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Hello everyone and Happy Thanksgiving. I cannot believe it’s here, the day we all wait in anticipation for all year long.

As we all gather today with our loved ones to celebrate this day of thanks, I have a special thank you to make and that is to you. To all my friends from all corners of the earth, loyal readers and customers, my amazing blog friends….thank you for following along with me on this wonderful, zany world of blogging.

I also want to say a special thank you to all of our service men and women and police officers who are keeping us safe today. The sacrifices they make are awe inspiring. They do not see their families for long periods of time, live in tight quarters, risk their lives on an hourly basis and to me,  deserve our utmost praise.Without them we would not get to enjoy the freedom and liberties that we do…..I feel they do not get the credit and praise they so deserve. So a huge thank you to every one of them on this day of thanks.

It is quite remarkable how one blog can bring so many people together. I am so grateful for your friendship,support, kindness and for the joy you bring me literally on a daily basis… about a labor of love. I love what I do thanks to you! From our home to yours….Happy Thanksgiving.


I had visions of fresh flowers in peachy tones, and ivory with rustic elements like fresh greens, berries, dried fruit and pine cones dancing through my head. Some way some how it all materialized just as I had hoped….

And my table, still doing a few things this morning but this is just about done (will take a quick video later and share on Instagram)-


So as we all gather to be with those we love and reflect on our blessings, I include among what I pray for, for there to be a more peaceful world. When I think of the tragedy and human suffering unfolding literally a plane ride away, all the young children starving, refugees who have no home, the hundreds of millions who have nothing to eat,  it makes me so sad. It also makes me that much more grateful for what I have and the little things that we all take for granted like being able to snack on something when we please, take a hot shower, etc…..

It also makes me mindful of everyone  needing to do something, even something very small. I always say how can one country have so much when others have so little?  It just does not seem right and certainly gives us all a good reminder of just how grateful we all should be but also a reminder of being in  a position of being able to help, there is no gesture too small.

I think in our hurried, crazy world, this day of peace and togetherness is one that we all need maybe even more than we even realize. I know I am really looking forward to it. Cheers to a great meal, togetherness and of course good ol stretchy pants:)  Happy Thanksgiving, until next time…..

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cheryl on

Just want to give a thank you to you as well, for helping us make our homes beautiful. You are part of my every morning, and with my coffee and your daily blog/pics, I am ready to start my day. Your Thanksgiving table is just beautiful, inspiring….
Wishing you and yours, a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Pam Kelley on

I hope your day is filled with Peace and Love of Family. Your photos are exquisite! And,,,Netherlands little individual candels / lamps are hopefully for sale in your Shoppe
Happy Thanksgivingpam

Michelle on

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Beautiful table!! Thank you Tina, for acknowledging those who serve us. Yesterday we buried a relative who was only 25. He was a police officer who was shot and killed last Friday. Our hearts are heavy today but also thankful for the blessings we are given.

Sherry on

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Your table and mantel is beautiful. Love the colors you used.

Marie Taylor on

Happy Thanksgiving!! Today I will count all of my blessings, a Thanksgiving tradition in my family. We don’t share all of them, but try to stay mindful whenever we start to grouse about the little things.
Best, Marie

Eve on

Wishing you and yours a Blessed & Happy Thanksgiving. A beautiful post. Yes, we are so very lucky to live in a wonderful country. Thank you to our men & women who make it possible. My Thanksgiving prayer today is for peace on earth.

Melissa on

Your flower arrangements and table setting are beautiful and elegant and show how talented you are. Your appreciation for those who protect us and your compassion for all in the world who are so needy this day warms my heart as my family and I also extend our prayer of thanks for our protectors and our wishes for those in need.

Alice Genzlinger on

Thank you Tina for sharing your talent with us so beautifully. May you and yours have a blessed day and year.

noreen on

What a lovely post Tina! Your floral arrangement is exceptional, I award you 1st prize for the best Thanksgiving tablescape! The soft peachy tones of the flowers capture the light in the painting on your mantle! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Eva on

Your decorated mantle should be an oil painting by itself! It is perfectly balanced and your flowers are arranged so casually yet so elegantly that is resembles an 18th century Dutch scene. It is truly magnificent as well as the rest of your Thanksgiving decorations. Such hard work, but I’m sure your guests will live in Thanksgiving fantasy! Have a lovely holiday!!

