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Hello! Hope your week is off to a good start. You know it’s going to be a great day when it starts with a porcelain container sale, I love getting to see all the new pieces and returning best sellers, always makes for a fun day. This is the person way to jumpstart your home to be holiday ready as the holidays are at our doorstep!

This container is fabulous, filled with SO many incredible pieces, if you are a blue and white lover…be forewarned:) This is your last chance to get your hands on things like the tulipieres and new style planters for this year.

If you know the prices of good quality porcelain you will recognize the incredible values here today. On for 1 day only, this is a chance to get these stunning porcelains at a lower price before they get put onto the shop site.

Some of the most anticipated pieces are in this container the newest planter, the tulipieres, the Ralph vases and a bunch of new arrivals. Not a minute to soon to start thinking about your home for the holidays and maybe even a gift or two for those blue and white loving people in your life:)

As always there are a few rules to go through so please read over these, especially if you are new to this-

  • Call in or email your order 800-804-9565 (9:30-5:30 EST)  or email
  • If you are emailing your order- you MUST include your name, address and phone number in your email
  • Please refer only item number and quantity
  • Limited numbers of items, subject to availability (some things are almost sold out)
  • This sale is on until tomorrow at 5pm (Friday, Nov 9th)
  • Please do not submit an order unless you are able to pay your invoice within 12 hours (we have a few people who do this and it’s not fair)
  • All items are now in stock
  • All orders will be processed and shipped in the order they were paid for (after all presale orders have shipped)
  • Wholesale orders- please contact us
  • All orders over $500 receive an extra 10% off the order
  • Referring someone new? If you refer someone to the sale and they make a purchase over $50.00,  you receive a $20.00 credit off of any purchase! Email or call us with the name of the person (must be a new customer).
  • International orders must contact us via email or phone
  • Any questions- feel free to give us a call



Mary Smith

2 Oak Lane

Pleasantville, NY 00001

Ph- 800-804-9565

2 of number 1

1 of number 8


ITEM 1 A best selling village scene extra large bowl is making a return. This is as beautiful with nothing as it is filled with lemons, apples or a big orchid plant.  17″ by about 7″ tall. Truly stunning $135.00.

ITEM 2. The versatile flat tops are such a practical jar and work literally anywhere, perfect as a pair or solo. Three styles, all measure 8″ x 8.5″ $80.00 any style




ITEM 3. NEW! The beautiful chinoiserie garden seats are coming back, available in ivory or a beautiful new color, green. Either color $115.00 (specify color when ordering)

The pictures above and below are the two sides of the green garden seat

ITEM 4. NEW! Stunning solid colored planters, such an elegant addition to my line, this beautiful planter with lion rings is available in a pale celadon green or white. Measures 15.5″ x 15″, perfect for indoors or out! $135.00


ITEM 5. TULIPIERES! Possibly my single most favorite item is now available in extra large…talk about a grand dame, this is it! Phenomenally priced if you know the prices of what tuliperes go for (thousands) . ALL THREE SIZES ARE NOW IN STOCK BUT DON’T STAY FOR LONG– get them while they are available!

Extra large- $285.00    33″ x 7.5″

Medium- $ 180.00    22″ x 6″

Small- $110.00     14.5″ x 5″

Here are a few recent vignettes I created using them….any color flower, any season works beautifully

ITEM 6. NEW! The much anticipated planter has finally excited to receive these! These beauties measure 7″w x 8″ h $140.00 each

ITEM 7. Our popular dragon ginger jar is such a stunning jar, I have two and love them, a really classic looking jar. Features a beautiful antiqued finish and darling foo dog top. $140.00 OR a pair for $270.00

ITEM 8. Wonderful pencil/brush/utensil holder. Either style $32.00 (specify figurine or lotus)

ITEM 9. Wonderful mini fishbowl. These are so great for a small boxwood ball, small plant, a candy dish or just a pretty little catchall, measures about 4″ x 6″  $35.00

ITEM 10. NEW! This fabulous Ralph vase is so majestic and sold out almost right away.  Available in a large and small…simply beautiful floral/trellis vase, pretty enough with nothing in it or filled with a big spray of flowers, this is one stunning vase!

