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Hi friends and happy Friday to you. I am deeply saddened about the events in Puerto Rico and Mexico….it is almost too much for my brain to handle. Such catastrophe, I feel so helpless to help out. Starting today at 11, I am offering site wide 15% off and will donate 10% of all sales to The Red Cross (*use code helpout). It is something small but I believe lots of people’s small “somethings” add up to something bigger and greater, my prayers and thoughts are with all those affected.

Moving along,  as I periodically do I check in and update yon on a whole range of subjects having to do with my shop and recent happenings, think of this as my shop newsletter.

This past week was CRAZY, within 5 days we got in the new batch of silverware/flatware, the newest chinoiserie tole container, the porcelain container and the melamine. Don’t think we have ever worked as hard as we did this past week getting so many orders out the door. I am even amazed at what we accomplished this past week!

I am so flattered and thrilled that my items have been so well is the ultimate validation for what I love to do, design and create! If I could only do one thing in life, this would be it. I enjoy the process immensely and it is so gratifying to dream something up and watch it blossom and come to life. So here is the latest on a variety of subjects-


NEW PORCELAINS! Just got in the porcelain container, and there are some stunning pieces that arrived along with it. I always think the day will come when I will get a container and not feel compelled to take a few things home…NOPE, that has not happened. This container had things begging to jump in my car and I obliged:) Here’s a peek , there are so many beautiful pieces inducing a bunch of new goodies. So all presale orders have shipped as of today and next week we will hold the one day arrival sale as we always do (either Monday or Tuesday).

The next container is already en route and  will happen in a few weeks, so many fabulous pieces (many new) including the incredible extra large mammoth tulipiere. I am in love with this. piece as I am many others.

This fabulous garden seat is coming back along with a new colorway below.

And how stunning are these solid colored large planters? I see a few in my home in PB

Totally smitten with my tulipieres and the new extra large is ridiculously beautiful and grand


To show you the size of this extra large tulipiere here it is for my new fall vignette flanked by the two mediums.

The extra large is on a presale click here to see

And I have come up with a brand new style of tulipiere a lighter in color and design version, this will be offered in the small and medium and will be here in November-


Happy that these magnificent vases inspired by some I had seen at Ralph Lauren are en route and will be here mid October-

And this much anticipated planter is en route and due here mid October, cannot wait to get these! These are on presale, click here to see


GIFTWRAP  To say the giftwrap was a hit would be a gross understatement, even for me who designed it…it surpassed my expectations. I have never been so thrilled to wrap a gift as I am now. It is now online click here to see

They are as of yesterday now online for many who have asked, click here to see

Now in production is the holiday giftwrap which I am so excited about. There will be a presale on this within about 2 weeks,  so stay tuned and below  are the patterns. What I love most is how you can so easily mix and match them, cannot wait to start wrapping holiday gifts, maybe this will inspire me to do my shopping early:)

And a few mid production pictures, these pictures get me so excited for Christmas!

And finally SO over the moon about these- they  will be on the horizon after the holidays, with an eye on spring! Also going to do an ivory chinoierise with gold for all the spring weddings/showers:)

TOLE Can’t wait to get this new style Provence planter in and in love with this new chandelier we are getting in about 5 weeks it will be offered in 4 colors, but how pretty is this pale pink (not yet accented with soft gold accents) for a girls room or nursery!

The new style Provence planters

And loooove these new lanterns that we just got in yesterday, they are now online, click here to see

FLATWARE The beautiful previously sold outs silver flatware all came back in stock yesterday, these are beautiful, heavy and safe for the dishwasher…..these were created like many things I have dreamed up, because I had a hard time finding everyday flatware that I really loved.

