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Hello! Hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving holiday weekend. I don’t know about you but suddenly knowing its only 30 days or so until Christmas makes me a bit weak at the knees. There is so much to do both at home and at Enchanted Home headquarters:) With the gift wrap, ornaments, dog bowls coming in…’s going to be a happy kind of mayhem. Plus I have a holiday  party to plan so I really need to be on my A game the next month, no rest for the weary!

We had an amazing Thanksgiving, everything turned out beautiful and of course it’s my favorite meal of the year where all diets are left at the door. We had some out of town relatives in town which was a special treat and it was that day of togetherness, laughter, sharing and love that I so look forward to all year long. Only thing missing was my sweet Teddy.

Today it all starts coming to a close with my son leaving to go back to college and starting to take down Thanksgiving decor, putting away my Thanksgiving dishes until  next year.  But the holiday takedown is not for long……..the Christmas holidays are upon us and will be here sooner than what some of us are ready for!


1 MY THANKSGIVING MANTLE. A lot of people asked about how I did my mantle, and truthfully it was pretty easy. I always start with fresh greens,  in this case I bought mine at the flower market but you can as easily go into your yard and find plenty to work with. Then I pull my big box of sugar cones, they are one of the least expensive, one of the most “bang for your buck” items for both Thanksgiving and Christmas decorating.I use them all over in bowls, on chest and consoles, on my mantle,etc…..

Then I fill in with things like berries, in this case dried fruit, add flowers, lots of mini vases and voila you are all set. It’s all in the experimentation and that after all is the most fun part in my opinion!

Bottom line is to take a layering approach, start with fresh greens and build from there with fruit or berries or small vases with fresh flowers,etc…the sky’s the limit!

Two tips- I bought all the flowers last Sat. and then realized that was not the smartest move given it was 6 days away from Thanksgiving. But I put the flowers in my fridge for 5 days (before that gave all stems a fresh cut). The day before put them in water and arranged them, miraculously NINE days later they are STILL going strong and standing upright like perfect little soldiers. So this is a great trick to know….refrigerate them just like the florists do!

If you plan to use fresh greens and concerned about them staying green and not drying out you can  get a product called Wilt Pruf, supposed to be really good at sealing in the moisture (I just ordered it) you can also spritz them with water every other day


2. A FUN NEW JOB. I have so enjoyed working on this project which is a local design job. We really did a minor facelift. She had great pieces but felt the room was dated and didn’t like the color scheme anymore (neutrals with some rosy reds and greens). So blue and white to the rescue. She is a fellow  blue and white lover and wanted to bring in blue, green and white to create a fresh new crisp vibe.

So we had a bunch of custom pillows done, added a beautiful tape to her existing drapes, redid the bookshelves and mantle with blue and white,  added new lamps and it turned out even prettier than we had imagined. I will share this in more depth in a few weeks with an edesign post but here is a sneak peek at all of the gorgeous pillows!

All fabrics were custom and fabrics are from Schumacher, Quadrille and trims all from Samuel and Sons.


3. INSTAGRAMS OF INTEREST Lots of beautiful inspiration this week, especially with Christmas in mind. Also  have to admit, seeing so many with trees and decorations going up is a bit intimidating since my ornaments are still safely tucked away in my attic but it definitely inspires me for sure. So much beautiful holiday inspiration that really gets me in the mood:)

4. A COOKIE CUTTER WE ALL NEED IN OUR KITCHENS! I am not a cookie baker but these absolutely darling cookie cutters might make me become one. I always wondered why in the world there was not yet a ginger jar cookie cutter, I mean come on!! Well now there are thanks to Lulukuku Designs and these are just too cute to not share with you. Click here to order yours (sold out but all who place an order now will have their order ship on Dec 8th)

This fun site has all kinds of neat things to get your creativity jumpstarted, it only begins with baking ginger jar and pagoda cookies:)


5. A NEW NYC RESTAURANT. Yes that’s right Tiffany and Co has opened up their own signature restaurant, Blue Box Cafe,  and yes you guessed it, swathed in their iconic Tiffany blue. I dare not try to go during the holidays but I will surely get there eventually. But for any of you who might be visiting NYC during the holidays, you just may want to try having your breakfast at Tiffany’s moment!

So far reviews seem to be quite favorable, and with a restaurant this pretty the food seems almost secondary. The opening coincided with the launch of their new home accessories line. Click here to make your reservation at the Blue Box Cafe for a true “breakfast at Tiffany’s” experience ) Open for breakfast, lunch and tea.

6. WINTER COATS! As the cold weather season descends upon us, all my sweaters, coats and scarves are coming out of hibernation. I buy a new coat every season and was torn between three, so have ordered the three and will decide on which one to. keep when they arrive. All good looking, alpaca (which I love, it’s so warm and soft), classic and best part they are all on sale…..double the pleasure!

This one above is a beauty, I ordered the black but both versions are stunning, click here

This navy beauty is gorgeous and dark enough to be a neutral, like the stand up collar, click here

This is beautiful, love a shawl color and huge fan of camel, looks so cozy and the price is actually fantastic, click here

7 SUNDAY’S SURVEY So with the holidays here wondering how many of you travel to be with those you love? Or do you host? I will be hosting and happy to do it, it’s a lot of work but when you cherish the moments when our entire family can be together as much as I do, it feels like a blessing and it is true a labor of love.


Well that’s a wrap for this Sunday. Hope you have a wonderful and relaxing day. Thanks for stopping in and making TEH part of your Sunday routine. Until next time…..


Fiesta time part 2 (sorry did not make it last week)

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Be sure to look out for your Cyber Monday sale tomorrow!


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I can’t get my Click Here to work on the first 2 coats you posted ?. Please tell us where they came from and brand ?

Hello dear,may I know which brand is the borders used for the curtains, & the pillows?or, how can I get these Borders?

Good Morning Tina,

Would you tell me the paint color and brand used in the entry hall in your e-design photos? Thank you, Marie Taylor.


Great post as always-love that edesign project and can’t wait to see more, your mantle is perfect and and I need those cookie cutters for a good friend who is a serious baker, she will love them. Thanks for sharing all this beauty.

The mantel arrangement was so beautiful…I loved every detail. And, it warms my heart to see sweet Teddy’s face…this is our first Christmas in 9 years without my loved Springer Spaniel that passed away in March. Patches will be with us in spirit, always.

I am fairly new to your blog and am enjoying it so much! I teach Art History and include lots of cultural history and decorative arts…so love your background information especially. So intelligently written, as are your designs. Thank you!

Now I have to come back to NYC. I adore Tiffany’s. Just walking through the different floors is fun. Your design job turned out beautifully. As always…

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