Large $155.00 20″ x 5″ (at it’s widest)

Small $75.00 11″ x 5″ (at it’s widest)

ITEM 11. Our best selling straight fishbowl is coming back in, these always sell out and with good reason…they are stunning!  The beautiful figurine design is painted on the entire body of the jar. 16″ x 16.5″ $180.00

ITEM 12. NEW! Gorgeous paneled hexagon planter features a beautiful floral pattern painted on all sides…just love this for orchids, a holiday plant or a topiary. This is a stunningly beautiful planter with a lot of detail, planters like these sell for four times this price! $170.00

Measures 14.5″ x 9″

ITEM 13. Wonderful double happiness flat top jar in the iconic double happiness design. New size! 8″ x 8.5″ $80.00

ITEM 14. One of our best selling bowls, this floral/trellis jar is such a beautiful practical bowl, perfect for a coffee table or center island. Love mine filled with apples, lemons or pinecones and greens for the holidays. Measures 13.5″ x 6″ tall $85.00

ITEM 15. The popular Phoenix jar is coming back, this beautiful chunky jar is a beauty! Measures 17.5″ x 11″ at it’s widest.  $140.00 OR a pair for $270.00

ITEM 16. Wonderful elegant dragon garden seat, measures 18″ tall $135.00

ITEM 17. Very grand beautiful majestic figurine playing flute ginger jar, this is such an elegant and graceful jar. Stands 24.5″ tall $170 OR pair for $330.00!

ITEM 18. NEW! Fabulous grand temple jar is coming back so love this jar and own a pair. Measures 22″  x 11″ $175.00 OR pair for $330.00


One lucky winner is going to win their choice of mid sized flat tops. All you need to do to be eligible is to leave a comment on this post. Easy peasy…I will announce a winner on Sunday morning so be sure to check back.

This just never gets old! I so love blue and white and with every container comes a new desire to do a little tweaking in my own home:) See something you cannot live without? Give us a call or email your order-


PS As the holiday season is upon us, our ornaments have been flying out of the shop lately. We are getting very low on everything and almost sold out of a few styles, today the red and white ornaments are all 25% off! We will replenish by Dec. 4th but even that shipment is almost presold with orders. So if you have had your eyes on any of the ornaments, would not wait too long.

Click here to see all ornaments and use code RED if you are purchasing any of the red and white ones. Ho ho ho…….












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Kathy on

The beautiful bowl is a favorite ~ can see it on my kitchen counter as well filled with fruit and greenery for the holidays!

Vickie H. on

Everything is so wonderful but those Ralph vases are so versatile!!! Love them!

Elizabeth@pineconesandacornsblog on

Good morning Tina,

Love all of your porcelain! I cannot get over the beautiful pieces and the versatility. Can I just say though that the highlight of each post is the photo of Teddy. It think it is so sweet.

linda rice on

You are an energizer Bunny ! How do you find so many beautiful items & have time to live a wonderful life ? It’s a gift

Judy Toline on

Love the Ralph vase

Martha on

Oh how I love the blue and white flat tops! Already purchased 4 and could always use another. I might have to purchase another console table just to fit all the blue and white! Great prices Tina, all these are just grand!

Maggie on

As always, a stunning collection to tempt us

kesha on

I adore the Ralph vase!

Rebecca on

I love them all but the straight Fishbowl is my favorite!

Sherie Ward-Wiser on

Love blue and white!

Betty Brittle on

So excited the Ralph vases are here. Can not wait to get them happy in my home. Love all your blue and white!

Alice Adkins on

Love Every .Single. item! What a way to start my day,feasting on these lovelies!

Dana Feiock on

As always love everything but have been needing a vase for everyday flowers and the 2 Ralph Lauren vases would certainly work beautifully. Both sizes!

Jane on

Love the Ralph Lauren look-alike vase!

Linda Owens on

Love the picture of Teddy! The Ralph vases are wonderful and can be used in so many places.

Sandy W on

As always, such a great selection of the beautiful blue and white. Am in process of redoing a bathroom and might just need something for in there.