Also so enjoying the new pagoda blue and white flatware, sure sets a beautiful table1 Out of a void comes a new idea……click here to see the flatware

MELAMINE One of my finest works to date:) We spent most of the week getting out orders and all I keep thinking is how by the weekend, there are going to b a lot of lucky people dining in style on this beautiful melamine dinnerware, it is fast becoming my every day dinner ware of choice;) Click here to see the fabulous new pagoda melamine-

I was thrilled to see it featured in House Beautiful!

And here it is being put to good use!



ORNAMENTS We, as crazy as it might sound just got in our first order of ornaments! Some reorders from best selling ornaments from last year and some fabulous n new arrivals, you can say you saw them here first. An arrival sale will happen next week for all you early bird Christmas planners-

Click here to see the entire collection of ornaments

NEW HAPPENINGS So the blue and white pumpkins did not happen this year, there were no guarantees that I could get them by Nov.1st so it was too risky for such a short season to get them in too late but rest assured by next summer these beautiful pumpkins will be in production in plenty of time for fall.

SILVER Have a beautiful new shipment coming filled with trays, planters and a boatload of mint juleps which I do really well with, the newest addition to my mint julep family is this beautiful Christmas wreath mint julep (seeing it here unfinished with the silver polish) I can see one now at each place setting for Christmas dinner filled with fresh greens and a few rosebuds.

Getting in a few weeks a most fabulous shipment of new silver, trays, planters, tons of mint juleps and small silver planters…stay tuned!


MELAMINE Recognizing that people love the idea of using easy, light for the most part unbreakable melamine if the designs are sophisticated enough…I am working on a few other designs in other colors. I am just loving the way this one is turning out, in a beautiful rich color of a burnt orange…..I am experimenting with a few variations and took elements from various antique designs, who knew melamine could be so sophisticated!



CANDLES My beautiful candle has a new sister! Now these pretty containers are offered as a candle, best part is when the candle is done burning you have yourself the most stylish pencil/brush/utensil holder on the planet! Filled with the new and yummy scent “hydrangea” you will get about 1o0 burn hours with this fabulous candle, great holiday gift!  Offered in the figurine and lotus designs. Click here to see.



Phew….that is a lot. Yes, you could say I have been quite busy:) It has been such fun coming up with new ideas and my one takeaway from 2017 is to begin the season way earlier than I think is even normal:)



One lucky winner will win a box of giftwrap! You will get one roll of each style giftwrap plus one of each of the totebags!

All you need to do is leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite item (or two or three) and you will be in the running. I will announce a winner on Tuesday!

Thank you for stopping in and being a part of my world, wishing everyone a wonderful Friday and a great weekend ahead. Until next time…..






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This wrapping paper is fabulous. Just imagine getting a gift wrapped in it!!
I might not want to open the pkg
Thank you Tina for always offering so many unique and wonderful items!

Everything is so lovely but my favorite is the very first garden seat. It looks like it would be perfect for welcoming spring!

Really love the wrapping paper….it is beautiful! And the garden seats are really pretty. Looking for a place for those!

This wrapping paper is fabulous!! I can just imagine getting a present wrapped in it. I might not want to open it!! Thanks Tina for all the fabulous finds

Beside the gift wrap, I love the Christmas mint julep cups (brilliant!) and the adorable ornaments. There’s very little I don’t love including your blog! Thank you!

Love love the green lattice and blue/white topiary wrap. Fabulous with blue gingham ribbon. The white planter is tres chic and the bamboo silverware is my favorite!

I received the wrapping paper and just love it. I’d love more. Those pumpkins are absolutely adorable and will look beautiful in my pumpkin collection. Can’ wait.

Absolutely love the garden stools in the new colors. Will look beautiful in my sunroom. Also the spring gift wrap is beautiful! Well done.

You are killing me here- I want EVERYTHING! That new melamine plate is FABULOUS Tina. I want I want I want. And the gifrwrap and melamine which I got yesterday are just unbelievable, you have really outdone yourself my dear.

