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Good morning! Well, I must say this project is really chugging along. Having just been to PB last week, I got to see up close and personal just how things are moving along. I was thrilled with the progress and at the same time realized it is incredibly nerve wrecking to do this from afar!

I am so used to being able to pop in once (sometimes twice) a day and be on top of all decisions. Doing it this way means you need to jump in with both feet and hope for the best and honestly for the most part, we have been super lucky. Thanks to our builders office, Cameron and Cameron.

There were tiny things like and this is where my OCD comes in, me not liking certain tiles in the shower so having those replaced, realizing I need fans in certain rooms, a shower box here or there not being the size I wanted. Nothing earth shattering by any stretch, small things.

Overall I was thrilled with the progress and for the first time really can see being able to call it home.  It is looking just beautiful and though its a great size house, it is the kind of house where I can see we will use all of it, because of the open floorplan.  As I always do I share the latest and here is how things looked as of last week when I was there-


The back and back porch are basically completed (except for shutters and lanterns)

Yep that’s my kitchen up there!

Love the shiplap up on the ceiling in the study

All doors have been put in

The shiplap going up the main stair

Powder room flooring

Perhaps the most exciting thing was getting to see my gorgeous kitchen doors! I cannot wait to see them up

Fireplace done

Doing test painting

Had to peek at the vanities for the boys, one navy and one a pale gray

Those fabulous doors again:)

Back cubby, love the way the glazed color came out

laundry done

Cubby in mud room, great match to the floor

The big window going up stairs

Husbands vanity in, love the dark with the light flooring

Fell in love with the way this came out

Shower all done


Today’s subject is lighting, a topic that is requiring our immediate attention. Suddenly we are being asked to make lots of simultaneous lighting decisions so this has me doing lots of footwork! Here are some that I am loving which reflect the simpler, clean transitional style I am seeing for this house. (Almost all lighting from Circa Lighting)

A few powder room contenders-

And for the guest and boys bedrooms-

Lighting for the wide hallway as you enter-

We have a hallway in our bedroom which will have room for three lanterns and two scones think I will do my beloved bellars there which will not compete with sconces-

And for the sconces that will be in that same hallway leading to the master with a chest and mirror, there is room for  two sconces, thinking any of these would work beautifully

And finally non lighting related but something I am too excited to not share is the final kitchen hood design and the beautiful finishes. I chose the stainless/brass and am over the moon about this decision, sure to be the crown jewel of the kitchen.

If you are in the market for a metal hood or pretty much anything metal (staircases, all metal architectural elements etc…) look no further than Classic Custom Metal Works. Cannot even recommend them highly enough…they have gone way above and beyond and if every business ran theirs this way,  our world would be one fine oiled machine, they chould teach classes on the subject!

The brass will have a waxed  finish which will keep it looking just like this sample apart from developing its own patina which frankly I love the idea of, so this made my decision super easy…the brass it is!

Here are the two finishes-

Finally here are my trusted and VERY recommended resources thus far- (click on name to visit)






MARBLE- BASKETWEAVE MOSAICS (ask for Eric and tell them Tina from TEH sent you)

MARBLE- TILE BAR  (ask for Jacob and tell them Tina from TEH sent you)

MARBLE COUNTERTOPS- AGM STONE (best slabs in the south)


Then there is hallway lighting which goes up the staircase and includes 5 sconces and a large lantern. I will likely pull from one of the ones above and once the sconces are chosen,  will decide on the lantern It is admittedly a bit overwhelming to have to make so many decisions right away that I making those that are super important (kitchen and baths) but will probably take my time on those we can live without doing immediately.

I don’t like to rush and I really need to love something before I pull the trigger. Even in the kitchen where I will have two sconces on either wall by the sink, I will wait until the kitchen is in until I make a decision.

I am a very visual person and since we are not able to run over there every day, I feel more confident making a lot of these lighting decisions as the house starts to be completed. But things like bath sconces are pretty straightforward and lighting/lanterns for the kitchen and hallway…so those are priority.

Thanks for following along, the best is definitely coming up! Wishing you a wonderful day, until next time….

PS The semi annual Vagabond House promotion ends today at 1, so be sure to stop by if you haven’t already….great items for all holiday hostesses! Click here










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The lighting and hood will be stunning. We had a custom copper hood over the fire place all he way to the ceiling. It was beautiful.

We have been enjoying Palmetto Bluff since it first opened many years ago. It is a very special place and has grown a lot! You’re new Home looks gorgeous. What area are you building? We are in Wilson Village.
Hope to someday meet you while we are there.

I love the etched hurricanes on the table under the mirror. Are they for sale?

