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Good morning! Hope everyone had a beautiful Thanksgiving holiday. Ours was amazing, possibly the best one yet. I loved my decor (click here if you missed it) and the food might I say was exceptionally good. It was worth the aching feet, sore muscles and endless plate washings:)

It was so great to have a full house and revel in what this season is really all about- family, togetherness, and love. Thankfully my pants are forgiving as we still have some leftovers and of course we are not going to put them to waste:) Hope yours was equally wonderful. Hard to believe it’s over!

As the holidays inch closer I am starting to think about  Christmas and decorating. I feel like I have a week or so to decompress after the Thanksgiving prep but come first week of December, the pressure mounts. This year under a bit more pressure since we are having a Christmas party so know the deadline is looming even closer than usual.

If there is one theme I have always loved for the winter/holidays it’s winter white….what an absolutely beautiful dreamy theme it makes, just like an ethereal winter wonderland. Having been in the city and seeing Ralph Lauren’s amazing stores on Madison swathed in winter white got me started all over again about how much I love it.

So thought it would make a fun post to feature this beautiful color scheme for the holidays, maybe to give any of us an idea or two……


It all started with the beautiful Ralph Lauren store I passed the other day while in the city….what a sight!

So this got me onto more winter white ideas….

Sure does make one beautiful table, Style Estate

Does this not scream beautiful white! Vibekedesign

Hats off to Randi Garett Design for dreaming up this incredible winter white wonderland

Love a kitchen done in winter! Rachel Parcell

Looks stunning when paired with fresh greens, Harpers Bazaar

And then there is the most beautiful kind of winter white, nature’s variety…snow, Riverside Farm

 Yes please, a winter white martini! Lulu’s

Why stop at one tree when you can put up three:) Rachel Parcell

I am not much of a baker but this year want to try to find a. few hours to experiment with baking beautiful Christmas cookies like these, love them! Sweet Ambs

This is so simple yet so beautiful, a single cookie with a sprig of fresh greens, Kathy Kuo Home

Such a simply but amazingly beautiful idea

Even a simple white berry wreath swathed in white “snow” is a beautiful thing

Nothing says the holidays are here like Christmas cookies and these white beauties are almost too pretty to eat!

Fabulous table, Life with Linda

Love the idea of winter white stockings, Williams Sonoma

And yes even down to food, it’s simply beautiful!


This has me dreaming of a white Christmas indeed.  Does this put you in the spirit, maybe even a little? So so beautiful…..get any good ideas? Have any of your own? Do share….and thank you for stopping by. Wishing everyone a wonderful, productive smooth sailing kind of a day:) Happy Saturday to you…until next time!






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Beautiful post. White is so elegant. Love the photo of Riverside Farm–so peaceful.
Eating leftovers as well. Tomorrow making turkey pot pie. I need to put on my tight jeans–wearing jogging pants does not help with all the leftovers!!

Hi Tina my daughter goes to law school in NY so we will be there to see her in about a week and will be stopping to see the beautiful Ralph Lauren store, what a beautiful sight! I agree winter white is so pretty and looks like a fairytale. I can’t wait to see your holiday decor and happy to hear you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

I love all white also it’s so classic and can fit into any decor and mixing sliver with this look takes it to a new level. Thanks for sharing all your great ideas.

Oh my oh my. How inspiring. So simple, but so beautiful. Love the single cookie idea. Love all the photos you post.

Being a dog lover my whole life, a new puppy is what your heart is longing for. It might be the time to answer the call. ??

Such an inspiring post Tina. Thank you. We bought a flocked lighted tree this year and I can’t wait to start decorating.

Too too beautiful and inspirational. The chair backs, the cookies, the silver glittering. All perfect.

Thank you for the inspiration. The simplicity and yet total elegance of white at Christmas makes such a statement.

I love all of the winter white. I dream of a cold, snowy Christmas, but it will be hot and sunny here in Australia.
I love to make Boxing Day pie with my Christmas leftovers which are probably very similar to Thanksgiving leftovers. All I do is bung any leftover meats evenly over a baking dish, then I place amongst the meat dobs of leftover vegetables, I splodge in dollops of leftover gravy and cranberry sauce making sure to use all leftovers up and space everything fairly evenly, then I top the lots with a pastry lid or a mashed potato lid. Divine baked the next day and you don’t have lots of little pots of leftovers becoming science projects in your fridge. BTW this works for any celebratory roast dinner. Roast pork dinner becomes a wonderful pie, especially if you add lots of leftover applesauce. It makes cleaning up the feast very quick and easy and dinner the next day a breeze.

Magnificent images. After a orange, yellow and green Thanksgiving I too am ready for some winter white. Happy holidays.

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