Have recommended everyone in my tennis club to you and many have become like me, a devoted fan. The picture of your tulipieres are some of the prettiest pictures I have ever seen, so happy you have found your calling- you have made the world a much more beautiful place.

I am obsessed with the new wrapping paper however, I love the new planter, will these be available in black?

Really; just 2 or 3? Cannot say enough how much I love the wrapping paper, tissue paper and different size gift bags. Ordering the bags & Christmas paper soon. Candles are always a lovely gift to receive or give. I use sterling family baby cups with flowers at place settings, so really like the idea of smaller mint julep cups with greenery & roses for Christmas.

The Foo Dog Christmas Ornament is on my wish list! I may need a kennel full!. I also think the large solid colored planters are really gorgeous.

Love everything but especially like the candle that can be reused after it has burned. LP

I love it all…how can i pick 2 or 3? The tulpiere, melamine, giftwrap and tole lighting are my favorites though. And yes to that new melamine plate, is that ever gorgeous.

Got in my melamine yesterday and having friends over tonight and will be using it, cannot wait! Have a good weekend Tina. Great job on all you have done, very impressive.

Where to begin: The Christmas ornaments, holiday gift wrap, the flatware and the melamine dishes (including the yet to be offered burnt orange color way). Well done!

My favorites are the new garden stools and the holiday wrapping paper. I can’t wait to order the paper. It is the perfect compliment to blue and white holiday decorations.

The Red Chinoiserie Wrapping Paper is so elegant and a great complement to the Holiday Topiary Wrapping Paper.
I will have to order both. The holidays will soon be here !!!

Oh my gosh! You are so talented!! My fav is the melamine! I have been looking for it in fab designs and you are nailing it!! 2nd fav is the wrapping paper. I grow topiaries so that is a hit for me and the fact they all coordinate together!

The giftwrap is beautiful every last design and cannot wait for next falls pumpkins

As usual, you did it again. I want everything! Love the smaller blue/white vase and the lanterns.
You mention a while ago, you were coming out with gift toppers in the shape of ginger jars. When will these be available?

Excited about so much – the stunning pumpkins for next Fall, the gorgeous wrapping paper, fabulous candles and more melamine designs! Tina, you never disappoint and you add so much beauty to our lives!

Tina, I love the new garden seats and will look forward to seeing the new mini ginger jar ornaments. I also think the new gift wrap is lovely and will look forward to seeing the ivory/gold chinoiserie for spring. I promise that if I win the wrapping paper, I will create the most beautifully wrapped gifts. Gifts almost too pretty to unwrap, but then who can resist opening presents ! Thank you , MM

Good day Tina,
So far my faves are-#1- garden seats, so adorable!
#2- wrapping paper- sophisticated for sure!
#3-silver vase-classic & timeless?
Have a peaceful weekend ❤️& many thanks?

I love the gift wrap and the new garden stools are to die for. Love everything you sell…just need to give away all my antiques and start over !!

Tina, everything looks fabulous! I love the new candles, and all of the wrapping paper! Congratlations again on the feature in House Beautiful! I think next up should be an entire article!

Have a wonderful weekend.

I love the salt/pepper shakers that were sold out-saw them in the magazine and instantly went to your website and signed-up.
The pale blue wrapping paper is my favorite. And I can’t wait to see those pumpkins!

I love the new light and ornaments and silver and everything else , I want it alllll

Love your new holiday silver mint julep cup, along with some of the pretty flat wear designs. You have lots happening. So exciting for you!

I love the look of the new tulipiere design that is smaller and boxier as my taste tend to lean to straighter and boxier lines. Cannot wait for these to come in! I am a new follower and love to see and read your blogs. Having lived in Asia for 30 years, the look of blue and white Asian porcelain is home to me on so many levels. and I have so many reminders around my home of those lovely memories. Thank you for sharing your talent and inspiration!