Celia Becker @ on

WOW! I better get my ornament order in soon! I want to use them as gift tie-ons.

Mary Bogart on

So many beautiful pieces!

Shawna B. on

With the weather getting colder and the leaves blown off the trees and the frost and wind sweeping the landscape, a blue and white delight brings warmth even as the snow whirls in from the north.

Carolyn Shea on

All the beautiful pieces along with your enthusiasm is inspiring!!!

Peggy on

I would love to win:) love all the blue and white!!

Pam in KY on

I love all of the blue and white porcelain! Can’t wait for my pre-order to arrive…

Sonya O. on

Love the green floral garden seat!

Karen H on

The porcelain is gorgeous as usual! Love item #6… the new planter!

Rosalie on

#4 – the planters are fabulous! Great size for the front step as well as the back patio.

Lynn Tinker Toye on

Everything’s wonderful!!

Jennifer S on

Item 14- the trellis bowl is so wonderful. Useful all year round in so many ways

Julie on

The Ralph vase is a stunner!

Ellen H. on

Love the dragon ginger jar with foo dog tip top. Would look great on my kitchen island.

Jana Rinehart on

I want two Phoenix Jars! Bad! I absolutely love them! # 15 Rocks!

Joan on

How can I resist a Ralph vase? Lots to love with all of your beauties!

Cindy on

So in love with these special pieces!!!❤️

Natalie on

Love it all, especially tulipieres and garden seats!

Melissa on

Love all the blue and white. The hexagon planter and the tall Ralph vase have caught my eye. I know what will go on my Christmas list.

Goldie on

I absolutely love the flat top jars, I’ve been folooowing your blog for three years and always look forward to seeing them. Thanks Tina.

Regina on

It never gets old to look at all this beauty! I’m still loving the large bowl.

Sylvia Frazier on

I purchased blue & white ornaments and can’t stop looking at them / soooo fabulous!! Put them in bowls all over. Early XMAS!

Nancy on

Your home must be like living in a fairytale! It is beautiful beyond words!

Mary Beth Leicht on

I LOVE your everything, and Teddy touches and warms my heart, as I had a Golden, named Sophie, who left us a few months before Teddy left you….I can’t wait to place an order with Margaret tomorrow…I think she’s awesome, and I’m just old-school enough to like to talk through my orders! I am blessed to have discovered your pictures and thinking!

Trudi on

I love all the blue and white! My whole house is blue and white. Thanks for the blog. Love your style.

Arlene on

Number 6 the planter is so beautiful. But every item is great. Wish I could get all of them. Have loved blue and white and have in my home for 40 years. But your products are the best

Carolyn Agnew on

I love everything but my personal fave has to be the dragon ginger jar. Love the antique finish!

Valerie on

Once again you have hit a home run!! Georgeous pieces.

Fran W. on

Lovely pieces. And what an adorable picture of Teddy!

Missy on

Everything is beautiful but nothing rivals Teddy!

Eve on

Item # 18 is my new favorite. Love the shape.

Lucy Porter on

I just love a good dragon, and the new flat top jar is calling my name!

Mary on

Lovely items.

Brenda M. on

So many beauties! my favorite is item 16. Great size and versatile temple jar.

Shirley on

The porcelains are gorgeous -as always! Love them!!

Katherine on

Just love your whole collection!💙

Dianne on

Tina, your selection of blue and white keeps getting better!! ordering for Christmas👏👏❤️

Kayln on

Love the garden seats and celadon planter!

Mary S. on

If only I had a larger home, I’d buy so much more…simply beautiful!

Jeana on

I do not own a piece of blue and white porcelain, but your posts are making me want to try to work it into my decor. I love the Phoenix jar!

Beverly Rowntree on

I love the blue and white and how you show it in your rooms. Very inspiring!
Thanks for your beautiful posts🙂

Nancy on

I’m loving the large fishbowl pot. It would be stunning with a plant in it!

Lisa on

Tina, I love all of your porcelains, but the straight fish bowl caught my eye!