Tangie Jarrard on

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! I’ve only discovered your blog within the past year or so and am now a dedicated follower. It’s the first place I go for beautiful decorating ideas and inspiration! Your mantel and table are the most beautiful I’ve seen. Thank you for sharing your talents with us. Have a wonderful, peaceful holiday season.

Lucy on

One again you have shown all of us that blue and white works with every color scheme AND for every holiday. Thanks for your blog and shop. I truly enjoy it every day.

Sally on

My dear Tina
A very happy Thanksgiving to you and all your family from across the pond.
I am sure you are all enjoying a lovely day and sharing a wonderful meal together, on this very special of family occasions surrounded by those you love in your beautiful home.
Thank you for your gracious words and pictures, you always will inspire me with beauty and the warmth of your friendship through your blog, as I know you do for so many of your readers far and wide.

Have a very happy weekend and I send you all my love
Sally xxx

Melissa Hebbard on

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Tina, especially this year as you give Thanks for the love and life of dear Teddy. You put so much love and care into creating a magical setting for those you love.

I so agree with you about having so much when so many are suffering and I heed the words of Luke 12:48, ‘To whom much is given, much will be expected.’ That is why I joined Rotary International. It is a beautiful way to serve the community, both at a local, regional, countrywide and international level. After all, the whole World is our community. My small Rotary Club, in its 8 years of existence, has rebuilt 2 kindergartens in Fiji after the cyclones, and put in a Springbox to ensure the villagers have clean, permanent access to water, built an adventure playground for a village in Peru, sent Shelterboxes to those who lost their homes in the Nepalese earthquake. We have been helping to eradicate polio, building bus shelters locally, and putting a healthy living and sports program in local rural schools. We have given scholarships to children, had International exchange students, sent children who were heading off the rails into leadership programs to build their skills and self-esteem, we have helped a young family in dire straights when their mother died, and another struggling with costs related to having a child in hospital for many months. I am also the district champion to eradicate Trachoma from the Aboriginal communities in Australia.
Rotary International was created by a small group of Americans over 100 years ago, with precisely that thought of creating a band of citizens who do small things to help improve the lives, health and dignity of those less fortunate around them, and thereby collectively making an enormous difference to the Peace and Prosperity of the whole World.
This Thanksgiving, I give Thanks for the opportunities that Rotary gives me to make a difference and to know that the World is a little better because I was in it.

Jane Giallonardo on

Loved your message of thanks to our wonderful service men and woman, and the police. We take so much for granted. I hope you had a wonderful day with your family. My best,

Vicki C. on

Beautiful table as always.

Gina on

Always love your photos!!! Tina you have so much love maybe you should get a Teddy puppy. Still love seeing Teddy’s sweet picture’s.

Fran W. on

A wonderful message. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.


Beautiful message Tina. And what a magnificent Thanksgiving table/mantle you have set, the most beautiful I have seen. You are so talented I hope you are considering a book. I have no doubt it would become a best seller. Hope you enjoyed a beautiful holiday with your family.

Betsy on

Happy Thanksgiving Tina. You’re a good egg- I can just tell when you choose to write a post like this. Gratitude is everything! I so enjoy looking at all of your pretty homes and things but it seems like you’re one of the rare ones that actually gets it. Live life to the fullest because at the end of the day- you can’t take the stuff with you! Thank you for bringing so much beauty and inspiration to my life!


Happy Thanksgiving. This table and entire room have me mesmerized it is just so beautiful. Found you via House Beautiful and don’t know how I didn’t find you before! I love your items, your taste and style. I also love that you show traditional style is alive and well. It never gets old or dated, just beautiful!

Cheers from Roxbury, CT

Cindi T on

Great message and lovely table….can you share where the individual candleholders are from?

Linda Fazende on

Could you please tell me where I can purchase the picture over your mantle? I absolutely love it!

Linda Fazende on

What can you tell me about the art above the mantle?

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