Hi Tina
Wow, you are one amazing woman!
Everything is gorgeous!
Wish I were 30 years younger and still in a position to purchase all of your pieces. Unfortunately looks like I’m going to be scaling down again. This is causing great heartache for me but it’s my reality.
I absolutely love your new garden stools. The colors are gorgeous.
Love all your gift wrapping and wish I could have every single design. House Beautiful ad is spot on!

Tina, everything is beautiful but I’m a huge fan of gorgeous wrapping paper so that would be my favorite. The candles wrapped in your paper would be a wonderful hostess gift.

Everything is so beautiful! I especially love the Melamine dishes. They are on my wish list! The wrapping paper is wonderful too! Love it all!

I love the blue and white candles!! I am excited to see the pumpkins next year. I just received my melamine order yesterday and am thrilled with the product. It’s beautiful. So glad you designed the line!

Love ,love the holiday wrap! It is gorgeous!!!!!! Would be so happy to give or receive a gift in one of these beautiful patterns!!!!

Love everything especially the gardens seat- white one with birds and flowers in soft pastel colors. Beautiful!

My heart is so sad about what’s going on as well. Praying everyone can find their loved ones fast. Loving everything you have here Tina! Such lovely things! XO

I really love EVERYTHING but am intrigued by the new lighter colored tulipieres…..can’t wait for their arrival….

Cannot name one favorite but here is my list- all the melamine (love the new design and color a lot too), the porcelains, the tulipieres, the lanterns, giftwrap (including all the new designs and holiday). Oh heck, I love it all, too much beauty, actually there is not such a thing GREAT JOB on your beautiful line of products, keep them coming:-)

I love the giftwrap! They are so elegant, and the birds on vines are so reminiscent of chinoiserie wallpapers that I absolutely love. But truth to tell – I love everything!

I love the gold foil gift wrap. How incredibly elegant and sophisticated! I love what you are creating!

I really like the planters! I have so much stuff that now I have to be real selective. Ha tell that to my bulging closet. Those garden seats are sublime. But what really surprised me was the gift wrapping paper! I think I was one of those that said the world could do without another gift wrapping. I was wrong -so wrong- it’s lively. What a lucky person to get a gift wrapped in one those. Now do I really wAnt a blue and white Christmas tree in my dining room ,umm I think I do ?

The Christmas ginger jar gift wrap is so gorgeous it’s making my head spin! I MUST have it, along with some of those blue and white ornaments for my tree this year. Thanks for coming up with such beautiful and original items!

Tulipiere is such an elegant timeless piece, the way it is displayed along with the 2 smaller ones makes a fabulous look, love it!!

It’s almost impossible to choose–but, one (or two) of the white Provence planters would work perfectly in our new home–plus the garden seat with the white background with the birds for our bedroom. The painting on the seat is beautiful and delicate.

I love the planters, silverware and Christmas ornaments!!! I am definitely getting some of those, I regretted not buying them last year!!

I’m anxiously awaiting the holiday gift wrap, which is just beautiful! And the candles!! But if I could only have one thing, the new large solid colored planters would be my choice. The colors are gorgeous!

Love the gift wrap! Almost doesn’t matter what’s inside when a gift ? looks that beautiful!

So many beautiful pieces, it’s hard to pick my favorites. I cannot wait to add some more “blue and white” to my home and deliver such fabulous gifts to friends and family.

What’s not to love! I always love all your things! But I guess my favorite favorite today are the Ralph Lauren inspired vases. So many years ago when my husband and I walked into one of their stores and saw their blue and white bedroom on display, I guess you could say we were instantly hooked on blue and white! Love all your things, and they are everywhere in my home!
Best to you

I love the new garden seats and tulipieres. On the practical side, do you use anything to “stick” the tulipiere parts together?

Everything is exquisite, but I would have to choose the first garden seat. I have the perfect place for it.

