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All will ship out immediately upon receipt, our elves will be working overtime:)


Hi friends, hope you are having a great week. Can you believe Thanksgiving is over? You know what that means…..crunch time is almost here. I am preparing myself:) About a week or so ago I posted part 1 of the fiesta themed birthday party we threw for my son’s 30th birthday (click here if you missed it). 

And to say I had a blast both planning it and attending it would be an understatement, it was such a fun theme. So lively and fun, everyone really had a great time. Having a caterer like Elegant Affairs, who made things so easy and served incredibly delicious food made it effortless and then there was the band, Los Habaneros were just incredible, fantastic singer, Grammy winning trumpet player, first class all the way- they added so much to the party with their amazing salsa flair.

I wish we had gotten more of the food/entertainment as they were both so good, but this gives you a pretty good overview of the fun fiesta night that this was!

So today is part 2 where I share the finished party setup, some of the food and a couple of short video clips that caught the flavor of the evening beautifully. I would totally do this again in a heartbeat!  And without further ado…ole!


The setup is complete with the huge Mexican paper flowers, sombreros and flowers

Many of you know Margaret in my office who is also enjoys photography, she came over and snapped some beautiful pictures as well

The morning after….woke up to rain but the flowers still looked gorgeous! I placed them around the house to continue that fun fiesta vibe

And even loaded up some flowers and a sombrero to take to a friend under the weather:)

Click on arrow to see a quick video that captured the flavor of this fun evening and fun it was! ONE DAY I will figure out how to put on a video that isn’t sideways, I promise:)


Ahhhh this post brings back such fond memories of such a beautiful night. We had the best time, it was one of those nights you just didn’t want to end. Happy to have so many great pictures to look over, afterall it’s not every day that your eldest son turns 30! Thanks for stopping by, wishing everyone a wonderful and happy weekend. Until next time…..


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Katie Clooney on

Wowza!! What a gorgeous party setting! I love all the color. And the food looks positively delish. What a fabulous way to start out a new decade. Oh, to be 30 again…. Enjoy your week dear Tina.

franki on

What a gorgeous setting…I especially luv’d THE PAPER Flowers!! Think I might have that tablecloth…hmmm….franki

Barbara on

Dear Tina, you will be happy to know that your video was NOT sideways as you thought-it was perfectly right side up and it was a lot of fun to be a virtual guest at your son’s party and see all your lovely preparations and what a good time everyone was having. Barbara

elizabeth@pineconesandacornsblog on

Looks like a wonderful and festive evening!

Leila Jane on

What a great theme for a party! I loved seeing the festive Fiesta table and chair decorations with first your house as the backdrop and then later with the trees and sunset as the backdrop. It looks like it must have been a wonderful time. Also, your blue and white pieces stand out with the bright fiesta colors ~ proving, once again, that blue and white goes with anything! Thanks for sharing the beauty of this special occasion with us.

Elizabeth on

What a fabulous fiesta! Beautiful party planning, as always!
The food looks scrumptious and the decor was incredibly fun looking!

Debbie on

Wow Tina, what a amazing party!
Was beautifully executed and I loved your use of color. Sounds like a great time was had by all. I appreciate you sharing your amazing party ideas, it helps me to think outside the box for future events I have coming up. Merry Christmas to all ?.

Diana Jesperson on

I would love a source for the large paper flowers please! We lived in Guadalajara for a few years & this would be such a fun theme for our family party!

Cindy Patton on

Would it be possible to share where you purchased the tissue paper flowers. This party is so lovely. Thank you!

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