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Hello and happy Saturday to you. Soooo cold here in NY, feels like we drove straight into winter and skipped over fall! About four memorable weeks ago we threw a rather last minute 30th birthday for my oldest son…still can’t believe I am the mother of a 30 year old! In any case he was due to go away but decided to postpone the trip by a day, so we took that as the opportunity to plan a party.

At first we were going to do it in the city at a restaurant but since it was literally a weeks notice we had a hard time finding places (that. he liked) so we came up with the idea of doing something at home which is what my husband wanted to do all along, me not so much (since I am such a planner).

However with not a minute to spare it seemed like the logical thing to do, so we got busy, very busy. I have never planned a party with such little notice. Paperless post invites went out within minutes and I put my party hat on literally and figuratively. I decided to do an upscale Mexican fiesta theme, and what a fun theme it turned out to be!

We used the caterer we had used last time, Elegant Affairs who came in and turned my backyard into a wonderful Mexican fiesta party. Started with a huge guacamole bar with lots of toppings/mix ins, there were several passed hors d’oeuvres  a big bar, margarita bar and then for dinner there were stations- fajitas bar, a fish taco bar, burritos, etc…all with lots of fixings, rices, beans, etc…it was soooooo good and just so much fun!

I took care of the decor and thankful managed to get lots of pictures.. So without further ado here is a recap of part one on this fun filled night-


You know me and my flowers…here is what I came up with. Such a departure of what I normally do, but I so loved these, they made me so happy.  I had gone to the flower market and got all of these beautiful flowers in such vivid hues and went to town. I call this a happy mess:)

One of the best decorations I found were these huge Mexican paper flowers, they really gave such a festive theme to the party-

And here the flowers  are, all done and sitting in my dining room ready to be  placed on the tables-

Here is a quick video I managed to take to share my floral accomplishment 🙂 Click on the arrow

Meanwhile the caterer arrived and got to work preparing my kitchen to become ‘fiesta food headquarters”

And outside the work begins(my nephew took a bunch of mini videos but could not get them embedded here) will try for part 2


So there you have the party prep, next time I will show the “finished product” and hope to include a couple of quick videos. It was such a fun and memorable night, a good time was had by all. Loved the theme and would absolutely do this again… was fun to break out of my comfort zone and work with all that color, it just made me happy!

Thanks to Elegant Affairs for outstanding food and service, highly recommend them. Wishing you a wonderful and hopefully warm weekend.  Thanks for stopping in, until next time….



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This is amazing, you are so talented and the flowers are just beautiful. I agree the prepping for a party is the most fun, you could be a celebrated party planner! Cant wait to see part two, stay warm- you should come down to sunny and warm Florida, here in Wellington its sunny and getting to high 70’s 🙂

WOW !!!! Great job on the flowers. Love the idea of using the wine crate for a container.

Awesome outcome ~ and on such short notice! Another ‘home run’ from you, Tina. I’ll bet your son was thrilled. Just wonderful.

Looks like it was such a great party!
Did you lay the protective paper floor liners or the catering company? I have not seen that done before and think it is a great idea. I have used catering company’s and none of them have ever done that. Obviously, you had a lot of ‘foot traffic’ coming in and out …also the counter covers….did you provide them or the catering company?
Thank you,

I wonder how many of my fellow TEH followers are so jealous right now? To just pick up the phone and have a caterer transform your back yard into a cool cantina. Yes, I would think it would be difficult to make a reservation in an upscale NYC restaurant for,the amount of people it appears were invited to the party. Your 30 year old child is one lucky man! Wow! Being so short on time, good thing you only had the flowers to arrange- which looked lovely! I hope the weather gods shined on your son’s special day.

Lucky young man, looked like a wonderful party!

Tina, could you share your source for your artificial tree. There are so many out there and I can’t be the only one who is reluctant to invest $500+ in an artificial tree that just doesn’t measure up!

Can’t wait to see the second half of the party pictures……………what a fun, lively party! So colorful and happy…………can just hear the mexican music!

Another gorgeous party, thanks for sharing! If you would ever like to share your beautiful flowers after an event, or you won’t be home to enjoy them afterwards, check out who can recycle them to deliver a spot of joy to those in need. Win Win!

What a fun theme and I can’t believe you made all those flowers. You are so good! Did you take classes? I am new to your blog through my friend, Jeanne who met you at the Nashville showhouse several months ago and said you are as pretty on the outside as you are inside.
So happy to have discovered your blog, taking notes and learning a lot especially about blue and white which I am just starting to collect. Have a nice weekend.

You are the best party planner…and who doesn’t love a fiesta! My daughter is turning 30 next month… she has parties with friends in L.A. and NY…but I am hoping to have a spa day and some wine tasting with her. You are such a good mom, Tina!
Mary Ann

I keep trying to subscribe to your blog but I get a message saying I am already subscribed. I used to get emails but haven’t for a long time. What should I do?

What a wonderful party for your son! Your flower arrangements are gorgeous! How lucky your son is to be the guest of honor!

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