Wow, Tina! You have become a mega-store! Could sheets and towels be next? 🙂 I love the celadon solid colored planters and also love your idea of using gold foil on some of the wrapping paper for spring weddings and special events. Also, your generosity to the hurricane victims made me tear up. What a lovely gesture!

I love the blue/pink and the blue/green gift wrap….makes me want to go buy something just to wrap it….so beautiful…Love the melamine you designed and the flatware….You have such good taste, flair, and creativity! Thanks for sharing it with all of us!!!!

Oh my goodness! So many fabulous things. The new solid colored planters are so pretty. The new pattern for the melamine is quite tempting! Of course, tulipieres–stunning.

Love the blue and green wrapping paper and the blue, white and gold planters. Great job!

Love the wrapping paper, Provence planters, and ornaments. I tried to purchase your wicker salt & pepper shakers but sadly they’re all sold out – The HB magazine readers must have beat me to it – HA!

Love, love your creativity….the gift wrap is fabulous and I’m looking forward to the Christmas wreath mint juleps! Definitely going to purchase those new ornaments too!

I have and enjoy the ivory colored garden seat. It’s comfortable to sit on, possibly, because of the slightly rounded top. We even pull it up to the table while playing games. Stunning piece, much better in person! Only drawback I see to this one is if you want to use it as an accent table your coffee or magazine will slide right off. I’m looking forward to the Spring gift wrap. Actually going to a wedding in just those colors. I absolutely love each item I have ordered and they exactly fill the need I have for them.

Love the idea of Mint Julep cups at each place setting and then my guest can take them home after dinner. You have so many beautiful selections its hard to choose.

I just used the topiary blue and green gift wrap for the first time yesterday. I bought blue/white polka for ribbon to go with it. I love it so much, and makes gift giving even more fun!

Boatload of delicious eye candy! Particularly love the new pagoda melamine and Christmas ornaments!!!

Mmm. Nice give away. It’s been awhile since checking in and the expansion of items is impressive. Congrats on being in House Beautiful!

Your wrapping paper is beautiful. I love your examples. I would have to choose the first garden seat. Its colors make me think of spring.

It’s the candles! They sure spoke to me. Will be especially lovely in a powder room, on a side table or as part of a vignette on a larger coffee table. They are terrific!

Hi Tina,
I love all of your giftwrap, but I must admit I have a favorite. The pink and gold is one of the most beautiful gift wraps I’ve ever seen.

Love love love the mint julep cups. Absolutely beautiful. I would love to have a few of them!

I visit your blog everyday! My life would be incomplete
without it. I live in Naples, Florida and we lost our big mahogany tree. However, your blog still brings a smile
to my face.

Oh, Tina~ Another fabulous giveaway! Thanks so much for your generous spirit! I personally LOVE LOVE LOVE the gift wrap AND the new silver Christmas Wreath Mint Julep cups!!

The garden seats are beautiful. Must get one of these but deciding on a color is hard as I like both! Thanks for the giveaway!

Love those Provence planters and the colors are just perfect for anywhere! Your wrapping paper turned out especially beautiful. How nice it is to watch your designs evolve!

So many beautiful items to choose from! I have been thinking about those tulipieres for a while and would love to use them as centerpieces. Pre ordered the pagoda silverware and can’t wait to get it!

Isn’t it wonderful to love what you do?!! I am excited for the Christmas wrap, especially the topiary. That aqua chinoiserie patterned paper is the bomb – I am besotted !

Love the papers and the new blue and white dishes Your table looked great as usual Your posts are the first ones I open everyday Thanks from all your readers

This was such an exciting post to read. All the new and beautiful things. I want one ( or more) of everything. I love the Christmas mint juleps. So excited about the pumpkins for next year. Can’t wait for the silver container. Such fun decorating seasons ahead. Thank you for all you do to bring us such beautiful pretties.

It is too hard to choose favorites, but the beautiful melamine dinnerware is in the running! I especially love the bowls. Paired with the blue and white flatware it is perfection! The provence planters make such an inviting statement and I would love to own two for my front entrance!