I LOVE the shape of the kitchen hood and especially the combination of the brass that won’t tarnish and SS. It is so classic and appealing to the eye. Thanks for the name of the companies. Stay well, love Maria Elena

Everything just looks so beautiful! You have done an amazing job! Thanks so much for sharing!

Your builders are doing a fantastic job! Wonderful choice of classic finishes & thank-you for sharing your source list. I do not regret spending a bit more for larger carrara subway for our bathrooms and mixing it with carrara mosaic and trim. LOVE the back screen-in porch, what a cozy space that is going to be during the cooler months!

LOVE the Bluff Diaries! I’m always building our next home in my daydreams, and half your details are in there!

I know what you mean about the difficulty of supervising a building project from afar. As you say, you really need to be there daily or things fall through the cracks and mistakes are a foregone conclusion. But, how lucky you are to have such a competent and reliable builder which makes all the difference. A close friend of mine is currently building a house here in Lake Arrowhead and she had to fire her builder and is now in a law suit. It can be such a nightmare if you’re not lucky, which you appear to be. The house is stunning! I can’t wait to see it decorated.

It all looks beautiful! Really like all of the choices you have made thus far and know you will continue to do so.

The last sconce in the first group of polished nickel (or chrome whatever) because it goes with the shiplap and nautical color scheme of the cabinets in your son’s rooms ~navy, gray. It’s sort of nautical without being in your face “theme”. It has a bit of masculinity and is just “cool” whereas the other ones are a touch feminine except for the traditional square or rectangle ones.

Hallway lantern: number 3, hands down
Belljar: The fern pattern
Master Sconce: the straight lines (first row) of the sconce on the right are gorgeous, substantial for the hallway but won’t stick out too far. Really great looking and so classy. Have seen the other ones around a bit.
The brass on the hood looks great! Good decision.

This posting so great for me as I am finalizing house plans and will soon be going through the process of making so many choices. Looking forward to more inspiration from you. (This is my first visit to this site.) Can you provide information on the fireplace mantle, i.e. source, etc?

The house is looking amazing. I love every single detail, the bathroom floors, and that kitchen cabinet is so so good.

The hood is doing to be so pretty and I am filing away the name of the company as we are in the process of building a home in Buckhead and I want a metal hood, we are a good 5-6 months from kitchen details so cannot wait to see yours done.

So much fun to follow along it is going to be a showplace and I can imagine you will make many wonderful memories there. Thank you sharing this journey!

Also got my silverware it is so beautiful, pictures don’t even do it justice! Great job.

OMG~~it is really coming along and SO BEAUTIFUL! You have exquisite taste and thank you for sharing it all with us!
I find this time in a renovation/new build to be the most exciting~~seeing all the elements coming together. Love it all!

I am an Interior Designer in my hometown. I just did a house at the Coast , using Ship Lap !! Thanks to Joanna and Chip Gaines of Fixer Upper, Ship Lap is back, in a big way !! My clients and I love it = ) Your house is Lovely = )

This home is going to be outstanding. I am especially in love with your choice for the kitchen hood.

Looks lovely all around.
Thank you for providing your resources I am anticipating needing to look them up in the coming year. What a huge vote of confidence coming from you.

Tina your main residence is very formal looking inside and out. I would love to see your vacation home a bit more casual. The outside is such a charming cottage look that I think the inside should reflect that also….just my opinion. No matter what, the finished product will be stunning ❤️

It is looking amazing, Tina! I love that shower detail and the lovely finishes everywhere. Thanks for taking us along, friend. xox

IT looks great. I love the kitchen doors and the navy vanity! Looking forward to seeing more updates.

Everything is looking wonderful! My one question is…..what color are you using on the walls and is the enamel Pearl?

So beautiful, but I especially loved the shiplap on the stairs (so low country!) and the beautiful stone floors in the laundry room and mud room. I would go do laundry just so I could see that beautiful floor! ?

This is shaping up to be so beautiful, what fun to watch it get built. We are about to embark on a build of our own in Feb or March and I can hardly wait though I am not that patient! I have enjoyed following along and taken down many of your recommendations for when that time comes, your kitchen is going to be incredible. Love every single detail. Nice job Tina.

Hi Tina,
What color is your metal roof on your Palmetto Bluff House?
Also, What is the exterior color of your Palmetto Bluff home?
Thank you,

All is very beautiful. Love the spacious scale of your new place!
The floor in yoir new mudroom looks truly amazing!! I was curious, though, as to how easy it would be to keep it clean? Do you plan on sealing it with a matte finish? Do you just use a deck brush and bucket to scrub the uneven/rustic surface?

What material did you use for the shiplap? I don’t see any grain or knot holes. It’s more refined and not so rustic.

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