Martha McC on

Merry Christmas to me! Thank you.

martha sappington on

love this flash sale. the flat tops are my favorites. already have 2 large and 2 medium. might have to get some more or a bigger foyer table to put them on. wonderful finds in blue and white

Jon on

I love it all. The vases are perfect for holiday arrangements.

Arell on

I love the Ralph Vases! And the solid color planters are stunning! But my favorite pictures are of Teddy at the end! They melt my heart.

Beverley Scott on

Number 18 is a wonderful new addition!

leigh on

Love the mid sized flat tops…my favorites! Thanks so much!

dale on

I love the dragon garden seat!

Angie Thornton on

To quote a pro..,,
Blue and white never gets old. It’s like being a kid in candy store. How do I️ choose??beautiful selection

Katie Corrigan on

Love the temple jars.

christine on

Love them all. But especially love the pictures of yours decorated!

Pat Lanning on

So many wonderful pieces! Have to decide which ones to purchase.

Jo Dame Shafer on

Thanks you to, Tina, I’ve able to collect beautiful–and financially feasible–Blue & White porcelain pieces for my home. I enjoy these because they add a certain graciousness to my interiors decorated in the Williamsburg style, making my plain little house something lovely and pleasing.

Lynne OBrien on

OH So Beautiful! If I could, I would take 2 of everything! Love it all!

ellen on

love the dragon garden seat–oh, and all of the other blue and white items……!!

Sara Ledoux on

When I see The Enchanted Home in my Inbox, it’s like getting a letter in the mail from a special friend. I always open it first!

Kornelia on

Love the green garden seat.

Robin Marks on

Everything is gorgeous, but really love the celadon planter! I want several of these!!

Elaine McCarty on

My most favorite are the Ralph vases and the planters. Would love a pair of each .

Charlotte Caruso on

Love, love, love your porcelain and have ordered several pieces. I particularly love the grand temple jars. Wish I had. Place for them.

Dianne Dudney on

Love them all & wish I could have them all !!!!!!!!!!

Patricia on

No 10 The large Ralph vase is so perfect. Filled with fresh or faux flowers would be a stunning finish for any room.

Diane Myers on

I would love to have the tissue box and wastebasket. Are you going to bring those back sometime in the near future?

Linda on

Just when I think I can’t find a place for another piece of blue and white–along comes Tina.
thanks Tina

Lauren on

Love all of these beautiful items!

Lisa on

So many beautiful things, cannot wait to get my tulipieres. I plan to use them for Thanksgiving. I love your beautifully well chosen collections, by far the best out there and at prices everyone can afford. Keep up the great work Tina.

robin on

everything is beauyiful, but the flat top jars are my favorite.
classic and charming.

Blair on

I love the Ralph vases!! Would love a pair of those!!!

Carol on

The tulipieres with the red and white tulips motivate me to start Christmas decorating. Just beautiful!

Jacquelynn O'Boyle on

Such a great collection and so reasonable.

Rosalind Laird on

Oh how does one choose??
I love the square planters, love the Ralph vases but hexagon planter would have to be my first choice
Pictures of Teddy are precious. Hope you heart is beginning to heal

Julie Walton on

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy, would love to enjoy fabulous blue and white pretty pleasy!

JoAnn on

When I buy myself a gift, I’m guaranteed to get something I love! Merry Christmas to me!

Megan Bobbitt on

Love the green garden seat. The design is lovely!

Temple martin on

Really love number 1 and 11. I use the flat tops on top of my kitchen cabinets and have used them filled with peonies, rosesand hydrangeas for receptions etc. Blue and white never gets old just better with age!
Can’t wait to decorate for Christmas using the blue and white ornaments I got from you and plan to order more. I would love to win as Nov. is my birthday!

Judy Clark on

Fabulous village scene bowl. One’s imagination could see it being used in many ways during the holidays – fill it with pomegranates and greenery, lemons and greenery or floral arrangements? So beautiful.

Julie L on

Tina, every container gets prettier. Love the beautiful celadon pieces and the new blue and white vases. Great Christmas gifts! Julie Littman

Millie on

Hi Tina, I just love blue and white! Your flat tops are in my kitchen and living room, I just can’t get enough of them. Would love to win one :-))

Theresia Westbrook on

I want it all but my fav is the double happiness jar.