My heart goes out to the affected people in the caribbean and Mexico. Such sad devastation … thank you for your continued generosity.

I am swooning over the new ornaments and pagoda flatware.

I can attest to the beauty of your giftwrap justo received the single sided topiary with matching disque paper and ginger jar. Absolutely sublime … can only dream of the double sided and the chinoiserie with gold foil. You have great taste and talent!

Love the Christmas gift wrap and the blue and white ornaments! I plan to do a blue and white tree this Christmas.

Oh my goodness, how to only mention a few? I love the Floral Porcelain Cache Pots, the new Provence Planters and the new large planters. The wrapping paper is to die for. I must get my craft/wrapping room culled and organized so there is plenty of room for the paper I already ordered and the Christmas gift wrap I will be ordering. So much from which to choose!

SO much to love!!! The new solid color planters are fabulous! Still in love with the square blue, white and gold planters! But ohhhh, cannot wait for the chinoiserie pumpkins!!! Fall is my favorite season. ?

Love it all!………The gift wrap line is especially stunning departure from the average retail available.
Your visions of new dinnerware is also a wonderful blend of designs capturing your talent.
The new planter color way is so attractive……….! Thank you……..keep it coming!

Love all of them! Hard to narrow down to 2 or 3…so I would go by what I would love to have for the upcoming holidays: large trumpet vase, holiday gift wrap, Christmas wreath mint julep.

The melamine pieces AND the gift wrap are a winning combo. Enjoy your weekend, friend! xox

So many beautiful items, it’s hard to choose just one or two favorites. But I really love that pretty new chandelier! Just perfect!

Flipping out over how gorgeous everything is, and I mean every single thing! There is no store I can think of that has this much prettiness under one roof. You should be very very proud Tina of creating your own beautiful brand.

It is all such a feast, got the melamine and giftwrap yesterday! Brava to you, love them both so much and using the dinnerware for a BBQ tomorrow, can’t wait to show off my pretty dishes. Love the new orange version too and will have to get my hands on those as well.

The tulipieres are still a favorite and I may have to splurge on the extra big one (have the med) and love them. The silver cup for Christmas and so cute and I love your idea on how to use it. I could go on and on, suffice to say it is ALL just spectacular. How happy I am that I discovered you a year or so ago, everything I have gotten I simply love. Happy Saturday to you.

I love the mint julep cups with the Christmas wreath! Congrats on all of your new items.


I love the Provence planters and can’t wait to order the ornaments for the special extra gift for friends and family!

Love the gift wrap and the tissue paper that goes with it. So nice to receive a gift with tissue paper wrapping in suspense a beautiful gift. I like the new color or even a little more red but it is really pretty enough to use at a formal Thanksgiving or 4th of July dinner, what a neat idea you have brought to life! Practical too! I really like the new vases inspired by RL. Gorgeous!

The ornaments. Definitely on my list “to get” this year. Buying them myself – Merry Christmas to me. 🙂

I am loving the wrapping paper, gorgeous! We just bought a house on the water and are getting ready to remodel the interior. Time to get some new silverware! I adore your melamine as well. It’s been fun watching your sight evolve over the last few years.

My favorite is the new dark blue ginger jar ornament. It’s a great addition to the Christmas ornaments.

So many beautiful pieces all in one post, I want them all!! I especially love the ornaments, gets me excited for the holidays!!!

I am looking forward to getting the Christmas mint juleps for favors!!! Thank you so much..I have on order most of the things you posted!!! Love them all!!!

Love the burnt orange melamine design meant for those of us who are not quite the blue and white lover that you are. Thanks for the new offering.

Love the garden seat with the birds and the chandelier for my daughter’s room. The planters are also beautiful.

