for a useless reason? One of the reasons to hire a designer is for the person to solve design problems, not just to fill space. In the last basement seating area above, there is plenty of seating but no reason for it….no television, no games….so why would anyone sit down there to begin with?
Thank you for the post! Most of us across the country would never see these homes otherwise!

How beautiful!! It’s a tie for my favorite between the beige and grey basement and the navy and green outdoor space!! I love the grey wallpaper in the basement, especially against the tan chevron carpet. How fabulous! And the navy and green outdoor space … where do I begin! The green pillows are such a fun and fresh accent. Absolutely love it. I am heading out to the Hamptons this weekend! Maybe I will get a chance to check it out. Have a great weekend and thanks for sharing!

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