Connie Windham on

As always, beautiful items!

Susan Kayden on

Teddy sure can wear a hat!!! The # 16 Dragon Garden Seat is stunning!

Barbara B. Thompson on

The giveaway ginger jar is what I really need! I broke one of my ginger jars when I moved recently, and was so sad! All of the blue and white is lovely.

Alexandra T on

So excited for the arrival of the container and can’t wait for my items to arrive! You can never have enough flat top jars!

Jeanne E on

Love, love the blue and white porcelains! Can’t wait to see my order!

Megan Sant on

i love it all! Blue and white forever!

Alice H on

Love the garden seats! Both color ways are beautiful 🙂

Debbie H. on

Love the garden seats! Would look great on my patio.

Barb N. on

Tina –

Love the Ralph vases and the tulipieres…however, everything in the sale is fabulous! Thanks for the chance to win the jar!

Claudia McCauley on

So very excited that the new antique planters are in!
The pic of sweet Teddy is wonderful!!

Kim on

I love the Ralph vases and the planters.

Laurene P. on

Anxiously awaiting the arrival of my two Ralph vases from the presale! In love with my Christmas ornaments, they are little pieces of artwork! Will be ordering more!! Thank you!!!🎄

Laurie Marsh on

Your dragon garden seat is to die for! Such an affordable price too!

Donna on

Placing another order! I love every item from previous orders.

Teresa H on

Stunning collection of porcelain! Love every piece!

Sherry B on

Love it all !!!

Michelle on

Everything on this sight is so inspirational. You are very talented!

Vanessa on

The Ralph vases are PERFECT! Love! Can see with red pepperberries for the holidays…

Karen McLeod on

Love all the flat tops. Love everything so much.

LaTricia on

I really like the hexagon planter–it would be so useful in many areas of the home. How cute would that be filled with candy for Trick-or-Treating or ornaments at Christmas!

Mary Balagia on

I can’t wait to get my Tall vase and pretty blue and white small planters with the touches of gold!

Mary L. on

Love your porcelains!! So hard to choose!! Must go with the Tuliperes or the beautiful Lauren vase !! So hard to decide!
Thank you for presenting such lovely products to choose from!

Kenia on

Great giveaway! I would gift it to my mom. She loves all those prints.

Gretchen on

Can’t wait for my tulipiere love everything I’ve bought so far #addicted


Especially loved the table set with flowers in that vertical vase!

Bettina Woodring on

Love all your new items!! I really love the dragon garden seat. Merry Christmas to me?

Mickey on

I love your style Tina.

cheryl on

I am loving the village scene bowl! Also the phoenix jar….

Michael John on

Those red tulips in the tulipierers are terrific

Janet Ryan on

I love all your beautiful porcelain pieces! I live for blue and white decor – nothing looks more crisp and clean!

Audrey Sizelove on

As always, beautiful blue and white porcelains. Almost irresistible!

Joan on

I love those flat tops. My other favorite is the straight fishbowl, so pretty!

carol on

I like the Ralph vases. Nice & tall.

Linda Seibert on

I have the perfect spot for the flat top on my painted secretary in my sunroom. Love all of the blue and white.

Anne Logan on

Love love love the new planter.

Kim FelloI have some of your big jars and you're really large plates, I will say that straight fishbowl is calling my name :-)ws on

I have some of your big jars and you’re really large plates, I will say that straight fishbowl is calling my name 🙂

MissLindy on

Commenting not on the porcelain, which I adore, but on the fact that you use the phrase “Easy Peasy”. That is what I have said for years and I think you are the only other person I have ever heard use it. Good for you.

RB Hutcheson on

Why is it so hard to find vases that are both beautiful and a good shape for arranging flowers? The Ralph is perfect! Beautiful by itself. But even more so with something fresh (or dried) spilling out of it! Thank you for finding these wonderful containers-which quickly become my “go to” choices!

Hunter on

Oh my gosh!!! I️ l love the flat tops but which one???? I’m walking around my house trying to decide where the best place to put it would be!!!! Love Teddy’s pictures at the end of your posts. And your PB house is looking stunning!!!! We have a beach house which we just renovated and it’s been fun seeing what you’re doing with yours….