Amazing work! I really like the gift wrap and garden seats but actually I think every item in your shop is lovely!! Julie L

WOAH! What a giveaway! ESPECIALLY since my favorite item is the gift wrap! Love the packages you wrapped, the color combos are ammmaaaazzziinnnnggggg together. And the ribbon, little flowers or ornament – the perfect touch!

There are so many beautiful items ! Some come in sets too !! My fav has to be the first garden stool. I was looking around for a place to put it. What an affirmation of your vision to literally dream something into reality. Just Amazing!

The wrapping paper is so lovely! In addition to making a gift very special, the chinoiserie birds and green bamboo trellis papers would also be very striking framed in gold for a powder room.

Hi! I love the holiday mint juleps – anything holiday, I get excited about!! Also, love the the gift wrap and LOVE the spring options you are working on!! Excited for the holiday (again, giddy over the thought of the holidays) gift wrap!! Beautiful!!!!

So many things to love! I especially love the new large planters, the blue and white Porcelain Cache Pot, the new Provence planters and the silver flatware. Wish I could get it all!

I am so impressed and excited.. The spring melamine “b” I adore, the melamine pagoda is genius and I’m loving all the flatware. I agree that new chandelier in soft pink would be perfect in nursery. Keep it coming. I love all of it!

Your reversible topiary and green trellis gift wrap is stunning. It truly puts me in the holiday spirit after seeing your wrapped creations. Your exquisite talent and ability to make things shine are greatly appreciated. Thank you for sharing. The solid planters are so lovely as well.

I am really liking the ornaments, the candles and the planters! Looking forward to the pumpkins next fall…

I love the new burnt orange melamine plate. Sample A is my favorite. Also, love the Christmas wrapping paper, the lighter porcelain, and the new candles. So many beautiful things, it’s hard to choose a favorite!

I am in love with the garden seats! They are so versatile. And not only are they pretty they are practical as well, perfect combination.

I absolutely love love love your gift wrap! They are all so beautiful. I feel that the gift wrap is an extension of the gift itself . I must also say that your site is delightful…like eye candy! Keep it up Tina as you are fabulous!!

I love, love, love the ornaments! But, I also love the wrapping paper, the flatware, the lanterns…

The new tulipieres are fabulous! Would love them year round. As a holiday twist, I would fill them with Christmas greens, red and ivory roses and berries, for my Christmas buffet!

Everything is fabulous as usual. I’m loving the holiday wrapping and just love the spring wrapping paper. Gorgeous! I am drooling over the Christmas mint julep cups. You are so creative and talented!!

Wow! I have just discovered The Enchanted Home and must say that I am enchanted! As a long time lover of all things blue and white, I am thrilled to find your online shop! I must say my favorite is the pagoda melamine dinnerware, my husband enjoys cooking outdoors and these would add elegance to any outdoor dinner!

I absolutely love the china. Also, love the blue and gold planter and LOVE, LOVE all the wrapping paper designs!! Hard to make up my mind!! Your are so talented!

I love everything you post. The wrapping paper is precious and can’t wait for the Christmas styles. I love the lanterns. The ornaments are adorable and omg the wreath julep cup?? I need a second job to stock all of this into my holiday frenzie!

There are so many wonderful things in this post. I love the new style tulipiere that are lighter in color. I also love the melamine and the gorgeous table you set using them and tulipieres!!

Love, love, everything on your website. The wrapping paper is absolutely gorgeous as are all the new planters!

Love, love, love it all. My favs are the lanterns, flatware, and of course the gift wrap!!!

The gift wrap and the Christmas ornaments are on my wish list. Having one tree just with those ornaments is on my bucket list! Thanks Tina!

Oh my goodness- they are all fabulous! I did gasp when I saw the pink and gold giftwrap, though, so I guess that would be my favorite!

Wow! I have ALWAYS had a passion for anything Blue & White. Totally in love with the Tulipieres, ornaments, and planters. Plus your selection of gift wrap is beautiful! Thank You for helping me find you!!

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