Sharon on

I especially love the garden seat this time around!

Faye on

Love the blue and white! Just place my order.

Liz on

I’m SO happy to find this site. Your style is faboo!!

Susan Rawls on

The best in traditional furnishings. Beautiful blue and white. Thanks Enchanted Home!

Mary Joy Webster on

Loving the Phoenix jar! A pair.

Denise on

Am crazy about the Ralph vase.

Suzanne on

Love, love, love the bowl.

Jennifer on

Loving the utensil holder ! How tall is it?

wendy gli on

I love the Grand Temple Jar. If I only had a second home to do some more blue and white decorating!! Looking forward to getting my ornaments in the mail. Thanks Tina.

Linda Doezema on

Absolutely love everything! I would love to win the flat top jar to add to my collection!

Carol on

Absolutely love the straight sided fishbowl planter, although, with your selection of blue and white, it is difficult to choose a favorite!

Dianthe on

I am so delighted to have come upon your blog recently! Your suggested function usage are so wonderful!! 🙋‍♀️💘

Ann on

Love all of the blue and white porcelains. This “Santa” may have to gift herself!

Elizabeth on

Just beautiful porcelain, must review again and order!

Janice on

Nothing quite like Blue and White – loving them all:) And, the remembrance of Teddy is heart warming.

Dagnini on

I love the garden stools especially in green! What is the height on those?

Jackie shelhorse on

#11 is stunning! Would love it as a planter

Susan K on

The Ralph vases are my favorite!

Leanna on

All the items are amazing!! Makes my heart jump a beat.

LaSandra on

So lovely!

Alex on

Love the dragon ginger jar!

sara on

have just recently found this site and love ur blogs and beautiful ideas!

Peggy on

Love all your blue and white items!! Beautiful!

Lisa on

Love, love, love the blue and white ornaments! So pretty!!

Karen Phillips on

I love all of your pieces! My favorites are the chunky ginger jars.

Carole McMinn on

I️ love everything !! What I️ am looking for now r blue n white throw rugs. Anything on the future market purchase

Beth K on

Love every single item! You continue to outdo yourself with such a fabulous selection of blue/white. .

Cher on

Love the Temple Jars, Ralph vases and gorgeous garden blue and white seat. Such a great selection.


So many beautiful things. I especially like Christmas ornaments and enjoy reading your blog. Thanks.

Mary Baker on

Love every single item listed today. My shopping cart is full with Blue and White, never can have too much. Thank you so much for sharing. Have a great weekend.

Temre M. on

I am in love with the cream garden stool

Jennifer on

I love the birds on the Ralph vase, beautiful!

Arlyn on

Just love the large bowl!!! I am going to order it before it is gone! Can’t live without my blue and white. Thanks Tina for the great sale!!!

Ann Cas on

I love everything you have. Unfortunately, I missed the sale for a few hours 😢 But hoping to win some love ❤️

Sharon on

I love flat top jars. Have a few in my collection of blue and white. The straight fish bowl is also a stunner!!

Leslie on

Blue and white is my favorite for all rooms and all seasons. Thanks for helping us pull together all of our collections,

Pam on

Love everything blue @ white.

Jamie Fain on

These items are all so beautiful. I wonder how long it would take for me to collect them all? I already have a lot of chinoiserie but I still want more and more and more…..

Bonnie G. on

Beautiful, I love the bowls but wish to have one that is a little deeper and larger than #1 and #14!

Susan Haidon on

Love the Beautiful Hexagon Planter and the Tall Ralph Lauren Vases.

Susan Haidon on

Love the Hexagon Planter I can just see it with some orchids; decorate with some holiday red balls at the base. Got to have those Ralph vases.

Judi on

All are gorgeous…as usual ! But, # 12 with orchids and a little fern would be perfect for a special spot.

Charlotte on

Love, love straight back fish bowl.

Barbara ADAIR on

I’m in LOVE!!! What more can you ask for but blue & white!
My Orchids would be in Heaven!

Julie on

Would love to win!

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